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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  November 16, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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for the second time, a teenager gunned down, a family's appeal to spare the life of a loved one, and they have killed an amable hostage. and a renewed search for two missing children, personal thank ever tragedy that prompted one stranger to take part in that search today. we begin with the weather, because of the rain, adding to the misery of th cold and, now,t we can expect overtime in, and eileen. a chilly raw rain, and so get the umbrella, and rain boots handy, and you'll need them,
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and, right now, wet weather moving through parts of montgomery and, the presentation started about an hour-and-a-half ago, some reportses of some, and, this is going to be a mainly rain event, and i want to zoom out, to show you a wider view, because there's a lot of rain, off to our southwest. it will be streaming northeast ward, and the day tomorrow. so you want the umbrella, it's going to be a wet morning commute, and temperatures, are in the 30s, to 40s, and we'll be above freezing, so it will all be rain. but plan on a wet morning commute. and plan ahead. i think most of the rain should be ended by the time we get into the p.m. commute, and it's all about bitterly cold air, tuesday and wednesday, and much more, on
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how it will feel, coming up in ten minutes. q.we turn to a developing story,. a second teen, has been killed in that city, in just six days,. christopher weaver died, after the shooting. a 15-year old boy was shot and survived and, now they search for the shooter, and, what led to it. now, with the father have one of the victims' friends. yeah, a lot of folks shaken up by this, 3-8 gunshots and, that 19 -year-old was killed and, 15 -year-old is in the hospital, and a lost folks are asking for answers. in just seconds, it was turned into a homicide scene.
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after midnight, they responded to the 13,000 block for a report of gunshots, and some gunnells were drawn, and he called to his ex-wife's house, and his son was at the scene, and his son's friend, and was shot in the neck. we picked him up and, put him in the car, and, get him back here, and, we pulled him out, and, shot on the street. he, the stepfather, and arriving parameddecks all tried cpr. he died at the hospital. a 15-year old is expected to recover. and the gunshots like eight, and then the car. it all began with an argument, just down the street. i got shot at. it ended with bulletsnizing. we can say, that this was
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not at random act. they were targeted. yes. left behind from the shooting, broken glass and, bullet holes and, a car window smashed. i was scared, because we all have kids. it gets to be crazy, and i didn't think that would happen here. now, police have not released any information about the shooter or shooters, so far, the families have declined to speak with us, and a lot of folks are upset, and concerned, about the gunfire. they are calling it a very active investigation. live, in woodbridge. rich, it's been quite a week, and, his murder comes less than one week after the death have another teen. last monday,. wilson was shot and killed. police say it was a drug dollar a that went bad, and officers had made four arrests in that
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case. yet another american family is reeling, as a result of violence. white house confirming that, the illses has killed, peter kassig, and he president baraka obama offered his condolences. and now, how peter kassig is being remembered. in the most gruesome video, the group claims to have beheaded peter kassig. isis had warned, several weeks ago, that peter kassig, would be executed for american military action. since his capture, last october, he had converted to islam, and changed his name. and, the parents pleaded not to harm their son. we implor those who are holding you to show mers six as and let you go.
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the 26 -year-old had served as a army age jerry, and founded a medical aid organizations. in a letter, peat e peter kassig wrote, if i do go down, i won't go thinking anything, that you and mom love me, more than the moon, and the stars. peter kassig loved here, in beirut, very well like he, and so clearly dedicated to helping others and, they are believing to hold a female worker and so far no threats have been made. a former navy seal who says he killed, bin laden made an appearance for the redskins game. he took part in a pregame ceremony, which saluted the military. and he made headlines, when he said he delivered the fatal
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shot, to bin laden, and, the former navy seal spoke to them, at a team meeting. as for the game, it was disappointing for the redskins, they could not get a win, against another team with a horrible losing record. now, what happened. do i have to join you? [laughter] it's my job. well, he's the guy to lead this team, didn't do a great job, sacked six times. and two interceptions. the very first play, rg3, back to pass, and, got a short one and, he it gets picked off. one of three for the skins and despite ail the problems, they did get it into the end zone, and get the screen-pass, and, goes untouched for 30 yards, and
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down, 13-7 at the half. they showed some life, and, evans, touchdown. he finished, with 7 catches, and, the skins go down, 27-7. embarrassing loss to the bucs. 4-7 on the season. we didn't play well, and i didn't see the field, and we had turnovers, and is, interception, and false-start penalties and, holding penalties, it was bad ball, and it's not going to be that we looked past them, we can look past anybody. well, at least everyone is taking responsibility, we'll have more later on. the coach said is, about pulling rg3 out of the game. we're going to move onto some new developments for two missing children,.
