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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 12, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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remember a life cut short. the end of the day, for what? >> tonight, three people are in custody. above the ground, how authorities ultimately saved these window washers. >> abc 7 news starts right now. , from the abc seven broadcast centers, this is abc seven news at 11:00, on your side. >> hundreds gather tonight to remember brenden wilson. he was shot and killed near his high school in woodbridge on monday. tonight, his mother says she wants her son to be remembered for his spirit, not his troubles. three are in jail in connection with wilson's death. jay korff is live with the story. >> according to authorities, brenden wilson lost his wife --
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lost his life in a drug related shooting near where i am standing. hundreds came out to call for change. of youngt this out for people and older people that are here. that says it all. great family, friends, neighbors, teachers, firefighters and police officers stood shoulder to shoulder wednesday night to remember the 16-year-old high school student gunned down along the path that connects his school with his community. his grandmother says the size of the crowd should tell you that wilson, despite his troubles, was a beloved young man. tragedy that a such a young, great person would have to lose his life this way. >> not only is it affecting our truly i think of the
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men that did this to brenden, and i think of their families and the loss they are going to have also. >> residents are calling on police to improve the lighting and decreased the drug activity along the path that everyone calls the cut. justhope young people start appreciating how beautiful is, is, how precious life and how quickly it can be taken away. >> we should note that this path is normally pitch black at night, no lights out here. residents of the community are now insisting that lights be installed and that the school and the police do a better job to make sure that this path in the future is known as one that
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is safe and not dangerous. jay korff, abc 7 news. >> there is some cold weather settling into the area tonight. the big question at this hour is, how cold is it going to get? steve will hopefully have answers to those questions. >> clear skies overnight, that will allow temperatures to fall even further by early to more morning. looking at 37 degrees in gaithersburg, 44 in quantico, but the coldest air is all to the north and west of us with winds anywhere between 5-15 miles per hour, a little bit of a wind chill factor. temperatures feel more like the lower 40's as opposed to the middle 40's. a cold start tomorrow morning. grab your jacket, an extra layer. already-38 degrees for the morning temperature. for weather on the way friday.
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the seven day outlook shows what to expect for the big redskins football game on sunday. all you need to know, coming up in just a few minutes. >> new information on a substitute teacher in montgomery county who is accused of having inappropriate contact with the student. moments ago we learned that joée pineda worked at another school earlier this year. a letter from the principal alerts parents to the fact that he worked there earlier this year during april and june. the school is not aware of any incidents during that time. he faces charges of grabbing the legs and bottom of a 12-year-old girl at a middle school in germantown. if you have any information about josé pineda, montgomery police want to talk with you as soon as possible. happen now in prince george's county, police are investigating a serious crash at the
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intersection of east capitol and davis week. -- ann davie street. not clear at this point why the vehicles crashed. we will keep you posted on that. a u.s. congressman said that hackers targeted the federal agency that oversees the national water service. noaa confirms that for websites of theirs were compromised by an internet source attack. u.s. representative frank wolf of virginia said that attack originated in china. it declined to comment any further than that. we will earn you details tomorrow in the search for two missing children. family members of sarah and jacob has scheduled an 11:30 news conference tomorrow morning. the children disappeared in early september. they were lasting with their mother. she is now undergoing a psychiatric investigation. name.ine hoggle is her
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she claims the children are alive, but has not led police to their location yet. a prominent d.c. rabbi appeared in court today. prosecutors asked for more time they move forward. ofbi freundel is accused spying on women undressing for a ritual bath. own woman from the rabbis congregation stepped forward to say why she believes there are many, many more. >> our cameras caught up with the rabbi after he slipped out a side door at d.c. superior court. he is the rabbi charged with six counts of voyeurism, all misdemeanors. is accused of recording women as they took a sacred ritual bath in the nude. a cameraes found hidden in a clock radio at the site. synagoguer at the
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showed up at the hearing with some explosive new allegations. she said she fears she may have unwittingly helped the rabbi. it like a car wash, every sunday, six students at a time. >> the 62-year-old rabbi has pleaded not guilty to the charges. in court, the judge continued the case until january. the u.s. attorney's office has put up a website for other contactl victims to authorities. >> garcia said she fears the rabbi will get a plea deal and the extent of what happened will never come out. the u.s. attorney's office says they are still gathering evidence. >> members of the tally ho swim and tennis club in potomac feel betrayed and angry tonight. the clubs treasurer is accused of embezzling $70,000.
