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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  December 6, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is abc 7 news at noon. >> teaching us that it is possible to overcome hatred and anger. >> south africa's president is honoring the father of his country. we now know the details of the elaborate ceremony planned in memory of nelson mandela. we have team coverage of the remarkable man and his enduring
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legacy. we begin on storm watch. a powerful storm is sweeping across the nation. 80 degree temperatures and texas have given way to ice and freezing rain. power outages have left thousands of people in the dark. some parts of the midwest could see several inches of snow. >> we will have a live report coming up from dallas. that is the area getting hit the hardest. and another system is heading our way. we want to get started with a lean right now. >> good afternoon. we are on storm watch. we have rain across the area, including heavy rain. we will go to live super doppler to get you started. this is associated with the same front that is bringing snow and ice to the deep south. for us, we're still dealing with rain. heavy rain in fact. to the southstorms of fredericksburg. if you are listening to us in king george county or
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spotsylvania, you're probably hearing under. rain are of heavy moving through alexandria and to the north and east. temperatures right now are much cooler than they were this morning. we started off in the 60s and we are now in the 40s. 51 degrees at reagan national. 45 at dulles. you can clearly see where that front is. 71 in atlanta. re: six degrees in nashville. the stormscan does show the rain ahead of the front. there is that kink over little rock. that is where the ice is falling. major travelse concerns. if you will be traveling in those areas -- for today, just rain for us. we will catch a break tomorrow, but then here we will see our fair share of wintry weather. it could be touch and go on sunday. i will have the latest in my full forecast straight ahead. >> thank you.
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seven is on your side. even when the power goes out. you can use your smart phone to connect with us on you can also use our facebook page. tuneup get to download the weather app before the severe weather hits. new at noon, south africa will spend more than a week in morning for nelson mandela. >> the current president has announced that this sunday will be a data error and reflection. on the 15th, there will be a memorial service. the body will lie in state on the 11th through the 13th. he will be buried on the 15th in rural south africa. he transcended to barriers of race. the entire world is paying attention to the man once known as an inmate. >> he made several high-profile visits here to washington. once after his release from prison.
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to deny any person the rights is to challenge their very humanity. 1994, there was a huge crowd at howard university. he received an honorary dr. of law degree. reports, he iss still honored here in the nation's capital. people is not keeping away as the memorial grows. mandela was the embodiment of everything he stood for. >> people saying the african nations anthem. tells me -- wela do this out of respect for the people. >> parking here is not easy.
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people walked several blocks. he felt compelled to stand here this morning. >> i had to pay my respects for this man. >> the 95-year-old was known for his integrity. his lifelong struggle to unify his nation has eternally touched those here. >> it was a way to reconcile people. >> there will be nightly vigils out here through tuesday. a memorial service is scheduled for wednesday at the national cathedral. in northwest, abc 7 news. >> take a look at this, a sign of how truly one man can make a global impact. newspapers on the world are paying tribute to nelson mandela on their front pages. they are outside of the newsy him. >> visitors are leaving their
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well wishes at the museum of african art. this is on display and people can leave messages on the website as well. you can share your thoughts about nelson mandela on our abc 7 news facebook page. you can also visit for complete coverage, including otis and details about key moments in his extraordinary life. coming up, david muir will join us with a preview of the special about the father of south africa. >> former arizona congresswoman gabrielle gifford is closing a congressional campaign and creating a gun control pac. it will be called the rights and responsibilities pac. donations will go to senators of old parties to support gun control measures. new at noon, arlington county police will not charge a taxi driver involved in an overnight incident. that occurred around 2:30 this
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morning. the victim was attempting to cross a five lane portion of the highway. he was hit and is in the hospital with life threatening injuries. >> the u.s. unemployment rate has fallen to seven percent. that is the lowest it has been since november of 2008. employers added 200-3000 jobs an analyst's say that the strongest sectors are transportation, health care, and manufacturing. the recent growth has been surprising after the shutdown in october. >> in a few hours, a washington tradition will be underway. lighting of the national christmas tree. as for he and carter reports, the weather could change plans fear. tofrom setting the stage wiping down soaked seeds, preparation is underway for the big party and president park. >> the essence of the holidays is here now. holdersy 20,000 ticket
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will join the first family to flip the switch. this tradition dates back to president calvin coolidge. this year, jane lynch will host. performers like train and mariah carey and aretha franklin will take the stage. they are proud to be here. >> we're proud to be part of this american tradition and christmas tradition. we enjoy christmas too. the two together are just right. tree has been in place since 2011. it has 50,000 led lights. it is surrounded by state trees that are spectacular despite the soggy site. you can also bring an umbrella. you cannot use it in the seats. >> just be smart about what you bring. >> you can see the tree and the fun and all of the festivities. there is also santa's workshop. you can take the little ones to meet st. nick.
