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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 9, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning, america. breakingover night, deadly train accident. teens on the track, a train barreling down on them unable to stop in time. >> i just hit kids on a bridge, train emergency on a bridge, over. >> the investigation ramping up right now. joyous reunion, two americans held prisoner in north korea back home this morning on american soil and reuniting with their families. >> thank you all for supporting me and lifting me up and not forgetting me. >> inside the top secret mission that set them free. bear attack. a hunter finding himself in the jaws of an angry bear. >> i was being tossed about like a rag doll. >> airlifted to safety from the remote alaskan wilderness and only on "gma" he's now speaking about the horrifying attack from his hospital bed. and caught on camera. fireballs lighting up the sky.
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the incredible images zipping across the horizon and leaving behind a trail of mystery. hey, good morning. and brace yourself. much of the country is about to get hit by bitter cold and in some parts the first big snow of the season. >> whether we like it or not, which means if you haven't done so already, it's time to dig around, get that snow shovel ready and your heavy coat too. the arctic blast is on the way is there so is meteorologist rob marciano with your full forecast. keep it here for that. first our top story that deadly train accident. a train operator spotting teenagers on the track on a bridge but unable to stop in time. abc's bazi kanani is in lynchburg, virginia, with more on this developing story. good morning, bazi. >> reporter: good morning, paula. this area is popular with photographers and residents say
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occasionally thrill-seekers will hop a fence to climb out onto that railway bridge. it is hundreds of feet high. this morning, one young man is dead and a young woman hospitalized and through the night investigators have been working to find out how and why 21-year-olds john gregoire and victoria bridges were on the tracks when a freight train slammed into the pair. >> i just hit kids on a bridge, train emergency on a bridge over. >> reporter: the group of four to six people were high up on a train trestle spanning lynchburg, virginia's james river around 4:00 saturday afternoon. the norfolk southern crew saw three of them as the train approached. >> two of them on the south end of the bridge, one just a bystander, we hit one for sure. i'm not sure what happened to the other one. >> reporter: gregoire was pronounced dead on the scene when rescue workers arrived. bridges was airlifted to a
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nearby hospital with serious injuries. >> i heard a thump. one of them looked like a girl jumped. >> reporter: detectives tell abc news no foul play is suspected. but an investigation into why the group of friends was on the tracks is ongoing. gregoire's instagram profile offering one possible clue. this photo taken six days ago shows the nature lover and avid photographer posing on the very same railroad bridge where he lost his life. >> it's kind of becoming a problem with it -- they're pretty much playing russian roulette with their life. >> reporter: more than 700 people are killed or hurt each year in the u.s. when too close to railroad tracks. this morning, victoria bridges is fortunate not to be among that number. hospital officials say she is stable, alert and speaking with family members. paula. >> an unnecessary tragedy. bazi, thank you to you. we do turn now to the arctic blast which we mentioned earlier set to put more than 200 million americans in a prewinter deep freeze. yes, it is november, but it's going to feel a whole lot like january.
