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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  November 17, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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temperatures, and it is 21 in indianapolis, and this is headed this direction, so as you go through this evening, look or temperatures to drop into the upper 30's with gusting wind, and then overnight, gradual clearing, windy and cold, 22 to 28 degrees on the thermometer, but the gusty wind will make it feel colder, and maybe 16 degrees, so prepare yourself and the kids for a frigid tuesday morning. leon, that is the latest. >> a surgeon who lives in maryland has become the latest intim of ebola when he died nebraska after being transferred last week from sierra leon. the community is rallying around dr. salia's family. family said he initially got a false negative tests for ebola when he was treating patients in sierra leone, but
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when they brought him back here to the united states, he was already critically ill, and family and friends and the doctors treating him were hoping for a miracle. friends are gathering behind closed doors, grieving the loss of dr. martin salia, a man who was loved by so many. >> they flew him back here for treatment. that is encouraging news. >> doctors at the nebraska medical center said they tried every treatment available. was extremely ill when he arrived at our hospital. he had no kidney function. he was working streaming hard to breathe, and he was unresponsive. >> the united methodist church has youtube videos of the hospital where the doctor had returned to his home country, ravaged by ebola there. >> there was just something , that these people
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needed help. >> the church also posted this interview with dr. salia. >> i took this job not because i want to, but i firmly believed. >> today, relatives and friends also in health care told us he inspired so many. >> you know, if i can, i want to be like him. >> friends and family say this was not only a man revered but beloved. >> he was a fun loving husband, very compassionate. you know, he loved his job, i can tell you that. dr. salia moved here with his wife and two sons, and one of those sons attended bladensburg high school. his other son is 12 years old.
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while his family is in lanham, his wife is asking that they continue to devote their resources anyway they can to the country still suffering from this evil outbreak in western africa. rebecca, abc 7 news. >> soldiers are being deployed to west africa to help fight ebola. they will offer logistical support to the relief efforts underway there. word of that deployment comes as the red cross says they are having problems to recruit health care workers to fight the front lines. people who volunteer and later backed out because of pressure they get from family members. leon, the family members of a former army ranger beheaded by .sis once people to pray he is the fifth westerner killed in recent months. after leaving the military, kassig founded an
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organization, and he was kidnapped late last year. >> our hearts are battered, but they will mend. broken, but it will be healed in the end. as the onell prevail god of many names will prevail. >> president barack obama called s murder an act of pure evil. coming up tonight at 6:00, more hostage, and why her family does not want her name released. >> a decision could come soon and the ferguson, missouri, shooting, which involves a much criticized crackdown of police. activated the national guard and declared a state of emergency. this as a grand jury determines whether officer darren wilson should face charges for the shooting of unarmed teenager
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michael brown. they have been boarding up windows in anticipation of the protests, like the ones we saw back in august, but it is not clear when that grand jury will make that decision. will keep abc 7 news you updated. >> we are getting the first description of a man who attacked a student at the university of maryland just before sunrise yesterday, not far from route run. -- route one. our bureau chief has more. brad? >> it was quite a description. according to the victim, you might actually smell this guy coming more than recognized him from his appearance. it happened here at 6:00 a.m. just as a young woman got out of her car. very near campus, just a couple hundred yards off campus. tonight, there is a lot of concern. we have seen a lot of very heavily stepped up lease patrols.
