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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  March 31, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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is that of kahlil tatum. the park where the body was found is the same place d.c. police have spent days searching for any sign of the 8-year-old girl. >> jennifer donelan has team coverage from the park. what do you see happening right now? >> we're still seeing the search on the ground. officers walking around searching the wooded area. we also just saw a helicopter above. kahlil tatum'sf body is not good in the search for 8-year-old relisha rudd. he is the man who had the answer as to where is relisha rudd. activitye of
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park after police discovered the body of a man in the target search area for 8-year-old relisha rudd and her alleged .idnapper, it was confirmed the man appeared to have died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. 's spoke with relisha rudd aunt this afternoon. >> i still believe that baby girl is alive. say that it looks like it likely is a suicide. >> the 700 acre area was the search of multiple search efforts from the air and ground with search dogs. human eyes led to the discovery. tatum was also wanted for the murder of his wife in oxon hill. heound on march 21,
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just hours after media reports hit the airwaves. was that cowardly enough to take his own and not hold himself accountable for everything that he has done, he knows what he has done is wrong. he knows he is going to pay, one way or the other. can not do anything but pray and hope for the best. >> residents who have lived in this community for years have never met relisha rudd, but they feel like they know her and they are standing by for news as the search continues. this offense is as far as we have been able to go. we have not been able walk into t park or go to the rec center. the chief said the search is going to continue. we know that residents are on standby in hopes of going in aid
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with the search this evening. wethere are any developments will bring them to you as soon as possible. jennifer donelan, abc 7 news. >> tonight we are also hearing from the people at the d.c. homeless shelter where this case began. tom roussey spoke with residents relisha rudd and kahlil tatum. areesidents say they somewhat surprised by today's news, but it still doesn't answer the question they most want answered. >> there is really a lot of anger. >> as the news hit that a body found near the aquatic garden, those who live at the homeless shelter vented some of that
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anger at the former janitor here. >> it doesn' matter, he kidnapped somebody's child. th could have been my child. >> at times it has been a while day here at the shelter where relisha rudd used to live. firefighters came here to check on something suspicious on the roof, but it did not turn out to be anything. the big question continues to ?e, where is relisha rudd >> it's heartbreaking, because i don't know what i would do if somebody took her away from me. >> as you saw there, residents here are keeping hope alive that relisha rudd is still alive out there somewhere and is ok.
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>> thank you, tom. this weekend's heavy rains caused flooding problems in parts of maryland. today rising water on the western branch of the patuxent causein upper marlboro some damage. a parking lot was closed down to high water. playground were flooded. the rainy weekend is over and has been replaced with picture-perfect skies across our area tonight, but the rain will return. doug hill will have the updated forecast coming up. 6:00, the candidates for mayor in the district are making their last-minute sprint to the finish line before tomorrow's primary. checking in with the final push this evening. hello, sam. >> the story today seems to be the lack of enthusiasm.
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people went out for early voting last time. this time it is down one third, just 14,000 people. the candidates were out today trying to get their voters to show up tomorrow. all-importanthe d.c. democratic primary, mayor vincent gray asked voters for their support. he is optimistic to spite a possible corruption trial facing him, that he is going to prevail tomorrow. >> i don't think this is any time for a change. i think we need to stay the course and continue the progress that is quite evident. >> muriel bowser came to celebrate with dozens of rescue dog lovers on the 100th anniversary of the washington animal rescue league to each expressed confidence. >> were going to make sure that everybody knows tomorrow is election day.
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>> thank you very much. councilmember tommy wells is the only elected official running who accepted no money -- he seems to knowledge that his victory is a longshot. >> i feel like it is still possible. , but iwhat the polls say am up there in the top three and my numbers have been coming up. there is a real possibility for me today. candidates --her >> there are five other candidates. the primary election used take thee in september but general election is november. why did they move it to april? overseassaying to give and military voters more time to make sure their votes are counted. tomorrow,or gray lose
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that would mean he would be a for sevenin office he would stay in office until next january as lame duck. ford, abc 7 news. >> anything is possible. we will have to see how it plays out. for those planning to god and vote tomorrow, keep in mind d.c. has a closedrimary -- if you you're planning to go out and vote tomorrow, only democrats can vote in tomorrow's race for mayor. >> of are steeped in d.c. history. the owners of the hall and of are headed to court. quick shots fired between north and south korea. what it means for escalating tensions there. i must begin my journey,
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yep. here, too. what about the dark castle? you call that defense?! come on! [ female announcer ] watch live tv anywhere. the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. >> a last-minute push to sign up for health insurance is running into some big problem spirit >>
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the website has crashed at least twice today. tole today is the last day -- it is not late to get started. long asials say as uninsured enrollee start the online process by midnight tonight, they will not be penalized at tax time. you still have a few more hours. there are website problems throughout the day. a 1.2stration officials million visitors have already logged on to, despite the site shutting down entirely for more than four hours this morning while technicians discovered yet another software bug. whitehouse bookman jay carne stressed the positive, pointing out millions of americans now have a obamacare, despite the many problems that plagued the
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launch. >> if i had stood up here in november and told you we would be above 6 million on march 31, you would have laughed me out of the room. >> no praise from republicans. party leaders have been lasting -- blasting the changing date for enrollment. >> it has become the legal equivalent of swiss cheese. >> today on, no mention of any glitches. many celebrities sent out on behalf of the white house get enrolled tweets. maryland governor martin o'malley has promised all maryland call centers will stay open until midnight. tomorrow maryland board members will meet to discuss -- to discuss their current exchange
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and a new exchange model on connecticut. next, artillery rounds fired amid threats of nuclear tension in north korea. be the u.s. military may involved. that is coming up next.