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meteorologist rob marciano joining us from disneyland this morning where they're gearing up for the holiday season. good morning, rob. it's much warmer where you are. >> it is, i hear the chuckles behind you. more about why we're at disneyland in a second. but let's talk about that cold weather and the snow that's going to be coming in that you just mentioned. all right. they are prepping for it across the midwest in wisconsin, the salt trucks, sand trucks, they are filling up. they're attaching the plows and you know what, it's been snowing on and off really there the past few days so the cold air already in place. it's going to get colder. hasn't been accumulating. it will. we have winter storm watches and warnings that go from the u.p. of michigan all the way back through montana really stretching about a thousand miles so a lot of people in the mix here, and we're going to see quite a bit of snow. let's go through it with this storm meeting that cold air we've been mentioning all week long. started in montana. tonight we drive it across to the east. reach ahead of itself. by this time tomorrow morning it will be snowing heavily across
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minneapolis and st. paul. as far as snow amounts go, we could see up to a foot in some spots and there you see the forecast for that as we go through the next couple of days. so a significant storm falling there. and, of course, the cold air behind this and we're talking about windchills by thursday minus 19n great falls, 10 degrees is what it will feel like in chicago and in the 20s across the deep south, so it is -- it's not unheard of to get know this time of year across the northern plains but to get extreme cold air behind that, that is certainly unusual. and in sympathy, dan, of the cold air that's gripping much of the country, here in southern california at disneyland we are bringing in the cast of "frozen" later in the program. >> this is a sign of a wiley meteorologist. you know that the cold weather is coming so you go to disneyland. i like it. smart. >> you know, there's a little chill down here too, dan. >> yeah, okay. well, all of our sympathy headed toward you, rob marciano. we appreciate it. much more from rob coming up later in the show. we are, meanwhile, covering another breaking story overnight. the surprise homecoming of two
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americans held in north korea. stepping off the plane overnight. their release was secured after a secret trip by this man, america's top spy master, james clapper who flew into enemy territory, the hermit kingdom of north korea, a hard line nuclear armed communist dictatorship run by the 31-year-old supreme leader kim jong-un. abc's tom llamas is on the story. stomach, good morning. >> reporter: dan, good morning to you. we cannot stress enough how extraordinary this is that our nation's top intelligence official, the man who knows all the secrets, took the trip but mission accomplished and this morning, someone else is taking credit for the release, dennis rodman. >> thank you all for supporting me, lifting me up and not forgetting me. >> reporter: overnight kenneth bae and matthew todd miller stepping off this military plane and onto american soil for the first time since the surprise release of the last known americans in captivity in north korea. >> it's just hard to believe this day is finally here. >> it's been an amazing two years, i learned a lot. i grew a lot, lost a lot of
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weight in a good way, but i'm standing strong. >> reporter: 45-year-old bae convicted of anti-government activities, then sentenced to 15 years, spoke to cnn about his living conditions. >> i'm working eight hours a day, six days a week. >> you're being treated humanely? >> yes. >> reporter: but his ailing heart became the center of international attention. his family lashing out at basketball star dennis rodman for his high-profile exhibition game with kim jong-un. >> he's a great guy. he is just a great guy. if you sit down and talk to him, you know, perception is perceiving how things -- >> a great guy who puts 200,000 people in prison camps? >> reporter: but this morning, rodman taking credit for bae's freedom posing for tmz with this letter he says was sent to the regime threatening to cancel future trips unless all americans were released. matthew miller, a 25-year-old who reportedly traveled to north korea and then tore up his visa. the north korean government
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charged him with unruly behavior and held him for more than six months. >> i am now requesting help from the american governments to release me from this situation. >> reporter: on friday they announced the decision to release the men because they were, quote, sincerely repentant. >> north korea decides when they do something they want to do it for a particular purpose and i think right now they decided this was the right time to do this. >> and we do want to mention matthew miller did not speak at that news conference. that's why we didn't hear from him. the president weighing in saying he is grateful for the safe return and praised clapper for what he called the challenging mission. dan. >> to put it lightly. all right. tom, thank you. for more let's bring in abc's chief anchor, george stephanopoulos, who will be hosting "this week" later this morning. >> hey, dan. >> good morning. we have to imagine that kim jong-un sanctioned the release of these two people. do you imagine that he is trying to create closer ties with america? >> very, very possible and, remember, the president delivered a letter to kim jong-un, a personal letter from the president.
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that is, as you said, extraordinary to have the president's top spy master go and deliver a letter from the president to the leader of north now, the white house officials say this is only about the prisoner release. there's no other opening on no other issue but does indicate that kim jong-un looking to either improve relations with the united states or release some of the pressure from the united nations which has been coming down hard on these prison camps in north korea. >> we, of course, don't know what's going on behind the scenes. now, you have interviewed dennis rodman. we saw a little bit of that there. it was a memorable exchange. i believe you went out and got a blazer with dollar bills on it afterwards. so, do you think when he claims that he played a role here that's a legit claim? >> no, i mean, you saw that letter he wrote. he wrote it back in january. and to his credit, at least he did say we're not going to go back unless you release prisoners, but this was really north korea taking the initiative decide iing this was the time and the president seizing the moment as well willing to deliver that letter to a country that he had isolated in the past. what it will be fascinating to
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see, if it leads to anything else and the president heading to asia with north korea's top patron having meetings with the leaders of china. >> let's talk domestic politics for a second. we're a few days out from the drubbing that the president took from the midterms. where does this leave things for the 2016 white house race? who's up, who's down? >> wide open. big debate whether it hurts or help hillary clinton. you argued it hurts because the democrats were so decimated. on the other hand, you could say this will now be easier for her to break free from president obama. on the republican side, it is wide open. everybody waiting for jeb bush but governor chris christie had a good election as the head of the republican governors association. people like john kasich, governor of ohio, scott walker, governor of wisconsin, all looking good coming out of this. it will be a free-for-all. >> for employment act. we should say that george will have much more coming up on this can and explore the impact of the midterm with our political correspondents and powerhouse roundtable much that's later this morning right here on abc. thanks again, george. >> thanks, george.
