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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  November 17, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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assistance in one local city. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. broadcastom the abc 7 centers, this is abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. greg's first at 6:00, you had better break out the hat and gloves, as cold weather comes our way. a chilly start to the work week, and meteorologist doug hill is here to tell us how far they will drop. >> we are still at 48 degrees outside at the belfort furniture weather center here in arlington, but the rain is moving out, and this is preceding the cold front, and temperatures will fall. at the moment, 52 at reagan national, 45 in martinsburg. it is not getting cold quite yet, but just to the west of our region, the wind is starting to pick up in velocity. 25 miles an hour in hagerstown,
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-- dusting,hour us and temperatures will drop by morning in the 20's, and that would be the lows, but with the wind, you will wake up to wind chills in the teens, so plan ahead. a very it or start to an unseasonably cold day. i look ahead for warmer temperatures coming up in a few minutes, gordon. >> thanks. wesure to stay with abc 7 as have an updated forecast in a few minutes. tonight, we are hearing from the parents of an american aid worker killed by isil over the weekend. was kidnapped over a year ago, and scott thuman has reaction from his parents and more on the search for his killers. parents tonight were referring to the 26-year-old aid worker and for the way,anger, who, by returned to the region to take
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care of syrian refugees, referring to him by the name he took during captivity, and tonight, there are other aid workers also in danger. >> a while ago, we were informed that our beloved son no longer walks this earth. >> in 26 years, he has witnessed and experienced first-hand more of the harsh realities of life that most of us can imagine. >> despite that, the kassig family said peter always chose to look at the good, one of the reasons he ended up in syria. >> the world is broken, but it will be healed in the end. greg meanwhile, fears that kassig will not be the last to be killed by isil, and he is now the third american the group has beheaded. is stillnd aid worker being held, her identity private, because publicity could make matters worse.
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>> and here we are. >> despite clues, in this case, the executioner stating the town they are in, they have not been able to find them, just one more complexity in winning this fight. >> this is in iraq as opposed to serious, because the conditions are different. 's family is asking everyone to pray at sunset for more than just then. >> to pray for all people in theory and iraq for all of the people who are held against their will. >> and there is much more information to be gleaned from the video this time, a much longer video. theexample, one of executioners has been identified as a frenchman from outside paris, a country, which, by the and has the most jihadists, estimates are around 1000 in number. >> scott newman reporting.
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thank you, scott. a maryland surgeon who died.cted ebola he was in kidney and respiratory failure when he arrived and was kept in a special biocontainment facility. those who treated salia said they did everything possible to save his life. >> though this experience has been incredibly difficult for them, if anything, i think it further solidifies how they want to continue to care for these patients. ia received an ppperimental drug called zma and a plasma transfusion. and in connection with last week's murder of a teenager in woodbridge, investigators say a 16-year-old girl was arrested friday. the suspects were accused of a drug deal,used as a and during the encounter, one
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person was shot and killed. and there was a second teenager in woodbridge killed, two were shot early yesterday morning on keating drive. is prince william county's six, side this year. intohe goodie more fallout the investigation of an fbi agent, and federal prosecutors are trying to determine whether more of those cases should be thrown out. d.c. bureau chief sam ford joins us live from northwest. sam? >> yes, gordon. that the can imagine feds dropping convictions and letting people out of prison due to the activity of an apparent drug addicted fbi agent, and a number of people are in prison, and they say he worked on their cases, and they want out of jail also. it was a busy day at federal court. prosecutors are back in court, as lawyers for various people in
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jail on drug charges are arguing to have them released, after convictions were tainted by a now suspended fbi agent. in september near the navy yard, he was found apparently high on drugs, slumped over the wheel of his fbi car, allegedly with heroin and drugs connected with fbi cases, and there was another case in the river to his neighborhood, where authorities confiscated 300 grams of heroin, at only 200 grams were turned in. this flight was a common one, and the u.s. attorney is telling him nothing. >> falsification of evidence, indication there has been mishandling of evidence, things like that. until we learn what the allegations are, we cannot make decisions. >> the prosecutor argued it is early. he said he notified the lawyers of 150 defendants that the fbi agent was involved in their
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cases and moved to vacate convictions in 32 of those already, adding, we do not think we are done. the expected file additional motions. an attorney has been put in charge of investigating the fbi agent. plenty of questions today. surveillance video, for example, does it show the drugs and guns leaving the fbi evidence room? not allowed of evidence. agentn looking into the says it appears this agent was the only one involved, and he said that his investigation would take months. the judge in this case said he is going to be holding weekly hearings for the foreseeable future because of the complicated nature of this case. reporting live from u.s. district court, sam ford, abc 7 news. >> thank you, sam. tonight at 11:00, we will take a look at a disturbing drug trend, with the use of production drugs that quickly leads to heroin
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use. going from the cities to the suburbs to a small town in virginia, and it is happening at an alarming rate. >> heroin used to be a dirty drug in an alley with a dirty needle hanging out of your arm, but today, it is the kid living in suburbia. >> tonight, a recovering addict explains why it is so tough to stop using heroin, and they give the reason why today's heroin is leading to more drug overdoses. place, a visit by the pope, and we will learn if washington, d.c. will be one of the stops. >> a
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city of brotherly love will play host to pope francis next september. it will be the pope's first trip to the united states. the pope is also expected to visit washington, d.c., and in new york, but there is no official announcement on that yet. president obama said more than one million customers visited this weekend, and it did not have the widespread technical problems of last year. 100,000 people submitted applications for coverage next year.
