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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  March 3, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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abc7 news at noon. >> the nation's capital is closed today and congress is taking a snow day and all federal offices in the washington area are shut down and we are still waiting to find out of that will be the case again tomorrow. >> it is still hard to get around. metro bus service will remain suspended for the entire day. we have a team of reporters spread out across the area. >> we will check in with them to find out the conditions but we want to begin with jacqui jeras. how much longer?
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>> another couple of hours. the snow has stopped into northern maryland. the rest of us, the warnings go on until 6:00 and i would not be surprised if though expire early -- of those expire early. the cold air is working its way in. we still have some darker blue on the map from front loyal -- from royal into northern montgomery county and that's where the snow is coming down at moderate levels. it is a little bit later in washington, d.c. this is the larger view. you can see it the moisture starting to move to the south and starting to break up a little bit. webe through 3:00 and then will look for a couple of flurries to continue into the afternoon. how much snow so far? the rat does the numbers range from 2-5 inches. how much snow we get is not as
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important as the impact it is having. we had rain and freezing rain and we had sleet and then the snow and the roads remain hazardous. focusld will be our big in the next couple of days. of year in early march, temperatures at this level is something you don't see often. around the area, temperatures are in the teens. our average high is 51 degrees. 16 a gaithersburg, 19 at reagan national airport. temperatures are in the teens in the windsor driving the windchill into single numbers. there is mild visibility through dulles and manassas. higher visibility north and west. the snow has pretty much ended in those areas. temperatures will take a fall tonight and the winds are driving the windchill down and
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-15y are blowing 10 miles per hour. later this evening, the temperatures will plummet. this is the timeline. flurriesave a few later this afternoon and temperatures will fall them and skies clear, temperatures will really drop quickly tonight. most areas by morning will be in single digits. that is just air temperature and tomorrow will, up to 30 degrees. that is the latest. >> we are really getting up there. breaking news from prince george's county. a tractor-trailer has overturned on he's found route 50 near the beltway. only onearely make out lane is getting by as authorities sort out this mess. the truck was hauling tomatoes. it's not there whether the driver was injured and we will continue to keep an eye on this and bring you new information when we get it. want to checkwe
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in virginia where a state of emergency is in effect. >> the northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is live in woodbridge. the snow has tapered off a bit but the wind on the cold are still a factor. up the hill, you can see a caravan of plows. not too many drivers are on the roads, things have been relatively calm which is good news that the drivers we have seen are driving relatively slow. take a look at the roads and they are caked with ice and snow. the trucks have really been everywhere. vdot has 4000 pieces of equipment on the road. they are making their presence known. the smaller plows are getting a workout today as well. lot is beingmmuter
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cleared in woodbridge and drivers are taking it slow in this part of town but the snow and cold is creating a fair share of challenges. >> everybody is getting ice under windshield and having to come out and put their hand out there and stop and slap the ice off. it's bad. >> it's pretty hairy. if you don't need to get on the road, stay off the road. all we can do to keep up with the. >> -- with it. the virginia state police have been busy during the storm. between midnight and 10 early a.m., they got 1000 calls for service. they responded to 300 crashes and 156 disabled vehicles. governor terry mcauliffe is called a state of emergency in virginia. the virginia national guard is also on standby, ready to go if called. this storm is being taken very seriously across the commonwealth. >> thank you.