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it is an important day in history. for that and more we turn to ron claiborne. >> that is right. good morning to you, paula and good morning, everyone. we begin with celebrations in germany marking 25 years since the berlin wall came down. former soviet leader mikhail gorbachev was on hand to commemorate the historic occasion, sort of a chain of events that brought down communism and which ultimately led to the reunification of east and west germany in 1990. thousands of balloons illuminating a nine-mile stretch of the former cold war barrier, the brandenburg gate, will be released later today. happening in the uk, britain's queen elizabeth is carrying on with tradition after a foiled terror plot in that country. her majesty was front and center during a remembrance day ceremony today at a monument honoring britain's war dead and marking the 100th anniversary of the start of world war i. the annual event took place amid heightened security, four suspects are being interrogated accused of hatching a terror attack on british soil. scotland yard is investigating whether the queen herself was possibly a target.
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and you can add nissan to the growing list of automakers recalling vehicles because of faulty air bags that could send shrapnel flying when they open. several infiniti models, 2003 through 2006 are part of that recall so are some nissan pathfinders and sentras. the cars were sold in 12 high humidity states and territories. from ten automakers they've been recalled from the takata air bags. and former pro football player mike vrabel is one angry fellow after a burglar stealing all three of his super bowl rings. the former new england patriot he is a coach for the houston texans took to twitter saying to all houston area pawnshops, three super bowl rings are headed your way. courtesy of the expletive deleted who smashed our back door in. vrabel's wife admits she forgot to set the alarm. shouldn't do that. a 4-year-old
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boy helped bring down this old 19-story hotel. the building was leveled to make room for an expanded children's hospital. little d.j. pitts wearing his favorite superhero cape while doing this got to push the button sparking the implosion. should be in "pop news." he had undergone several surgeries at that hospital and says he always feels better wearing his cape as i do and he quickly became an inspiration to other kids undergoing treatment. finally, from the world of college football, i want you to check this out, an epically egregious error that ends ignominiously. no, not penn state losing to ohio state. u tay receiver, kaelin clay, believe me, it happened. this will be a 78-yard touchdown pass, clay catches the ball. he's heading for the end zone. watch this. >> don't tell me he dropped it. >> he lets go of the ball thinking he was in the end zone. there's confusion on the field for a little while. he thinks he scored a touchdown. celebrating in the end zone but
8:14 am
the oregon players picked up the ball, ran back the entire length of the field, 178 yards total for a touchdown. oregon ended up winning that game, 51-27. look at this. he lets go of it, see, one yard short. >> you got to have the ball when you cross the plane. >> if you're going to spike the ball, wait till you're in the end zone. you know, they probably would have lost that game anyway. they got crushed by the oregon ducks in the end. >> that's right. definitely that won't haunt him the rest of his life. >> ever. >> no, no, he has other problems to come. bigger ones. >> thanks, ron. >> paula ignored that michigan state score. >> i did. i did. i tune most things out. we've been telling you about that mother and father saving their 5-year-old daughter after she was snatched out of her bedroom. new details this morning about that thwarted kidnapping. and how can you be sure your child is safe at home? abc's marci gonzalez is on the story. >> reporter: so many parents talk to their kids about what to do if a stranger approaches them on the street but
8:15 am
experts say it's also a good idea to discuss what to do if it happens at home. explaining this little girl escaped unhurt because of a few really smart actions. new details this morning about this 5-year-old girl's close call. >> did he take you from the bedroom? did the man come in and take you? >> reporter: surviving an attempted kidnapping in her utah home this week in part because of a few things safety experts claim she and her parents did right. >> we heard the front door open and i heard her talking. she's just the sweetest little thing, and i heard her voice and we ran out. >> reporter: the girl taken from her basement bedroom making sure her parents heard her and like kidnapping survivor elizabeth smart, police say she stayed calm. >> in an abduction case, particularly if you're dealing with children is to direct them to be compliant but aware. >> reporter: what happened next in the edson family's case also crucial. >> if you can stop a kidnapping at the early stages of it, that is the real key.
