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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  October 14, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the disease are dying. workerss, 76 hospital who may have had contact with the man who died there are being actively monitored for any symptoms. single infection in a health care worker is unacceptable. what we are doing at this point is looking at everything we can do to minimize that risk. >> the dallas area nurse who contracted ebola issued a statement today. the nurse says she's doing well and thanks people for their wishes and prayers. but despite the protocols and precautions, some of our local emergency responders still have questions. horace holmes is in northwest washington where they are trying to figure out how to respond to ebola in america. it's not until you get into the home and start doing the patient assessment that you determine this is not just a regular sickness. >> and if the patient is suffering from ebola, this
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emergency medical technician he and everypoint, emt has to be careful. >> we wash our hands after every call, but that's after every call, not when we discover of the patient is infectious. darkncern is when these the solution and when do you transport? given members have been the proper equipment to protect themselves, but they say they are not getting the resources to protect ourselves or the patient or the communities. forchief medical officer ems says first responders have been refreshed on safety precautions and even sent out a memo 12 days ago reminding emts what to do in the case of suspected ebola. >> [inaudible] >> he showed us the equipment
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given to every emt in the city they take on every call. >> with the concern of ebola, we wanted to make sure we clearly mutated our expectations on what they should do to keep themselves safe and how to disinfect themselves and the ambulance. >> d.c. fire and ems says more training is ongoing for its personnel as more information about evil and how to protect yourself from it develops. >> how to head off in a bowl outbreak in the united states -- according to a majority think a travel ban is the answer. two thirds of the 1600 people pull say the u.s. should restrict travel from the countries at the heart of the outbreak. at can take a closer look the measures set to take effect come thursday on
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police in fairfax county say they have video of a buster ever inappropriately touching a 13-year-old girl. arrested andr was charged with assault and battery. he's accused of inappropriately touching a special needs student as he buckled her into her seat last may. he said when he was confronted, he claimed he was just tickling the girl. hearing about a legislator accused of taking advantage of members of his congregation. in georgetown, but these have arrested a rabbi today. just got a hold of the police report here at the second please headquarters in upper northwest washington. this is a developing story. the allegations, if they prove true, they are quite chilling. the rabbi, a dominant and well-regarded leader of his orthodox synagogue in georgetown
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was arrested this morning charged with boyer is him. he was picked up at his home which is on o street northwest, a short distance away from the synagogue will stop a neighbor said she saw a escort him in handcuffs. according to the report, i female complaint and says she saw a camera set up in a ritual bathing area at the synagogue a couple of days ago. that area is used by people in by congregation, it used prominently adult females. in the police report, the rabbi alleges this device was being used for ventilation purposes in the bathing and shower area. we also spoke with one of his neighbors. she and many others are shocked by the development. >> we would have never imagined such a thing. he seems like a hard-working
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fellow. we would have never thought of any of that. to the rabbi'sut congregation, the people on the phone and say they have no comment but plan on releasing a statement soon. >> a dozen families are homeless tonight after a fire him a country county early this morning. 1:00. broke out at about investigators say paper and other material helped to fuel the fire. neighbors described the unit owner as a order. two people were injured but are expected to recover. in alexandria, investigators are trying to determine what caused the fire a print shop this morning at an industrial park at eisenhower and claremont avenues. fire officials tell us the owner tried to put the fire out by himself and called 911 when he
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realized he couldn't do it. that led to even greater damage. one firefighter was slightly injured and is expected to recover. l threat was a hot topic at ring days andrews today. members of many countries let with president obama to talk about how to deal with the terrorist threat. air strikes were ramped up in a serious in town. >> airstrikes will have an impact, but that impact is constrained by the fact that there are not forces on the ground that can follow up on those airstrikes to end the siege will stop >> the administration says today's mediating -- today's meeting was aimed at taking stock and who will take next steps. the pentagon says the two months of airstrikes have cost $424 million. all of have questions about the threat from isil and we want to
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help you get answers. join us thursday night at 8:00 for a town hall meeting. there is still time for you to be a member of the audience. just go to and click on town hall meeting. if you can't be in the audience, you can watch it live on our sister station, news channel eight or there will be live streaming on plan top, a vicious make sure the commonwealth has energy enough -- an ambitious plan to make sure the commonwealth has enough energy. >> coming up, we will tell you andgas prices are falling where you can find the cheapest gas in our area. 's governor chris christie intentions for 2016 are not clear yet. >> cloudy and breezy with rain on the way.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. the commonwealth lags behind its neighbors and when it comes to harnessing the power of the sun. the governor says it's time to
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change that. he rolled out an ambitious energy land that includes more reliance on solar and wind energy. mccullough says virginia needs energy sourcess overall. you're running out of time to in maryland, you only have until 9:00 to make sure you can vote for governor. our sister station hosted the only locally televised debate in the race yesterday. you can see more and learn about the candidates on he's already the governor and he may want to be president but chris christie has no interest in becoming a member of the u.s. senate. the audiencetold at an naacp event over the weekend that he would rather drown himself in the potomac river then serve a term on capitol hill. christie says he thinks you would be bored to death.
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next, taking a tumble -- we will show you where you can get gas for less than three dollars a gallon without wasting half a tank to get there. warm and windy outside today. it will be chilly in kansas city tonight for the orioles and on the ice, the caps go shark hunting. but look who's on the way back -- the bionic man, rg iii.
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♪ i thought it'd be bigger. ♪ ♪ (dad) there's nothing i can't reach in my subaru. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru outback.
