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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  January 20, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is "good morning washington," on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute new this morning, major backups in prince george's county as a cargoes off a bridge. we have everything you need to know. why some lawmakers are telling americans to stay away from the olympic games. >> i am autria godfrey. >> i am kris van cleave. it is going to get cold this week. >> we have one more good day to enjoy. jacqui jeras is in the weather center with a check of our forecast. >> it is the holidays, so a great day to get outside and enjoy the temperatures. they're certainly going to be short-lived and we have major changes had our way -- headed
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our way. reaganat 41 degrees at national. 34 degrees at dulles airport. our winter storm watch has been put in effect for the entire area. fine, this is a tuesday event for us. a calm and mild monday. temperatures near 50. snow will be likely with two to four inches and a bitter cold blast with temperatures in the 20's for highs. more details in a few minutes. peoplethis morning, two are dead and a third is in serious condition after a wreck in prince george's county. three people were in an suv when it went off a bridge on indian head highway and landed on oxon hill road. two passengers died on the scene. all lanes are closed right now on oxon hill road. know,erything you need to let's head over to amanda meadows.
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she is at wtop with the latest. hill is still closed in both directions. we're going to start off in that area. the inner set -- the interstate is not affected. 210 hill road, just under is closed. alternate, your may just want to avoid it. bothhill road, closed in directions. 95 is beautiful if you're sticking to the major interstates. you're good to go. from fredericksburg into the beltway, delay free conditions. from 66, you commute is smooth as you head into the bill wait -- the beltway. a couple of live shots to show you current conditions. 95 into virginia and into the 14th street bridge court or, you can see light traffic conditions. off tohington monument
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your left. we also have a shot from our -- trafficfford tracker. he is heading towards the 11th street bridge. very favorable conditions there. morning, 13 people are dead after a taliban suicide bomber blew himself up near pakistan's main military headquarters. the incident took place this morning in the city of rapidity. alpindi. this comes one day after a taliban bombing inside a compound in northern pakistan. it killed 20 troops. >> one in three americans killed in kabul attended school here in the d c area. -- the d.c. area. alexis and another man died when
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a suicide bomber attacked a popular restaurant. 10 other foreigners and eight afghans were also killed. there are growing concerns about the safety of americans headed thehis -- headed to the olympic games in russia. >> mary bruce has the latest. testth the topics week with the olympics weeks away, there are concerns about american security. video was posted, claiming to show the suicide bombers responsible. they are seen building explosives and traveling to their target. they say this was just the beginning. the group warned that they will have a surprise package for tourists that come to the olympics. and think vladimir putin the russians will be lucky if they can get through the olympics without an event --
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without an incident. >> one u.s. senator thinks it is too dangerous to go. >> i would not go. i do not think i would send my family. >> russian authorities us it -- insist the olympics will be safe. >> the job of the olympics host is to ensure security of the participants in the olympics and visitors. we will do whatever it takes. >> u.s. officials say the russian government needs to be more cooperative. >> they are not giving us the full story about what are the -- streams. >> russian security will be tested today when the torch goes volgograd.d red -- >> we are learning more about the family at the center of an unspeakable tragedy. we talked to a pastor who knew the germantown mother charged
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with killing her child. police have charged zakieya avery and her friend, monifa sanford with murder and attempted murder. they say they were trying to perform an attempted exorcism. in great need, and the need never went away. to died from their injuries and the other two children are in the hospital recovering. help forvery sought mental illness in the past. thrown from a vehicle is dead. two cars were involved in that crash. there's a lot going on in the nation's capital as we honor one of the most inspiring civil leaders.
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there will be a wreath laying at 8:00 this morning on the national mall. offannual peace walk kicks in southeast and anza -- and ends at covenant baptist. one family coping with tragedy after a fire claims the life of a teenager. that is still to come.
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>> back to our breaking news. prince george's -- officers are telling us that four people are in the hospital after being shot out the 90 degrees restaurant. one suspect is in custody. we do not have word on condition. brianne carter will have a live report coming up. >> we want to turn to the weather now. like this is our last chance because we will start to see the days when the highest temperature comes in the night. are right. our temperatures tomorrow are only expecting to be the 20's throughout the day, with a windchill index between five and 15 above. we are talking major changes ahead. it looks kind of the nine at this time. -- kind of benign at this time.
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we're expecting a significant amount of snow by tomorrow. your forecast for today is fine. fair skies at 9:00. 46 degrees at noon. 50 degrees at 4:00. night.uds will roll into we are expecting the snow to be developing by about 10:00 or 11:00 in the morning for tomorrow. it will continue through the better part of the afternoon. notice the temperatures on our futurecast and by the evening, we will watch for things to quiet down. heaviestce for the snow is south and east of do see -- of d.c.. get the latest on traffic. amanda meadows is at wtop. while itter enjoy it lasts. we have some delays in oxon hill. we have a live shot there. trafficsee very light
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on the outer loop, heading instead direction. that direction. if you use oxon hill road near 210, that is close. we have a crew heading that way. we will have more details coming out later in the show. oxon hill road is closed in both directions at indian head highway. would bead highway your alternate to get around those delays and access the beltway. 95 moving nicely. all major virginia routes are good to go. we are getting reports of activity along the bw parkway. we will head to our mobile unit. we are sending them out on 295 southbound, clear conditions, but he is heading into the bw parkway to check out a crash. we will let you know about that in a little bit. >> a shocking crime in northwest of d.c. police are working to figure out what drove a man to stone -- to stab his own parents.
