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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 19, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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seven breaking news. >> that breaking news is out of sync linda where several lanes of silver hill road are shut down because of a significant water main break. let's get to stephen tschida. what is the latest out there? >> we have a real mess out here. after 9:00, a 14-inch water main ruptured. this is what we've got going on. road isr side of the where it happened, but it is bubbling to the surface here. all four lanes have been closed. about 150 customers are without water, including suitland high school andrew freeman middle school. they also expect that they will not have this repented and the pavement restored until sometime tomorrow, possibly tomorrow afternoon.
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[indiscernible] to get the latest on the how things are faring, b-2 -- be sure to tune into "good morning washington." >> thank you, stephen. breakingso following news out of laura where one person is fighting for their life, another seriously hurt after they were hit by a car. this happened on route one near cyprus. stay with abc seven for updates on that story. we've got this just in from prince william county, two arrests in the murder of a teenager in woodbridge. brian paterson is in custody. he is accused of playing a role in the death of christopher weaver. a second suspect was arrested this week. the two of them are accused of shooting a man on sunday. he 15 ural boy was shot during that were deal, as well. weaver was the second teen in a metrohat street week's.
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happening now, a warning to .olice officers are cautioning that there may be more victims. jerod klein worked at several hospitals in our area, but the allegations mounting against him go back more than a year. tom roussey is live in northeast washington with the story. >> he has been accused of doing this at hospitals in d.c., as well as maryland. the most recent incident allegedly happened that united medical center. police fear this may have happened to more women than we know about. want to hear from any other patients who believed they were sexually abused, possibly even while under medication. >> they may or may not have been aware of it. came out of court, jennifer donelan caught up with him? not only did he not respond. he hid behind a sign and let his lawyer answer.
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he's got no comment at this time. >> the first case happened last may when a patient accused him of giving her the wrong drugs before groping her and later holding her arm and forcing her to fondle him. in december, and i he's asian he had done a similar thing to a patient admitted for alcohol who was in and out of consciousness. the next month, similar accusations at buoy health center. in august, another patient at united medical center accused her -- accused him of forcing her to fondle him. nursing boards have taken action in maryland, d.c., even oregon. the maryland nursing board said he admitted he had been fired four times, begging the question, how did he keep getting new nursing jobs? kline is out of jail tonight. he is under close court
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supervision. he has a court date scheduled for december 10. i am tom roussey, abc 7 news. >> another frigid day across the area. temperatures in some neighborhoods actually broke records. we've got some good news on the way. meteorologist steve rudin has a first look at the forecast. >> better news on the way. warmer temperatures for the day tomorrow. doug talked about it, the record-breaking cold earlier today at dulles international airport. to 13 degrees earlier. that shattered the record set in 1990 of 20 degrees and broke the record at bwi marshall. so far, no accumulation is expected as we move through the next several hours. this remains north of the d.c. metro. no problems early tomorrow morning. partly sunny skies, not quite as cold. at 4-8t of the southwest
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miles per hour. how do temperatures in the 60's sound? >> somber news coming out of buffalo, new york as the death has now risen. authorities report that there are seven people dead. they caution that that number could rise because, as jay korff reports, hundreds are trapped inside their homes. >> when all is said and done, this snowfall may break all sorts of records. lake effect snow storm steamrolled into western new york like a tidal wave. it wouldn't stop. the result? some six feet of heavy, damaging snow. in buffalo, people are shoveling snow from the tops of their cars. crews are using heavy equipment to dig out talents, while first responders are navigating a top snowmobiles to rescue the stranded. --we had to get a letter
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ladder to crawl up the top window for me to shovel the front door, and it is still coming down. >> as bad as it is, 2-3 feet of additional snow is feared to fall by friday. get them to 90, 100 inches of snow. that is a years worth of snow in four days. >> the university of niagara women's basketball team was a bus. for 30 hours on an ambulance got stuck while transporting a woman in labor, so first responders carried her several blocks to a hospital just in time. remember that stunning video shot during the storm? here is what it looked like wednesday. a buffalo neighborhood, still buried in an avalanche of white. jay korff for abc 7 news. >> the storm could be bad news for the buffalo bills. the team was scheduled to host the new york jets at 1:00 on sunday. the nfl has not canceled that
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gain yet. the organization is offering $10 an hour and game tickets for anybody willing to come out to the stadium and shovel snow. the team estimates they will need 500 fans working 20 47 to get that done. 220,000got 220 10 -- tons of snow they've got to get out. here might be developing for the redskins. the drama revolving around rg iii, he and coach jay gruden held separate news conferences today. our sports director is joining us now to give us the latest. onehis is the number trending story in washington sports. social media blowing up, everybody having an opinion, and almost everybody wanted to see how rg iii would respond to the public critique he got from jay gruden. iiileave me when i say rg took the criticism. when he got to the media room, he was totally focused on what to say and how to say it, which wasn't much.