8:16 am
>> reporter: the girl's mother telling 911 operators the girl's stepfather ran outside to confront the alleged abductor. according to a police report, morley then let the gi go and kept running. tracked by canine officers for nearly half a mile to another basement in tina olson's home. >> he was just like right here, just kind of like this with no shirt on and trying to hide.eon >> he was just like right here, just kind of like this with no shirt on and trying to hidn's h >> he was just like right here, just kind of like this with no shirt on and trying to hide. >> reporter: this morning, records released by police reveal the alleged abductor was already under investigation for sexual assault and accused of a similar break-in earlier this year. the terrifying close call for this family finally landing morley behind bars. and police believe he broke into this girl's bedroom through an unlocked door so along with making sure doors are always locked, experts also suggest having a baby monitor or something like that so parents can hear any noises and react quickly. >> it's a terrifying story. marci, thank you. >> thank you.
8:17 am
some strange sightings in the texas sky overnight. check this out. people capturing images of fireballs streaking across the horizon. so, what's going on here. abc's michelle franzen explains. >> reporter: barreling through the night sky over san antonio, multiple sightings of mysterious fireballs and loud booms. >> we heard an explosion here on the 5-7. >> reporter: take a look at this. guy and karen parker were driving when they captured this bright streak on camera. >> it was real bright green kind of fireball-looking object in the sky. >> reporter: that big burning glow also caught on the dash cam of one local police officer out on patrol. police say they received at least 150 reports of a bright fireball zipping across the horizon from houston to dallas and down to san antonio. >> it looked like it went across like in towards mexico. >> reporter: just like the blazing sky, sightings lit up twitterverse too. scientists need to confirm if those streaks are from a meteor
8:18 am
so for now there is still a trail of misery. for "good morning america," michelle franzen, abc news, new york. >> okay, so here's a headline i never thought i'd deliver. this next story is about a baby shower for an orangutan. >> wait for it. yeah, the little one sh, a new arrival at the phoenix zoo, it's the perfect excuse to throw a party and perfect for sara. >> who else would -- >> could deliver this story. >> you got to start like this, what do you get when you take an orangutan, new baby and new friends, baby shower and have to see it to believe it. it's a morning of celebration at the phoenix zoo. bess, proud mama to a new baby, is celebrating at her very own baby shower. friends and neighbors chipped in to throw a baby shower in her honor along with her 6-week-old new baby. >> it's tough to get the orangutans to, you know, do the traditional baby shower games. >> reporter: but that didn't stop them from trying. according to the zoo, more than 10,000 people voted in an online contest to pick the baby's name
8:19 am
and in the last few hours, jiwa beat out duke by 1400 votes. all parents love to know the meaning of their baby's names. jiwa is indonesian for soul and zoo staff going bananas with the decorations, banners and streamers and a chance to indulge those ravenous cravings with a one-of-a-kind three-tiered ice cake filled with frozen fruit and, of course, what's a shower without presents? well, bess is off to a good start of the she had a baby registry on sam sohn with a wish list that included all those new mom must haves, like blankets, towels, chalk, even some legos for little jiwa to play with. yep, she was registered. yep. >> but has jiwa met any of the disney characters? >> no. >> i think jiwa needs a trip to disney but maybe rob marciano can help us out with that. >> you think he's going to take an orangutan to disneyland? a segment we'll cover next week. >> what do you think?