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love. it's what makes a subaru,a subaru. >> right now, gasoline prices since her lowest level february, ringing the national average to $3.81 for a gallon of regular unleaded full path in this area, you can get gas for a lot less than that -- less than three dollars a gallon, even. diane show is at one of them. gas isoyees here tell us two cents cheaper yesterday and business shot up at least 30%.
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the pain at the pump isn't nearly as bad as it used to be. >> i haven't seen that in a long time. down torices have gone below three dollars a gallon for regular unleaded in parts of virginia and maryland. yesterday because it was $2.97. i couldn't pass it up, so i topped it off as i could believe how good it was. the drop inn for prices is crude oil prices are dropping and demand is low and supplies five. drivers we talked to today said they don't care what the reason is, they are just glad it's down. >> i'm just enjoying it while it's here. we found gas prices as low as $2.89 a gallon in gainesville. arlington, we found gas for $2.99 a gallon off columbia pike
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,rote. on the maryland side where gas prices are typically higher because of higher taxes, we found several gas stations off of route three going for just under three dollars a gallon. on average, gas is going for $3.18. with the same comparison in virginia, prices are down or team cents a gallon. >> i hope they keep going down and down. it would be nice to see it get to $2.55 a gallon. side,the maryland according to gas buddy. tom compton going for two dollars and $.92 in when bernie. -- in glen burnie. best gasn find the prices by logging on to
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and that lousy weather in the middle of the country -- is a coming our way is to mark >> it is coming our direction and because it's moving so slow, the heavy rain will be around longer. that's going to be the heaviest rain, and the blue ridge. let's give you a look at what we've got with the time lapse in charles county. a beautiful day along the shores of the potomac river. a nice warm breeze out of the south with temperatures in the mid-to upper 70's. in advance of the system coming in, a flash flood watch has been posted. it's a long areas west of the blue ridge. in a metro area, there are no advisories, but am of those a b in the morning. average high and low is 69 250 push of thery mild southerly wind keeping
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temperatures at 80 degrees. it readyld night but small area. upper-level energy spinning around with cooler air not really until the weekend. this is a slow moving front and all the moisture is moving south to north ahead of the front and that is slowing down the eastward progression. that get rain will get a lot of it because it's going to take a long time to move from west to east. the best chance for rain and thunderstorms will come through the metro area along the i-95 corridor or. farther west, they will get more for a longer time. this is what the futurecast says it will be like at 7:00 in the morning stop steady, heavy rain continues along the blue ridge. then midday it starts to converge through the metro area
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with the origins out in the atlantic ocean. we will get a touch of clearing late at night but as far as the rain, one computer model suggests the higher elevations to though west may be in the metro area. windy tomorrow with wendy and thunderstorms. temperatures in the middle 70's. >> and now, the toyota sports-esque, brought to you by your local -- toyota sports desk , brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> i feel like we are going to go right to baseball. >> the orioles were trying to get their best-of-seven series to a manageable two games to one for a win. if the birds lose, the deficit will be impossible to overcome. the orioles have some of the best that in baseball but they have to start swinging again and get into a rhythm.
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the players know what is at stake and they don't need any extra motivation. >> we know what we are doing. we are going in. we're not going to sit around in a circle and played.,. i'm a dues. we are going to approach the game as we do all season. >> [inaudible] and ihose my teammates believe one team can come back. >> no duck, duck goose tonight. and the play the ducks sharks are good -- they started to and oh and haven't given up the gold yet but how about the capitals? washington has only given up one goal in two games. while the sharks come out of the western conference, the caps don't see them very much.
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they are obviously a quick start team. i just don't want to be caught offguard? level.s a comfort >> let's talk about the redskins. the rookie head coach has to grow up fast will stop the skins defense will have to start playing more aggressively is time toy know it make it a decent season. and rg iii will start working on individuals tomorrow. dan griffin will start getting involved. who knows when he will be back? medical staff and coaches are not ready to set a date yet. he will start individual drills this week. as far as practice reps, i think that's at least another week.
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but i'm going to get him out there and do some individual drills. that will be the first step in next week we will try to get him in some practice situations and see where he is. him asplay of the day from the great state of alaska. somersaulting into the end zone -- the wolverines go on to beat the golden bears 35-14 in the conference championship game. this is the play of the day as he spends, roles and takes it home. and if you missed it earlier, the cowboys quarterback was arrested for shoplifting some underwear and cologne at dillard's in dallas. smart? not so much. he makes half $1 million a year. you probably want to know boxer for briefs
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>> once again with feeling. >> tomorrow, a big weather day -- rain, gusty wind and maybe flooding. stay in touch with us. we'll have more on the potential timing. clearing by friday. >> we look forward to that. world news tonight is up next. join us back here at 11:00.
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welcome to "world news tonight." the tornado watches up right now. 23 million americans facing severe weather tonight. deadly twisters touching down. we are live. also this evening, that massive hurricane gaining strength. the biggest in the atlantic to make landfall this year. first words. tonight, what the 26-year-old nurse with ebola is now saying. the blood, the anti-bodies rushed in to help her from that other american. what we've learned tonight about her dog. and the new warning this evening, the world health organization and their stunning prediction. the air scare. the peaker plane making an emergency landing over america. the walls opening up from the inside. the breaking news we've just learned. the punishment for that moment on the track between two nascar greats. and the bold offer from facebook and now apple, to women who work for them. we will pay to free


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