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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 9, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> live, from the abc 7 broadcast center. this is breaking news. thehe breaking news is from aspen hill area of maryland. police on the scene right now. shooting on pair tree court. tom rousey is live at that scene. we learning about this? >> this is what we know right now. one person was hit. if you look behind me, you can see police on the scene. they've been focusing much of their investigation in building and thepair tree court second floor is where they've been talking to a lot of folks, investigating. a lot of folks in the neighborhood did not hear gunshots. the pepper tree farm apartments near georgia avenue and connecticut avenue. we shot this video a short while scene.the
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according to montgomery county police, one person at least was hit. non-life-threatening injuries. they are still investigating. told by a spokesperson that they will have more information in the next few minutes so as we we will update you. one person shot here in the aspen hill area of silver spring at the pepper tree farm apartments, non-life-threatening injuries and the investigation is active and continues that the hour in this apartment complex. live in aspen hill in montgomery county, tom rousey. to anotherfrom there police investigation, this one in the district where police are threeg to determine if armed robberies are connected. took place in northwest with two happening less than an hour apart from each other early this morning. the scenes on p street in georgetown with what know so far.
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>> police are looking into the possibility that these cases are connected. have taken things like wallets, credit cards, cell phones. no one's been hurt but in each the two suspects had a gun. >> that's unusual for this neighborhood. terrifying crimes, all unfolding at least steps from in northwestidors washington, have residents rattled. describe it as being safe but i don't come out at night very often. case two say in each suspects approached two victims from behind and fled with valuables. earlytest crimes happened sunday morning. ind and p, 1:30 a.m. georgetown. idaho avenue. 3:20. say in that violent confrontation, one of the pointed a handgun at said, the victims and it
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"how's it going, give me your money." near the who live crime scene are understandably shaken. usually very quiet and family friendly neighborhood. >> the third incident happened october therein on mccomb street around midnight only a stone's vibrant wisconsin avenue. >> i've lived in this years and hardly anything. into.a car is broken >> back in the winter of 2012, two years ago, there were well robberies scattered throughout northwest washington cases, theyof those were related, some weren't. patrols andeef up arrests were made. residents are opening the same will be done this time. fortunate nobody physically injured this time.
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anarundel county police need your help finding the man wanted deadly shooting. quinilla is wanted in the aguilar. officers say quinilla shot several times at an apartment on red clay road. i feel bad for the guy and his family, the guy who is a victim. hopefully the guy is caught who guy.the >> if you have information about quinilla's whereabouts, police to hear from you. a big settlement in a local wrongful death case. 15-month-old price rams died two years ago while visiting his a juaquim rams, in
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manass, court records show the child psychologist said unsupervised visits with the .ather would be safe a baltimore ravens cheerleader is out of the hospital after she fall duringin a today's game against tennessee. the woman, whom the team has not identified, was thrown in the and hit the ground during a stunt. team medical personnel the sidelines on before she was wheeled off the field on a stretcher. she was treated at the hospital for head, back, as well as neck injuries. this could be a very long night crews with washington suburban sanitary commission working to repair a 10-inch main break in the aspen hill area, covering the avenue rampeorgia to southbound connecticut avenue near home depot. says repairsn
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could go well into the monday morning rush hour so with that reminder, watch "good morning washington" for updates on the water main break and how it could impact your commute. 4:26 a.m.rts at they'll also update our other traffic alert in maryland, the sections of the intercounty connector and new interchange in prince george's county set to reopen the monday morning commute. fromast segment extends i-95 to route 1 in laurel. warm-up over the next few days but don't get used to it. has a preview. having a problem with microphone but we'll
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have the forecast coming up. thousands of germans gathered in to mark the 25th anniversary of the fall of the wall. crowds released 8,000 balloons into the sky, released from poles that formed a line illuminating the nearly 27-mile stretch of the former border west berlin.and pieces of the berlin wall are on display in the district including at the museum. tonight, visitors gathered to history from an eaten that took place before many were born. >> i grew up with this wall because it was built about the time i was born. gaithersburgnes of made a point of coming to the museum 25 years to the day after the world changed. think i would see
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the wall come down. that's the way most of us felt. museum has the largest public display of the berlin wall in the world outside of as any, as well three-story tower from which guards tried to stop anyone from escaping. visitors who remember the wall falling are in the minority. are 18 of the visitors or younger. >> it shows young people how is, even thedom graffiti, on the western side. learned something about communism and democracy and differences between a free press free press. >> it gives you insight into what their lives were like. reminding me that people had experience it and go through it. >> people couldn't see their families, right? dunia brought son, andre. an exchange was
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student from the soviet union. talk aboutficult to this thing because we didn't therstand how important event was. >> prince harry took part in a fallen soldiers from britain during a ceremony at kandahar airfield in afghanistan. the tribute was part of remembering sunday, over in london, the queen led the country in remembering military service members killed during conflicts. the crowd observed a two-minute silence before the queen placed wreath at england's tomb of the unknowns. veterans dayome, concert on the national mall crowds ono draw huge tuesday. preparations are underway for the concert for valor. bruce springsteen, carrie
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and rihanna, among those who will perform. many road be closures. most drivers can agree that a the d.m.v. is not among this favorite things to do. examiningight, we're the times listed by department of motor vehicles. do they help or hurt? coming up, president obama heads to asia. learn what's on his agenda for this trip overseas. and bracing for the big chill. tracking the storm expected to bring snow and below freezing temperatures to parts of the u.s.
