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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  December 13, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> you know that you're star, when everybody talks about your hair. >> that was so bizarre, when everybody is like what's the weirdest thing about all of this? probably seeing my hair cut. >> are you a different person now than before this? >> i better be. i don't want to be the same person. i think that everything happens for a reason for a purpose. >> what do you say of people who say, i miss the old miley. >> i have to say, do you miss being 13? because i don't miss being 13. >> we start out, then we drop down to family. >> wow. >> then we shoot ducks. >> that's this coming wednesday night december 18th, 9:30 eastern, 8:30 central, barbara walters ten most fascinating people of the year. that's our program for tonight. thanks for watching. i'm david muir, for elizabeth and all of us at 20/20 and abc
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news have a good evening. good night. >> a murder mystery unfolds in prince george's county ton >> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is abc 7 news at
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11:00. on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> would begin on storm watch with a little bit of winter weather. bitterly cold across the reason. -- region. damages are about to rise. for the third time in a week, most of our region will see snow or a wintry mix. in theave been busy here weather center watching an area of low pressure just off to the west of us. take a look at our stormscan. you can see where it is located right now, located into kentucky and tennessee. all this was our way during the overnight hours into the day tomorrow. most of us will see light snow as early as tomorrow morning. here are temperatures. 30's in gaithersburg. is cold enough to snow. the best likelihood to see accumulation is well north of the sea -- well north of the sea
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-- d.c. advisory inther some areas. those areas might possibly see 1-2 inches. the catch is the higher elevation and the further north you go. for southern maryland, just a little bit of light snow. not expecting any accumulation. the possibility of seeing an inch or more is less than 30%. most of us will hardly see anything at all. we are looking at rain and the forecast tomorrow afternoon and into the evening hours. talk about the rest of the weekend and the next seven days in a moment. >> a controversial verdict in it -- and eight room the day. -- in a courtroom today. murderatterson avoided a conviction and avoided several years behind bars. >> it was very emotional. the mother who lost her only
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child wept openly on the stand. some of the jurors cried along with her. in the end, they did not deliver the verdict she had hoped for. >> i am very disappointed in the verdict. walkedan dawkins' mother out of core reeling as what she described as a double blow. the jury convicted craig patterson, the off-duty sheriff deputy who shot and killed her son of voluntary manslaughter. then jurors recommended she only served -- he only served six years. degreexpected second- murder with -- at least. i may have been comfortable with that. for him to show watch -- -- watch out of that courtroom with no kind of remorse is an outrage to me. >> the two men argued. patterson left the scene, return, and shot and killed 22- year-old julian dawkins. patterson argued he did so in self-defense. jurors did not buy it but they
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also found they did not act with malice. >> patterson unlawfully and intentionally shot and killed mr. dawkins. they believe jurors cannot get beyond patterson's badge. >> if my son had killed mr. patterson, you would be facing life imprisonment right now. because of the fact that he was a law enforcement agent, i really believe played a big part in the situation. >> even with the verdict of voluntary manslaughter, the jury could have sentenced him -- chosen to sentence him up to 10 years. they decide to recommend six instead. the formal sentencing is set for february. >> seven people were taken to the hospital after a carbon monoxide leak in gaithersburg. when firefighters arrived a begin ventilating the building. authorities believe the problem was caused by a faulty dryer. there's no word on the condition
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of those taken to the hospital. this just in. d.c. woman said that a woman found dead in a garage is the victim of a murder. was found and police say she died following a domestic incident. they say she was killed by a suspect who is now dead. he committed suicide by shooting himself in the check -- chest i roof. it is time to announce tonight's winning numbers. unfortunately, the odds are not great. megamillion says the chances of winning is one in 259 million. that did not stop many of you from buying tickets.
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we're joined live in upper marlboro, maryland. >> many is an understatement. for tonight, these megamillion tickets are like second skin for an untold number of people. they have been playing secret numbers and even been coming to the very counter where a ticket was allegedly sold about a year ago. even though the players know the tickets sold here was a fake. it is just some of the steps they have been going through to take part in this historic jackpot. >> is a, busy, busy day. people are crazy about it. >> it did not matter fewer playing in maryland -- matter if you were playing in maryland, the district, or virginia. millionce to win $425 even trumps superstition about friday the 13th. >> it is everyone else's bad
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day. it is my lucky day. >> it is the second base jackpot history.llion's sales have been nonstop. that is the secret behind mega millions. two who were players away from powerball, mega millions made it harder to win. your winners mean it bigger jackpots. turnover 20ckpot times since october. >> i would give one third of it to cherry. -- charity. >> not everyone was so altar was the. one year ago, this man claimed he won the powerball at the marble roll village exxon. village -- marble village exxon.
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if you've won, just call me. robert liles, abc 7 news. >> and then you call me. thanks. as gunfireterror erupted and students were evacuated. it happened in arapahoe high froml, just miles columbine high school and near the aurora movie theater were 12 people were killed. the only person to lose his life was the gunman. the sheriff has identified him as 18-year-old karl pierson. it appears that he was seeking revenge against a faculty member. >> were having fun and laughing and then all of a sudden we heard a really loud bang. my teacher asked what it was and then we heard two more. we got up and screamed and ran into a room.