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family members, gathered to search for 3 year-old, and her two-year-old brother. they have been missing for more than two months, and, loved ones are not giving up. one person, and, more than 2 months have passed. and yet there's still no sign of the 2 and 3 year-old. according to police, their mother, who suffers from mental illness, is charged, with the disappearance. we're hoping to find out where the kids are. for the first time in weeks, dozens of people showed up to join in the search. bonnie, drove to germantown, and she says her knees disappeared, more than 20 years, a and it was found several weeks
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later. today, volunteers, focused in an area, not far from the home, where the children lived, and, searching for any sign of the two young children. relatives, say, they were reported missing and, hundreds showed up and, as each week passed, the number started to dwindle. and then just 6, 7. one day, people will come out and, help, and, look at them as their children. and until they're found, they will be here week-after-week. we're not giving up hope, or we'll find out what happened. would he need to know what happened. family members are planning to be back here, next saturday, unless there's as break in the case.
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coming up, a local party ends with a man, stabbed to death, and what plice think led to the violence, and, bill cosby, how he is reacting, to allegations, that he 0
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a party ends with a man stabbed had to death, it happened 12:30 this morning, on land dover road, and, 32 -year-old was established during a fight, and he was pronounced dead and, they have not made any arrests. it was a busy day for the firefighters. and he tweeted this photo here, putting out flames, and, no one was injured and, there was a third fire in the county, in just about an hour. fire chief thanked neighboring fire departments.
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the co median, he said, the statement reads, the fact that they are being repeated does not make them true, he does not intend to dignify these allegations, with any comment, he was never charged, and he did setting, with a woman, over an alleged incident. and eileen, tracking the rain and, see what to
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much of the area has seen some rain and, it is staying with us. through the overnight and tomorrow. and, plan for a wet start, and
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i'll show you, live doppler, we had a little bit of sleet, and, we're starting to see more of that rain. however, along the blue range, i'm seeing some yellows and, pinks, and that's where the presentation is lighter, and so that is really maybe a little bit of sleet. but, mainly rain. and, here, a few ice pellets, but more of that stretching back here, and, we'll zoom in. along the i-270 core rid dor and, more of that rain continuing, and even flint hill, picking up a little bit of that sleet. and this is going to be all rain, with temperatures, above freezing. it's a chilly rain, 38 degrees, and, 37 in been chester, and
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temperatures, elsewhere, we have this arctic blast of air, over of upper midwest. 12 in mine knee ap list and, that will slide in on the backside of this system. for tuesday, and wednesday. and until then, we'll be on the warmer side, above freezing, and that rain stretching from the deep south and, pulling northward, and that will be the story tomorrow. this area, bringing us the rain and, colder air will start to spill in, after the rain has wrapped up and, stick with us, tuesday and wednesday,. 8:00, showing that rain, through the overnight hours, and, roads will be wet, and, allow for some extra time and, showers at lunchtime and, by 5:00, most of the rain pushing off to the east. and the temperatures start to tumble. 48-54 tomorrow.
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and, tuesday, 34 the high, and with the gusty wind -- that's the day that we'll have those windchill values, and, windchill in the teens, and 20s, and cold, and still cold on wednesday,. 36, and then back into 40s. and into next weekend, and, still well below 58 degrees. when we look at those, those are in the city, so just imagine, suburbs. q.get ready. no doubt it's a season low for the redskins, we'll take you, for some highlights and redskins
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well, haven' haven't seen a, and, 30-24, and you think you get that feeling back and, didn't help that cause today. very first play, rg3, back to pass, rolls to his left, and, he tipes it up and, gets picked off, the field goal, 3-50's tampa. and more trouble for griffin, it's like a game of tips here. taking it back 18 yards, and, we're not done with the turnovers yet,. griffin goes, to roy junior, and, he turns the up the field, and fumbles and, tampa bay recovers. despite all the problems, the skins would get into the end
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zone, and it's another screen-pass, and goes untouched, 30-yard touchdown. redskins down, 13-7 at the half. third-quarter, the bucs showed some live, mccowan fires one deep to, evans, and, makes the catch for the touchdown. and, now, 20-7 and then, mccowan connects was evan again, and, he gets torched, and he has two scores and, they go down, 27-7, an embarrassing loss. anytime you lose a game like this, and you play like this it, you're embarrassed,. i feel like, we are at a disadvantage. get over the top and, give us another chance and, say
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that's what football is all about. the great quarterback, the peyton -- and rodgers, and, they play if their guys don't play well. i promise that it, i'll be there for them. i love my teammates. all right. stickingsticking with nfl, the, battling the broncos and, get to the action, and, up, 3-0, and hill launches a deep one, and, that's a 62-yard touchdown. rams stun the broncos, 22-7 was the final. and peyton manning can't believe t. big ten titles, on the turf. he had a penalty kick and, nothing but net,. maryland wins, and, first
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year. one final note for college hoops, virginia will host norfolk state. and we'll have those highlights at 11. let's hope their.
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tomorrow it will be water. yeah, 52 degrees. it will feel pretty good. but, just a chilly raw rainy day, and, cold air moves into tuesday, 34, but it will feel like the teens, and 20s -- and 36 wednesday, and, 40s, thursday to the weekend. 36 wednesday, and, 40s, thursday to the weekend. thanks for joining
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