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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  December 28, 2013 11:30pm-11:54pm EST

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>> a lot of cheering going on. she didn't actually shred her ex-husband. shira -- she shredded memories of him. she was part of a group of people who are taking part in the seventh annual written stay in new york city. the goal was to say goodbye to bad memories of 2013. we will be rig
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>> steve rudin, you're going to give us the rainy forecast. >> give it another hour or two and you will definitely hear or see the rain. temperatures tomorrow will be around 43 degrees. the rain will go up to about an inch and it is out of here. cooler air comes on tuesday. thursday and friday -- wintry mix is possible. >> more on the winter weather. stay with us.
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>> live from the abc 7 broadcast centers -- this is abc seven news saturday news extra. >> in arctic blast is sweeping through america's heartland. this comes as crews are trying to bring back power to thousands
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of people. an icy winter storm is blasting through the northern plains inflicting whiteout conditions in places like north dakota. highway signs they're alerting motorists to exercise extreme caught -- caution in blizzard conditions that reduce visibility. it is not getting better anytime soon. a deep freeze is moving in from canada across the plains in the midwest with winds gusting up to 55 miles per hour and wind chills reaching as much as -55. it is getting worse on sunday. a new storm from the golf will bring heavy rain along the eastern seaboard with as much as a foot of snow in new england. that region was already hit hard on christmas. 5000 homes are still without electricity and even though crews are working hard to restore power, many residents
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will not get back electricity until the new year. >> normal conditions -- the trees fall and he gets sunny out. this is bitterly cold. snow, wind. >> we want people to yet their powerback and heat their homes and cook their meals. >> this year's ball drop will be much chillier than the one before. temperatures are expected to drop in the low 20's and it will feel like a single digits for the tens of thousands standing in times square. >> this is awesome. someone shot me. >> holiday events turned into a crime scene. was be awayurnalist
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when this man'-- man dressed as santa claus was shot with a pellet gun. he intends the play is santa next year again. >> this is where i got shot. with a santa suit comes story that is too to pray to to believe especially on christmas eve. >> every year we come back and give back to the community. >> tuesday morning and an army of volunteers were about to deliver toys in southeast washington when the unthinkable happened. >> this is op -- awesome though. merry christmas. >> his voice faltered after being hit. -- i am hit. >> someone shot a man dressed as santa claus in the back with
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children all around. an act of violence -- appalling on more levels than we can fathom. >> the mindset -- it is all good. >> the toys were dropped off and he was rushed to the hospital. >> someone shot me. we caught up with him at a local market. it pains him to know that a man bearing gifts to the community would become a victim of violence. alive and iod i am am grateful no one else got hit. >> as we close the year out, we are taking a look back at the big stories in 2013. see what headlines made the cut. >> i am steve rudin. it is quiet and dry. we have big changes on the way for the day on sunday and the potential for some wintry
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weather in the seven day outlook. coming up.
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>> 2013 show the best of mankind and its worst. the future king and the act of violence in mother nature's fury. a look at this past year. >> it is huge. go go.
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>> you are looking at a fleet of storms rumbling and shape shifting. there are empty spaces where there used to be living rooms and bedrooms in classrooms. it has caused the death of 18 firefighters. >> we try to get out of the way. >> it came in all directions. >> just death and devastation everywhere. >> i am thirsty. half the runners went through after the first bomb exploded. >> of the desperate search virtually shut down boston. probably over 100 injuries.
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saw look at what the victim inside navy yard building 197. >> he got shot straight in the chest. >> you will not go back to his family. >> we had many people walk away from this. isare you happy the military -- >> yes. ousters.ters of egypt has lost it's sun. >> this fight about syria's chemical weapons is not a game. it is real. had a dozenrorists
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hostages inside the westgate mall. >> we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. >> trayvon martin was an innocent kid walking home. >> first-degree murder -- guilty. >> this is the most significant classified information. >> he was convicted -- manning was convicted in major charges including computer -- computer fraud. >> it brings her country closer together. coste 16 day shutdown billions of dollars a day. den gave out classified information. excepton't spy on anyone for intelligence purposes.
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like your plan, you can choose your plan. >> and now they're being told they cannot. >> it could've been executed better, it is on me. >> help me. i've been kidnapped and i've been missing for 10 years. >> i will not let the situation defined who i am. >> incredibly ecstatic. --i declare >> they called him the people's pope. welcome. >> 2013. asards noted was mentioned one of the major news stories in 2013 and now we are getting
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inside his interview with the washington post. snowden said his mission was accomplished. the leaker was granted temporary asylum in russia. he told the post that his and goal within -- was for americans to have their say in the government. know wanted the public to what was being done in its name and what was being to it in terms of surveillance. >> the government says terrorists are already changing their and communication techniques because of snowden. we have an important consumer alert for parents and children dealing with devices that require batteries. i head, see what batteries last the longest. would you need an umbrella this
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>> hopefully you are able to get out and enjoy the day because tomorrow will not be as nice. >> some are will be one of those days you go see a movie and if you can stay inside that is probably a good idea. it would not be awful but it will be wet and cold and breezy. the works. you ready? you don't have a choice. here againening -- outside at this hour it is dry right now but the rain is on her back doorstep and i would say by about 2 a.m. it will be entering the beltway area. 48 degrees at this hour at
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reagan. our highs that make it up to 57 degrees -- not so bad. 55 in arlington. our next stop takes us to upper 48. -- where was it was 48. we can see upward to an inch and an inch and a half of rain by this time tomorrow. cooler air off to the north of us that mild temperatures across our area. the good news with these temperatures -- anything that falls will fall in the form of rain so no snow delays expected for the day tomorrow but rain could became -- could become heavy during the morning hours. look how much more -- look how much warmer we are compared to yesterday. -- area of moisture
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low pressure will start up to the north and east. andill track off the bay towards the coast. temperatures only in the lower 40's. here is the rain arrival. a band of heavy rain will look not just towards the east. it will stay around for a few hours before i leave by midafternoon, our skies will begin to clear and temperatures will begin to fall. it will be a cold night tomorrow night.


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