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because of the campus alert system, word of the attack spread fast. police say students need to be aware of this crime. 6:00 a.m. yesterday, a 19-year-old e-mail student pulls up in front of her apartment campus, andt off of it happened as soon as she stepped from her car. >> she was approached from behind by a man with a knife and told her, you are coming with me. he stumbled, and she managed to break free. >> she then managed to give police a detailed description of the attacker, a white male, 40 years old, wearing a red flannel shirt or jacket. said he had dirty fingernails and a strikingly foul body owner. now, others are looking over their shoulders. >> that i should feel safe where i live. >> police do not believe this attack is related to two recent sexual assaults involving .nwanted touching not far away
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last week, and more recently on princeton avenue. in those cases, an african-american man allegedly attempted robbery and then gropes his victim was before running away. campus police say students should not be walking alone and should be aware of their surroundings. >> to see this kind of violence and assault. campus police are also reminding students that they have a 24-hour escort service here, if somebody wants to get into an apartment, or they just feel uncomfortable, they will send an officer to escort that person to safety. the university of maryland, brad bell. abc 7 news. >> a warning of another attack is going out after someone tested positive for tuberculosis. jennifer donelan joins us now from potomac high school, with what the parents and others in
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the area of their need to know. >> well, this is a confirmed case, leon. right now, it is quite, but the place empty doubt a few hours ago. parents picked them up, and let me tell you, all around, they were upset. of tb atnfirmed case potomac high school, concern spread fast. >> i am just now hearing about it. they just found it today or yesterday? >> parents and students were worried. >> i want to know who it was so i can tell if i was around then. >> the students said they could not reveal whether the person was a student or member of staff. one parent gave us a copy of the information letter sent home a, saying it is a bacterial infection that is extremely rare , with coughing and sneezing. >> a shut them down, so i am
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wondering, to close the school down, at least until they sanitize the place. our sister station, news channel 8 -- b is not completely contagious where the school needs to be shut down. have prolonged exposure with the individual with the disease will receive an exposure letter and should be tested. some students got shots today. >> they gave a shot to a few people. home, my parents were freaking out. like they have got tuberculosis, what is going on? >> the students allegedly getting shot at the school, we asked of the school system about that, and they told us students were actually being tested for tb at the school today. reporting live, jennifer
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abc 7 news. today from remarks the coach. >> they may have been stinging comments, but he was only talking about what he saw in the game and what he saw over and over again in the game video. folks, this is just the way the game went. as a matter of fact, i am getting calls from people saying, it is not just one guy, it was the whole team. rg iii was so fundamentally unsound, he failed to connect with those that were open and was sacked six times for holding onto the ball. theii was an anchor in redskins offense yesterday, but it is no question. evenng the redskins from being in the game. listen to jay gruden. >> robert had some fundamental flaws. his footwork was below average. he took three steps when he
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should have taken five, and he took a one step drop when he should have taken three on a couple occasions, and that should not have happened. he read the wrong side of the field a couple of times, so from his basic performance, just critiquing robert, who was not even close to being good enough to what we expect in that quarterback position. >> yes, and if you watch the game, i think you will concur. he will either get better, or his future with the redskins will and. that is how far his quarterbacking skills have dropped since his knee injury, nowhere close to where he was in 2012. >> now, we will find out volumes. >> i do not think anybody would imagine this back in 2012, so much hype, and now such a change. >> yes. >> fedex field. redskins fans facing the possibility. >> plus, the pope's plan to make another trip to the u.s., and
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when we will know if it will include a stop in our area. >> it is getting more expensive for people in the metro area. how the change will hit, and what it will cost you. >> the hour by hour look
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underwater protection in the skies? the tsa had a man who was trying a flight, andon it is for protection against sharks underwater, and this is not the first time a person has tried to fly with one. a device confiscated from hawaii last year made some of those items that made the items confiscated by the tsa list. >> a day of extremes across the nation. in florida and alabama, possible tornadoes, eating cars and homes flipped and ripped apart, at the same time the rest of the nation deals with a blast of arctic air. >> this blast of winter weather stormed the nation seemingly overnight. watch at this late in washington state turns to ice in mere
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hours. a full half of the continental u.s. is covered in snow. this much, this soon is unheard of, and even the normally warm air of new mexico is feeling the freeze today. in oklahoma city, they ran out withbulances dealing things out of control. >> i was terrified. >> and they are not alone. -- black aid workers are concerned about the homeless population. >> until you stop shivering. >> they are sending people heading for cover. in georgia, wind at 105 miles per hour smashing mobile homes. outside of this florida prison, of theipped, and some fencing was damaged, although the prison itself was undamaged. panhandle today, under tornado watch them and to
