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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  March 29, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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touch off an avalanche of reaction from women she doesn't know? we follow her on the front lines of the body wars. >>. >> and then snake island, it's filled with lethal golden vipers and for some reason, nobody else seems to want to go there. that's next week on "nightline prime." >> live from abc 7 news
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broadcast center, this is abc 7 news at 11:00. evers will resume their search for a missing eight-year-old girl. this as we learn new details of a man accused of kidnapping her. with age or showed dramatic drop in the number of people missing and that deadly landslide in washington state. home, springlike weather returns, but unfortunately the rain came along with it. either way, that rain forced many to change the outdoor plans, including baseball plans. the exhibition game was canceled because of the bad weather. what is in store for tomorrow? it's head over to steve rudin in the weather center.
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>> another foggy day. that cloud cover and then showers will stick around. the temperatures. the last hour we were at 61 degrees. now we will jump back to 63 degrees. off to the cooler west. 45 at winchester. were there to the south, they were at 64 in fredericksburg. looking at the doppler radar, most of the heavy rain has moved off to the north and east. there is a lull in the action. it will not amount to a lot. in the overnight hours, look for another and of showers. the wind will begin to kick. that is when the wind advisory will go into effect into early tomorrow morning. that includes the areas shaded in brown. not for that metro, but we will see gusty conditions.
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waking up tomorrow, grab an umbrella. a wide array of temperatures. it might be milder than that. we will talk about the next seven days and the likelihood of hitting 70 degrees for at least two more days in a row. all of that coming up. >> the weather is complicating the search for an eight-year-old girl that has been missing for close to a month. we have new information about the man that she was last seen with. northeastreporter in with new developments. this you just mentioned, relentless rain halted the search around noon today, the search underwater continues late into the day. divers went into the river and some of the ponds, but still nothing. a large presence of police
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remain on scene. an equally large present of police descended upon a nearby hotel. inside that hotel we found out some compelling information about tatum. stormed the building. >> it was mayhem. the whole investigative crime unit. >> the hotel tells me off camera that the clerk checked tatum into the room. tatum is wanted for the murder a missinge and eight-year-old girl. >> you are watching abc 7 news with leon harris, alison starling, chief meterologist doug hill, and tim brant, sports. news uncovered this. stamped march 1. it is important because his mother reported that she last saw her daughter or days before
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the first of march. we know that tatum was at the inn. cans a place where guests easily stay in plain sight. tatum stood out when he checked in using a mastercard to rent the room for two nights. said he saw her. also on into tatum. the homeless center is across the street run the home depot where tatum purchased trash bags. it was a recent press conference that police suggested the plastic bags could be used to dispose of a body. meanwhile, the clerk at that hotel tells us that police took a key to room 245 and they plan to return.
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ersaking of returning, div will be back. abc 7 news. search will continue when conditions improve. thank you. we will keep you updated for that latest information on air and online at, along with our social media pages. >> police have identified a woman killed in an apartment fire as a 54-year-old named mary brooks. a fire broke out. firefighters had to rescue two adults and two children who were trapped inside. friends say one woman escaped the flames by jumping from the second floor. lady going out the window. her head was kind of burned and her arm. >> the cause of the fire is
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under investigation. >> the number of people missing after last week's landslide in washington state has dropped from 90 to 30. a moment ofused for silence to honor those lost and still missing. a few people confirmed dead. search teams found additional remains. we will not be included to the additional total told they are identified. >> we always want to hold out hope. at some point we need to expect the worst. oflsi could go down as one the debbie's events in washington state history. and it aftershock nearly as large as last night's magnitude 5.1 quake rattled the los angeles area. we are experiencing an earthquake here. 6thhe quake hit during the inning of the dodgers and angels
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game. -- no receives the hurt. one receives the hurt. more than 100 aftershocks have rattled the area since then. >> tonight we learning from a local family and learning why a man is wanted for the murder of a loved one. witnesses told police police that antwaun struck and killed a man with his suv after an argument and drove off. it happened last night. this is in laurel. richard is at the police department with more from the victim's father and sister. >> tonight a sister and the friends that at the place where he was killed. this has been a difficult time for these young people. police have an arrest warrant for the man driving that suv. he will be charged on murder.