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so far, airlines have canceled more than 2500 flights today. most of the problems are on the east coast. runways are closed at reagan national but some flights are coming and going at dulles. airport.w going at bwi flight delays and cancellations are reported in philadelphia, new york, and boston. >> that's how things are in the commonwealth so let's see how things are in maryland. brad bell is live in laplata. >> it's a lot like what jeff was talking about in virginia. the snow is continuing to fall. the prediction was from our snow down here. we have probably gotten four inches or so. for the first time, we are seeing a peak of pavement on port tobacco road and crain highway. these are pictures from earlier today. i'm not surprised about the tractor-trailer because there
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are so many cars that just slid off the road. they did not know what was happening and all of a sudden, they started to slide. not too much bad damage. we did not see any injuries but we had an opportunity to talk to some people. >> i was scared. it's very dangerous. turn -- they are making u-turns in the middle of the street. >> he was talking about the proverbial i'm fine but the other guy caused a problem. he said someone tried to cut him up and he had no place to go and could not make an invasive maneuver. as soon as he turned the wheel, he was sliding off the road. we heard from the plow crews that they were having a hard time getting down to the pavement because there was about an inch thick layer of snow and ice. they need for the snow to let up
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in for the crews to start letting the salt get to work. is still snowing and businesses are closed. the storm is having an impact beyond just a three inch snowfall. this is a tough one giving the timing and the temperatures. >> we will remind you that you can stay connected with us on air and online. app sod eric stormwatch you can receive the latest weather alerts. >> coming up, our team coverage continues. we will go into montgomery county to check out the conditions there and jacqui jeras will have a closer look at the forecast for it >> the other big story -- it was a big night at the oscars and we ever wrapup of who one what still ahead.
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news atre watching abc7 noon, on your side. >> welcome back. this is a live look at conditions in rockville, maryland. there are a few cars on the road way. even though they are driving, they've got windshield wipers growing and you can see a good layer of snow and probably ice on the roadways. the ice underneath all that snow, people should still take it slow. let's go to chevy chase, maryland. suzanne kennedy is there. >> i can tell you that we have seen this ab and flow of snow throughout the morning. about 1.5 hours ago, it was leading up and it kicked back in and we had snappy -- we had
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heavy snowfall for about 45 minutes. we saw it tapered off and that's what we will go through the rest of the day. let's show you some pictures we got. on the beltway this morning in maryland it was treacherous conditions and has remained that way throughout the day. there are signs of telling folks that conditions are not great in some people chose not to heed those warnings and drove too fast. many cars ended up on the side of the road and some even went into the guard rail. clearly, not a day to test out your speeding abilities. it's a day to be careful and cautious and want what you are doing -- and watch what you are doing. on connecticut avenue, people are getting out and about driving. that car is driving a little too fast for the conditions, perhaps. police are patrolling and keeping an eye on things and people are starting to venture out to figure out what is going
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on with the storm. we have had this constant ebb and flow of snow. people are wondering if they can get outside3 heed the warnings and be careful if you have to drive. a maryland higay association has about 300 crews outside. trains moved here throughout the morning. they will want to improve the roads more as the day goes on. thank you. it will he a problem again tonight. this is a traffic camera captured a car bursting into flames. this was around 8:00 this morning at randolph and nebel street in rockville and it does not appear anyone was hurt but we have no word on what caused that wire. >> that's unreal.
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jacqui jeras is here to talk about the forecast. do you want to talk about how much we've got or when it is stopping? your choice. >> we've got all of it for you today. snow is on the ground and everything is covered and everything is icy. no matter how much the totals are, it will vary between 2-6 inches. those numbers will continue to go up and we are looking at maybe another inch of accumulation in most spots. the heaviest and as to our north. here are a couple of photos shared by our viewers. there are deicing delays at the airport. thousands of flights have been canceled but some flights are getting in and out of dulles at this hour. it is not the depth of the snow, it's that things were not able to get treated because we had the rain first that would watch anything away. we have a nice layer of ice and it looks very slick underneath those tire marks.
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there is another shot of a few cars trying to get out. live super doppler is showing the last hurrah of the heaviest and through leesburg into gaithersburg. it is coming down at a good clip and we have another moderate band south of warrenton and stretching through manassas and fairfax. areas getting some of the moderate snow and the rest of us are just getting light snow showers. for everybody, 19 degrees at reagan national. we started the day in the upper 30's. it went downhill since midnight. look at the difference in temperatures between now and this time yesterday. we have dropped almost 40
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degrees across the region. 35 degrees colder at dulles. everybody is really feeling the impact of this cold air. most of us are feeling temperatures in the single digits. that cold air has been advancing across the east. there is a sliver of warmth holding onto the southeast of the country and that will oh away as the arctic air advances and will affect the entire eastern seaboard. if you're traveling today, we have delay's in error airports. there are also some delays in charlotte. most of the rest of the country is fine but you can see the temperatures are cold everywhere east of the rockies. system movesure off to the east this afternoon and high pressure will build in overnight and that means clock that's skies will clear out and that allows the temperatures to plummet. we are talking about single digits tomorrow morning.
