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tv   Washington Business Report  ABC  March 30, 2014 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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it's also about the going home. and being connected all a along the way. whether you're working or recharging, dousiness travel on your terms. acela. take off. captioned by the national captioning institute >> business news from the capital region. this is "washington business report" with abc 7 national correspondent rebecca cooper. >> welcome to a fresh look at
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business and finance here in the washington region. coming up on today's show, how to succeedn business using a military background and a woman's touch. and the final countdown. ways to win the democratic primarin the d c mayor's race. we profile the candidate coming ontrong and talk to some of d.c.''s most informed observers. her scum unless they delivered the business week in review. this week k wrapped up the michelle obama's outrage. met with theent pope in rome. a surprise addition to the schedule -- saudi arabia. president obama hoping to soothe the saudi nurse over iran's ongoing nuclear progm and unrest in syria. their faults one -- air force one might want to watch out for the fuel biel. gas prices are up just since mid-march. >> i don't know why it is going up. it is unbelievabable. >> believe it. thanks to continuing tensions in
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ukraine, aaa projects prices will keep spiking until next week. and this weekend on wall street with optimism for consumers. but the bank stocks were down when the fed said citigroup would not be allowed to pay dividends. and candy crosscut crush on its opening day. took stocks detect future remains bright, but prices are too far ahead of profit. itla is trading at 119 expected earnings and twitter takes the lead in nicor to glory -- in n that cegory. as our business covers of the d.c.ayor's race into news, i sat down witandidate narrow browser. the cocouncilwan considers one symbol of the progress possible in d.c., but it is progress she
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believes can better move forward wiwith new leadership. >> i am nning because i firmly believe we need a presstart in the mayor's office. have brought back from disaster really back then when i was growing up here, we were nearly broke, we were the homicide capital of the world, schools were spiraling out of control, a and our politics wera mess. still, you can be proud of progress, but nobody can be proud of having 70% unemployment in one section of the city. we have got to shift gears -- 17% unemployment in n one sectin of the city. we have got to shift gears. the help proved to them is very short. they need to be trained whilee they are in a paycheck. our plan is how we spend up too $100 million of job training programs. would rather than see a buying power of the city, i am to partner wi the private sector, am for incentivizing them to partner will with us to not only
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train employees but hire them while they are doing business with the city. >> when i talko businesses about you, many of them are very frustrated, but they don't wantt the city to continue to remain under any cloud of suspion, so there are a lot run -- who are very interested in your campaign , and is addressing a number of businesses that i talked to that site you as someone that helps d.c., sobureaucracy of are somenesses -- what of those opportunities hwould have as mayor that you think you could really make a difference in terms of growing business? >> i want to finish strong with the notice that d.c. is open for business. we have to overcome our reputation. a lot of things have changed but people do not know about. i was cently in a meeting in virginia, opened restaurants all over the country, and he said he
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can get aestaurant opened in virginia in three months and here it would take 12 months. actually, he does not know how long it will take. so what is he going to do when deciding where he is going to open his business? >> whais your leadership style? >> i like to have a good vision, hire great people, and hold them accountable. i want to quote somebody who is well-respected in d.c. politics because of someone who knows what is going on. he way he described you last year when you're first getting your campaign going. he said if i was building a candidate for mayor, you cannot do better than muriel bowser. >> do you know who said it? think it was chuck. he is managing the mayor's campaign. of vincentnaging gray's campaign, and he said you would be the perfect candidate for mayor. obviously, he is now with vincent gray. what do you have to do to convce others?
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are thinkhat people saying is they want a fresh start in the mayor's office, they know our vision, they know my record and my commitment, and they are going to come out in big numbers and votfor a change. >> let's talk about the criticism. some say they do not get a warm, cozy feeling when they get to knowou, that muriel bowser -- they either say she is s too cle to business, she is someone who isaking campaign contbutions, and he wants a fresh start for everybody and government. take on some of those criticisms, muriel bowser. wi-fi means business. i do. the work that i have to do is a serious, and nobody is giving me anything. i have to go downo the wilson building and fight hard every for whatur world needs and what our city needs, and that is my job. i will tell you, being mayor,
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you cannot do it ale. you have to hire great people. you also have to reach out to memberof the city council and have good relatitions with them. and i do think that i know the great relationships with members of the council, especially with the chairman of the council, so i look forward to that type of relationship and lettingy hair down andnd let people get to knw the al me. >> you can see our entire interview with muriel l bowswsed other top cocontders on ourr website. just google "washington n busins rereport." we wt our viewers know that we did ask mayor gray to sit down with an interview about business and the future of d.c. both he and hicampaignanager decled a request as long as i would be ththe porter asking the question. i haveve talked toincent graon thpassss in a showut both he and t the campaign manager are displeased that i tried to ask about the 2010 campaign when i had not been given permission to do so. when we return, more on the mayor's race with a top-tier roundtable coming g up on "washington business report."
