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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  November 18, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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as we head through the evening hours, temperatures will go one way -- down. later this evening, the rains will drop into the mid-20's. 14 and 20es between degrees. the records, 19 degrees. thosof the low temperatures. at those numbers hits, we have a record low. temperatures and low teens are about as cold as you are going to get. the d.c. government is issuing a cold emergency alert starting at 7:00 tonight. that means they will offer transportation to get people into shelters. this comes as people prepare for a busy night in freezing temperatures. >> i'm here with my friend who
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has been out here in silver springs selling nuts since about he is calling it quits. he's calling it because it's just too cold out here. the folks in the ice skating rink, they love the cold. are about the only ones who enjoy this cold weather. >> like it or not, the cold weather has arrived. here for many too soon. to make any decided early arrival, this being the coldest day since last february. colder.tting colder and >> people traveling around outside were shivering and wishing for a return to summer. the best way to make it through today was to bundle up.
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>> what if you were working out with no way to escape? >> is not just for today. is what it's all about, but what happens when you can't find heat? the day companies have been waiting for since last winter. >> most people have not had their heat on until today, so this is what you get. happens >> and they were swamped with calls for furnaces and heaters that would not turn on. >> islets out, gas leaks, everything. pilots out. >> if you have not turned on the heater or furnace yet today, you most definitely will tonight. one thing to be careful of is make sure you don't have
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anything in front of the heater or furnace before you turn it on because it could catch on fire. keep that hat on. here's a reminder to count your blessings -- this is what it looks like right now in buffalo, new york where lake effect snow has buried entire communities. says someatch team spots have seen more than five feet of snowfall. another three or four inches of snow falling for hours in some spots. doug hill will let us know how much they could wind up with and when it will and and we will look at the real warm-up ahead. >> we are just now learning there's a confirmed fifth death in this morning's synagogue attack in jerusalem. israel's prime minister is vowing to destroy the homes of the two men who carried out the attack that killed four rabbis, three of the victims were american. witnesses say to palestinians armed with knives, axes and guns
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stormed the synagogue during the early morning prayers. one of the americans killed is the son of a prominent boston rabbi and grandson of the founder of modern orthodox judaism. the five killed, six people were winded. >> you are coming into the synagogue and we heard gunshots downstairs. >> police shot and killed both of the attackers who israel had labeled as terrorist. palestinian authorities condemned the attack. word of the violence has prompted increased security at synagogues in our area. >> they are condemning the attack here at home as well and saw steppedon, we up patrols around all area synagogues in the district and a summary county.
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>> violence in the holy city of jerusalem -- the terrorists struck during prayer, with four lives lost, all rabbis. three were american-israeli citizens. >> obviously, we condemn on the strongest terms these attacks. israeli embassy, there's a strong security presence with local police department stepping up as well. d.c. police added extra attention to all synagogues in the city on the heel of the attacks. it's not as likely. >> that was likely at the jewish community center. >> i appreciate when we have extra security at all the religious institutions and i think it's horrible we had to have extra security at all the religious institutions in america. israel are people in feeling more intensely than we are here, but certainly our
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hearts and minds go out. >> adding to the shock year was the theme of the deadly hate crime. >> it just shows how angry everybody is. my heart breaks. >> the only hope is that the younger generation -- older people like myself are to fix in our ways will stop >> in speaking with d.c. police, it's not clear how long they will keep the added patrols, but that -- they obviously cannot reveal that to the public. stepping up security at area synagogues is new york city police. >> a virginia woman accused of lying to the fbi and promoting isil on facebook is facing a federal charge of stop she appeared in u.s. district court on monday. she's also accused of offering to help an undercover agent to a
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friend into serious to join the extremist group. a judge ordered her held until a hearing tomorrow. >> breaking news tonight -- the cause of death has been determined for hannah graham. 18-year-old from alexandria is a victim of a homicide. the medical examiner said while her death was from homicidal violence, the exact manner of her death remains a mystery. to determinerking if jesse matthew played a role in her death. her body was found in october 6 weeks after police say matthew abducted her in charlottesville. >> outgoing d.c. mayor vincent gray rejected a plea deal from federal prosecutors. the offer involved grade leading guilty to a felony charge in connection of the financing of his 2010 campaign. prosecutors are now moving toward an indictment. six people who helped elect the mayor have the guilty to felonies.