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>> tensions flaring on the korean peninsula as both north and south korea have fired hundreds of shells into each other's waters. media called it an attempt to occupy and warned of unspecified steps that could follow.
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>> barely year after a d.c. icon reapared on capitol hill, the company is headed to bankruptcy. entertainment has filed for chapter 11 protection. thecompany points -- owns hawk and dove. the original closed in 2011 after 45 years in business. the new barbie open in the same location in january 2013. -- the new bar reopened in the same location. iconic may not be the word for our weather. >> after yesterday's miserable conditions, today is beautiful. we have a couple more days like this. we have to be happy with what we have. country club in
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fairfax. the day started with sunshine. few a nice warm-up with a passing clouds and in the 60's today. we will be in the 60's for the next few days. later in the week the weather conditions will change. for the moment, clear skies and , 63 in gaithersburg, 67 in quantico. the official high at reagan national. it looks like we will be at that level are better for the next three days or so. morning.y early in the there could be a few suburban locations posted her 32 or 33 degrees by tomorrow morning. ,he chilly air has receded caribou, maine is the cold spot
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on the east coast. sunshine and with even warmer for texas. on the other side of this map comes much colder temperatures. this map shows how much warmer it is now than yesterday at this time. what is coming next? high pressure will move off to the east and pick up a few clouds. 60's again tomorrow and then by wednesday we will get a push into the upper 60's am a but with the front there could be an isolated shower north and west. this is reflected in the futurecast. generally very pleasant weather, some could see a sprinkle tomorrow as a little disturbance tries to go through. thursday in the 60's, maybe an evening shower, but then the
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next system heads our way on friday with a chance of showers. tomorrow partly sunny skies, 63, generally a nice day. keep the weather site updated on temperatures in the 50's on friday with a chance of showers, clearing and warmer over the weekend. desk, the toyota sports brought to you by your local toyota dealers. opening-day, the nationals traveled to new york city for the opening day of baseball. what a day this was. mets, adam laroche, that was ball game.
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top of the ninth it was 5-4 mets. desmond scores easily from second, espinosa goes to third and it was tied at five. top of the field , get a new baseball. nats lead 9-5. they win 9-7 and that nationals go to 1-0. breaking news right now, let's check in with the news conference. chase --c. police police chi was updating us in .he search for relisha rudd >> this is both physically and mentally tedious work, the type of search we have been doing here. for those who volunteer to help , from faith-based community ,embers here, some volunteers
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d.c. general shelter volunteers as well, volunteers from the neighborhoods who wanted to support and help us. as well as off-duty and retired police officers. for all those volunteers that came out here today to help us, spoke with him, i this is both mentally and physically tedious work that we asked them to help us with an they did a fantastic job, so thanks to all those folks. obviously we don't normally confirm identification until we id confirmed,al but i will say in this case that i will give you a tentative identification on what we believe the person we have found here. based on what we have right now, this is a tentative identification, not the official
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identification that will come from official medical records, but we have tentatively identified the person we found today as that of mr. tatum. everything we have is consistent with what we know about his appearance and is consistent with what information we had to begin with. so tentatively i would say it appears that the person we found in fact esther it does still appear at this point that this was a suicide. and we stillinues .ave a lot to do we will be here throughout the night doing a lot of different work in the searches will resume again tomorrow. we still have a lot of area to search. multiple layers of search are going on using a lot of different means to search a very big area. again, thanks to all the
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volunteers, and i will take a couple of quick questions. it will come from the medical examiner's office and that will take a little time. now that you have a tentative identification, does the search area narrow down a little bit? is it more of a concentrated area? >> no, we still have the same plan of how we are going to search the area and were going to stick with that for now. --there are things that need lead us to believe we need to expand we will address that. us up-to-date on today's development in the search for relisha rudd. she has not yet been found, however the body of kahlil ta tum, the man with whom she was last seen, was found this afternoon in northeast washington in kenilworth park.
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she said they have tentatively identified his body. they are still looking for relisha rudd. quick she said that search will continue for some days to come, so we will keep you posted. quick deshawn jackson was released by the eagles last week, now looking for a new team. he is getting plenty of interest. jackson is in town tonight to meet with washington redskins. aid -- heday he twee tweeted, life brought me this far, now show me a new path. , doingams are interested their due diligence. it is everything else that teams want to know about right now. >> what do you thing happened with chip kelly and the eagles? no animosity or bitterness toward philadelphia? so desean jackson is in town
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meeting with the redskins. >> nice weather tonight, it will drop into the 30's and 40's tonight. shower chances pick up a ltle in the next couple of days and the weekend looks just fine. captioned by the national captioning institute
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motors.ble th tho a gs.
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