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our top stories. a man and woman are dead after a serious crash in oxon hill. the three people were in a car when it went off to bridge on indian head highway at oxon hill road. all lanes are blocked while people try to clean -- while police try to clean up the mess.
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about american athletes and taurus in the olympic games in russia. the group issued a -- is martin luther king jr. day. several events are planned. the president and first lady will join a community service program today. the national park service will host a -- at the key memorial on the national mall. >> tragedy in spotsylvania cammy -- county. a 14-year-old boy was killed in a house fire. flames broke out just after 4:00. unfortunately the fire had taken off and there was nothing we could do. >> it is impossible to comprehend the panic during in the pain after. fire ripped through a spotsylvania county home and
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claimed the life of a 14-year-old boy. we loved his family, we love him. out with what they have on. they were shoeless. they were sleeping. fire officials reported seeing flames and smoke pouring from every window. five family members escaped. the victims father, mother, grandmother, sister, and brother. xavier --os, the xavier did not make it out. his father tried to save him, but it was too late. >> it was too engulfed in flames. it was a sad morning. >> this family lost more than a home, they lost the shining smile in their life.
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to move forward. we know he is in god's hands. we will hang in there until we see him again. are no obvious signs about how the blaze ignited. the cause is under investigation. >> d.c. police are trying to figure out the motive behind a deadly stabbing in georgetown. 88-year-old leroy elliot and his wife were stabbed in their home. the suspect, there 56-year-old son. -- their 56-year-old son. >> this is something no one could foresee. it can happen anywhere. whether it is mental health issue or something else, we don't know. >> bradford elliott is facing murder charges. an update on marion barry.
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he has been in the hospital for a week. he will undergo more tests and should be released in the next day or so. he is doing ok and working from his hospital bed. marion barry is 77 years old. another glitch involving the health exchange. state officials confirm hundreds of medicaid enrollment packets were mistakenly sent to the wrong address. the packets contain name, dates of birth, and medicaid id numbers. officials say they are correcting the problem. the health exchange website has had its share of problems. it had a number that directed people to a pottery center instead of the call center. a surgeon and air -- a surge in an airline is giving up --
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take over the slots are expected to use them to service bigger cities and will bring in bigger aircraft, thus more people. .t is martin luther king day metrorail opened at 5:00 a.m. and will run until midnight. buses and trains are operating on a saturday schedule. no track work today. off-peak fares are in effect. harking is free at all metro operated facilities. -- parking is free at all metro operated facilities. it is going to get cold, right jacqui? the last arctic blast that we have. we will get maybe a few degrees above that, but the feel factor will be brutal by tomorrow afternoon. can see on our satellite picture we have a bit of cloudiness in the d.c./metro
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area. are at 41 degrees at reagan national. the wind chill is at 36. the wind is southwest at seven miles per hour. frederick, 27 degrees. 30 two in the martinsburg. culpeper, 39 degrees. cold temperatures make their way apart -- across parts of the midwest. that is the tip of this cold blast. it will be pushing into our region. the cold front will be advancing and we expect low pressure to develop off the coast tomorrow afternoon. we could see some heavy snowfall amounts and i think the worst of it is going to be south and east of d.c.. handle in terms of seeing be lighter amounts to the north and west. moderate amounts in the middle and heavier amounts in the south and east. is thefour inches estimated amount.
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will eventually be changed to an advisory tomorrow. to 51 degrees in a d.c.. we had 51 yesterday afternoon. the breeze made it feel cooler. mostly cloudy tonight. be likelysnow will with our winter storm watch. temperatures will be in the 20's. our windchill factor will be as low as five to 15. a very cold and blustery day. a little bit of moderation as we head towards next week and. let's get the latest on the traffic. >> at least we get to enjoy the warmth. jacqui has the details on that, we have details on road closures due to an overnight accident. we are going to start off on oxon hill road. that is closed in both or indian head10
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highway. that may impact your commute. you want to use indian head highway as your alternate. the beltway is not affected by the crash, but it is near it. not too bad on the virginia or maryland side of the beltway. 495 moves along quite nicely. no problems on route 50. reports of a crash along the bw parkway at 197. we sent our traffic tracker out there to investigate. we are getting reports of that southbound on the bw parkway on the southbound ramp to 197. be aware that you may run into some flashing lights. a live shot along 66 in case you use that in your morning commute. this is at cedar lane. like traffic conditions heading eastbound. i will send it back to you. the late-night comedy show that has become an american institution. saturday night live is listening to its audience and making an
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historic higher.
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>> it was something of an historic week on late-night television. "saturday night live" launched a nationwide talent
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search after public outcry about the lack of diversity. fans think the new addition was the right move. >> there have been plenty of funny black comedians. -- comediennes. >> a to be a good thing. graduated from a local virginia college. there was bridge day, now a new scandal. comingher mayor is forward, claiming kristi used h.
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tying onr wreck is roads in prince george's county. we are live with everything you need to know. therowing concerns about upcoming olympic games. new developments that have the international community on edge. >> honoring an icon. how d.c. is getting ready to remember one of our nation possible is inspiring leaders. " beginsrning washington right now. >> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning to you, washington. i am autria godfrey. them i am kris van cleave. this is the day


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