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coming up at 6:00, held mayor gray responded when asked about the reported plea offer. arlingtonoversial streetcar project is no more. the board voted to quash the streetcar line. we have a look at how the project fell apart. it came as a surprise to board members who opposed the object entry mixed reaction along columbia pike. here on columbia pike, the general manager says they hope the streetcar project would have increased the traffic to the restaurant. [inaudible] across the owners street did not feel the same way. >> i cannot get a cab dude stop in front of my salon.
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how am i going to get them to stop at a trolley track? they were happy to hear the plan to scrap the project. >> i believe debating the streetcar issue further will not serve our community and will addressing from other pressing issues. >> the issue became hard to ignore after voters reelected john vice that to the county board after he centered much of his campaign around the opposition of the streetcar project. very different animal. >> this was not a formal referendum but a proxy. >> supporters of the project cited tax revenues to pay for it -- pay for additional schools, but now they will focus on how to improve the county bus system. for a while now.
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>> i'm hopeful we can get a hood and a robust system going that will start to make a different -- start to make a difference in the traffic issues. >> the transit being developed now will only serve buses. it included parts of fairfax county and earlier today, the fairfax county board issued a statement saying we are both saddened and disappointed, although we believe the decision is shortsighted, we recognize the project cannot happen without the support of the arlington board. >> thank you. the demise of the planned arlington streetcar comes just along the h plans street corridor or were scrapped. when the part of
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the line will be open. >> tensions are building in the city of ferguson as the grand jury debates whether to charge the officer who shot and killed an unarmed teenager this past summer. we got more on what to expect announced.cision is >> it may be too many to count. everybody from peace promoting to hate groups are speaking out as police and the national guard are gearing up. but truthful -- that's what most are hopeful is the extent of demonstrations. the government already clearing a state of emergency. the national guard on alert. >> we are concerned about folks not coming to speak but instead coming to instigate. but we are also concerned that people who want to speak have an
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opportity to do so. >> is this a good time for this announcement to come out? >> i don't think there is any good time. people always say you've gone overboard in trying to protect citizens and visitors. if you don't prepare and you force.aos, i think >> especially in light of a bulletin saying some may try to exploit peace will protest and attack law enforcement. some may even wonder if there are large cyberattacks. >> what do you expect? limitedbably expect chaos. >> already in an effort to quell what it sees as insightful action, the hacking group anonymous has taken over alleged kkk twitter accounts. the governor is where all eyes will be on ferguson. >> i'm not preparing for war, i'm preparing for these, for order and peace. >> it's not just ferguson.
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there has been talk of demonstrations and other cities across the country, including baltimore and here in washington d.c. >> the i-team is tracking the developments in ferguson. we will bring you the jury's decision as soon as it is reaction along with here and online at >> still ahead, police calling it an act of revenge -- a brutal attack on a prominent law firm partner. the details revealed in court about how that partner's wife may have saved both of their lives. >> you're only local tv station with an up close view of the work being done to prepare the capitol dome. the single thing being blamed for a fire that
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>> investigators say improperly discarded smoking materials is to blame for sparking a fire in frederick county on november 3 on south market street. the fire caused more than a million dollars of damage to 10
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homes. while one firefighter suffered minor injuries, none of the residents were hurt. >> d.c.'s most recognizable landmark is in the midst of a facelift it likes of which we have not seen in 50 years. we are getting a look at the scaffolding surrounding the d. -- surrounding the capitol dome. >> you probably seen these guys appearing as tiny little specs high on top of the capital dome. it tork crews are doing avoid any further damage to this national treasure. months, we watched from afar as crews began work on the capitol dome. today, we got our first close-up view on what is being done. >> the scaffold you see behind you is complete. >> the work to repair the dome is a new phase. for the last six months, the
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scaffolding was strategically constructed. 75,000 pieces of equipment in . >> it1 million pounds actually hangs from the dome instead of sitting on the roof will stop >> the architect was by some ofhe roof the same crews repairing the 150-year-old landmark, detailing the intricate work to restore it to its original luster. >> this is the first time the makers of lead -- the layers of lead based paint will be removed. >> workers will repair the more than 1300 cracks in the dome using methods designed specifically for this job. >> using two magnetic rods based on either side, he will sprinkle the shavings over the crack. exterior isn the expected to be completed by this time next year. that means work will continue no
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matter what the weather is like out there. >> we will be working all winter. there are plans for keeping the enclosures will stop >> you can see the lights are on and we were told little earlier that there were some 750 lights attached to the scaffolding so that the crews can continue to work even at night. the press conference was on the fourth floor and we were freezing. i looked up top and those guys 28 stories high were chilling like it was a picnic. a picnic with lots of ice will stop >> don't you know it. >> our temperatures are headed down. theye will see how low will go. let's get started with a quick update in buffalo.