8:20 am
rob marciano, save us from the orangutan baby shower. >> i smell airlift. >> mickey was just doing his orangutan impersonation. we are all psyched for christmas. we're getting prepped for the holiday season here at disneyland. we got mickey in the house, toy soldiers, the elves, we're all getting prepped and, you know, they were a little upset you were dissing me for being here so brought in reinforcements. right, mickey? you better believe it, baby. all right. let's see some weather. we're bringing you the windchills, windchill here is about 58 degrees this morning. here's what it's going to be like over the next couple of days as that arctic blast drives to the south and east and feel like 21 in memphis, it'll feel like 10 degrees in chicago by thursday morning and we mentioned the snow rolling across the northern plains today and tomorrow. there's already some colder air in place today and another reinforcing shot will be coming through, 56 in new york. not too bad and stay mostly dry i think as we go through the rest of this sunday. down across the south in florida, we are looking at the chance for rain especially across south florida's little wave kind of rolls down across
8:21 am
miami. 79 degrees there but the heaviest rain will be across the keys and down across parts of southern florida. southern california, on the other hand, looks to be pretty dry. 79 degrees in los angeles, showers across parts of the pacific northwest, pleasant in dallas, 73 there. 58 degrees in nashville. that is a quick check of >> mickey rocking his christmas sweater. you kidding me?
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you don't mess with mickey. you don't tease me in disneyland. don't be haters. more fun coming up. see you guys later. >> i love a punchy rob marciano getting very, very thug on us this morning. we love it. >> can you give mickey a kiss for me, please, rob? shh. don't tell anybody. >> nice. >> oh. >> there it is. >> that's for paula. >> thank you, rob. >> we appreciate it. >> much more from rob coming up. by the way, want to tell you what's coming up in the next half hour. we're going to switch gears a little bit. the software engineer who vanished and how his friends and colleagues are turning to high tech to try to find him. a man speaking out from his hospital bed. what happened when he found himself in the jaws of the vicious animal. plus, an incredible feat. the man who thought this was a perfect place for a little walk. we'll explain. >> no thank you. "good morning america" is brought to you by macy's. let me get this straight... [ female voice ] yes?
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>> live from the abc seven broadcast center, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. taking a look at the top stories topping our news today in the region, a homicide investigation underway.
8:28 am
one person was shot in will times there and found dead on the scene. the victim has not yet been identified. the forecast for today? winter feeling more like fall out there. 40's and 50's out there in winchester. a much nicer day. tomorrow, 60-64. veterans day, almost 70. >> thank you very much.
8:29 am
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♪ let it go we are live from disneyland and later we are talking to an ma and elsa from "frozen." good morning, america. ♪ let it go you'll never -- call it the happiest place on earth because rob marciano clearly having a ball at disneyland in anaheim, california. >> right. >> having too good a time. >> really. >> i don't think he's coming back. >> easy, easy, easy. >> you know what, you're doing great out there, although i have to say i miss him when he's not here. >> i miss him. >> do you miss him? >> he gets in my personal space, but otherwise -- >> a necessary break for this man. >> just kidding, rob. >> much more from rob coming up. he may actually sing "let it go" coming here on the broadcast. but first the man who did battle with a 700-pound bear and lived to tell the story. the hunter speaking to us from his hospital bed. that's coming up in a few minutes, as well.