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if you cannot be here in person, you can watch it online. in northwest washington, brianne carter. >> i have the pleasure of one of the -- of being one of the cohosts. things kick off at 4:30 this afternoon. >> this is your third year. get down there and see her. pack your umbrella. stop the presses -- a major reversal for a famous magazine. >> and printers that work in 3- d. we will tell you about the plan to make maryland a hotspot for futuristic technology. >> and we will go live to dallas where they are battling a major winter storm. eileen is also tracking
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>> you are watching abc seven on your side. >> paper copies of newsweek will wear out the presses again starting next year. the newsmagazines owners want to hit the reset that in after stopping the print publication at the end of 2012. they will work to incorporate the online magazine into the print magazine. it is expected to cost less than $10 per issues. >> a howard county executive says he wants to bring more 3-d printing technology to maryland. jessupted a company in that creates unmanned aircraft. they recently made headlines because they can make elastic guns that bypass medical does have heirs -- metal detectors. we're going to get to that mess out west.
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a powerful storm brought ice and freezing rain to areas that really had summerlike temperatures just a few days ago. much like us. we are live in dallas with what is going on. here in dallas, all the way up to tennessee, this ice storm is hitting hard. to me show you what people are looking up to this morning. everything is covered. everything from these tables and chairs to the benches to the trees. everything is frozen in place. even worse, this will not clear up any time soon. it will last throughout the weekend. an arctic blast is bringing ice, snow, and bitter cold to this part of the country. to the south, treacherous driving conditions. takee north, wind chill's the temperature below zero. oklahoma, tennessee, and arkansas are under a state of emergency. >> if you do not have to get
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out, do not go out. >> that is the advice where up to an inch of ice is expected. the list of flight cancellations is growing. emergency officials in oklahoma say that rose our slick and hazardous. >> watch out for the person in front of you and make sure that you are ready for the road conditions ahead of you. emergencyte has an center to help people impacted by the weather. in arkansas, freezing rain and icy conditions are being lamed for a pilot. stores had, grocery people stocking up before the storm. >> milk, bread, potatoes. things you can do quickly. >> there has been one death confirmed. it was a man in arkansas who was killed when a tree toppled over on his camper. here in north texas, people are without power.
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nearly 200 people without power and that is expected to rise. thank you. >> wow. you can see it all behind you. winter wonderland, inc. you. -- thank you. it is pretty, but it is so dangerous. >> we're going to have a major freezing rain event here. we're going to see a little bit of everything. there will be snow on sunday, but it will also be sleep and freezing rain. it will eventually change over to all rain. a lot to get to. let me start off with right now. we have seen falling temperatures throughout the day. there has also been a good bit of rain. this is a time lapse from fairfax. we had quite a dell you traits outside of our studio. look at our temperatures. 46 degrees right now. that is our low temperature for today. we started out at 65.
