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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 25, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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caption content and accuracy. visit] >> the fallout from ferguson. abc news exclusive, the officer at the center of it all speaks. live coverage from ferguson as we enter a second night of protests. >> winter storm warnings posted. the timing and how much snow, coming up. >> live from the abc 7 broadcasting centers, this is abc 7 news at 11:00 -- on your side. >> violence and chaos in the streets of ferguson, missouri. massive crowds, huge police presence, and dozens of arrests. in our area, thousands marching in the streets for change. withclusive interview darren wilson and live coverage from the front lines.
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>> first, stormwatch tonight. we are tracking a winter weather system heading our way, expected to arrive on one of the busiest travel days of the entire year. dependsuch snow you get on where you live. steve rudin has a look at the timeline for us now. >> it might be a whole lot less than you originally thought. take a look at what is outside. the national weather service issued a winter weather advisory for montgomery, fairfax, prince william, culpeper counties. pink, that is the winter storm warning. we are looking at the development of this storm of the coast of south carolina. it will lift off to the north and east as we move through the overnight hours and into tomorrow. what that means for us, a mixture of rain and possibly snow, with higher amounts of the chelating snow to the what --
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accumulating snow to the west of d.c. we talk about the exact timing, coming up. >> we will take a closer look at how this is impacting travel in our area. stay with abc 7 and for up-to-date information about the weather situation. jacqui jeras and the "good morning washington" team will bring you complete coverage. >> tonight in ferguson and
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across the country, tens of thousands protest a grand jury decision that they call an injustice. in new york city demonstrators shut down a major bridge. in boston police stopped 1500 people. for the first time, we hear from
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the police officer at the center of it all. jay korff live in our newsroom with more. >> a number of up-to-the-minute developments. protesters once again emerged. it was relatively quiet initially, but literally moments ago a police cruiser was set on fire near ci authorities extinguished the
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hours, and we will get back to you if things develop or deteriorate. protesters say they will work towards stamping out police misconduct as we move forward. officer wilson says he has a clear conscience because he believes he acted properly. d.c.e protests are in tonight as well, starting in mount vernon square, then expanding to other neighborhoods including chinatown. hundreds were out there screaming at the message. live in northwest washington tonight -- >> indeed, there were hundreds who walked to mount vernon square and started into chinatown. this is the arch on h street. they moved to that intersection and shut it down for about 10 minutes. the protesters were loud and emotional and angry, but otherwise very peaceful.
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>> he got shot! >> a day after a missouri grand jury announced it would not charge a white police officer in the shooting death of unarmed police -- teenager mike brown, this coalition said enough already. >> let's be real. the grand jury was a set up. >> 800 miles from ferguson, they went to mount vernon square to send a message. >> we need to stand together and demand true justice. not only for mike brown, but for all the mike browns. -- chanted against what they described as unjustified police action around the country. i asked them how protesting would change anything. >> we cannot lecture our way to change. the only way you can get justice is in the streets.
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>> the groups moves through the h street corridor, briefly shutting down traffic and eventually moving to chinatown. "houting "hands up don't shoot -- the theme of this movement. >> they say that there are protests like this around the country tonight. organizers say to get used to it. another series of protests is planned for friday -- abchank you very stay with 7 throughout the night for up-to-the-minute information about ferguson. post updates on facebook and twitter. >> the other big story impacting our area, a winter weather system threatening thanks giving travel plans. people are so concerned, the roads got clogged up big time today. tom roussey is live with a look. how is traffic at this hour?