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the area in white is the slow band coming across lake eerie. about thesel things snow bands, the fact you go north or south and you are in long,nshine -- all day images on instagram and all over social media, videos and pictures, let's share a typical one we have seen on youtube which indicates and shows clearly the snow band. the situation when the winds are blowing hour after hour, you can be a mile and a half away and see the clouds roll by. , bluefew miles north skies and sunshine. it is a narrow band. temperatures in the lower 20's, snow 425 of snow inches an hour and a tendency
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will continue through tonight and most of the day tomorrow. 6 is notmulation, 5, out of the question. crazy winter weather conditions. if lake eerie was frozen over there would be no lake-effect snow. protected by the appellation mountains, it's cold but not that extreme. 20's on an afternoon with the advertise in the upper 50's. 32 at dullessburg, international. tonight -- will drop will they get low enough to set a record? i think we have a decent shot of breaking the record of 20 degrees. we are forecasting lows of 19.
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washington's official records are kept at reagan national airport. but it isthere, brutally cold. temperatures in the teens from pittsburgh to detroit. minneapolis right now, the core of cold air moving in, in the 20's across the entire area. suburban degrees for a , average temperature and through the afternoon, we will warm up in a measured way. still 22 degrees low average. will come through, so only in the upper 30's with sunshine, but then we turn it around as the arctic air starts to retreat. that will bring temperatures to the upper 50's and we will hit the upper 60's and perhaps 70 degrees.
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>> for once, we will all be looking forward to monday. >> even though it was cold outside, i spend the days with some warm hearts. it was a day to recognize the generosity of others. the association of fundraising professionals gather today at the capitol for their 13th annual philanthropy day. they came together to honor philanthropists and fundraisers who manage to improve the quality of life of people in this area in so many important ways of stop we learn more about the matter and number of lives they have managed to improve. we have so many in our area. way to go, guys. you make life worth living. >> a room of special people. >> a lot of them are harissa zeros. >> coming up at 5:00 -- a
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that is history, we will tell you about the cold field house at the university of maryland why it is raising eyebrows. >> plus, the split-second decision that may have saved a couple's life during a torture session. made -- waterter main that has been broken for weeks. i will give you the answer in a moment. >> here's a look at what is coming up in prime time.
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>> d.c. water crews spent this frigid day repairing a ruptured main in southeast easy >> but that after residents say -- person was hurt all stop one person was hurt. stephen tschida went looking for answers. what's the story? first of all, it is very cold out here. you got crews still at it. they are busy working trying to repair this broken water main. they don't want this intersection to fill with water and ice over. would say it already has iced over and this main has been
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broken for weeks. >> you can hear the cars slipping and sliding on the ice. to their crews arrived scene but did not appear to be racing to fix it. the third going into week. water running all the way down the street. >> after saturday morning, the situation grew perilous. >> i slipped on the ice down on my back i went. one from the driver's side, the next one ran into the back of my car. >> i called on the 10th of november and reported it and they said they would send someone out here and no one came. >> d.c. water says it did not require immediate attention since no one lost service. but this morning, the situation became urgent. >> how cold it's gotten, it's became more of a priority and we
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wanted to get it fixed so there would not be water in the roadway. it'st residents remind us the coldest day this fall but not the cold -- not the first cool day since the main burst. wouldr rep promised some be out to spray the area with salt. situation and the i stayed until 4:00 and no one never came. >> another factor to delay cutirs is that they have to off water to some 10 apartment buildings into fire hydrants. to fire hydrants. attack at thean national zoo. hear from the zookeeper nearly killed in a zebra attack. what he says he plans to do for the first time one year after doctors saved his life.