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give you some context, half the nation covered in snow. the average on christmas day is normally about 30%. abc 7 news. >> cold here also. picking up travel tickets to buffalo for the next report. major snow, lake effect. it is not a store. just sustaineds strong wind. this is what is going to happen. we are going to get cold and windy. bety, but we will not shoveling cold air. this is our lives duper doppler seven and what is left of the rain that fell at times today. you see it is moving from southwest to northeast, and that has also been bringing warmer temperatures, 60's over the eastern shore. asare slowly getting cooler the rain moves out. so far, at the campus in the
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district, 1.06 inches of rain. generally, have to three quarter of an inch in the amounts, temperatures in the 40's, just a miserable day, but it is improving. amateurs are starting to drop. still about 150 two miles to the west. skies clear later. temperatures are going to plunge. these are average hourly temperatures. about 31 at 3:00 a.m., and the forecast range we have is 22 degree air temperatures at about 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning in andnormally colder areas, then you take another four or five degrees off of that because of the windchill from the gusty winds that will be delivering that. 22 in manassas, 20 and in arlington, gaithersburg the same, the windchill probably about 17 or 18 degrees in the morning, so for yourself, especially with the kids, this
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is a pretty radical change in the weather. look at these air temperature is further west. 15 in chicago, 14 in minneapolis, so the cold air is driving down, and a northwesterly wind, there is no ice, so they are wide open for business. the cold air pours across the lakes, and if you are downstream, those people know. even about a five or 10 degree direction changes where the snow piles are going to be. the picturesng at and going glad i do not live there, so the cold but not the snow. cold air is moving in, and we are going to get a blast tonight. willlustery conditions feature wind, probably around 20 to 25 miles with air temperatures only between 30 to 35, so we are not going to climb much, temperatures staying in the 20's all day long. this is what we are going to have.
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best about 33 degrees, and with that, we are going to see the windchill in the lower 20's, and that would be as warm as it feels, 30 miles per hour to us. let's take you through the next seven days. we will warm up to 36 degrees on wednesday, thursday 45, and another wind shift on friday and saturday, and it will briefly turned colder again, and then a warm front comes through sunday with showers that will break into some afternoon sun, middle 50's, lower 60's on monday. thanksgiving, it will probably get colder again. you always find this available alwayswebsite, and we have the weather information there so you can plan ahead. so you can make a good decision about what to do the next few days. >> thank you. high drama tonight as we go into "dancing withs of
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the stars." >> i started to feel incredible pain in my lower back, and every movement started to hurt more and more. heso he injured his act, and is ready to lace up his dancing shoes, so see how it happens, because it is live on abc 7 starting at 8:00 p.m.. >> yes, that lombardi trophy. i am sorry. i get the two confused. , caught onn abc 7 video, a homeowner goes toe to toe with a suspected burglar.
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>> all right, let's talk about the redskins. but do we have to? >> yes, and weeks ago, they had the wind, and now, a new low. >> maybe we should tell them the team coming in is the cowboys.
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that is it. the lowly buccaneers here, causing a mutiny among even the most dedicated fans, and oris holmes joins us from crystal city with some of the interesting comments he has been hearing. getting somee interesting ideas from fans. >> absolutely. this has been going on for a long time. sportsto come to a restaurant like this and enjoy cheering on a winning team, but now, it looks as if even the faithful are losing faith in their one-time heroes. any redskins fans year? >> i am not admitting that today. >> yes, today was a day that many redskins fans did not want to admit they are redskins fans. are you a redskins fan? >> not anymore. >> pretty low, pretty shameful. it is like a high school team. >> the loss to the lowly tampa
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bay ox -- buccaneers. it left people be wilderness, wondering what in the world they were watching yesterday. today, redskins nation sounded like they wanted to raise the white flag. >> change the name. it is jinxed. let it go. >> and the problems were all on display yesterday. losingades of mostly football is wearing on the fan base, even the most loyal. >> if anything, we were loyal. >> beginning to turn a cold shoulder. >> i am a fair weather fan. >> if they lose, i don't care. >> i would like to be able to watch the nation's capital, but what is there to watch? >> i hope they bring a real team in.
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those were the comments that we could air. the fan base. the team still has six more games to play this season. it starts again next sunday. san francisco in san francisco. reporting live, horace holmes, abc seven news. >> forget about those games. don't they have a mercy rule, where you can just go home and have your orange slices? >> thank you. >> sports director tim brant has more, with the controversial statement from rg iii, which drew a passionate response from head coach jay gruden, and what both said coming up. >> coming up, changing the perception of heroine. one thing that almost all users have in common.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side.
