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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 7, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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it makes you think, what is the world coming to? >> how the police are looking to you for help. more u.s. troops heading to iraq. and robbed right before the holidays -- what they got away with and why a charity targeted is especially concerned. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> first down 11:00, the police for theing for clues man accused of trying to kidnap a 16-year-old girl. the police say it is key that they find him before he strikes again. roz plater is live in upper marlboro. do the police have a good description? >> know, in fact, they do not have much to go one, which is
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why they were out here at first light, passing out flyers, trying to drum up responses. in the village of oak grove, this has been a wake-up call. prince george's county police canvassing this upper marlboro neighborhood, hunting for clues to find the would-be abductor before he strikes again. suspect matching the description, please give us a call. >> they say it happened thursday evening. a 16-year-old was walking on robert louis avenue near the basketball court when a man grabbed her and try to force her into the woods. she broke free, but people are still on edge. dog orcan even walk the go to the playground and play. >> neighbors say this kind of crime does not happen here. >> this is the stuff that you hear on the news happening somewhere else. then somewhere else is on your front door. things have changed. askingpolice are
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neighbors to be diligent, be on the lookout, and to say something if they see something. >> the answer i have been getting is i don't want to get involved. if they make it their problem, some people in7 the community that are involved. >> we will give you the description we have so far. the man they are looking for is an african-american man, about five foot six, 130 pounds wearing a green beanie style cap and a gray and yellow jacket. if you have information, prince george's county police want to hear from you. >> this just in from northeast washington -- d.c. police have confirmed one person is in custody following the armed burglary at the home of the hundred block of east capitol street. at home is owned by a member of congress. details of the suspect, including the name and charges, have not been released.
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the mother of a teenager attacked and nearly killed speaks for the first time. her daughter is one of two women allegedly abducted by delvin barnes. carly schiffer litigator was able to free herself after being snatched off the streets of philadelphia. horace, what a terrifying story. 16-year-oldr of the victim from virginia is talking about what her daughter went through, not disclosing either name, but this mother is happy her daughter is home and safe, but she is still very angry. >> beaten, raped, choking. all of that. of the is the mother 16-year-old richmond a girl who was kidnapped, beaten, and raped, the police believe, at the hands of 37-year-old devlin barnes. in police custody
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after tracking him down in the abduction of another woman off the streets of philadelphia earlier this week. it was not until these pictures surfaced that the police in richmond realized that he is the man they wanted in the october 1 abduction of the 16-year-old girl. >> it's awful what she went through. >> there was an awful chain of events. she was hit over the head with a shovel, thrown in a car, and driven to this mobile home up a dirt road. >> never thought. for twos held the girl days. in the final hours of her captivity, she was taken into the backyard, stripped, and the abductor poured gasoline and bleach over her. >> he told her he was going to kill her. >> that is when she got away admitted to a nearby business. now her family has this message for barnes. friesope that your [beep]
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in hell. >> both women are recovering with their families tonight and barnes is behind bars. sentencing inthe a man involved in a deadly crash on i-95 in lorton. he received a 10 year prison term, eight-year suspended. he was charged the marriage crash -- in the march crash until they gaithersburg man. he swerved in front of the bus, causing it to crash. family members say their lives are changed forever. >> we have one who lost their life, one who was paralyzed. i love every one of them. when it happened, it was like my own. even though the judge suspended the bulk of his prison term, you receive the maximum prison sentence.
