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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  March 12, 2014 11:00pm-11:19pm EDT

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>> here comes the cold and the wind again. after the storm passed through, the capitol dome went dark. we will have more on this coming up in just a minute. >> put away your light jacket and grab your winter coat. you are going to need it again. a dramatic shift in our weather happening right now. 6:00.were 63 degrees at now we are down to 35 degrees. upd advisory with wind gusts to 50 miles per hour overnight through 11:00 tomorrow morning for the entire area. .4 in alexandria leesburg, 60 mile per hour. the wind gusts are the big stories.
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at reagandown to 39 national. 29 degrees in hagerstown. temperatures will head down and the winds will stay up. air temperatures, 17-28 degrees when you wake up. it will feel like it is five degrees. plenty of sunshine, but it will not -- it will not do much to warm us up. >> unbelievable. advisory across the area, gusts of 50 miles per hour, took their toll on power lines. thousands of outages. the majority of them in fairfax, montgomery, and prince george's county. >> the wind is howling out here and misery inducing. it lifts you up your -- it let you off your feet.
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it caused some dangerous problems out here earlier this evening. moving.e started an electrical wires sparking above georgia avenue turned a windy night into a fearful one. >> terrible. >> for drivers, homeowners, and pedestrians -- >> these lines look like they are going to go pretty soon. >> powerful wind gusts rolled in wednesday night. a fast-paced storm that dropped buckets of rain on the region. far more worrisome than the rain is the relentless wind the cost of powerline to come down on the sidewalk along the south side of georgia avenue. dangerous.tremely it could be fatal. the sparks burn.
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i can attest to that. a short time ago, pepco did come out here and turned off the power. these high winds, it remains to be seen how long it will take pepco to repair the damage. >> thank you. after the storm passed through the district, something you do not see every day happened. lights out at the capitol. no light in the dome. do you know what caused the outage? >> they believe it had a lot to do with these heavy winds. things are back to normal now, the exterior lights are back on. you can tell how heavy the wind has been blowing. this is video of what the capital looks like starting shortly before 8:30 p.m. tonight.
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what they believe happened is the heavy wind caused a power surge and that knocked the exterior lights out. the interior lights were fine, but it was a strange sight. such an iconic building at night. they got it back up a little bit before 9:00. live outside the capitol. a raid at a northern virginia day care, the owner's husband was selling oxycodone seat away from where the children -- feet away from are the children were playing. police were tipped off on that story. how did that happened? >> a confidential informant took police who in turn tipped off the fbi. this is a major trafficker. the informant says he bought drugs from that man for three years in the shadow of a day care center. witnesses tell us that before
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daylight wednesday morning, fbi agents were all over this triangle townhome. the little angel day care center . nearby business owners were stunned. >> i see them every day. did not know something like that was going on. >> agents arrested ralph caldwell, the husband of the woman who owns the day care. it identified caldwell as a distributor of large amounts of oxycodone. the document also says caldwell was operating out of the alley just behind the day care center. four times in the past two months, the feds say caldwell sold drugs there to a confidential informant wearing a wire. the document says the informant observed caldwell operating little angel day care van with
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children seated inside the van while caldwell was drinking a pineapple soda that was purple in color, which they believe to be coding. >> a drug deal could have gone bad. >> there is no indication his wife knew what was going on. more arrests to come. at one point, he took the informant to a doctor's office. a woman came out the door and handed him an envelope with pills. stay tuned. news out of new york city were three people died , nine are missing after a massive explosion. investigators say natural gas leak sparked the explosion in east harlem. two apartment buildings for flattened.
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the blast shattered windows blocks away and sent people running into the streets. >> the section from my window -- uction from my window. anneighbors complained about unbearable gas smell. >> the mystery surrounding the missing malaysia airlines plane. murky images from a satellite may show debris. the images were taken just south of vietnam. off thee plane went grid, crews have been searching within 35,000 square miles. >> new information today about the deadly colombian mall -- columbia mall shooting. darion aguilar opened fire inside that mall, killing two people. he was obsessed with the 1999
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columbine high school shooting. he told his doctor that he heard voices. in the weeks before his attack, he took photos of himself posed with his shotgun. >> he is looking at some very disturbing and violent images. visiting sites devoted to mass shootings, including those that schools and malls. >> he carried out his rampage at the same time of day as the columbine massacre. howard county police tell us they may never know a true motive, but they believe he sought attention. claims madeng against apple. >> why labour group wants the company to change chemicals they use to make i found. -- used to make the i
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>> a bombshell in a scandal surrounding general motors. gm detected a problem with the
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ignition switch back in 2001. gm recalled more than 1.5 million cars last month. they announced it is offering free loaner cars and $500 towards a new gm vehicle to everyone affected by the recall. >> and environmental protection group is raising questions about the chemicals used to make iphones. green america and a labor rights groups say that apple exposes workers to carcinogen in the process. apple says it has already removed a long list of toxic chemicals and ensures the remaining toxic substances to come by with u.s. safety standards. >> the new jersey teenager who sued her parents for financial support has returned home. a judge denied rachel cannings wrote -- request for tuition.
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longer for the teen's parents says rachel's return does not involve money. there is a long road ahead for this family. the healing process is underway. ahead, -- still fundraiser at the school of the arts that brought in big bucks. ♪
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very windy and cold -- duh! a little wintry precipitation chance by early next week. this crazy weather month of march continues just the way it began. the big storms are offshore now and we are getting a surge of strong wind moving in from the north and west. the highest gusts were a few hours ago. plenty windy. take a look at the temperature change over the past 24 hours. columbus, ohio, 35 degrees colder than it was last night. duringd air will move in the overnight hours. 39 at reagan national. detroit has 90 inches of snow for the season. as far a


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