8:31 am
and we start here, though, with a baffling case about a young software engineer who simply vanished. >> he hasn't been spotted since halloween, and now his friends are using high-tech tools to help find him. abc's clayton sandell has the latest. >> our roommate is missing. >> reporter: this morning friends, family and co-workers are gathering their second massssive search party using everything in their arsenal to find 26-year-old dan ha, even turning online hoping the local tech-savvy community can help find the software developer who disappeared halloween night. >> we need multiple people around the district whether you're a start-up, whether you're a tech company. >> reporter: his friends and roommates are using sites like facebook and reddit and crowd funding and payment apps to like tilt to raise raise cash for posters and supplies for volunteers. >> it wasn't until tuesday when we got a call from his parents that we started getting worried. >> reporter: others in the booming local tech industry spreading the word through apps including a dating service where
8:32 am
ha posted his profile. >> see all of that particular app was able to message everyone using the app. >> reporter: his employer at tech start-up metromile says ha left the office on october 30th with a migraine headache and never returned. >> looking back, he certainly was a little quieter than normal. maybe there are some red flags there, but he's always been a pretty quiet guy, reserved. >> reporter: his roommate says the next day he passed a disheveled ha briskly leave their apartment in the south of market district. leaving their apartment. police say two hours later at a nearby cafe a ping from ha's cell phone is the last clue about his whereabouts. >> i hope that, you know, he comes home safely and gets mad at us for invading his space. >> reporter: for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, los angeles. >> it's a mystery we hope they solve soon. let's get another look at the morning headlines and back over to ron. >> hi again, dan, paula, sara. good morning, everyone. in the news,
8:33 am
we begin with the deadly train accident in virginia. this morning one young man dead and a girl hospitalized after a freight train slammed into them in lynchburg, virginia. investigators are trying to figure out why the group of teenagers were on the train trestles. and the latest -- the last two american prisoners held in north korea are back home this morning after their surprise release on saturday. kenneth bae and matthew miller landed in washington state accompanied by national intelligence chief james clapper who secured their release. protesters in mexico truck a huge blaze at the president's palace in mexico city. demonstrators were outraged when the country's attorney general abruptly ended a news conference about the apparent massacre of 43 students saying, quote, i'm tired. and finally, take a look at this. spectacular sky high challenge. this after a dare by two professional rope walkers. they crossed the 328-foot line on bare feet in zimbabwe's
8:34 am
victoria falls and it didn't appear to faze them. both made it across and have quite the celebration when they reached the other side. not to be outdone, ginger zee is going to do the same thing or attempt the same feat live on tv later this week. >> not happening. we should tell people -- >> we should tell people. >> don't give her any ideas. >> she would do. it's a joke. but what is happening, i think rob marciano promised to sing "let it go" or maybe just show us he has a special guest from disneyland, correct, rob. hey, rob. >> what's happening, guys. >> he's having too good of a time. >> check it out. am i not going to be a hero at home here? elsa and anna from "frozen." >> absolutely. >> are you kidding me? i mean, all of a sudden it got a little bit chillier here. the trees are snow covered. it's frozen. you guys, is it chilly for you? or are you used to it? >> it feels just like arendale. also i love cold weather. >> you got to embrace the cold weather. >> the cold never bothered me anyway. >> the cold never bothered me anyway. they did it! all right. my job is done here. are we doing weather now? we're doing weather, right?
8:35 am
let's go it. let's get to the forecast. i kind of feel it's not that cold really right outside of this ten-foot area in southern california. it's going to be 80 degrees today. across los angeles, a little bit warmer in spots for this time of year it is above average by about 10 or 15 degrees so where it is cold, the ying, the yang of weather, it's warm across much of the west. what's not going to be the case so we go through time with four-day temperatures over the next four days really going to be cranking up and then cranking down, very, very rapidly looking at temperatures that will be in the 20s dropping down to the teens in many areas. all right, let's do a little fly across much of the country. the northeast looks pretty good. we're going to see rain across parts of southern florida as we mentioned earlier. very pleasant across the central part of the country and some rain across the pacific northwest. that is a look at your
8:36 am
>> this weather report brought to you by lactaid. the girls are frozen, anna and elsa live from disneyland tossing it back to you guys in the studio. >> all right. for a guy with a 5-year-old daughter at home, he's going to be super, super popular. >> right. >> i think he might be more excited than his daughters. >> yeah, i know. possibly. all right, rob, thank you very much. and, sara, what do you have? >> rob gets excited for the ladies from "frozen." some people get excited for football seasons. others just the changing of the seasons. for me it's all about the award shows. the governors awards are the beginning of said season so consider me officially excited. hollywood elite racing the governors awards red carpet saturday night in los angeles. tinseltown all abuzz for the unofficial start of awards season. >> i feel so privileged to be part of it. >> it's phenomenal. it's any follow nall.