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the eight-month csr reddy served in jail will count towards his sentence. developing news from the white house, where president obama authorized the u.s. military to deploy up to 1500 more troops into iraq as part of the mission to fight isil. the president said u.s. troops will not be fighting in a combat role but will be assisting iraqi military and kurdish forces fighting isil. $5is asking congress for billion to fund the fight. but see what is in store for the week and with abc 7 meteorologist steve rudin. changes on the way. overnight, the skies are clearing. that is the good news. the temperatures are falling quickly. the weatherbug, 42 degrees at george washington university. 40 arlington, 30 eight germantown, leesburg 37. the windchill factor not much of a problem, but off to the west, winchester feels like 34, feels
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like 31 petersburg. in the mountains of oakton, feels like upper 20's. the wind will diminish through the early morning. heading out to the farmers market, taking the dog out for a walk, middle 30's. midday, highs only around 55 degrees. if you like warmer temperatures, how about into the 60's? i will tell you when coming up. the police arew, looking for the person who targeted a charity weeks before the holidays. says that somebody stole boxes and jars they use for fund-raising calls up there is concern somebody out there could be stealing money meant for children in our area. richard reeve is live in gaithersburg. do they have any leads? >> there continuing to look at leeds. the us is the actual truck that got ripped off. the door was down, but not locked. inside, they had boxes like this for donated toys and also jars
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like this for collected money. several items were taken. it is the season of giving. in silver spring, someone is taking. >> it's awful. >> stealing toys for tots donation jars and a box of donated toys from this truck thursday. >> they either have to be very desperate because they need it or they have no conscience, taking stuff. >> the man in charge of the montgomery county toys for tots program say it happened at 2:00 in the afternoon when the driver was away on a delivery. hear's disheartening to someone has taken a ox. >> is concerned, the thieves will make collections and pocket the money. >> i think they will collect the money for themselves. >> last year they collected
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$8,000 in donations, enough to buy toys for 18,000 children in need. >> it's taking away from the needy children of montgomery county. >> organizers hope the thieves return the items, no questions asked. >> there are good people and bad people. >> toys for tots says it is now racing at security. >> we purchase some locks for the back of the truck. so it does not happen again. >> this is the lock. we will put it back when we are done. we are talking about thousands of dollars in possible donations that were lost. the folks at toys for tots hope they will get the stuff back. reeve,rieve, --richard abc 7 news. >> ed gillespie says he will not be joining the new republican majority on capitol hill next year. >> the numbers just are not
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there. it's time to accept the decision of my fellow virginians. >> he admitted defeat after calling senator mark warner to concede. warner commended his rival in a hard-fought campaign. tuesday's election was closer than many expected, with the democrat eking out a 17,000 vote margin. ed gillespie says he is not made plans for the future yet. president obama will formally nominate a new attorney general tomorrow. his choice will be loretto lynch. federal prosecutor from the eastern district of new york, holding that job during the clinton administration as well. if confirmed by the senate, she will be the first female african-american attorney general. a crowd could gather on the national mall next tuesday for veterans day for a concert that will be the concert for valor. the show starts at 7:00 and will last about three hours.
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changes areanged -- planned for tuesday and wednesday morning. we have complete details at weeks from thanksgiving, retailers have their eyes on christmas. the latest on the thanksgiving day sales bandwagon. and a big-time athlete >> an explosion in detroit lead
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to fires and six ohms. authorities say the fires may have been set on purpose. nobody was injured. information about the death of actor and comedian robin williams. ruled it a report suicide, but he said there was no alcohol or illegal drugs involved. williams was found dead in his northern california home in august. he was sober at the time of his death but was reportedly suffering from depression,
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anxiety, and the early stages of parkinson's disease. storesur side -- more are getting a jump on christmas shopping. p.m.r us will open at 5 thanksgiving day, staying open 30 straight hours, until 11 p.m. friday night. tennis stars venus and serena williams are helping reopen a beloved tennis and learning center in southeast washington. they got a look at the $80 million facility. >> excuse me, you guys. 1, 2, 3, let's go. with tennis stars venus and serena williams on one side, mayor vincent gray on the other aside, they cut the ribbon and reopen the southie center they have run since 2001.
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$18 million makeover was supported by the current mayor and mayor elect muriel bowser. hard to recognize among all the material are six tennis courts in the williams arena, named in honor of the famous sisters whose native compton, california, is a lot like southeast, they said. are happy to be part of it. they have stayed with me through this. >> the sisters have come here to help through the years. >> so many wonderful memories with the young kids, so many challenges -- so many talented kids here. it was a dream, and we were fortunate to have direction and opportunity. company designed the hallways. in the arena turned into a banquet hall, r&b singers entertained and guests came
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dressed in their best tennis shoes. this was a big d.c. party. the mayor is cutting the rug. there are hoping to gain support for this arena for many years to come. from southeast washington, sam ford, abc 7 news. and didn'te indoors have to be. >> the rain died down, and the windchill factor not as much of a factor. tomorrow morning, it will not be warm. it will be cold but dry. big changes on the way for the beginning part of next week. national harbor, 44 degrees, the wind out of the west northwest at eight. the temperatures will slowly fall as we move through the overnight. the temperatures already in the 30's off to the west, winchester, martinsburg 38, 40 hagerstown, gaithersburg 36.
