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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 13, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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montgomeryeacher in county. >> new information about where we were as a more alleged victims come forward. eventually, they will get found. >> the emotional plea to find her killer. service scandal. troubling discoveries on the night that a man jumped the fence at the white house. is abc7 news at 11:00. >> new and troubling allegations against jose pineda. an allegedm from incident at roberto clemente middle school. in theed at 20 schools area, a total of more than 100 days. >> more students say they were
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victimized. long has he worked in the county? >> at least since the beginning of last school year. he spent more time at this middle school than any other school. some are school that coming from. montgomery county schools hasn't given an exact number but multiple didn't have come ofward accusing jose pineda inappropriate conduct. >> this is really troubling. >> the new accusations come after he was charged in another case. the school district waited more than a month before telling parents that he knew about a september incident. he allegedly grabbed a 12-year-old student in the behind while standing next to her in science class and then touched her in the leg and bottom come up to five more
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times after she had gone to her seat. a light went off upstairs after our knock but no one answered. since last year, pineda worked as a substitute teacher at 20 different schools. to principles have been told send home letters. this comes a week after the district warned parents at 50th schools about a contractor accused of inappropriately touching two students. in that case, the school system never told parents that thing until we broke the story. >> especially with anything involving children, they would do it a lot more willingly. collects the school system says that police are investigating the new accusations against pineda. as of right now, no new criminal charges have been fouled. >> a scathing report reveals
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serious problems within the secret service. the whitea man jumped house fence and ran wide inside of the white house. were on personal cell phones. omar gonzalez reached a security. we are live at the white house. what else did this report say? >> first of all, we have got some changes here at the white house since the incident. you can see there was another that gonzalesont breached. this report criticized the communications equipment and even the response to the secret service officers on duty that day. video, it isphone clear that they knew that omar gonzalez had jumped of the white house fence. a reporter came by the washington post from the department of homeland security,
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found as gonzalez raced up the lawn. the k-9 officer did not get worried because he was on his cell phone. wouldt is not what i expect. >> other officers didn't see gonzalez because construction obstructed their view. the officer watching the front doors didn't like them because all she heard on her radio was muffled noise. >> i think it is absurd. the leader of the free world deserves more protection. >> a review of the events foundg up to the incident widespread confusion among secret service officers. >> it is ridiculous to think that such an individual could get that close to the leader of the free world. stopped prior to the white house jumping incident carrying a hatchet. a search of his vehicle found a map of the d.c. with the white house highlighted.
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intoinformation went various databases. andt is very distressing confusion. i hope that they can come up with a solution that works. >> already, there is outrage and calls for changes in how the secret service conducts its business. >> you will remember that just days after gonzalez jumped a resigned.ia pearson pearson spent 30 years with the secret service. specialne p, former agent in terms of the special protection division is now the acting director. >> a blustery cold day including me snowflakes and parts of maryland and west virginia. what is in store for friday and the weekend. steve rudin here with a look at the forecast. what do you see. >> getting new washer out of here. take a look at the doppler
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radar. you can see on the capital beltway, it is wet. even a little bit of light snow falling at this hour. along the hagerstown, martinsville area. we are not expecting any accumulations. morning into the early hours and then improving conditions as this moves on off towards the east. middle 20's to lower 30's. we could see a few slickness pots. we will talk about what to expect on the upcoming weekend on sunday. rain, shine, cold. >> a manhunt for this teenager. he is wanted in connection with the murder of brendan wilson. right now, be -- three people are in custody. he was shot and killed on a path between woodward senior and an neighborhood known as the cut. if you know where he is, contact
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prince williams police. >> this in from southeast washington, police confirm a man is dead after a shooting on 30 seven st southeast. police tell us the victim was not conscious or breathing and he was taken to the hospital. there is no word on the suspect. stay with us for any breaking updates. >> the man accused of killing hannah graham will be in a courthouse. the washington post reports that matthew's attorney is not going to be seeking an psychiatric valuation for his client. >> following developing news out of north carolina where a man believed to be the last person to see a missing loudoun county a live is now in custody. they are charged with attempting to kill his girlfriend. the rest them from a fight that and it was shots fired early wednesday morning.
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loading is believed to be the last person to see bethany decker who is five months pregnant of life. the woman disappeared. dozens gathered to remember smith who was brutally murdered. tonight, her killer still on the loose and police need your help to make an arrest. >> police are trying to drum up some clues in this case. there is a new flyer asking for help. vigilass this out at the in which the friends and family call for justice. >> we are here. we are going to stay here until we get justice. a grieving mother to remember the victim of a heinous crime. >> there has been a series of violent crimes against women and
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i think that this is enough. >> latroia smith was the mother of three young boys. she was last seen heading to a party the night of november 1. on november 1, firefighters made a horrific discovery, herb burned body. she had been shot first multiple times. her family and friends are frustrated her killer is still out there. >> every city of -- every corner of the city has a camera. are we still asking questions? looks police are working leads but they need the public's help. >> we need people to come forward and let's close this case on behalf of the family and for her children. don't have a conscience? ok, fine. somebody else does. eventually, they will get found. a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest
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, conviction of a suspect. funeral services for smith are being held tomorrow morning. >> a doctor who tested positive for ebola on sierra leone will be transplanted to the u.s. for treatment. is a legal permanent resident. he is a special surgeon and was working in a hospital in freetown when he caught the virus. they are expected to arise. >> back here at home, families and one of the country's wealthiest counties might have to pay for their children to ride the bus. public education is required by law in virginia. nothing is final but this has some parents upset. >> loudoun county should be able
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to rearrange their budget priority, that is a to make that priority. >> if it is between cutting out of the classroom and cutting from transportation services, i would rather cut for transportation. >> members of the school board want the general summit to give them the flexibility to charge transportation. >> scandals, secrets, murders. >> what is it really like to be a law student and one of the top
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>> is a hot topic on abc's biggest new show. suspending the accused. how does it work in the real world? why do lawyers defend someone who was charged with the crime. we get a look at the sense of the criminal lawyer. >> abby smith, noted law professor teaching her
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georgetown students how to mount a criminal defense. >> icad please the court -- >> is a subject that has fascinated television audiences for decades. >> how to get away with murder. >> what is defending the accused like? >> admitted the lunches and the outfits, her students grapple with ethical questions. out tohem, who is cut defend a criminal, especially when it is not a victimless crime. >> we believe that they actually did it. >> it is a central question. >> we incarcerate people in proportionally based on their income. >> the law is stacked against defendants. the court is stacked against defendants. a is more challenging to be
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criminal defense lawyer. >> the first thing a good attorney gives his client is faith. >> it is truly horrible. going in, conducting legal visits, you still feel it. it is oppressive. you are constantly being watched. it is uncomfortable, it is dirty. it is not a place that you want to be. >> inevitably, courtroom jitters. bit of anger for them. >> in the end, an old civics lesson. >> everyone deserves representation. someone to be their advocate. >> you know, you get to meet a lot of remarkable people, doing what we do here and one of those people is quincey royal. he is known as coach queue.