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>> how much taxpayers are paying for upscale bidders for two. the loophole a watchdog team found that's costing you thousands. >> new date -- new details terrifying home invasion in virg the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen gn-then-drive event.son is here, for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen is season... just about all youeed is a finely tuned... pen. hurry in and get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models.
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>> you are watching abc seven news at 5:00 -- on your side. >> a judge has ordered a couple
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couple of torturing a are being held on bond. >> they are being held on bond after an attack in a mclean home. we've got more on the judge's decision and what may have saved the victims live here. >> the judge in fairfax county and eyeing bond for andrew schmuhl while arguing he was probably not targeting one couple in mclean but others working at a law firm here in the heart of arlington. with each new piece of information in the case against thisw and alicia schmuhl, neighbor anderson who live near where the attack happened, they are more in disbelief. >> it seems mind blowing. >> that hearing today for andrew schmuhl, a former jag member in the army, prosecutors described how he entered the home of leo fisher and his wife by posing as
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a police officer while his wife waited in a car nearby. a three-hourall it torture session where andrew schmuhl used a stun gun on him and then down the victims and a were both stabbed multiple times in the upper body. forceities say schmuhl them to log onto a secure website to get information about partners and lawyers following alicia's firing from the firm. >> nobody in their right mind would do these types of actions. allegedly fired a shot at duncan who pretended she was dead. that allowed andrew to activate an alarm and schmuhl said he would come back and finish the job. authorities pulled over the couple in springfield, finding bloody clothing, perception pill bottle and a holster and andrew schmuhl wearing only a diaper. to person who did not want
5:35 pm
reveal his identity said this -- >> if she had not been able to trip the alarm, they would have both been dead. that was a life-saving move will stop >> andrew schmuhl's attorney says client should be allowed out on bond because he has mobility issues due to a sufferedrd injury during active duty in 2012. the prosecutor countered that saying mobility is clearly not a had no as andrew schmuhl problem moving around during the attack. the next hearing is set for january 6. >> thank you very much. we go to breaking news right now on the massive airbag recall. we are talking about the airbag that have been blamed for -- metaletal trap full shrapnel into crash victims. we have more on the expanded recall. >> this is an expanded nationwide recall of the airbags
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which are made in japan. the national highway traffic safety administration says the driver side airbag must be replaced in certain model vehicles. we are talking about a number of vehicles that have these airbags inoss the country, particular ford, honda, chrysler, bmw 2008 and earlier. the best thing to do is check with the manufacturer of the vehicle to see if yours is affected. and -- the owner vehicle maker will take care of the replacement airbags. >> thank you very much. >> let's get a check on the traffic situation. looks like it is getting worse. >> worse on the outer loop heading south on 270. the trip into annandale heavy and slow. on 236, maybe a new one now. the inner loop is jammed from tysons. a crash on university boulevard
5:37 pm
on the right side of the roadway. three separate crashes northbound between the border with howard county, the montgomery line at the reservoir and 32. three separate crashes has traffic heavy and slow. well. you doing heading into the triangle, the pace picks up with all travel lanes open. what's look at the cameras to see how things look on the beltway. a crash on the inner loop. the outer loop is good. quite slow in landmark as per usual. up, cross country flight on your dime -- why you are paying for elected leaders wives to travel. it saidory was made and nothing last forever. i will tell you what the future may be for this local landmark.