8:37 am
>> this is the beginning of oscar season. >> reporter: a-listers mark wahlberg, hilary swank, jennifer aniston and beau justin thoreau all gathering at the home of the oscars for the star-studded event hosted by the academy to honor hollywood legends. >> i guess everybody was in love with maureen o'hara. >> reporter: maureen o'hara and harry belafonte just two of the honorees at the governors awards. but the big buzz of the night, the box office hit already muscling their way into some serious oscar buzz. >> i'm a big fan of "whiplash." >> really excited to see "fox catcher." >> reporter: praise coming from all angles for "birdman's" michael keaton. >> what's he doing here? >> my old buddy michael keaton was pretty remarkable. >> pulling my hair back. >> extraordinary feat of filmmaking. >> reporter: the academy awards still a mere three months away but already promising that hollywood heat. >> it's going to be a hot season. >> i'm back. >> so now it means that we all have to hit the theaters for the
8:38 am
next -- >> i was thinking as i watched that story, there's so many movies i haven't seen. i got to get busy. >> they all release right now so we can start catching up before january. >> we got a couple of months. >> we got a couple of months. i get excited for award season. >> i love award season. it's the only one i make predictions about. paula sits here throwing down teams. >> we'll see if your predictions are right. but we'll do that on a later edition. coming up here on "gma," lucky to be alive, a man speaking out from his hospital bed, how he managed to survive a bear attack. and "batman v superman" takes the windy city by storm all up ahead in "pop news." let me get this straight... yes? lactaid® is 100% real milk? right. real milk. but it won't cause me discomfort. exactly, no discomfort, because it's milk without the lactose. and it tastes? it's real milk! come on, would i lie about this? lactaid®.
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8:42 am
check this out caught on tape, a dramatic rescue in the wilderness of alaska. >> the coast guard had to fly over a remote island to rescue a man attacked by a bear. he's now describing what it was like to be caught in its jaws and abc's linzie janis joins us with more. >> good morning, paula and dan. the two hunters are recovering this morning after coming face-to-face with a family of bears all of it happening some 35 miles away from civilization.
8:43 am
>> you could feel it puncture deeply, and you could feel the teeth. >> reporter: overnight 68-year-old michael snowden and his son-in-law jeff ostrin speaking out about their terrifying clash with a pack of brown bears. >> i was terrified for mike. i was terrified for myself. >> reporter: this morning they're safe in a kodiak hospital where they were airlifted on tuesday by coast guard helicopters after the pair's annual deer hunting trip in the alaskan wilderness took a horrific turn. out of nowhere, a 700-pound bear pounced on snowden. >> i could see him just shaking his head with his teeth buried in my leg. >> reporter: the experienced hunter now suddenly the mighty creature's prey. >> i was being tossed about like a rag doll. >> reporter: ostrin jumping into action firing three shots at the bear to save his father-in-law. within moments, as another grizzly charges, ostrin says he reloaded his rifle and his courage.
8:44 am
>> i had to protect both of us for either of us to have a chance to get out of there. >> reporter: snowden suffered deep gashes to his thigh and says the trail of blood from the deer carcass they were dragging through the woods is likely to blame for their grizzly encounter. >> if it hadn't have been for my son-in-law, i doubt i would have survived this attack. >> reporter: snowden needed 100 staples to close the bite wounds he suffered, but he is expected to make a full recovery and, guys, there was a third bear that emerged during this ordeal and they were able to scare it away by screaming at it. and that's exactly what you're supposed to do. you act big and you be loud. >> the other way to deal with bear, i believe i've heard this from wildlife experts, is to tay home and watch television. >> i knew something like that was coming. >> that's dan's approach. sara and i are much more adventurous as are you. >> i'm going with dan's way. >> thank you. >> well, coming up, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's "superman v batman," man of steel's sequel
8:45 am
taking over the windy city. get ready for scenes from their big night of filming. we'll be right back. you think you take off all your make-up before bed.