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member all the way back to a couple of years ago. tonight, he came to visit us with a couple of his players. .e drove 400,000 miles he is getting people into school. he is motivated kids for years and years. he came here today. he did all that. it is us that has to thank him. we thank you guys. >> i remember that story. well we have the cold weather now and it is here to stay.
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>> if you think it is cold right now, wait until early tomorrow morning where we will see temperatures into the 20's. gaithersburg, hagerstown coming in at 36 degrees. even though we see little bit snow on the radar, it is not sticking to the ground. this is what it looks like on radar. most of the action moving off towards the south and east. we will look for calm conditions. , for the next couple of hours. once this moves on through, our skies will clear. wet pavement will try out later on tonight. he prepared for some slick spots, especially early tomorrow morning. we are looking at light rain, all of this will come to an end over the next couple of hours.
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nighttime lows, middle 20's to lower 30's. that will drive the pavement. those slick spots will be around early tomorrow morning. radar, the action moving off towards the east. to thenow showers mountains. no advisories, no watches, no problems. air, that is going to start to filter in from the north and west and you will definitely feel it come early tomorrow morning. this is what it looks like for our zone forecast. calling for temperatures at 40-45 degrees. it will become breezy at times giving us a little bit of a wind chill factor. cool for the upcoming weekend as we will see temperatures that will only be in the 40's. another shot of reinforcing cold air monday into tuesday.
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we are talking highs only in the upper 30's to lower 40's. the wind will be off the northwest at 10-15 miles an hour as we move into the next seven days. temperatures that will only be in the 40's. sunday, we have the football game at redskins park. the key for temperatures around 49, 50 degrees. we want to see improving conditions. we move into late next week. it is here to stay. nighttime lows in the middle 20's. >> thank you very much. >> they will come here and freeze their butts off. >> that is certainly the question, whatever he said. on display in the big tournament. the nationals have a young player finish in the top five for m.v.p..
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>> and now the tell you what a sports desk. the redskins are favored by a touchdown. there is no question, the fact that they need wins. how to get them. cutting down the penalties and do a better job in takeaways. right now, the skins are minus nine in takeaways. they are near the bottom and
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fumble recoveries. position,l, field takeaways, that is the formula to win. >> you get what you deserve in football. we challenge our team, we will get that to even by the time the season is over and that takes a lot of accountability by the offensive player. >> the nets haven't had a player anthony rendon, who was already won a silver slugger award finished fifth in the and vp voting and that is big. whoas clayton kershaw wanted, the dodgers face. nppfirst pitcher to win the awarded nearly half a century. he won the national league cy young award yesterday. he is the first hurler to win both awards since 1968. university of maryland won the first big 10 championship this
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weekend. concurrentey were for their semi final match up against michigan state tomorrow afternoon in college park, ludwig field. here is a very confident coach. >> our standards are high. to be the best every time we play and right now, it is a great match up against the great michigan state team to see how far we have come and do see how ready we are. but that game is tomorrow afternoon. the play was reviewed. they got it off in time. go ahead and counted. 111-110.lies when it, play young, the terps wagner tonight. the fresh man was expected to
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lead the terps back to the ncaa for the first time since 2010. but you wonder how fast a freshman can develop. >> all right. still to come, we will show you a unique meeting across the pond. the guinness book of
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>> they are both guinness world record holders and they meant today. the tallest man in the world measuring eight feet, three inches. the shortest man am i coming in at one foot, nine inches. they met to celebrate guinness' 60th anniversary. both were thrilled to meet the other. >> i a hope they both enjoy guinness.
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>> the cold weather is here. collected is here and it will be cold tomorrow. 44 degrees for tomorrow. on sunday, for the redskins game. 40 nine degrees for a high. we could be looking at some shower activity, even a few flurries on monday. for those that want to
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concentrate, it is going to be chilly. 44 sunday, 49 on sunday. follow us on twitter. >> getting healthy.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- jim carrey. from "scandal", bellamy young. "this week in unnecessary censorship." and music from oran "juice" jones. with cleto and the cletones. and now, and happy birthday to him, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: well, thank you very much. hi, everybody. hello, there i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. sure for coming. i appreciate it, thank you.


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