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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 23, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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we're following several big stories, g the death of marion berry, pretty much he was gone. coverage of how he is being honored and, the legacy, that earned him the title mayor for life,. tensions grow, in ferguson, as they prepare to meet this week. the big question, will it last for the monday morning commute? i have record breaking temperatures and snow in the 7-day forecast coming up.
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on our big story, rent be the life of marion berry, we learned that the me said, he died of natural causes, due to heart problems and, complications from diabetes, and he passed away early this morning, just hours after he was released from the hospital. his death shocking these close to him. he was loved by. , in dc and, we saw some of his closest friends, who met, lawyers, and press secretaries, and his godson, and the woman who gave him one of her kidneys. q.i loved him. they rekowfnted the story, he was released from the hospital, and a stop at the bar and grill, and then, his driver took him back home where he collapse oath steps. and they called an ambulance,
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and his estranged wife, as they rushed and, she was in the ambulance, when he was taken to the medical center. he was pro nounced dead at 1:46. he was a larger than life figure in washington, and he came from memphis tennessee, and who followed martin luther king and, he became a politician, elected first to the school board. and you have to figure out how to get to the power and then, city council and, then, when he was shot by muslims, trying to take over city hall and, he not only survived. he was elected mayor, the next year and at first he was extremely popular, with both the business set and the needy, and gave every teen a summer job and, drugs and women, brought him down and, busted smoking crack he could contain, an f.b.i. set up, and, sented off
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to prison, and then, re-elected mayor, four years later and, the city's finances were in such chaos, congress appointed a control board. he continued had to win elections as the councilmember, and, was in-and-out of trouble. and he always maintained ties to youth, like his godson of 15 years. i felt like i lost a part of me. and a father and, a friend and, my godfather. friends felt that way and, he had had a profound impact on their lives and, now he is no more. just a real strange feeling, that he's not here. his friends say one thing he was looking forward to was giving away turkeys, as he does every year, and, he won't be there to do it, but we're told, that they will have the turkeys as always, 3,000 of them, and
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thethey will be giving them to e needy in the name of marion barry. sam ford. tradition does continue and there's been an out pouring of tributes following his death,. president barak obama was one of. leaders and, we spoke with vincent gray, who fought back tears, while expressing his shock of his passing. i got a call from his -- communications director, and she said he died. ordered city flags order at half staff and, working on the life ceremony and, wants to speak to his family. and, mayor elect, was just one of several community leaders attending a watch party, for his
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final interviews, it aired tonight on the oprah winfrey network and, they tweeted a photo, saying thoughts and prayers with his family. and attended the party, and how berry is being remembered there. yes, this interview, had been long scheduled to air and, no one knew it would be less than 24 hours after his death, and tonight, a crowd of friends gathered here, in southeast, to watch it, and, at times, it was just surreal and, you could have heard a pin drop. this was a party, he had planned to be at. instead, it brought together people from all over the district, who shared a lost memories. and he used to come to our block party. and they had never met
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before and, realized they had a lot in common. and everybody add job, in the summer. they all say, that they got their first jobs as teens thanks to him. he was very instrumental in my life. she shared her memories, and, and then the crowd watched a interview with opera, and he tweelted his excitement about. , marion berry, he defended his past and, i know my life better than anybody else. i had to live it, the good, the bad, and the mistakes. it was surreal, hearing an interview, berry had no idea, it would air less than 24 hours less than his death, and she asked him to sum up his life. second chances and i believe in second chances and, you do
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too. you shoot for the moon, and among the stars. i talked to the spokesperson, and she said, after he had gotten out of the hospital, he was adamant, that tonight's watch party go on, if he didn't feel up to making it, he didn't know, win a few hours he would passion away and, it was very important that, they honor his wish to continue with that watch party. so they held it. it was very surreal and, you could have heard a pin drop, and everyone wanting to hear from him. live, in southeast washington, i'm tom. it was a very good spew. he travelled to promote his book, called mayor for life, it is released back in june and, the coauthor issued his condolence senses.
