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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  December 4, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> red kettles. pcs, the grand opening of shops. we begin this new with who
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killed nancy dunning. it has been a mystery for a decade. investigators are looking at similarities to another recent murder. was 10 years ago this week that nancy dunning was murdered in her home. the heinous crime remains unsolved. police refuse to call it a cold case. we said to the dunning family, the survivors we would never put this on the shelf. >> police held a press conference today. >> i remember details beginning this murder how odd was. >> she was married to the then sheriff of alexandria. friends and family hold out hope that her killer will be found.
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>> her son discover the body answer anfailed to alarm that cold december day. there was no sign of forced entry when he was killed at his home last month. see. is a natural thing to that is what we have looked at. once again this year, mount vernon avenue will be lined with luminaries in honor of nancy dunning, a way to refocus attention on this unsolved murder. news. >>alez, or abc 7 president obama is taking a break from promoting health care and focusing on the economy. the president is calling on congress to increase the minimum
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wage. he argues growing income inequality and stagnant wages threaten upward mobility and retirement security. >> i believe this is the defining challenge of our time, making sure our economy works for every working american. ran for president, the center of last year's campaign, to drive everything i do in this office. >> we will have highlights and reaction tonight at 5:00. >> the health care law is getting a grilling on capitol hill. there is a live look there. partners atur news politico have learned that 29,000 people signed up on signed up on sunday. that's more than the entire several october.
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intersections closed because of a gas leak in tysons cner. the gas line broke near cambridge road. drivers are being asked to avoid that area. the judiciary and public safety committee holding a hearing. they are focusing on the vacancies in paramedics and fire in umass. they will also look at a scathing audit. the audit found that the vehicles are in generally poor have been in disrepair for 15 to 20 years. the d.c. fire captain says the department has a lot of good news to share. gray has givent us $24 million. he has been extremely supportive throughout this process. bureau chief sam ford is at today's committee hearing. we will hear his full report
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tonight on abc seven news. now, in update on the recount in the attorney general race. the committee held a meeting to determine me timeline -- the timeline for the recount. was namedark herring the winner. we will have much more coming up tonight on abc 7 news. >> we still do not know the identity of a man police shot to death in north east d.c. officers from the gun recovery unit were on the scene when gunfire broke out. the race for d.c.'s next mayor could be getting more crowded. a d.c. council member plans to file papers today to create an exploratory committee for a as an independent,
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he would run on the november general election ballot. the current mayoral candidates include vincent gray along with four other members of the d.c. council. time in 20 years, a maryland gubernatorial reject financing. she does not want to win with special interests. she will be eligible for state matching funds. she is facing off with anthony brown and doug gansler in the primary. working to repair to water main breaks in arlington. we are trying to find out how long it will take to get this worked out. school wasmentary shut down. one southbound lane is open on south arlington mill road. it is dreary out there.
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>> taking a live look at the nations capitol. cloudy. 50 degrees. >> i was going to say, you cannot complain about 50 degrees in december. >> it looks a little brighter than what i think we are experiencing here. it is 53 degrees in d.c., a lot of moister and cloud cover out there. a littlest, we have more sunshine. things are looking good, winchester, up towards hagerstown. we do see breaks a little bit of loose guy here and there. snow and icy conditions in minneapolis and denver. this is part of the huge winter blast which will aggressively make its way to the east and be in our neighborhood by the weekend. in the meantime, our temperatures will be in the 50s this afternoon.
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at 4:00 55. at 7:00 tonight 52 degrees. still 50 degrees of 11:00. on the nextails winter blast, that is coming up from the beaufort ledger weather center. >> thank you very much. and the first of what will eventually be six walmarts in the district of columbia. on h street in. some came for bargains. some came for jobs. others came to protest. >> excitement and energy filled the brand-new big-box store this morning. >> i'm just excited about it. for walmartong wait in d.c. finally ended. cut, before the ribbon was michael edwards waited outside.
