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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  March 13, 2014 11:00pm-11:16pm EDT

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sickndreds of's new dense -- hundreds of students sick. captioned by the national captioning institute
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up first, and alert over a possible outbreak of virus at a local elementary school. hundreds of students, dozens of staff sent home sick. that forced school officials in alexandria to cancel class tomorrow. johney will disinfect adams elementary school while school officials tried to figure out what happened. tom roussey is live outside of the school. what are you learning tonight? >> the parents are very concerned about how hard and fast this virus hit the school. in the hallway to my left, they are starting the disinfecting process tomorrow. it is expected to last all weekend. students will not be back until monday. this is video from earlier in the evening. alexandria school district says 200 students in today's came down with the stomach illness, staff members came down with it, sending a bunch of students home.
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who wasith one mother walking with her daughter to the drugstore. her daughter was fine, but her eight-year-old son is one of the students who got sick. she said when one student got sick, they all got sick. he has a virus in his stomach. he is in pain. he is vomiting. i am going to buy some pedialyte to help him, and gatorade. >> although school and health officials in alexandria cannot be sure this is the nor a virus, the symptoms are consistent with it. are a lot of these kids going through is certainly not pleasant at all. alexandria, john adams elementary, tom roussey, abc 7 news. developing news from philadelphia. cell phone video capture the terrifying moments after it airplanes landing gear collapsed. pilots made a decision to abort the takeoff and make an
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emergency landing at philadelphia international airport. all passengers on board made it off the plane safely. it was headed to fort lauderdale, florida. >> anne arundel county police are looking for the person who hit two women riding bicycles and took off. tonight, one is in very critical condition, fighting for her life. the second woman is still recovering from her wounds. she spoke with us tonight. roz plater is live in the newsroom. how was she doing? >> she is on the mend and they have raised thousands of fund tofor a rewar try to bring back callous hit and run driver to justice. the cyclist remains in critical condition, on life or support. -- on life support. the driver who sped off has not been found. >> one of my favorite riding companions a dear friend. it is devastating. after 5:00 february 22,
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the long-time friends and cyclists were on the home of a 200f way -- kilometer ride in dave and seville. christiansen was in front, neil an associate professor at the university of maryland, was bringing up the rear, single file on the right-hand side of the road. >> next thing i know, i was being hit, then i was on the ground and i cannot move. the person who hit us hit me first, just a glancing blow, knocking me over. lynn andright into then cap driving. >> it was a silver or white honda suv, the male driver was white with a great mustache and dark glasses. friends have set up a website to start reward money. >> it is disconcerting somebody is out there and would do this and leave these two people laying in the road, one of them
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bleeding, and not even stop. have any information, call the anne arundel county police. we have a link to the reward website on our website, . roz plater, abc 7 news. deadly roadus and unites a community. jennifer lawson was hit and killed while she was putting her car into a car seat on little falls road, across the street from nottingham elementary in february. the driver of the dump truck who hit her has not been charged. neighbors say they have pushed the county to make safety improvements. tonight, friends of lawson, neighbors, and arlington county leaders gathered to talk with nottingham elementary parents, who were upset it took a tragic death to get attention to the everyday danger there. >> it is devastating. every one of us could have been jen that day. we have all parked on that street, gotten in and out of our
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cars. it could have been any of us. >> her family and the pta and the school principal wrote letters to the county about that stretch of road. she hopes the meeting will lead to action. >> turning now to the weather, a frigid day, and it will transition into a freezing night, there is good news friday. chief meteorologist doug hill has a first look at the forecast. a warmer temperatures for couple of days, the wind diminishing. looking at the numbers, 30 degrees outside of the belfort furniture weather center. the current wind speed, calm wind conditions south of town, up to 10 miles per hour in town. a huge change since yesterday. 30 degrees and lexington park, at reagan national. clear skies, temperatures 16 to
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26 degrees. warmer temperatures, but i have to tell you, the next few days, we have snow back in the forecast as a possibility. the crazy pattern continues. >> the showdown to become the next mayor of the district took center stage right here inside of our studios. tonight, it in pundit -- incumbent vince gray and three live on ourdebated sister station, news channel 8. gray faced questions surrounding the scandal of his 2010 campaign. monday, jeffrey thompson pled guilty to fraud and campaign related charges. askedon said that gray him to finance a shadow campaign. gray defended his actions. >> we asked him to raise money for us. he did that. i explained many times how that money came into our campaign. >> you have a situation where this is what you get. these are the consequences.
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quohere is no quid pro associate at this as mr. wells suggests. jeffrey thompson never asked me for anything. >> the primary election day for democrats in the district is april 1. just days after a fire devastated an apartment complex -- >> new trouble for the families impacted. why they were targeted by criminals. a local firefighter whose job it is to put out fires has been accused by authorities of setting one himself to cash in.
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>> yes, it has happened again. a new scandal for the d.c. fire department. investigators tell us in the event or an admitted to setting his own car on fire. >> marcus jackson said he did it to collect insurance money.
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jay korff is in northwest washington with this i-team investigation. a number of arrests over the last several months ford d.c. fire and ems employees. this firefighter worked out of this fire hall. he is now on administrative leave. 27-year-old d.c. firefighter marcus jackson, who works out of engine company for a northwest, is paid to put out fire, but he has been charged with setting his own car ablaze on this dead-end street in prince george's county. according to the arrest warrant, jackson reported to his insurance company his 2006 dodge charger, similar to this vehicle, went missing in late january. the police say prior to that call, his car erupted on flames in capitol heights, maryland. phone recordsused to determine jackson was near
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the crime scene approximately 13 minutes prior to the fire being discovered. in a follow-up interview this week, he admitted to authorities that he poured gasoline on the seat and ignited the car with a match, then fled. he also said the car had a lot of mechanical problems and he was looking for a quick fix to get extra money. >> that's crazy. >> this person lives near the scene of the car fire. she is troubled by the allegations and disappointed after hearing more than a dozen d.c. fire department employees have been arrested in the last six months. >> the people that we trust to look out for us and put out fires in our neighborhood are doing these crimes. i'm floored. twohat firefighter faces serious charges, arson and a form of fraud. no comment tonight from d.c. fire department leaders. live in northwest, jay korff, abc 7 news. familiesouble for fighting a massive fire last
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friday. anne arundel county police say that criminals broke into 11 of the apartments of the seven oaks complex that were not destroyed by the flames. those units were padlocked after the fire. the padlocks, went inside, and stole jewelry, guns, and other personal items. if you have information, please contact crime stoppers. >> new information in the deadly explosion in east harlem. >> the death toll rises. the authorities take a close look at the gas line. it was more than a century old. >> another day of mys >> the mystery surrounding the
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missing malaysian flight deepens. investigators now believe the airplane was sending signals to a satellite for four hours after it disappeared. that is an indication it was still flying. is on itshe uss kidd way to the indian ocean, an area where the airplane may have crashed. >> the additional search area may be opened in the indian ocean


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