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 11:00 on your side. on his wayt obama is to china as we speak. it's his first stop on an eight-day trip overseas. he will meet with the president easeina and try to tensions there. the u.s. and china have several issues
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including cyber spying and human rights. president obama will visit myanmar as well as australia. pentagon officials are working leader of reports the isil in iraq was wounded in an weekend.e over the thats are it is reported he was target while he met with in anbarlitants province. millionadi has a $10 bounty on his head. americans detained in north their first days soil.n american matthew miller were returned. six-years serving a sentence on charges of
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espionage. men'shave more on the return coming up in our next half hour. dozens rallied in support of the officer who shot and killed michael brown in august., missouri, in >> what do we want? >> peace! >> what do we want? peace! >> demonstrators marched through downtown st. louis to show officer darren wilson. a grand jury is considering whether to indict wilson. a decision, we're told, could come as soon as this week. one-two punch of snow and arctic freeze is moving in from means right now and that snow and frigid temperatures for many parts of the u.s. abc's t.j. holmes has more on the winter blast. >> this is what's blasting u.s. right now. a massive front of arctic air canada's prairie forcing people to take shelter calgaryin edmonton and and challenging drivers with ice and snow.
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crossingr onslaught the canadian border, barreling into america's heartland. in minneapolis, homeless shelters bracing for an onslaught. >> we have one room open tonight but we'll be full tomorrow morning. than 400 people usually sleep in the people serving people shelter. will seek warmth monday night as more deep freeze pushes south. the a transition part of year for homeless families. >> minnesota is expecting more than a foot of snow for the the work week, along with a temperature plunge that will grip most of the the rest of the week. winter storm warnings in effect montanas, minnesota, and wisconsin. this is what started the wintry blast. pacific.uri in the crews on fishing boats from discovery's deadliest catch scrambling to stay out of harm's fast.d get to land
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>> just get home safe. >> the powerful typhoon changing patterns over north america for the worst, plunging 48 into an arctic ice bath. >> let's hope we don't see any in this area any time in at least the next week. >> we can get a week. a slight chance for maybe a few snow flurries late thursday. to that in a minute but nothing like the images you were beautiful what a weekend it was here in home town. had a few thin high cloud throughout the day but other that, our high to 61 degrees. even with the high, thin cloudiness, aided in a beautiful sunset. notice a little bit of pink in the sky. weather bug camera in fairfax. 4:49 p.m --ht at 4:59, rather, and we will see
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5:00un setting before through january 5, losing wintert through the solstice. dulles, 58 at baltimore today. cooleray, while we were than that so our temperature climb will continue over the next few days before the temperature tumble by the end of the week. temperature in the 30's. inin gaithersburg, 35 delles, 48 degrees in the nation's capital and here in the we'll probably stay in the 40's for overnight lows. we had,the high clouds associated with an area of low pressure off shore but now clear skies. the snow moving into the northern tier of the country and i'll take you there because this same weathere the system that's going to usher in the cold air mass for us by the end of the week. notice the snow stretching from montana through the dakotas and lakes andgh the great as far as snow for us, we'll
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see much but there may be a chance for passing snow flurry late thursday. now, 24ures cold right degrees in fargo, north dakota. throughout the rest of the week, temperatures in the single digits and teens so very, very cold air. fors going to take time that colder air to sink closer towards us. i think we'll probably see our here by the cold thursday. so you'll definitely want more by the end ofs the work week. so keep that in mind tomorrow morning. off aow morning, starting little bit chilly in the 30's and 40's. this is our hourly forecast for around 44,rting off quickly climbing to about 50 by noonby 9:00 a.m., 58 time and highs generally in the comfortable and milder for veterans day on tuesday, highs in the lower to southeasterlyight breeze and looking ahead to the concert on the national mall,
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the upper 50's for the start of the concert at 7:00 p.m., dropping into the by the end of the concert. i think a light jacket will be ont fine, turning breezy wednesday, as that cold front approaches, temperatures drop into the 40's for highs thursday, friday, into next weekend. overnight lows into the 20's and so it will be getting chillier but not the bitter cold the northern tier of the country seeing right now. >> good to know. we get the holiday out of the way with good temperatures. >> exactly. >> tony romo had to go to back.d in order to come >> he's back. scary with an injury but he's here. he's back. this weekake a break and the seahawks flying in seattle, literally, and landing heads.le's all that action coming up next in sports.