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a single bouquet of flowers and a balloon. >> he showed us love. he touched everybody's hearts. this man lost his life last night. >> he was a warm and loving individual. >> it was here in this parking lot where police resorted -- responded to a fight. >> it is an example of how drinking kenexa late -- escalate. >> he was struck by an suv. >> i cannot believe it. say his longtime wasnd, a 27-year-old, behind the wheel and drove off. it was that they fight that escalated into a terrible conclusion. >> there are only two people that know what happened. unfortunately, one is the best friend and he is dead. >> the family is heartbroken.
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>> he was a wonderful person. very high-spirited. very loving. most definitely did not deserve what he got. >> these young people are imploring him to come forward. >> come forward and give closure to the family. tonight he's being remembered as a high-spirited, fun-loving guy. he was a father to a six-year-old girl and a three-year-old boy. at this point, police are still looking for that suv described as a white or champagne colored possible ford expedition. if you have information, you're asked to call laurel police. >> a tough loss for that family.
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present obama is back in the white house after a weeklong trip to europe. much of the trip august on the response to russia's invasion and ukraine. there was an economic forum. francismet with pope and king abdulla. parisary kerry flew to for a hastily arranged meeting with his russian counterpart. in a tradition hearing scheduled for monday. massacre for additional time to prepare the case -- today asked for additional time to prepare for the case. the attorney calls attempts to extradite the client a sham. >> coming up at 11:00, days to go until the d.c. primary. "at the people. -- we take a look at the people.
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and the search for the missing malaysia air
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atyou're watching abc 7 news
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11:00, underside. >> many families of those on 0 will be flying to kuala lumpur from beijing. still no words that objects recovered from the indian ocean are from that missing jet. chinese aircraft spotted items in the water, including items that bore the colors of the boeing 777. >> two students have died only days apart. away what in a coma. he comes nearly after one week suffered from brain traumas after a skateboarding accident. the superintendent said in a a vibrantthat he was midshipman who lived his life to the fullest. that spirit will be forever
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imprinted on his classmates and the naval academy. heldfuneral mass will be for another midshipman from the u.s. naval academy. he died after collapsing during football practice. >> return to the race for the d.c. mayor. it will determine who will win the democratic nomination for mayor. mayor gray faces a number of challengers. rebecca cooper spoke with the mayor's opponents about their plans. >> hi. ballots show a possible upset over incumbent mayor gray. we sat down with some of the top challengers taking on the incumbent mayor to hear more about their visions for the city. , they havet year
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been reaching out to voters and building up support. >> how are you? as long as you're with me, i'll get there. us, sheng up along with says the whole city deserves the kind of growth that she has seen. >> we are on the brink of taking our city to the next level. we still have political leadership that is now leading us in the right direction. >> all of the top challengers have recognize that d.c. has made remarkable gains. there is a rising crime level, it jobless this, and homelessness. it is a 15 second month of joblessness. nobody -- the mayor has created as many jobs. 600 district residents will
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be employed, may who do not have jobs before. it is one example of many that i would do as mayor to get the president back to work. , hen his campaign criticizes his opponents for allowing what he calls a system for developers. >> the one thing that kills off the growth is corruption. >> he believes transportation education are key to economic growth. >> are your family going to vote? >> awesome. their job training and creating new partnerships to raise the city growth. but that would take a new ceo the city. cannot going to four years more in our city with the cloud hanging over all of us. deserve a focused mayor who can concentrate on and issue of
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the district residents and not his own personal or legal issues. conversationthe with the contenders. tune in tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. to see more. primary day is tuesday. polls will be open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. on april 1 rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. > early voting wrapped up a few hours ago. interesting that. >> when family got a huge surprise. -- one family got a huge surprise. >> on stage is your father. [cheers and applause] stagean was called to the of a group that made a performance. her husband was deployed and emerged to surprise her and the children. the family got to enjoy the rest of the show. is different when of
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those days people want to be indoors. it was raining and foggy. >> here we are at 11:20 p.m. we are looking at the temperatures. now at 63 degrees. that is the current reading. winds out of the southwest at eight miles per hour. we will maybe gain another degree or so. , theigh temperature earlier high was 62. the average for this time of the year is 61. network takes us to fairfax. an inch of rain fell. the final stop takes us to the district. the current temperature of 58 after a of 62. temperatures across the board, only 49. it. that to the 63.