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she volunteered her time when she wasn't working at an accounting firm in tysons corner. police said the theft started out small but soon involved checks for thousands and thousands of dollars. club members say losing the money hurts just as much as the deception. >> is just disappointing that people you would elect to the board or that you would trust to have your best interest obviously don't. using the funds for personal gain. according to her biography online, she served on several boards, including university of maryland smith school of business and the washington, d.c. estate planning council. a warning from nurses across the area around the country, that hospital should not let their guard down against ebola. nurses took part in a daylong nationwide strike, saying hospitals are not doing enough to train their staff to
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implement safety protocols. they save the ebola response is systematic of providence's is bonds to other issues including benefits. >> one hospital bed operations continued at -- as normal with substitute nurses. they say the staff are well prepared for ebola and they are continuing contracts with the nurses union. imagine landing a speeding bullet on top of a speeding bullet. that's how complicated it was to land a tiny spacecraft called .hilae on a comet >> they could learn quite a lot about, it's from this. comets. a lot about there is so little gravity, yet somehow today that landed a
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spacecraft on one, and there is a local connection. landing on a comet hurtling through space at nearly 84,000 miles an hour is, to say the least, not easy. but for the first time in human history, it happened. next is euphoria, it works. scientists in europe working on the project hope to get more data tomorrow morning. this is what the, looks like from above. your mercy of maryland held a watch party today. two of the schools astronomers are working with one of the instruments aboard the spacecraft. the school is no stranger to comets. >> we have never interacted directly with the surface of a comet before. astronomy professor jessica sunshine worked on the deep impact project with sent a spacecraft slamming into a comet in 2005. the one that landed today was
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launched a year before that, and designed two decades ago. >> we did not know anything about what a comet was like. >> the spacecraft had harpoons that were supposed to anchor themselves into the comet. they did not work right. as far as the other instruments on the spacecraft, we should know more as early as tomorrow about that. tom roussey, abc 7 news. >> let me tell you who was working tonight, for a good cause, some great chefs are out working tonight. i got a chance to him see the benefit for the march of dimes tonight. to top foodtreated and the. -- and wine. they raised a ton of money and we learned a lot about families who are dealing with issues that
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should make us all feel very, very fortunate. love the march of dimes. savewalmart is doing to you some money and get you in the door on black friday. and a jaw-dropping rescue. how crews managed to save two window ♪
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>> this is the dramatic rescue that we just could not take our eyes off of. two window washers dangling 60 stories above the ground. authorities say a table malfunctioned leaving those men stranded for hours high above manhattan. dangling along, the side of the country's tallest building. two window washers getting the scare of their lives when a cable on their scaffolding suddenly gave way along new york city's one world trade center. >> this is scary. i can only imagine the worst scenario. guyshing is to get these out of there before something else happened. >> for nearly an hour and a half they waited, staying tethered to that scaffolding so they would not fall as rescuers worst -- rushed to the scene.
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finally the dramatic rescue. firefighters inside that iconic tower, which just opened last week, using diamond song to cut through three thick layers of the glass. moveey were able to safely that into the building. >> pulling one worker and then the other out the window to offty, both men and taken to a hospital to be treated for minor hypothermia. we are told they are otherwise ok. >> of rescues could not get through that glass, the other options were lowering a second scaffolding from the top of the building are getting firefighters to rappel down the side of the building. this is something that rescue teams do practice for. the last drill for a situation like this was just 10 days ago,
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so they were ready. >> a new strategy unveiled by walmart or this year's black friday. raiding guilds into three separate events. the first on thanksgiving featuring certain deals, and in different deals roll out depending on the day and time. in beaumont california, shoppers already waiting in line outside of a best i store. they have been in line since last wednesday. the women who are there sitting in that line say they have been doing this for years. this time they are excited about a deal on a new tv. is wortht know if that it for a new tv. >> if they can sit there for , my long without a tv goodness. feel aather is going to lot like december and january around here for the next 7-10
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days. that is the trend, 60 eight degrees. i hope you had a chance to get out there and enjoy it before the cold front moved through during the late afternoon hours and into the evening hours. 47 degrees at the national harbor. with that of the north that just around 10 miles per hour. 39 at martinsburg, frederick looking at 41. nighttime lows will drop to about 38 degrees. winds out of the north west, adding just a little bit of extra chill under mainly clear skies. off to the north and west of us overspread the mid-atlantic and yet another frontal system arrives late tomorrow afternoon. clouds.ring increased the temperature change compared to yesterday at this time, we were talking about this during the evening our newscast. 17 degrees colder. 20 degrees colder in hagerstown.