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>> and coming up tonight at 6:00 -- the
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>> a building steeped in history
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and tradition for maryland basketball fans may be getting a new life for the football program. >> plans are being discussed to overhaul cole field house. brad bell has a look at how much it would cost. >> from the time it opened in 1955, the new york -- the cole field house was never much to look at from the outside, cut a like a world war ii aircraft hangar. seats,ide of these red cole field house was magic. i was here to see lenny bias play and michael jordan. i missed out on those who came before, and i also didn't get to see bob dylan play here or elvis .ill stop -- elvis an all-black starting five beat all-white kentucky in the final four. some called it the most important college basketball game ever played. schoolse days, since the built in new center, kohl arena is quieter, place to jog or play
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pickup soccer. >> it's really nice. >> the university has decided to transform the old basketball barn into a new state-of-the-art , $155 million indoor practice facility for the football team. it's a decision greeted with mixed opinions. >> it's a historic place for this campus, but campus needs change. >> they can drop $150 million increasingnd not on wages for workers. exit actually up to the board of regents who meets thursday to consider the plan and its public-private funding. 25 million from the state, 25 million from the school, and a $25 million pledge from under armour. >> interesting. >> it has been one year since an
5:43 pm
attack that almost claimed a zookeeper's life will stop i had, how he is marking the anniversary and what he plans to do since he hasn't done that since the day he almost died. >> a $200 dinner for two? your tax dollars paid for it.
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>> seven is on your side with help mellon had to find reputable knuckle sites. google has become a popular way of finding information and it actually did help save the life of a woman in maine. she had a serious health care last year. she woke up after exercising and her arms were swollen. she started researching her symptoms before she went to the doctor. tofirst they told me i had swollen elbows and i should take ibuprofen which turns out that would have been the worst thing i could have done. luckily i did not do that and ask for a blood test. they called me back a few hours later and said you were right. >> research and questioning her doctor did save her life, but make sure you are looking at the right website.
5:47 pm
sites fromsuggest academic institutions ending in .edu she recommends avoiding blogs that don't have experts or trying to sell you something. >> some local politicians are entertaining their wives across the country and you are footing the bill. that's the findings of a watchdog investigation where and when maryland city, spousal sightseeing is not only allowed but encouraged. kevin lewis has the details. >> i try to be as fair as i can. >> the gaithersburg council vice president doesn't like traveling alone. years, he'sfour taken his wife to seven government conferences. most were out-of-state in cities like boston, denver, phoenix and seattle.
5:48 pm
you paid for every penny. we don't eat out any differently than at home. $180 dinner for three at the ritz-carlton. a 320 four dollar meal for two at upscale fish house. and a $300 tab at dutch his daughter. >> that a small amount of money. a 52 million dollar budget. >> but he contends his wife's taxpayer sponsored dinners and flights are not luxuries and always above board. that is because of this two-page document with dates gaithersburg's mayor and council members can bring spouses to two conferences a year free of charge. >> would you call it a perk? >> i guess i'll stop you can call everything a perk. voted inormer mayor favor of the spousal travel benefit. it passed unanimously.
5:49 pm
give's a way to recognition to people who are well deserving of it and the community stood behind a person while they received it. >> i would like to see it rescinded. he has tracked the council for more than a decade and believes the travel benefit is lavishly useless. to put it in perspective, the abc seven watchdog team contacted a dozen county councils across the washington area. gaithersburg is the only one flying in feeding lyrical spouses on the taxpayers dime. >> i certainly don't hold him responsible by himself. all of them should be aware. nodespite critics, there are plans to nick's spousal trips. >> all the wives are together, they talk about things and we get ideas from them because they tell us what they would like cities to have. >> this is the stack of expense reports we combed through. travelthe spousal
5:50 pm
benefit was used most by him, to other members took their wives on official trips. to see who they are and where they went, just go to our website, >> thank you. >> let's get another check on the bitterly cold weather out there. 20's andatures in the wind chills in the teens, but the winds will be diminishing over the next few hours. let's get started with time the sun wouldp try to peek out in the snow showers and flows would come back. ispare that to what happening in buffalo, they would laugh at us. they are going to get five feet of snow in the buffalo area, but here we are just dealing with the chill. at it's going to be a very cold night.