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serves 37 states, and washington state had problems, but it is back up and serves 37 states. sharing companies. >> rg iii is certainly the talk of the town, and his name, his story, and his performance is trending everywhere. is he the same quarterback that they gave up so much to
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>> needy families braved long lines to get turkeys from the assistance center, and as scott gibson says, the need has increased since last year. >> linda did today what many plan to do in the next week. this is your thanksgiving? >> basically, yes. >> what is different is where she got her supplies for next thursday's big meal. the assistance center. >> you cannot get much with food stamps, so this helps me. >> a growing number of people in
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desperate need for food assistance. take a look at the number of people who stood outside to get food despite today's cold and rain. inside, it was just as packed. people at the center say they have seen a 26% increase in the number of people needing food assistance. the reason? i say cut backs in the food stamp program thanks to sequestration and this year's farm bill. the reducing food stamps to needy, we have made a structural change and place a whole lot of individuals and families into poverty. >> even at the height of the recession, they say they were not serving as many families as they are, so once a week every week, a are supplying more than 5000 arlington residents with food. in arlington, candace gibson, abc 7 news.
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kendis gibson. about $.14 perp pound, and turkey production is low. they say there are willing to take a loss on the turkeys because they will spend more on other items like cranberries. ridesharing drivers will soon outnumber taxis due to groups like uber. estimated to be listed under a ridesharing company, and that is more than the taxis currently operating in the state. a study also examined whether the industry should be deregulated to allow for competition, but he did not make any recommendations. and baker hughes, a cash and stock deal worth more than $34 billion. the deal is expected to close late next year. and oil prices have tumbled in
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the last five months, and that has forced the oil industry to cut cost by delaying and scaling back drilling, which means less work for both companies. heavy snow at the great lakes, in georgia,s, and some vehicles knocked off of the highway. a tornado touched down near tallahassee, florida, and much of the country dealing with record cold temperatures. york, oh, boy. all we are going to get is chilly temperatures. of weather, the maximum, the tornadoes down south, it kind of corresponds with the outbreaks we get early in the season here. but i am telling you, these are low. we are barely off of freezing. let's get started on a monday evening. all of the rain precedes the
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cold front proceeding rapidly to the east. now, the right-hand side of the screen, that heavy-duty stuff is out over the open waters. now, it is a waiting game. we have got almost three quarters of an inch in haymarket and also in springfield. to upperres in the mid 40's, and that is comfortable compared to the fact that temperatures by tomorrow morning will be 20, 25 degrees colder than that. still 57.e high is we can dream about these kinds of numbers, and in the rain gauge, 7100th of an inch. here is the set up. still some 50's. 50's south and east, and then the farther north and west you go, the colder the temperatures. 31 degrees in cumberland, and you get across the mountains and go further west, temperatures in the teens and 20's across iowa and indiana.
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this is starting towards the northwest, and the wind is at 13 at the was, 20 one in martinsburg, and that wind with clearing skies will drive the temperatures down. the windchill is not all that much to talk about. it would be a whole different story early tomorrow morning, and then through the overnight hours, you may have a chance if you are a brave soul to look at the annual meteor shower. the best time is between midnight and on. this is up near jupiter, and it is actually from the temple tuttle comet, but if you are into meteorite watching, that will be the thing. gustingsunshine and winds. only in the 30's. leesburg, 25 in
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gaithersburg, 28 here in arlington, and lower 30's, said that is the range of temperatures with strong gusting wind. tomorrow, a bit cooler, and then the next weather system of consequence will be a warm front that comes in sunday. we will get some sunshine and scattered showers and temperatures in the mid 50's, and that will climb into the 60's by monday. that is a nice warm thing. and warm thoughts about the wizards, not so warm thoughts about the redskins. greg rg iii, a lot of people wonder if they will ever get back to the quarterback they drafted, or is he done?
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> social media is blowing up. everybody has an opinion, and i certainly understand that the way the redskins played yesterday will get that reaction, made even worse by the fact that the redskins were coming off a high week, and i will put that on the coaches that the team was not ready, but criticism in the most is rg iii, and that is the way it should be.
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he is the quarterback. it comes with the position. he struggled with almost every facet of his game other than a couple of runs. unfounded, he played with no confidence. >> he is obviously very competitive, but we just need him to do what he is supposed to do. sometimes he worries about it a little too much, but he is a great competitor, and we just have to try to get him better. the tampa bay buccaneers ranked number 28, but the skins let them score 27 points, and that may josh mccown look like all-pro. two touchdowns. the defense did a lot of good things, but way too many breakdowns, just a bad day all around for the washington redskins. breed's go to the wizards 7-2, 4-zero at home, and they have not even played their best
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ball yet. as a matter of fact, the player working his way back from wrist surgery said he will be back sometime this week or next, but he is way ahead of schedule. i will see what my comfort level is and see what coach wants me to step in. and congratulations to the maryland soccer team winning the big ten tournament title yesterday at college park, so there you have it. >> did you have a nice time? >> yes. >> lets talk quickly about what is going to happen tonight. 20 to 28, and more about the chill coming up. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] the holiday season is here,
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welcome to "world news tonight." the tornadoes touching down. cars flipped, homes destroyed. and the whiteout. three feet of snow in some places. ginger zee on the extreme cold. and a state of emergency in the state of missouri. and the indiana parents speak. their young son killed by isis. the race against time. the young woman being held now. and bill cosby, now speaking out. his legal team issuing a statement late today.


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