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>> [indiscernible] shopping in the suburbs for years, they will find those items at the store right down the street from his house. a time when some are not sure if walmart would stay because of the debate over higher minimum wages. , there was the so-called walmart will. thousands have applied for jobs at these two stores. nearly 800 were hired. of the employee is at the school, 16 have been in -- have been promoted in the three months they been on the job. employeesent of the hired live right here in the district of columbia. but not everyone in the city is happy to see the rollout of the largest retailer in the nation. >> they always drive small
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businesses out of business. basically, it is bombing the retail landscape in the city. change over 65 years here. she says she welcomes walmart. new at noon, walmart stepping in after thieves ripped off the salvation army in bc they donated $15,000 to replace weekend.len over the on sunday, crooks broke in to the community center in southeast. days of redeveral kettle donations. police are still looking for the thieves. new at noon, dozens of animal remains determined to belong to wildlife, not pets. county investigators initially thought one of the animals was a dog. now they say that is not true. the animal services department
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says the case is closed and no cruelty charges will be filed. of nelson mandela says he is putting up a courageous fight, but he is not doing too well. his daughter said that even from teachingmandela is them lessons in patience, love, and tolerance. he is 95 years old. he was released from the hospital in september after spending three months undergoing treatment for lung infection. risk.ecurity by the nsa is having trouble keeping a safe. >> the generosity of paul walker only learned about after he died. about a smart brock? a new technology could keep your weight down. and a major
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captioned by the national captioning institute sent both new at noon, the fbi is -- sent by new england, the fbi is discussing the impact of sequestration on its operations. that terrorists do not get furloughed. cyber hackers do not get furloughed. gang leaders do not get furloughed. this is an unacceptable thing to furlough active fbi agents. a $700fbi is projecting million cut in its 2014 budget, and agents are calling on congress to reach a deal. family filing a lawsuit against to government agencies
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and government on tractors. mary knight's family says that the agencies ignored red flag warnings about the mental stability of the navy yard shooter. this is the first lawsuit in the aftermath of the deadly shooting rampage. >> where people were killed in the train derailment this weekend and 60 others injured. driver caught himself too late. it was going 82 miles per hour during a 30 mile per hour turn. happening now -- first lady michelle obama is meeting military families at the white house for the first viewing of this years christmas decorations. the first lady will deliver remarks and then ask military children to join her in the state dining room. that is where the white house chef will demonstrate holiday crafts and trades. soldier finally found his
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wife an engagement ring. >> and they have found out who that american was. it was ball worker, the -- it was paul walker, the actor killed in a crash this weekend. >> that is the most wonderful thing anyone has ever done for me. >> a never got that perfect ring and quickly married before kyle left for his army deployment in iraq. but in 2004, they say actor paul walker made that wish come true while they were shopping for a ring in santa barbara. we did not give it much thought. we started looking at rings and whatnot. we kept looking at the pricing. >> kyle struck up a conversation with walker and figured out who he was. you know,kind of, it we talked about what each of us did.
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had just come back from iraq. >> kyle and kristen left store without a ring, but it short time later a salesperson call them back. said -- i think both of our mouths dropped. we were so shellshocked. how or who bought it, and she just smiled and said it was better not to say. that couple recently figured out who purchased the ring after walker died and the jewelry store shared the story with reporters thomas confirming it or them. >> great story. >> what a great guy. >> so sad. >> ok, to talk about the weather. >> lots of weather. there's not much to complain about. it feels so great.
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this morning and the early afternoon hours. that sunshine is so trying to peek out. we have a very nice time lapse to show you. you can see that there is quite a bit of cloud cover. fewcan see we have a glimpses of sunshine. in how lucky we are to have 52 degreeson. it is -- 53 degrees at at reagan national. we have a couple sprinkles or drizzle tomorrow morning. frederick. 50, by the way, is the average high. so, here you can see that nice bubble of warm air and the sharp contrast just off to the left.
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minneapolis, 32 degrees. look at ely, only 16 degrees. arctic air starting to invade texas and the midwest and all of the west. look at the jetstream. that air kind of helps to divide the cold and warm air in the upper atmosphere and that is allowing all of the cold air to the north to filter on end. in the meantime, i had of this track, it's really a lot of warm air. temperatures well above average. the latest storm warnings and advisories affecting about two dozen states from wisconsin all the way to california. the blue areas from texas stretching on into parts of indiana, those are watches for winter weather that will be there tomorrow. snow, even freezing rain in places like oklahoma city and little rock, arkansas.
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there is the concern we could get a wintry mix or freezing rain on sunday. exactly what type of precipitation we are going to get. surface,e cold at the or and we do not know if it will be warm enough to come down as liquid and freeze on contact. we will keep you up-to-date. in the meantime, the warm front lifts off to the north thing that gives you a pleasant afternoon. temperatures will be in the mid to upper 50s. late.e and fog developing but look -- we will stay in the 40s. tomorrow, we will see partly cloudy skies. in late in the afternoon or evening, expecting a few showers. look at those eyes. 10 or 15 degrees above average, well in the 60s. then we go downhill from there. showers on friday, temperatures drop friday night into saturday, and maybe a wintry mix on
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sunday. big changes ahead. we have a couple days to enjoy. >> oh. all right. bouncer.rancis the the unexpected job he had before he became pontiff.
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since both he may have a smart phone. maybe even a smart car. would you be interested in buying a smart bra? will send a warning to your smart phone if you are reaching for a snack. do not worry.
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men are not left out. >> controversies surrounding and to thea new addition santa tracker. some people do not like his escort. child advocates say the military belonging with santa.
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>> an interesting revelation from pope francis. he says before he entered priesthood he worked a number of odd jobs, as we all have. moonlighted as a nightclub bouncer. can you see that? the pontiff discussed his past at a church near rome. he worked to make extra cash after college in buenos aires. we do not know if the pope had to get visit go with any bar patrons though. >> who didn't work and i job in college -- an odd job in college for extra cash? [laughter] >> all right. speaking of cool -- >> not cool today. mid to upper 50s, 60s on the way for tomorrow. then we will have an interesting sunday.
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