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already a quarter of an inch of rain. doppler shows that rain. temperatures are warm enough, so it is all rain. it is now used to the i-95 corridor. there is enough instability in the atmosphere that we are actually dealing with some under storms. certainly a wide for ibf precipitation across the country. can you spot the front? this very evident on temperature map, extending from the northeast down today deep south. it is 26 degrees in dallas and 35 in nashville. this take arctic plunge continues to shift eastward. we will see the colder air starting tomorrow. here on our radar, all of the moisture continues to stream. we actually have that snow. that is where the winter storm warnings are in effect. here's the map that shows you the warnings that stretch from texas into the tennessee and
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ohio river for these. now, up into portions of the northeast. so, the freezing rain is still an issue today for arkansas and into western tennessee. new winter storm watch has been issued for areas west of the blue ridge. i will show you a map closer to home in a minute. i also want to help you time what we are thinking. we will continue to see moderate showers for the rest of the day. this is the futurecast taking us through the overnight hours. rain will wrap up a for don. we will end up in the upper 30s. a cold start the day. we will see sunshine return in the afternoon. at least a little bit of sunshine, with high-pressure overhead. then, things change. as we go overnight saturday and into sunday, it will be chilly. temperatures will drop into the 20s and 30s. things will work from the sounds of the north. snow will begin in the higher
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elevations. throughout the morning, snow for the metro area. accumulations anywhere between one inch and two inches. maybe a little higher closer to the blue ridge. notice that farther to the south, the warm air will overrun the system and we will get icy conditions. that is indicated by these purple conditions. day, --closer to the closer to the day, it will be rain. i the afternoon and into the evening, we will have significant sleep and freezing rain. that will make the roadways very dangerous. if you're going to the redskins game, getting there may be ok. coming home, i am concerned about ice on the roadways. i do not think we will change over until overnight, around midnight. the national weather service has just issued that winter storm watch for counties along and
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west of the blue ridge. it is just a chance -- a matter of time until the d.c. metro area is put under the winter storm watch. just rain showers tonight. chilly with temperatures in the 30s. tomorrow, clouds will give way to sunshine. highs will be in the upper 30s and lower 40s. sunday, when you wake up, you will start to see snow began to fall. then, we just wait to see when everything changes over. i expect possible cancellations on monday morning as people tried to get back. you will want to stay updated. we will have more analysis on our website. we will continue to keep you posted. a lot going on. >> ra. coming up, remembering nelson mandela. we are joined by david
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♪ are celebrating nelson mandela's life outside of his home in johannesburg. they are singing and they are dancing in honor of the leader. joining us live with details on a special edition of 2020. you have some pretty incredible interviews lined up. >> this is going to be an extraordinary hour. great to be with you. we're mourning the loss of a great leader, but celebrating an incredible life. that is what we're going to do tonight. you talked about those
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interviews. one is with a young jailer, a white man who was assigned to protect south africa. you are going to protect this country from the most dangerous enter -- criminal in our land. he met mandela himself and this was a great leader who respected this prisoner. they became close friends. they will describe the signals he would give, a tug of the year. the jailer was bugged. he always knew when there were others listening in, because they became very close. >> i know you traveled with the first lady. that was back in 2011. what we say some of that as well? >> we will revisit our conversation with the first lady. it was with her two daughters. they were in the room with mr. mandell as well. the first lady, right afterward, what she said to him.
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the one thing i will never forget it she said thank you, thank you, thank you. telling him that he paved the way for the president and the first lady here in america today. we think about that interview as they travel to south africa this week ahead. >> looking forward to tonight. you can watch this special hereht at 10:00 right before the news at 11:00. >> that is going to be a powerful our. still ahead, taking a live look
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>> we are back and eileen is joining us with a final look at the forecast. >> we do a school visit today and went and talked to woodley fills cool. -- hills school. you notice that my hair was up because it was so warm this morning. thank you so much to the students and teachers for having me there. night is a stem huge success. trying to pique the interest in science and technology and map. getting to our forecast, today, dry and cold. snow early on in the morning on sunday. a little accumulation and changing to sleep. we will have the latest of 5:00.
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