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well, some of his biggest supporters are inward eight where he represented for several years and, tonight they gathered to honor the man, fought to improve their lives, and, jay attended it, and, now, wilson building, where he waged. battles to say help ward eight. this vigil was selected, and complicated, political career, one that swung like a pendulum. we're here to honor a great man and, we were moved, about his passing on. the vigil, echoed, with power. might just celebrate this individual, and, amazing pathway for us to be able to walk behind. and quickly became a sermon. god, we thank you, for mary
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on berry. for a figure, whose support, transsended modern politics,. we are her, and sad and, i want be understand, that he rode this to the real thing. we'll have the drum mers in the front. ♪ and then they took to the streets of southeast washington. ♪ to express their sorrow and their gratattitude. we know -- following the death after figure they considered the ward, the force in the city. a giant culture was put away, and his remarkable career, it too fell into disrepair and, restored, and now restored. you know, somebody to trust and, it's hard. you know, somebody who add
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compassionate heart, who could feel for the most least fortune nat. it was complicated and, difficult. but this crowd will tell you that's why they adored him. he mirrored the lives of those heserve ever served and never gave up. he tried to make the world a better place and i will admire that, and i think that did he way more good than anything else. and his -- godson, said tonight, that he hopes, that when berry is laid to rest, the city will come to a stand still. in the district, jay. and jay, we have one more, example of how much love he received from the community, more than two years, a he attended the memorial service, of chuck brown, crowds cheered
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as he entered the room and, chanted, mayor for life. be sure to stay with us as we honor the legacy, online, we have a photo gallery, and look at his mark or dc politics and, there's more news ahead, the wait for a verdict, in the brown shooting, and how they are preparing for the grand jury decision and, an alert for drivers, where this mess is located and how it do impact your commute. rain is falling across all of the region, and also, looking at new information that's coming in on the wednesday possibility of a w
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the police need your help, finding the driver, who struck and killed, a biker, and then kept going, the car, and the biker were travelling westbound, when they collided, and the biker was pronounced dead and, car, plaque sedan, with front-end damage and, a broken
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headlight, if you know anything about this, call police. you might want to leave early, if you travel through wheaton, they are repairing a water-main break, and near henderson street and, the building is without water, a nursing home and, dialysis center. and only two southbound lane, and one northbound lane will be open. be sure to watch good morning, washington for the latest. so, every year there are hundreds of crashes, and deaths and injuries and, thousands in damages, and police officers are at fault, a.b.c. 7 i-team, how often police accidents happen across dc region, and how much these at fault crashes, end up costing taxpayers, and what they are doing to curb them. and the ravens players, one
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of the best was in an accident. a team spokesman said the bus was side-swiped by a car, after the team left. no one was injured, and the ravens are taking on the saints tomorrow night, at the superdome there. unrest continues as ferguson waits for a grand jury's decision on possible charges against officer dan wilson, and it is schedule to reconvene, and, now, protestors again filled the streets. the night, and protests. tension building, by people, in ferguson wait to learn about whether he will be charged in the shooting death of unarmed, brown. the grand jury, has been going over evidence and testimony since august, and their decision could come any
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day and, police have been busy preparing for the reaction, and blocking off streets and the national guard and, f.b.i. here. i think, we recognize, this is going to be an increase to the unrest, and the protest. problem, they're already heating up, and demonstrators, were there, and repeated over the past several nights. and despite ongoing calls for calm. people have to protest peaceful. they are bracing for the worse and, some schools are closing this week, concerned about what could happen here. the grand jury took the weekend off and will be back tomorrow and, we still don't know if they'll go over evidence or a verdict. once the grand jury's decision is announced we'll bring it to you or air, and
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online. a 12-year old boy is dead after he pulled what looked like a real gun on them. this is in cleveland, where they were called to a rec center for a report after male with a gun and, the boy, pulled a pistol, from his waist banned, after they told him to put his hands up and, that's when they shot and killed him. it was a replica of a semi, over in buffalo the snow is over and, the temperatures are expected to hit the 60s, and meltons of snow, and dmood neighborhoods. and the the governor, is warning residents to be prepared for evacuation. we're prepared for a whole lot. for the weather department, it's quite, you know, peak and valleys.'s the roller-coaster ride of temperatures over the next several days and, what's going
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on now, because we have a good bit of rain, and, i have to say, i love rain that falls at night, it's so nice to lay in bed, and, got a good bit of rain that will continue over the next several hours, and all of this rain should be out of here by the commute tomorrow morning and, you'll see, crossing the potomac river, some heavier baggeds of rain and, just a pretty widespread band of rain and, temperatures are in the 50s. and 54 right now. but, for the most part, we'll stay in the 50s, and, the rain is moving pretty quickly, and, the wider picture, this is the one front, and once it lifts, we'll be tapping into some warm temperatures tomorrow, 70s. and all of this rain and, this is the back end of it.