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the wind anywhere from five to 10 miles per hour out of the north and west. the clear skies will cool us down through the upper 20's, lower 30's by early morning. the windchill chill out there, the temperature feels like in the 30's. closer to southern maryland, feels like the middle 30's. overnight, 29 to 37 degrees, the coldest air off to the mountains. it's a capital beltway, reagan national, the temperatures fall to about 36, 37 degrees. tomorrow morning it will be cool. we will not have the wind to deal with, just around freezing leesburg and manassas, gaithersburg 32. bowie looking at mid 30's. the cold front arrives late tomorrow, early sunday. it will not produce much rain. clouds.see increased the high pressure builds behind it. this will allow a change in wind
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direction. instead of seeing cooler temperatures behind the front sunday, temperatures will be a few degrees warmer compared with tomorrow. monday and tuesday, temperatures in the lower to middle 60's for highs. it will not last long because the cooler air is on the way in the extended outlook. 29ing up tomorrow morning, to 37 degrees, the wind out of the northwest at five, sunrise at 6:43. lots of sunshine, sticking around a big part of the day. to 58 degrees, the wind out of the south at 5-10. sunday, 57 degrees, don't forget across the bay, 10k, middle 50's by late afternoon. the wind out of the northwest at 5-15. veterans day will be dry, temperatures in the middle 60's. then we start to cool down wednesday, upper 50's by thursday and friday.
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wednesday,'s thursday and friday only the upper 40's, nighttime lows near 20 and 30. >> i was hoping that your dyslexia was kicking in. >> nope, not this time. >> you are looking at numbers, too. >> we have the wizards on a good one, the capitals on a bad one, in terms of straight. sports is coming up.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. afterlooks like the caps the five-game skid were not playing around in chicago against the blackhawks. in the second, the caps down by two. the assist from johannson. gets the goalon right here. just like that, it is 5-2. goals in the two second, and they win, 3-2. the wizards struggle tonight in toronto. it's hard to beat anyone on the road when you are shooting 36% from the field, john wall held to only eight points.
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terrence ross was for-six from beyond the arc, finishing with 18. this time, the alley-oop. the half.ailed at third quarter, showing off the range with the pullout from three. the wiz cannot keep their win streak going. they fall, 103-84. it is friday night, under the lights, high school football. takingnship game, bullis on georgetown prep. more than 74 yards rushing. bullis wins 34-26. valley, finds the hole, turns the corner, gone, 34 yards
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for the score, they win big, 53-0. lake braddock and lee. walters, innathan for the score. later, check out walters, stops, goes down field. phillips, he is gone. lake braddock would go on to win, 47-20. a big football saturday right here on abc 7. at 3:30 notre dame at arizona state. later, ohio state and michigan state. get the nachos, put your feet up. >> folks looking to buy a home, how about one with this?
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autopsy williams' results released, the top turning story on an alexandria couple believes that a tire slashing incident was a hate crime. and the weather forecast, all on a you're in the market for new home, we have an option for you.
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million will195 purchase this home in beverly hills. caldwell banker says this is america's most expensive home, sitting on 25 acres, 53,000 square feet of living space, 12 bedrooms, 23 bathrooms, a vineyard, 27 car garage, and 150 additional parking spaces, for all of your friends. >> i am heading there this weekend.
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>> how many sweaters do we need this weekend? >> i would say one tomorrow, and a jacket. tomorrow, a little warmer sunday. please download the stormwatch
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7 app. tomorrow and sunday, no worries about any rain. >> thank you for joining us. jimmy kimmel live is next.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- taylor swift. from "how to get away with murder," alfred enoch. and "this week in unnecessary censorship." and now, i should also mention, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. hi, everyone. thank you, cleto. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. welcome, one and all. i'm glad you're in a good mood because we have a very big show for you tonight. taylor swift is on t


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