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>> has to more in virginia. >> a price hike for liquor. it will cost you about one quarter more per bottle on average. stephen tschida joins us live from arlington with reaction and how long you have to the price increase. beat the price increase. >> if you have a bottle of n, youing like this jameso will have to pay more, and we will see the sharpest increase in these little guys, going up about 20%, so it will cost you in starting december 8, the average price of a bottle of booze will jump 24 to 29 cents at virginia abc stores. it aims to close a budget gap. they need to cut spending.
5:32 pm
>> the governor wanted to raise controland the alcohol board complied, but they rejected an across-the-board price increase, instead raising the markup on the miniature bottles only, and it added a handling fee, which consumers will feel, and changing the last digit of all prices to nine. >> that is not much. >> it is expected to raise $5 million this year and $9 million next year. i buy, it will cost me $.90 every couple of months. >> some disagree about the strategy. >> i think they should be cutting spending and stop trying to get more money from consumers and >> across the river, d.c. liquor stores welcome the price change, since it tends to send them more business. liquor atme to buy adc store. >> now, here is why you will be paying about $.29 more for a bother of this gold in december.
5:33 pm
this is how it breaks down. say it is $26 90 five cents. it will be $26 99 cents in december, and also that case the, that is what the abc board charges the customer for handling the cases of spirits, taking those cases from their warehouses, bringing them to the store, so it is a combination of fees that will be passed onto the consumer starting december 8. .tephen tschida, abc 7 news >> thank you. a look at the other top stories, a doctor lost his battle with ebola at a nebraska hospital this morning. he contracted the virus by working in sierra leone. and family live in new carrollton. >> and activating the national guard, were comes as we wait for a grand jury decision on whether to indict officer darren wilson
5:34 pm
in the shooting death of michael brown. four days now, businesses have been boarding up their windows, in anticipation of the protests like were seen in august. >> and we are getting the first description of a man who attacked a university of maryland student yesterday. the victim described the attacker as a white male in his 40's wearing a flannel shirt with dirty fingernails and having a distinctly bad body odor. right now, police are working with the victim to create a composite sketch. >> protesters against the keystone pipeline want to know how a senator feels about having one in her front yard. they assembled on the lawn of her capital hill home today along with a 30 foot long pipeline. next is a runoff election month, and they pushed the senate to vote on the pipeline this week, a vote scheduled for tomorrow, and it appears to be just one vote short of the 60
5:35 pm
it's -- it needs. >> a car crash caused morning delays and leading more than 100 in the a taxi took out a utility pole on south capitol street between livingston road and galveston street, and that shut down a stretch of road for about three hours. pepco says all power should be restored to the customers in that area at this time. the details of the crash are unknown at this time. time now for a check of the traffic situation. is standing by in the wtop traffic center. between tysons and 270, not bad. from the inner loop to river road. in the outer loop before connecticut avenue, there is a crash, and on the east down southeast southwest freeway, this is near the third street tunnel, and volume delays heading south, and this head you dale city, and the
5:36 pm
express lane merges. let's see how we are on 270 northbound past montgomery village heading words german down. there he slow up towards clarksburg. at 123, not doing too badly ending outward centreville, just volume delays. bob immler, the wtop traffic center. >> coming to america. where pope francis will stop first when he visits america next year, and we will find out if that trip will include a stopover in this area. >> and helping a homeowner overpower a suspected burglar, and a fight caught on video. >> and thousands of people braved
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and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models. >> a burglar got a little more than he anticipated after he tried to rob a home. after the first break-in, the family set up surveillance cameras, and they show the 82nd airborne homeowner tackling the thief, and the police arrived and took him away. >> he went to the wrong house. it is official.