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♪ >> welcome back. it is the race to lead what some consider the most powerfulul ciy in the world.. with the april 1 primary for d.c. mayor only two weeks away we brought in someme of the top , names in d.c. news coverage to help us dissect this race. joining us today, robert mccacartney, columnist at the "washington post." mimichael martinez, producer of the "kojo nnamdi show." and the "politics hour." and michael neibauer, reporter for the "washington business journa and one of our regular contributors. welcome to you all. mimichael martininez, let me stt with you becse you all have the poll that was fresh out of
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ga thagot a lot of attention. >> we were interested to see how the guilty plea would affect these candidates. what w we found most t interestg is that muriel bowser r was told running in aially deadeat and that was corroborated, we fou the vincent gray actually have a very rocksolid base of support that keeps them around 26%, 27%, and he is not likely to lose any more voters an that. >> it seems to h have lidified for the mayor. 27% vincentowser, gray, 14% undecided, , and the rest of the candidates taking the remaining f field. he "washington post" came out tn march 25 with a pol we will take a look atat that.
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♪ >> welcome back. military experience can be invaluable, especially in this region. our next guest has more than 20 years in the army, incding the plummet during operation desertt storm. now, she helps others in their
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post military careers. she has most recently go from firm to aman consultant multimillion dollar firm. she joins us now witith some of the secrets s to her success. we welcome tabatha turman, president ceo of integrating nancinand solutions. tatabatha, welcome. you have several rules of the road that you had to learn the hard way, but now you want to share with others, starting with if you have skills that you gain from the military, use them to idenfy those skills for your next job. >> that is absolutely correcect. a lot of people get out of the military and they just do not know what to do when they want to start a business. why not t start dodoing with wht you k know how to do and what te military has taught t you, whetr it is information technology, management, financial management, or human resourcrce? follow what u know and build on those capabilities anand exed ur b business. >> you h had to go to some prety dangerous places. one of the things you also quickly went about doing was
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connting those r relationships that you made the military. you were a a commanding officer, your supersors new york work ethic. >> the first thing i did when i started the business was go back to those relationships that i had built over the years in the military. some of them had went to fortune 500 companies, they were working for the federal government. if i needed to get to a client and they we working for that client, i would go to them and say hey, go te them how goodod i was in the military. >> don't be afraid to admit your weaknesses and build your core, and by that you me hire people who make up for the things you do not do well. >> absolutely. thatat is the first thing i did. i reinstedrofits back into the company to build on my weaknesses. >> you say build it up within the company, do not always contract out. >> absolutely. we have in-house hr, a weakness of mine. i know military , but civiln hr has a lot more rules,o we had to do hr.
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that was first. we had to get to accounting, we had to get on-site recruitersrs. that was v very important in building the b business. >> one thing particular to the military t that i find espially interestinin w what you teach others is you have to disabuse that notion of alwayfollowing ceo, youf you are a have tbe the one witthe visi a you s do o not let it be an obstacle ththat you are inintimidated by rank. you say in the civilian world, is a much morere level playing eld. >> absolutely. and i will tell you, i have counseled generals before for jobs, and i do not make the rank of general. you cannot be intimidated at t interview. >> come on, you ha to be a littlentimidated. and what did you do? >> at the end of the interew, i had to give them some advice. when you go into look for a job, you have to kind
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of humble your cell. you may have command of 1000 troops, but we just want you to lead a team of 10. > did he get the job? >> n >> but he learned a lot, and i'm sure he's got the next one. >> he did. >> he said do not let obscles stop you, for women, you are a busy mom with a young child, and both the serces you had young children. anththroughout your c career, ad now you are juggling being a woman -- a working mom witith my differerent philanthropic activities. you tell women it is nevever too late to get out there >> absolutely. it is never too late to get out anfollow your dreams, even th small children. you have to know how to balance and it is oto hire a nanny, it is ok to hire help. if you cannot cook dinner five nights a weeeek, find out where you can order in. you have to be able to balance. do not put your drinks to the side. you can find a way to do it all. >> any mistakes you made you
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learned the hard way. >> i have. i would give adadvice early i should've had an advising board fromay one. i i had a lot hard knocks. i learned the hard way but i try not to make the same mistake twice. much foryou so joining us. please stay with us because we
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>> thank you for j joining us ts week. before we go but we want to remind you we like hring from you. you can alwaways join us on our facebook page, give us a light, and lolook for "washington business report," or you can tweets. our, you can watch all of previous shows a this weeks showow again on our website. simply google "washington business repeport," and rememem, you can lolook at ourayoral candidates doioing a same. be sure to set your dvr andtay tuned d next week. >> this week on "government
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matter" >> there are obvious security issues. >> facebook drops $2 billion on oculus.


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