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a good indication that the cold air masses now moving our way. tomorrow, quite a difference in terms of daytime high temperatures. only in the upper 40's in 49 in arlington. this is the computer model showing clouds increasing during the midday hours. showers will develop late in the afternoon and we could see some wet roadways as we move into the rush-hour commute tomorrow afternoon. all of this is out of here by late tomorrow night. skies begin to clear, with pickup at of the north and west for the day on friday. cold on friday, only in the lower 40's with wind chill factors that make it feel like a lower to middle 30's. here's the forecast for the day tomorrow. grab a jacket or sweater. 45-50 degrees. additive for the daytime high. winds out of the north at 4-8 miles per hour. saturday just around 45 degrees. sunday we have the football game
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at fedex field, looking for temperatures that will make it into the upper 40's. a good deal of sunshine so we will they drive. winds settle down and then we look for cold conditions for the middle of next week. , only around 43 on wednesday. the big take away story for the overnight hours, it's going to be cold and chilly.
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>> now, the toyota sports desk. with a win tonight, the wizards would have their best start in 40 years. they were not hitting on all but they use solid defense to clog up the pistons. the wizards have five guys in double figures. pierce comes in and slams it bye, fourth quarter, down two. -- 97-96.ting
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38 seconds left in the ball game, how about this play? up, 107-103 the the best start in 40 years. redskins. about the once again, the attention getter at reds can spark has to do with rg iii and the drama and the locker room. he met with the media today, and i think it was right when he said turn the attention away from him and onto the performance of the team. he is right. if they win, all that other nonsense will stop. i think he was trying to confuse us. double negative, but i have not not seen it. since he came to light with jo with you all saying we were not unified and we didn't have leaders, the it made people think about it and realize that we are ok.
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you are saying, come on, man. clayton kershaw won the cy young in the national league. he threw a no-hitter against colorado in june. the big news, it blew my doors off when i heard the news that the nets were talking to the cubs about jordan zimmermann. man $100nly can't a million in his next contract, but today the nets general manager denied report about any trade to the club, so i will keep you posted. commentatorto the is smith. he gets a nasty surprise here. gone.s it's downtown. it's on my car. it is. it hit my car. >> look at the dent it put in his car. why was he upset, it was a rental. that is our shot of the night.
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with that, home day comes to a close. not notdidn't not heard. [laughter]
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>> you've probably heard of a
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ucken, butin -- turd have you heard of a pumpkin apical -- pumpkin apple pie? three different pies inside three different cakes, all stuffed together with frosting. this monster is the brainchild of a bakery in houston. it would be in it stands 11 inches tall and weighs 23 pounds. the guys at to get m.i.t. to figure out how many calories are in this ring.
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♪ i thought it'd be bigger. ♪ ♪ (dad) there's nothing i can't reach in my subaru. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love it's what makes a subaru,a subaru. >> it's going to get cold out there. tomorrow, day one of the cold stretch. 45 on friday i'm in the weekend will be chilly. it'll 40's on saturday him a
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football game on sunday around 48 degrees. nighttime lows in the upper 20's. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] visit us on twitter and
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- mike myers. from "beyond the light," gugu mbatha-raw. "do you have what it takes?" and music from tears for fears. with cleto and the cletones. and now, on top of all that, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi there, everyone. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. and thank you for coming. i'm glad you're here. i caught a piece


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