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jay gruden did a mea culpa. it was great theater. >> we are focused on san francisco. that's always got. >> going back and looking at the tape, is there anything in particular you will wanting to be working on this week? >> everything. jay wants me to play better. to talk about us as a group, offense, defense, special teams, organization, not making it so much about one person. >> that look says it all. fact thaten by the the redskins only have three wins in their last 18 games. winning could cure all of this and change the entire story. for now, you can go away. i'll see you later. [laughter] a security scare in your the secret -- near the white house this afternoon.
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the secret service found a hunting rifle and a knife inside his car. he's now charged with possession of an illegal firearm. critical changes to immigration policy coming in a primetime address from president obama tomorrow. >> everybody agrees that our immigration system is broken. unfortunately, washington sellout of the problem to faster for too long, and so what i will lay out are the things i can do with my lawful authority as president to make the system work better. isthe executive action expected to grant legal protections for 5 million and documented immigrants. you can watch it tomorrow at 8:00 on our sister station, news channel 8. for lunch fromw allegations of sexual abuse against bill cosby. tv land and nbc joined a growing list of companies dropping his
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projects. stephen tschida reports. legion, the impact of more women coming forward with similar allegations of sexual assault against bill cosby, forcing entertainment companies to make changes. >> i am very sad because he was a public figure everybody respected. cancelingounced it is a sitcom cosby had in development, and netflix made a similar move. nd reportedly is pulling the plug on re-wrens to the famed "the cosby show." >> i think it is a tough situation. >> "the cosby show" was heralded as a breakthrough in the depiction of the african-american family. >> it is a lot for black people to see a family like that at the time especially. >i think that's a terrible thin.
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>> fans of cosby reacted to the fallout. >> i think of him like a father figure. university, some students lamented the tarnishing of a star cherished at the school. >> he brought a lot to our university. he was a monumental person. to believey hard somebody's not telling the truth. >> a warning from the fbi. a particular crime you need to watch out for. fans, his friends and family in our area -- [indiscernible] why you need to keep your eyes peeled over the holidays. coming up thursday night at that, secret websites of monitor what you search and listen in on phone conversations.
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we will tell you who is cracking down on these spies stocker products -- spy stalker products.
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>> happening now, an active investigation into a fire in rockville. a man is being questioned by police. this happened to be the same man who approached our crew at the scene and told us that he had poured gasoline on the floor of that building, lit a fire, and then walked away to buy a drink. our cameras were there. he confessed the same thing to officers. the man is not being charged at this hour. the holidays are a busy time for anyone, including bank robbers. over the past two years, a quarter of the bank robberies in our area happened in december. an fbi agent tells abc seven news is a major reason. he says the bureau and local police are stepping up their security in an effort to deter thieves. he is one of the stars of "nashville," but he is looking forward to the holidays like the rest of us. we spoke with him one-on-one.
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the thrill ofen my life to be on the show and to be in our third season. warmsh week, chip esten our hearts on "nashville," a proud graduate of d.c. williams high school in alexandria. i know there were a lot of people disappointed when deacon did not get reyna immediately, but i think it is understandable. >> this holiday season, the country crooner is coming home. >> my mother is still right there. my aunts, my uncle, for my cousins. it is where we go. it is where i think of when i think of christmas. to be back there for thanksgiving and christmas, those holidays mean everything to me. >> how about this? magazine has got nothing on his favorite cover. his favorite one?