5:51 pm
the winds will diminish but temperatures will fall correspondingly. through the overnight hours, the wind chills will turn the temperatures. as the wind diminishes, the actual air temperatures will be closer to the windchill values in the mning. records as it hits 19 degrees. otherwise expect to warm up to 31 midday. on friday and as we get into the weekend, we will see the effect of the warm front approaching. a warm front sunday and heading weekend, we could spike out in the 60's to near 70 degrees. you.ank
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>> big thank you. are things coming down with the redskins today? >> you should know -- it is mid november heading into late november, which means it's time for the drama to an intensified -- to intensify. the pressures building on the primetime players will stop today, few players helped out and are numbered what it's like to be a kid again. for fun, the bubble was a place to be at redskins park today. inside areand cheers a far cry from the mood in the trenches across the parking lot. >> tomorrow, i go back to work. >> some players spend their off day serving the community. we watch the review film on mondays. >> the most recent headline -- rg iii throws his teammates under the bus.
5:53 pm
>> those guys don't play well if they're guys don't play well. they don't. >> and gruden rips rg iii. >> it's his job to worry about his fundamentals and his job as a quarterback. it's my job to worry about everyone else. >> and how the criticism of growth than in the team played behind closed doors, one can only imagine. >> it's good for our team. you never want anyone to feel you.your coach going to bs >> now if only there was a bubble to keep the drama away. let's get away from the drama go to our shot of the day -- a student has a chance to make a half-court shot -- back into the bucket, bottom, $500. happy holidays. that's our shot of the day. let's go to today's wizards practice. one of the harlem road -- one of the harlem globetrotters.
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around the world, back again. dropping some science. >> they are funny. the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen gn-then-drive event.son is here, for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen is season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. hurry in and get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models.
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>> today marks one year since a zebra attacked a zookeeper at the national zoo leaving him critically hurt. today, that zookeeper got a chance to save -- to say thank you tohe doctors who saved his life. >> it's hard to believe one year ago today, lane milner nearly lost his life. >> you look wonderful. >> this is the 850 pound animal that nearly killed him last november. zookeeper forgot to properly close a gate and a zebra came after him. >> the first inkling i had of anything being wrong was that it itmightier off -- was that
5:58 pm
did my ear off. then i was in for the fight of my life. >> the attack lasted five minutes. another zookeeper threw food to distract the aggressive animal. despite the injuries, he doesn't blame the zebra. i was in his area and i shouldn't have been there. that there was any intent on his part to hurt me, but that's his territory and i'm in there. >> he returned today to george washington university hospital four, awareness day. his doctor says milner is lucky to be alive. >> it's not like a dog bite. this animal had ripped off huge chunks of flesh. all over. some of the abdomen, some of the leg, on the ear. >> milner says he feels good. he still has knuckle procedures on the horizon and is planning a
5:59 pm
trip back to the zoo to see the animals, something he hasn't done in a year. have a happy thanksgiving. you have earned it. for now. coming up at 6:00, you better layer up. how long will the temperature stay? breaking news me attack on a synagogue and jerusalem as the death toll rises. a pharmacist charged with theft, but how much he accused of taking his truly shocking. and more when abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. abc sevenom the broadcast ceer, this is abc seven news at 6:00, on your side. >> the word tonight is bundle up. the arctic air is bringing unseasonably cold weather. it get and what
6:00 pm
do you need to know about the morning commute. doug hill has all the answers. right nowin the 20's in most areas, so that gives you the idea we will go lower with lighter winds and clear skies. just wanted to show you how widespread the cold is. the core of the cold air will settle in tonight, the good news is the winds will diminish, but that will only allow temperatures to drop lower. temperatures ranging from 14 to 23 degrees. if we hit 19 degrees or lower at set aor bwi, that will brand-new temperature record for tomorrow morning. the record at washington, d.c. 19 but i believe we will be closer to 23 degrees. it's going to wind


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