5:40 pm
at theancis will stop city of brotherly love, and abc seven has learned there is a good chance the pontiff will make his way to this area also. richard reeve is live outside the basilica with how the faithful are reacting. richard? do.lison, >> i that is what local catholics are telling us. this be the first visit since 2008, but the big question, will he come to d.c.? we likely will not know until march or april. from this heist, dignified service at the church -- you want >> i think it is that on her. >> to the belt above the basilica at the immaculate conception. >> that is what most people in the world wants. >> there is an air of celebration and expectation among d.c.-area catholics about the visit next year of pope francis. >> if he comes to the district,
5:41 pm
i think that is amazing. >> he will be visiting for the world visit of families, and the trip could be extended to include washington, d.c. one man remembers the trip of pope benedict in 2008, the crowd, the excitement. he hopes for the same next year. >> the francis factor. a lot of people feel better. >> a cap at university professor says this would not be a social visit. >> he would have to have some definite reason for coming to washington, to meet with the president, perhaps, maybe to address the congress. >> still, the idea that the head of the catholic church would visit the nation's capital has many of the faithful excited. >> he brings new energy. he is just a dynamic individual. >> and president obama has sent out invitations, but though has congress, and we are told it is entirely up to the pope and his
5:42 pm
advisers about where he would go. one note already in philadelphia, rooms within a 10-mile area are already sold out. in northeast washington, richard reeve, abc 7 news. already. >> he has to come to washington, d.c., don't you think? it would be like going to the vatican and not going to rome. grand up, capturing big slam of marathons, one woman, and she needed a place for her celebration. >> and news of deaths in our area. something that users of heroin
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you think of heroin, you may not think of tree-lined streets in the suburbs and kids prepared to go to college, but that is exactly where heroin is hitting hard right now. our bureau chief takes a closer look at the devastating impact here, and we have this special report. consider this.
5:46 pm
the u.s. accounts for just 5% of the world population, and an estimated 80% of pain pills are consumed in this country, and in heroin is what follows. >> he was energetic, passionate. >> when he talks about his son kevin, pride overshadows the pain. >> he participated actively with his friends and was well accepted and adjusted. high school went to in d.c. and graduated from uva before moving to los angeles to promising career in film production, but while being treated for anxiety and depression, kevin began self-medicating with opioids, like oxycontin. drug addictionn continued and involved, eventually leading to a suspected heroin overdose on labor day weekend. not onemisfortune is
5:47 pm
that is a choice. this is not a character flaw. public-health issue, and it should be treated as a disease. >> what happened to kevin is happening more and more across the country and in the d.c. region. hold of suburbs get a prescription drugs from medicine cabinets or friends and then start using, and then when the pills run out, heroin, cheap and easy, fits the bill. of list last month from the centers of disease control down a 74% increase in heroin withetween 2009 and 2012, 70 5% of users saying they first abused prescription opioids. pillsgo after and get the , unfortunately, the unintended consequences, heroin. cominge is this thing into our communities. >> with the state police, they
5:48 pm
, like ine a task force a small town in virginia. >> when people think of a heroin user, they think of a junkie. that is not what we are dealing with. these are average, everyday folks, people who have jobs, families, children. >> i would like other parents to know that this particular epidemic can strike them. if it can strike my son, it can affect their daughter. >> this is leading to action. there was the description drug and heroin task force, bringing together health care professionals and prosecutors to curb the spread of this epidemic. now, coming up tonight at 11:00, we will speak to a recovering addict about that and the power of treatment. abc 7 news. >> that is an eye-opening report, and we will see you tonight. and right now, seven is on your
5:49 pm
side with another health alert. being born prematurely has passed infectious diseases as being the number one killer of children around the world. it accounts for one million deaths. it was published in the journal the lancet. >> all right, let's get a check on the weather. we have some cold weather, as well. >> yes, the coldest air mass of the season. on top of that, the windchill is going to make it feel colder. and let's get a look at a time lapse and from one of our hd weather cameras, and this one is in southern frederick county, and that is oakdale high school, and they suffered through like most of us. the rain and heavy clouds and very chilly temperatures, and it was definitely a rainy day and monday kind of day, but just before the sun went down, a clearing skies off to the north and west, and that pattern is coming our way, so there will be
5:50 pm
a clearing pattern, and then it will be cold and colder. 50 in leonardtown, and in st. mary's county, 46 in chevy chase, and the rainfall, pretty typical amounts. now, the trailing edge of this system is still southeast. lower southern maryland. that will move off across the bag, and then the clearing skies will continue, and then the door will be open to these very cold temperatures. 20 degrees in columbus, ohio, now 19 in indianapolis, and as you can see, this is accompanied by gusty winds. 22 to 28 degrees on the thermometer with clear to partly willy skies, and the wind make it feel colder than that. it will feel like the teens. if that comment windy and cold, high all daythe long, windchill in the 20's.