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southern virginia and, by tomorrow morning, it will be well to our north, and, so much moisture, there may be some fog. so keep that in mind, and temperatures in the 50s, and it will become breezy and it is in line with all of this rain, by 6 a.m. and partly-sunny skies and, very warm tomorrow and, 70 degrees by lunchtime and you notice the breeze, winds, 10-20, and it will be a warm wind and, dry forecast. temperatures, forecast, in the middle 70s, which could break records, the record, is 74, set back in 1958. so, one for the record-books. and don't get used had to it, we fall back into the 50's, on tuesday, and, if you are thinking of travelling on wednesday, i suggest doing it on tuesday.
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wednesday, potential for a storm, that will bring travel impact up-and-down the coast. here, still uncertainty, and we'll start off with the cold rain and, wet snow, and accumulations, will be light, if any, because of the very warm temperatures, that we'll have, but still, a lot we will have to watch. and, some more, on the colder side, which may candidate more snow, and all of that wet weather is out of here and thursday, 44, and nice and dry for the weekend. at least things are going to be looking good tomorrow. interesting day for the redskins. again another manic monday. not as bad and, then again, the 49ers, they weren't that good either. so, 49ers, including the highly anticipated return of rg3, was he focused?
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well, rg3, on wednesday and, i'm trying to go cus on san francisco. and, san francisco was focused or rg 3, especially the defense, that was more than evident and, didn't go well, and, first possession, and, he gets sacked, by smith, and just lik like tha, they go 3 and out. and, kaeperneck, launches one for bouldin and, that's a touchdown. 7-0. and second-quarter, skins get a little rhythm, and griffin goes to guarantee son, and he takes it, 25 yards and, washington is driving. a few plays later,. powers it in, from a yard out, and he got 100 yards today,
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and, they led, 10-7 at the half and, skins defense steps up and, kaeperneck goes deep and, picked off. first action of the season after filling in for porter and, we go to the fourth-quarter and, it's another san francisco turnover, gore fumbles it. and it is recovered by thomas and, force 3 turnovers in the game. and, with two, and defense couldn't hold it. late fourth, and, hyde, runs it in, and niners regain the lead, 17-13. so, move on, and, griffin, is leveled, and check this out. smith, he fumbles right into the hands of brooks, to seal the deal and, 11-19. and sacked five times, and redskins, go down, 17-13. we had a great opportunity to win the game and, we just,
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didn't do a good enough job, with our protection, and, we just let them hang it on there and it's not one thing, and we're not going to quit. no matter how grim it might look, and we'll stay positive, and watch tape and, try to get better each week and trust the process and, what we're doing and, what the coach is doing and, be able to go out there and, thinking that we can win the game. we did that today and, we couldn't get it done. some other nfl, eagles, going at it, in philadelphialy, and, opening kickoff and, look at hunt, takes it 7 yards deep and, after that, through the defense, and, then breaks attach kecialtion at about midfield and, he has one man to beat, and, shakes him off and, goes for the 107-yard touchdown and,
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eagles would never look back. and they win this, 43-24. lions, and we're in the second,. pats, and, buys some time and, guests to tim, and, brady's second touchdown-pass of the half. pats win, 7-straight. 34-9. college hoops, george mason, and, college of charleston, and, down, and, gray with a good look in the corner for three. and goes in and out. hangs on for the win, and, 61-60. a final note, american university, takes down more head state, and, 70-68. good day in "college hoops." just focus on indianapolis now. we'll he
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look at the 7 day, you'll think monday is an anonymolly. 70s tomorrow, and, watch out for some patchy fog and, warm and breezy, and, wintery mix, on wednesday, and, thursday, 40s. we have more on the life and leg gage, ahead or
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