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we will struggle to reach 30 degrees despite the sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. for today, the snow will be tapering off and it will be breezy and cold and temperatures will be in the teens-lower 20's and skies clear out tonight. it will be between 3-12 degrees tonight. mostly sunny skies and cold for tomorrow, highs in the upper 20's. as you we look at the seven day forecast, we will stay on the chilly side through much of the week. we will recover a little bit toward the weekend. we should be in the low 50's this time of year. >> so sad. >> that gives us something to look forward to for the weekend. >> we will appreciate the warmth. >> one way to think about it. it ice brought the morning commute to a standstill.
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traffic was backed up for more than 30 miles around dallas. dozens of cars spun out causing accidents and blocking the interstate. temperatures in the area will remain below freezing until tomorrow morning meeting the ice will stick around for the drive home. they just doubled is back in december. if you're not talking about the weather today, chances are you are talking about the oscars. >> it was a big night in hollywood and we will take a look at it next.
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>> the 86th annual academy awards a just about everything this year from a record-setting selfie to a pizza delivery. >> lots of oscars this afternoon have proud new owners.
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we go to los angeles with a recap. [applause] for putting so much me in this position. it has been the joy of my life. for kickedional win off a big night for "12 years a slave turco it won best picture. >> thank you all for this incredible honor. >> the other big winner was "gravity," which walked away with the most oscars, seven, including one for best director. "the dallas buyers club" cleaned up in the acting category. >> this is for the 36 million people who have lost the battle to aids. >> big-name performances turned the oscar stage into one big concert. pharrell let loose.
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"let it go" walked away with oscar gold. >> sit down, you are too old to be standing. >> cate blanchett got a standing ovation after she won but it was ellen's all-star selfie that stole the show. it set a new twitter record and crashed twitter in the process. in addition to that selfie, she ordered pizza for the stars during the show. it was one of many memorable moments. more than 14 million oscar related tweets were sent out during the show. ellen here toget order us some pizza. coming up next, our stormwatch coverage continues. we will check out some of the best photos sent in from around the region.
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>> us know we start to the week in the nation's capital. you just have to run sometimes. the snow is not stopping people from enjoying their daily routine. this man is jogging and shorts on the national mall this morning. >> you can run if you want to but -- >> you might need a sweater. >> good for him for getting out
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there. our snow coverage continues with pictures and videos sent in by you, our viewers. >> let's see if we have video to top that. i did not videotape might run to work this morning. this is video from reagan national airport. these are their efforts to get the runway is back open today. they need to get a certain amount of snow off the runways before they have the industrial lowers, to clear it out. they are trying to get the runways reopened at reagan national. no flights are coming and going but the airport remains open. they are trying to get a situation where that will be easier for flights to come and go. that is pretty cool video. let's talk about video that folks have sent 10. metro ridership is relatively low but people are out there.
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these are conditions on solomons island, maryland. this.iewer sent this is a look at some video from montross as the snow is coming down earlier this morning. we appreciate if you send video and pictures to us at this is falls church. it is dicey driving conditions and we have seen pictures of accidents in waldorf and on the beltway and i was asked to find a cute dog pictures so here is friedrich the snow shepherd wanted to play frisbee. please send your pictures and . >> it was nice of you do get that run in before coming to work. we have eaking news from montgomery county worry of
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learned that ride on buses will hit the road this afternoon. the transit agency said it will resume limited service at 3 p.m. on the core routes that will operate until 10:00 tonight but passengers are being warned to expect delays. we will have a live report in our next half-hour. in some parts of our area it is snowing and other areas it has stopped. >> we've got jacqui jeras and doug hill back with a fork test an
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>> you are watching abc7 news admin, on your side. >> welcome back. we are taking a live picture from prince george's county. are near whiteout conditions. at tractor-trailer has overturned on eastbound route 50 near the beltway. these pictures show is that only one lane is getting by as authorities sort out this mess and the truck was


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