5:51 pm
about 36,will head to at the colder into friday and saturday, all dry weather, and then clouds and a few showers, 56 him a and then in monday, lower 60's, but it does not appear that the warm air is going to hold. i think the air will start turning chillier. that is the very latest. back to you. >> all right. everyone is fired up about the redskins. >> we are debating. it is unbelievable. i was just blown away yesterday with how bad things were. it is hard to believe that a team can come out of the bye week so i'm focused and unprepared and so out of sync, and when you have a quarterback like rg iii who is supposed to be so athletically talented, it is just disappointing for the fans and the coaches. majorterday, we took a spin backwards towards regression. >> 24 hours is not nearly enough time to ponder what was undoubtedly an ugly opening.
5:52 pm
>> there with confusion on some of robert's drops. >> and roger did not hold back, especially when it came to the play of his quarterback, rg iii. >> robert was below average. he did three steps when he should have taken five, and he did a one step drop when he should have done three. headlinesn he made when he said this. >> if the guys do not play well. we need everybody. those guysy one of in the locker room, and i know they are looking at me, saying the same thing. >> i think robert through his team under the bus. it got twisted around a little and robert needs to understand he needs to worry about himself, number one, and not everybody else. it is his job to worry about his job at the quarterback position. it is my job to worry about everybody else. >> despite so much focus on
5:53 pm
griffin, jay gruden is still talking about the team. >> everybody has their hand in it, and we have got to find our way out of it. we have got to be consistent in preparationion -- and our teamwork, and eventually we will get out of it, but if we start pointing fingers and throwing stones, we have no chance, so we have to continue to get better and the san francisco. >> and there is obviously something or pointing going on right now, and they are trying to get through that. today, iiffin iii said would never throw my teammates under the bus. i take responsibility for my play and will play better. he is getting all of the attention. i tell you, i have never seen anything like that. if he continues to play like that, he cannot play for any team in the nfl. tell him and everybody on the team that next week, they are playing the cowboys.
5:54 pm
>> ok. >> coming up next on abc 7
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>> well, you going to love this story. a clarksville woman made history again when she crossed the finish in the new york city marathon, finishing her second straight grand slam of marathons. >> competing in a race in japan. as we report, she has done it all from her wheelchair. >> mcfadden is only 25 years old, but already, she has achieved titles no one has ever held before. i have been life, asking, what can i do, instead of asking, can i do this? what if she was born with spina bifida, paralyzed from the waist down, and she learned to walk added orphanage in russia.
5:58 pm
-- at an orphanage in russia. would not live very long. in terms of building her strength, her mom got her involved in just about every sport she could think of, and she became the youngest member of the paralympic team, going on to win 11 medals of her career, three of which are gold medals. >> i want to be able to push the sport further and to show the world at eight can be done. >> as she prepared for the new york city marathon earlier this month, she was logging more than 100 miles a week, and the day of the race, the assets of wind was so strong that the course was cut due to safety concerns, and she thought of her chair making a turn trying to avoid potholes in the road. my best andd to do keep going. >> still, it marked her eighth major marathon win in just two
5:59 pm
years, and while her mother said she is proud of her daughter for all of for a comp fishman's, her proud of herss -- daughter for all of her accomplishments, her biggest success is in life. >> what inspiration on so many levels. >> heading back to boston and then a marathon there. >> no stopping her. >> i hope she gets a nap in between. >> i know. >> that does it for abc 7 news at 5:00. >> but coming up at 6:00, we are hearing from the parents of that american hostage killed by isil. . coulds, more defendants find their cases dismissed. how it stands from accusations against an fbi agent. >> and people braved the cold, and we will examine need for
6:00 pm
assistance in one local city. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. broadcastom the abc 7 centers, this is abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. greg's first at 6:00, you had better break out the hat and gloves, as cold weather comes our way. a chilly start to the work week, and meteorologist doug hill is here to tell us how far they will drop. >> we are still at 48 degrees outside at the belfort furniture weather center here in arlington, but the rain is moving out, and this is preceding the cold front, and temperatures will fall. at the moment, 52 at reagan national, 45 in martinsburg. it is not getting cold quite yet, but just to the west of our region, the wind is starting to pick up in velocity. 25 miles an hour i


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