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>> and now, the toyota sports desk. brought to you by your local dealers. >> 21 carries and a season high 140 rushing yards to go along with four touchdowns for seattle seahawks running back marshawn lynch. they didn't have a lot of issues with the giants. in the first, eli manning drops all day.ass and he has looks around, finds preston parker for a six-yard touchdown. tied at 7-7 after that but the momentum swung to seattle in the third quarter. manning fires one to the end zone. bys tipped and picked off earl thomas. concentration. eli can't believe it. fourth quarter, marshawn lynch in, four rushing touchdowns on the day. giving the seahawks the lead for good. wilson would rush for a score. the seahawks score 24 unanswered to win thiso on one, the final, 38-17.
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seahawks'ike the mascot got too excited tonight. she couldn't take it and decided the fans a with little. she found a favorite, landing on his head. fan petted her, a little too much to drink for her, i think. cowboys and jaguars in london. missed last week with a couple of fractures in his back. quarter, romo rolls to his right, finds jason witten for a two-yard touchdown. 10-7, cowboys. later in the second, romo over to dez bryant. breaks a couple of tackles, goes 35 yards for the touchdown. it's 17-7, dallas. later in the second, romo deep the catch andes stays on his feet. breaks a tackle inside the 10 and gets the score. it's 24-7, cowboys.
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that's romo's third touchdown pass of the half. cowboys win this one the final 31-17. ravens and titans, we pick it up in the second quarter. ravens go for it on fourth and one from the 9. joe flacco with the pitch to forsett who gets to the outside. tied at 7-7. tied at 7-7,r, forsett takes the handoff, runs it in from 11 yards out. ravens take a 14-7 lead. early in the fourth quarter, here's where they ice it. flacco lobs it deep for torrey smith. in for a 32-yard score. 21-7. win it the redskins had a week off, a chance to get away from the with a little bit but sour taste in their mouth after the loss to the vikings. as far as jay gruden's doesn't want to stop playing at all. he wants to play asap, but at he's not taking time off for granted. >> enjoy your time off.
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minds right and bodies right and get ready for the last seven games to really compete butts off and that's all there is to it. i wish we didn't have a bye this week. i wish we played tomorrow, to be leftt with you, the way we one out there. the what it is and sometimes getting away for four, five days, will be good for them. checking in with nascar. four laps to go, kevin harvick gordon.ront with jeff gordon needs to race to stay like this to advance to the final four. lap, harford harvick wins the race. advances to the final round. aaron rodgers putting on a clinic with six touchdown passes the first half as green bay 55-7 in thears fourth quarter. and we are watching this baptism thet now on the monitor in studio. >> no, we aren't.
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>> it is embarrassing.
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>> want to give you an update on the breaking news from maryland told you about at the top of the newscast. on pear treeot
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court. tom rousey live. ofwe have a bunch information. the focus of the investigation, although police won't confirm it happened, they're searching on the second floor apartment. flashlightshem with looking inside. here's what we learned from montgomery county police. say three suspects somehow 3526nto an apartment at pear tree court in the pepper tree farms apartment complex. inside.ects got they were armed. there was an struggle. this was at least an attempted the folksd one of inside the apartment was shot, apparently by one of the suspects. there was also someone else in who was injured but not shot. that person was treated on the scene. shot wasn who was taken to the hospital, non-life-threatening injuries, we are told. there was also one of the three suspects injured in the struggle injuredhot either but enough that he was here when police got here so they were police take him into custody, as well as taken to the
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hospital. the other two suspects, they able to get out of here and are on the loose. police are trying to catch them. they have a fairly vague description. we know they covered their faces victims weren't able to give a good description but they had a face covering on and theye aren't shower if drove away -- aren't sure if or ran away.ay a total of three people injured, one person shot. the person shot was a victim inside the apartment. non-life-threatening injuries. the other folks injured was also a victim, treated on scene. one of the suspects injured, as well, and that suspect at the policel but also in custody and the two others on the loose in the aspen hill area of silver spring. reporting live in montgomery county, tom rousey. rousey on what was a wild night in aspen
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>> eileen back with another check on the forecast for the overnight hours. >> mid 30's to your mid 40's overnight. 64 for veterans day on tuesday. the colder air starts to spill in late wednesday. thursday, friday, into the 40's,d, highs in the typical for mid december and a slight chance for snow flurries late thursday. some of the latest guidance, i'm not feeling as optimistic. look atll continue to that.
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