8:46 am
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8:48 am
♪ this, this, ladies and gentlemen, is where things get truly serious. "pop news," sara haines, take it away. >> wait till i get my news face on. chicago has never been safer with superheroes on parade this weekend. the filming for "batman v superman" is bringing the glamour of hollywood to the windy city. pictures snapped from the set show the man of steel played by henry cavill, did i say that -- >> like travel. >> travel, cavill, pulling off a rescue of lois lane played by amy adams, i love her and how is this one right here, cavill in full costume suspended in midair. >> or just flying. >> i hope he has a rocket pack on and ben affleck has yet to be
8:49 am
seen in his batman getup but all will be released in march of 2016. that's like worlds colliding. >> we have to wait that long. >> yeah, we always do. "pop news" is about teasing you two years down the road. and now for another kind of movie, the feel-good kind. do you guys remember paddington bear? i think of that little yellow slicker. he is now starring in a new live adaptation of the children's book. check this just released sneak peek. >> oh, no. >> yeah. trouble. >> where's the slicker? >> he doesn't have it on but that's the only way i recognize him and he always liked m marmalade rather than honey. >> this woman needs no introduction. nicole kidman plays a villain in the movie. "paddington" opens january 16th of next year, closer, closer. >> just a couple of months.
8:50 am
this one is for dan. while we're on the subject of animals, let's introduce you to some kittens who passed a major milestone, the aspca holding a graduation ceremony for the first class of kittens matriculating from their brand-new nursery. the kittens initial ly arrived needing around the clock care but now they've gotten healthy and strong enough to be adopted and with those little faces which they just keep kissing them and what's what i'd do too, they're going to have no problem finding a home and someone to love them. >> my friends at the aspca invited moo he to come to the graduation but i couldn't. >> broke your heart. >> i got this story by default and that's probably why you were going to cover it. >> he was his their choice. >> this is about sara, dan. >> sara, you should have gotten one of those. >> i know. i don't know how they'd mix with my chihuahuas. going viral right now, the dog, the dog who has something in common with peter pan as in trying to figure out the finer points of a shadow. >> really? >> get it. >> he keeps trying to squash the shadow. he can't figure out why it's not
8:51 am
going anywhere. it's clearly having no effect. >> those johnny jump-ups -- >> the thing i like about this video, it finally puts to rest the debate of which animal is smarter, cats or dogs. >> i think he's doing a brilliant job of smashing that dangerous shadow for that child. >> protecting the child. what would a cat do? >> isn't that funny? >> yeah, they said he can't seem to figure it out. which may explain dan's point but we hope he never does because how cute is ali being entertained. look how she starts to jump. >> totally in on it. >> that is a pounce. >> that is great. >> that's what we're going to call that. >> that's "pop news." we'll be right back with more "gma." keep it here. very cute. >> adorable.
8:52 am
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brought to you by new colgate enamel health toothpaste. >> we do want to thank you for joining us this sunday morning. a reminder that "this week with george stephanopoulos" is coming up in the program. tuesday, it's a big day. veterans day.
8:56 am
we want to hear all about it, so tweet a photo or vine using the #honoringvets. finally a good-bye from disneyland. >> yes. let's say bye to rob marciano. rob, you there? >> rob. >> bye, paula. >> i think he's waving. >> thank you. abc sevenom the broadcast center, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. i'm jeff goldberg. this hour, homicide investigation is underway in anne arundel county. person is shot multiple times and pronounced dead on the scene. any suspects have
8:57 am
been identified. plenty to use the chesapeake bay bridge-tunnel day, one will shut down until 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. runners will start on the annapolis side of the bridge and you will want to plan for alternate routes. looking pretty good today. >> 20,000 making their way over the chesapeake bay bridge. throughshine getting these temperatures. 50 degrees in bethesda. high-pressure will do so right on throughout the day. at 61 this time of year. almost picture-perfect today.
8:58 am
light wind out of the north. tonight is really chilly out there. 31 here in the city. for tomorrow, and even nicer day. comfortably cool. veterans day, almost 70 degrees and then very cold at the end of the week. temperatures in the 40's. it will feel like winter. >> thank you for watching. have a great sunday.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> business news from the capital region. th is "washington business report" with abc national correspondent, rebecca cooper. >> thank you for joining us for this fresh look business and finance in the washington region. coming up today, what the midterms mean for the busiss counity. into thehould read layoffs at livingsocial, and numbeberslatest jobs tell the wholetory. can following your passion make you a cold -- earnrn you a cul following? man w whotalked to a atnded gw on a basketbal scholarshiand nt on to becomeme one of the biggest


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