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the "william & mary" magazine. >> i met my wife at william & mary. that is kind of where the angst started out for me. >> you>> can hear him cover one of his favorite holiday tunes when he performs right here at the birch and your next wednesday. is often a new holiday album featuring the entire cast of "national -- "nashville." > right now, let's look ahead to the weekend. >> it is cool right now, not nearly as cold as it was yesterday. temperatures are actually warming up. interesting considering the hour. it is 20 minutes after 11:00. 40 degrees. winds are out of the south southwest at 15. that is the key to our warm-up. chill, 32 degrees. we will look for temperatures to continue to read on for the next couple of hours and then drop off during the early morning. 40 degrees, that was the current high temperature.
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the average for this date, 57 degrees. dulles, down to 13 degrees. elkins, west virginia, they dropped down to 12. even as far south as charleston, south carolina, a record of 23 degrees. milder anding at that's going to settle in for the overnight into the day tomorrow. wayher cold front is on the , bringing us colder temperatures for the day on friday. winchester at 34. gaithersburg and frederick both at 48. i can show you the forecast for the overnight. 28-35 degrees. the winds will be out of the southwest just around for-eight miles per hour. tomorrow morning, it is going to be a cooler start to your day. earlierlike we had today with temperatures in the teens. above freezing inside the
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capital beltway. 30-35 degrees. gaithersburg, 30. coldest off to the west, upper 20's. here is that cold front late tomorrow. winds change direction out of the north and west. that drops our temperature through the day on friday. mid to upper 30's. it is not going to last very long. tomorrow, at for daytime high temperature just around 45 degrees. 42 and furred -- and 43 the further west you go. saturday, the montgomery county parade. we will look for temperatures that start out on the cool side, and then we will warm things up nicely. middle to upper 40's. the big improvement, that arrives on sunday. upper 50's. a better chance for showers in the afternoon. early next week, upper 60's on monday. a busy travel time tuesday and wednesday before thanksgiving. across the mid-atlantic, no storms. temperatures in the 50's.
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>> that is good news. >>it's like springtime. >> coming up in sports, i've got the latest on the drama from the redskins. the wizards and the mavericks get after each other tonight.
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>> now the toyota sports ask, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. play host to the
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nba's number one offensive team tonight in the dallas mavericks. it was the wizards toughest test to date. let me take you down time. the maps up by two. radley beall on the court. three ball. how about this? dang. beal had 21 points in 26 minutes. the wizards wouldn't back down. they kept the pressure on. otto porter, watch him kick it out to the big fella. 92-90, washington. with 80 seconds left, dirk nowitzki -- this is why he is a future hall of famer. dallas wins 105-102. the wizards and the cavaliers on friday. 87-86, spurs. san antonio up by two with nine seconds. generally. how about this?
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here comes lebron. he loses the ball. takes it and runs up :00. san antonio wins it 92-90. rg iii and jay gruden have been talking all week in film sessions and meetings. is, andw what the deal they know how each other feels and what needs to be done. everybody wanted to see how it played out in front of the media after gruden's scathing critique of his quarterback two days ago. the skins are just 3-15 in their last 18 games. rg iii has thrown two touchdowns against three interceptions. ay wants me to play better. we are focused on san francisco and making that happen. >> whether it was the right thing to do on my part, corrections should be made in-house with everybody involved. itself. speaks for i didn't need to elaborate on any individual things other than
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the team was not good enough, was not prepared enough, was not coached well enough to beat the tampa bay buccaneers. >> i know it is november, but let's talk baseball. do you remember steven souza's catch? zim said he could have anything he wants after that catch. there are rumors he bought him a bmw. that is not the case. ouza a giftman gave s card to best buy. with all of that snow in buffalo, the bills say they will play sunday. they still say the jets are coming to ralph wilson stadium. they're going to play, but they are calling anybody with a shovel to come in and help them clear the stadium. buy?gift card for best [laughter] it's not a bmw. if you had one and he wanted to park it at dulles for free,
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>> at her times ahead. >> better days, warmer weather into the day tomorrow. temperatures around 45 degrees. jacqui jeras will be here in the morning. friday, a bit of a setback.
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upper 30's. the parade on saturday, mid 40's, then upper 50's on sunday afternoon. the winner will be monday, upper 60's. good travel conditions for thanksgiving.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- jamie foxx. from "blackish," tracee ellis ross. "do you have what it takes?" and music from the new basement tapes. with cleto and the cletones. and now, when all else fails, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching, thank you for coming.


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