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>> it was other teacher -- a student that alerted the teachers being -- teacher being targeted. >> the teacher exited the school immediately. it was the most important tactical decision that could have been made. >> living in an area that is experienced to many mass shootings, these students were trained and ready in case of gunfire inside the classroom. nothing could prepare them for the fear they felt. >> he was not his over there because she said it was so loud. it was right outside of her classroom. >> relief aaron say they're grateful to be with their children but still unsettled it happened to them. >> it is a terrifying experience as a parent. it is the last thing you want to go through. >> the sheriff says that one student was injured. the 15-year-old had surgery and raising critical condition tonight. developing news out of laurel tonight. anne arundel county please are that stating -- are
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investigating a murder at a home. a body was found inside the home this morning. officers are trying to tack down a woman at the home with her young child. say she -- they have had contact with her and she is ok. >> frightening. >> i don't like to hear it in your own community, but it is all over the world. it happens. >> police believe he is the victim. this is the second killing in the neighborhood in less than two weeks. family and friends remember two women killed in a car crash early thursday morning. flippedd when their car near landover road. two people from the other vehicle involved ran from the scene and were arrested on outstanding warrants. as lovings remembered mothers and wonderful people.
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two others were injured in the crash but expected to survive. it was an especially awful rush hour to new -- rush-hour commute tonight. we shot this video tonight. rush-hour traffic was caused by a variety of factors including water main work on canal road in georgetown. it did not stop there. the inner loop of the beltway was a mass -- mass. a box truck overturned. four lanes were blocked and traffic was backed up for miles. you probably heard honking horns all over the city. more fallout from the sign language interpreter scandal. man rents an animated movie and born instead.
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happening now in northeast, industry car is arriving in the court or but there were bumps along the way. we're joined live tonight in northeast with the story of how the cable car got there and how much more. >> a bit of transportation history for the district. you can see some of the vips gathered here. the showhe real star over here. for the first time in 50 years, a streetcar on the rails, on a street here in the district. yes, there were traffic issues but folks are still excited. it is a back to the future moment for d.c. >> like a subway above ground. >> for the first time in 50
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years, a streetcar will write the tracks. >> is like a taxi in our front yard. it is great. >> this trial run is not without some headaches. >> traffic is abysmal. >> the street is being shut down. cars and trucks are being rerouted to other streets nearby. >> that is life in the big city. >> i've been living down here my whole life and i am led to see this that i am glad to see this is coming. >> it will be a sharp learning curve for street car operators. what they've been training with no traffic. now they will be competing with us is an cars. most are glad the future is finally here. >> when i go home, it is really congested. it will be symbolic of the old neighborhood as the
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neighborhood transitions to a new neighborhood. hold on to the good parts of the old neighborhood. will be doing some of these trial runs into the early hours of the morning. ,eep in mine on eighth street it will be shut down between north and capital. this whole area will be a giant testing ground for the night. they hope to have the line going sometime in the spring. richard reeve, abc 7 news. notice it when you go to the grocery store. 40 and 60 watt white balls will be out. the rule is controversial as those -- because those traditional balls are still the most popular in the country. a california father thought he rented a family movie but what he got was farther from kid friendly.
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red boxes apologizing and was to who switchedson and switchedwo" it with pornography. the company said it was an ongoing problem and it is investigating. i know what i will not be renting for my kids this week. >> is going to be one of these weekends with a lot of shopping and trying to get things out of the way. good idea. sunday looks a lot better, though. we will talk about the weather for you. 36 degrees at reagan national airport. the windchill makes it feel like 32. went out of the north-northeast at five miles per hour. earlier today we had 45 degrees. the record looks pretty nice, 71 degrees. 37 at george washington university. the highs early in the day when
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the middle 40's. our final stop will take us to rockville. at 22.orning low was that cold air comes back later tonight and into the early morning hours. we are at 30 at fredericksburg, lexington park at 28 degrees. well to theair as north of us. mild temperatures are working to our advantage for the day tomorrow. we will see warmer air move our way and that is going to help change or the white snow to all rain. areas of low pressure, that is off to the west of us. his is what is going to bring snow to indiana, ohio, and lower michigan. of course, to our area, especially western maryland into central pennsylvania where he could get upwards of 3-6 inches of snow. the national weather service has issued a weather storm warning for allegheny county. also washington county.
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winter weather advisory is loudoun, montgomery, and howard. most of the snow will be on high terrain, above 500 feet. southern maryland will look at mainly rain but it will start off with some light snow tomorrow morning. here's the low pressure. it moves out by tomorrow night. to come toll start an end and by sunday it comes pretty night. here are the snowfall totals. 3-6 inches in the pink. 1-3 -- i think this is on the higher side for frederick county. just a dusting for arlington announce andrea. 33 to a night -- for a nighttime low. extended outlook shows temperatures quite cold on by monday.hould say, we will be back to the middle
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40's on tuesday and lower 40's by wednesday. compared to the storm we had last week and, i would say less than 1/3 of the power. >> good time to be in sidewalk -- inside and watching basketball. a subaru... ...a the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the lo event. by the end of this year, the total l donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand.
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school before the shooter turned the gun on himself. a major traffic problem created a rush hour nightmare. the weekend forecast. you can read all those stories now on homeowner is taking christmas decorating to the next level. he has more than 52,000 lights, 86 christmas trees, and hundreds of themed displays. the lights alone he his home to about 85 degrees. it took him four weeks to set up. anyone can b >> snow i don't mind very rain,
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not so much. >> it will be a cold rain. here is your timeline. it should be still drive. a flurries begin around 8:00. light snow at 10:00. the switchover begins to light rain and changes to all rain. it will be cold on monday and all of by a brief warm-up tuesday wednesday.
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