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-- compare that to 63. 45 at winchester. we're still looking at temperatures in the middle 60's. expanding the view, you can see where the cool air is located. were hanging onto the 60's here. area of low pressure will slowly move our way overnight and make its way off the coast of delmarva. after this will bring in more rain tomorrow. the further west you go, the likely you will see more snow. closer in, the doppler radar acrosshe showers montgomery county. it will not amount to a whole lot. another band is on the way. this is the winter weather advisory.
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you could see 2-4 inches of elevation. --hing like that for a raft nothing like that for us around the immediate metro area. here is the band of rain that will move through early tomorrow morning. there'll be a reef clearing and more winds. .inally we will clear things up warmer temperatures are on the way, and they and them by tuesday and wednesday, highs near 70 degrees. a widespread in temperatures tonight. , aroundures tomorrow 50-55. 12-18.t a wind advisory to the west. temperatures will rebound. it will feel like spring. to state-70 degrees. degrees.
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>> it has been an unusual spring not just from that weather department, but the sports department. wizards.the >> it is a great story. the wizards look for another win in the playoff round. a double-header on the ice.
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. the wizards haven't had a winning season in six years. last night they've been the best team in the conference. quarter.third
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-- they are up five. fourth quarter. word three of the game. the wizards win 101-97. in the playoff bubble, the wrong side of the bubble. team in thethe best league. the bruins are up 2-0. second period. 3-0, bruins. in the second period. getting the pass from mike green. it three-1. -- 3-1. 4-2.lose, left are still a few weeks
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in the season. the cinderella story is gone. raighta wins a 30th st victory. >> we have great chemistry front of one another. great clicking on the court. we have made it here. we are thankful that we are doing it the right way. game, wisconsin beat arizona in overtime. wisconsin goes on to the final four. fan, youe a virginia must've been disappointed. n't won cavaliers have him many years. >> it is a special group of guys. it is something i will remember for the rest of my life.
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being a part of this run and leaving a part of a legacy. nothey did things that have and don for quite a while. they should feel good about that. know what is right about college basketball. >> and an exhibition game got rained out. i know a couple of season ticket holder showed up to have the first beverage of the season. the nationals open in new york against the mets on monday. listplayer on the disabled disabledplayer on the list. nobody's pitching in the world series. the manager of this team is smart. is more precaution than anything. i do not think it has anything to do with the elbow. elbow has been fined thus far. so far.
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it is one of those things. >> the grand opening of the national duke baseball academy. a year-round learning and athletic facility and a great andtion to washington sports. soccer, d.c. united china break out of their slump. -- trying to break out of their slump. 15 straight regular-season games without a victory for d.c. united. on the basketball court, redskins and ravens. this foundation supporting educational programs in the baltimore area. deangelo hall -- ravens won the game. nearly 5000 watching the game
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tonight in college park. 76ers broken losing streak tonight. 123-98. they will tie that record for consecutive losses, but they do not break it. somebody tell the grandchildren, kids, we did not break the record. >> look at that. champagne in the locker room. the whole nine yards. >> coming up,


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