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>> a heck of a lot better than it was. i will not sugarcoat it, it was her rent u tonight. here -- horrendous tonight. on 395 things are moving better. tomorrow will not be a walk in the park, either, with the storm in the way4. >> i did not expect it. >> thanksgiving travelers were glad to get a break after sitting in horrible traffic. >> i do not perceive that happening. >> that is why we left today. >> they hoped by leaving on tuesday they would avoid the storm. the problem with that -- >> that's why i am doing it. typically if i do something, a lot of people do the same thing. that has been my experience. >> the traffic was so bad, some wished they waited and faced the rain and snow. >> i am wishing i either left
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late tonight or maybe even tomorrow to face the storm. >> although wednesday is typically thought of as the busiest travel day for thanksgiving, aaa says in the d.c. area tuesday is the busiest. couple that with all the folks who left early to avoid the storm, and it was a bad combination. some still have a long way to go. >> from virginia to new hampshire. >> and some say next time -- >> take a plane, or maybe stay home. >> tomorrow would have been expected to be an easier day for travel, but with the storm coming all that's are off --bets are off. ronald reagan airport looks good, but bwi and dulles are experiencing delays, with the potential to get worse with the storm tomorrow. >> thank you, tom. this just in from southeast
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washington. police tell us there is an active investigation into the shooting of a child. this happened around 7:00 tonight on callplace. they confirmed the child is a girl. we will have details for you as they come into our newsroom, both on the air and online at >> a major police presence tonight in greenbelt as officers investigate a shooting. news chopper seven was there as roads and parking lots were blocked off. the victim was found lying in a parking lot. they say injuries are not life-threatening. there is an active search at this hour for a suspect. tonight, d.c. police are concerned. a man accused of filming a woman in a public library bathroom targeted more people. the incident happened at martin luther king jr. park library in northwest. randolph filmed
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a woman using the bathroom with his cell phone. >> more information about an investigation. we told you about a smartphone stepgenie. the ceo pleaded guilty to running spyware. this is the first-ever criminal conviction targeted at a spyware app. he was ordered to pay a $500,000 fine. >> troubling accusations against a fraternity at the university of virginia. >> how the schoo >> on the campus of the
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university of virginia, active investigation into a legend sexual assault involving a fraternity. >> the university held in a metered and see -- an emergency meeting to address the allegations. >> the board of visitors approved a zero-tolerance property -- policy for sexual assault on campus, and they
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might even extend the suspension of activity for fraternities if changes are not seen. on peabody hall, posted notes honoring survivors of sexual abuse and criticizing the university for ignoring this problem for too long. the board of visitors and student leaders discussed the influence of alcohol on assault, with some discussing the idea of a band of hard liquor in fraternities. they talked about encouraging reporting of crimes and increasing presence of police. stone" article detailed and assault where a student at a fraternity house named jackie was the victim of a gang rape. the article faulted uva for its poor response to the incident.
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>> my initial reaction was numbness. but the numbness turned to anger, an deepd grief. >> after the meeting, hope and skepticism moving forward. >> time will tell, but i do not feel optimistic. >> a memorial at peabody hall for survivors of sexual assault. the virginia attorney general mark herring will look at possible changes to state law to battle the issue of sexual assault. after the new year, the board of visitors will be coming back with more specific recommendations on how to deal with the problem on campus. in charlottesville, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> we switch gears now to this. " new "dancing with the stars champion tonight. alfonso ribeiro got to lift the trophy this evening. >> i cannot believe this! i have wanted it forever!
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i don't even know what to say! tears!re happy [laughter] >> the judges handed him his trophy after around a perfect 10s. sadie robertson came in second, and janel came in third. >> you called it. >> everyone knew he was going to win. [laughter] a fan favorite. sounds like. >> tomorrow is manageable. >> absolutely, inside the capital beltway. we made no changes to our forecast. our snowfall total, if you are a storm lover you might want to go west. 51 degrees at reagan national airport. satellite radar, the clouds are in place and now we are waiting for the wind to move in. that will happen over the next couple hours.
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you can see this listing to the north overnight. tomorrow morning, rush-hour commute, it will be wet out there. the national weather service has posted a winter storm warning for tomorrow, including all the areas in pink. closer to the district, montgomery and fairfax and prince william, this is for tomorrow. advisories, no warnings for southern maryland, the district, arlington, or alexandria. this is the futurecast, giving us a timeline of what to expect. moving through the overnight hours into tomorrow morning. here is the rain settling in around 70, into frederick county. all rain. in the mid day we finally see the switchover a little later than anticipated, talking 3:00 in the afternoon.
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by that time, most of the moisture will be off to the north and east of us, and that means skies will continue to clear, and the rain and snow will come to a end. anywhere between a trace and one inch inside the capital beltway. .e will be closer to a trace higher elevations above 1000 feet could look at between three of snow.ches hourly forecast. temperatures will slowly slide into the 30's as rain turns into wet snow. it will not accumulate inside the beltway. we are calling for a quiet thanksgiving day. temperatures in the lower 40's. friday, around 40 degrees. on saturday, daytime highs around 47. sunday, a high temperature of around 60 degrees. once you get this all out of the way, better weather is ahead. jacqui jeras is in at 4:30.
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>> if you are up early traveling. ok. >> we have a lot going on tonight. the hawks and the wizards, and the terps came out of their shell. i will show you if they we >> and now, the toyota sports
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desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> breaking news in sports. mccoy will start against the colts on sunday. iii has been benched. this was just tweeted out by an espn nfl insider. he's reporting that robert griffin iii has been benched. even though the redskins have not even started practice. the indianapolis colts -- he is reporting the decision has been made. this has not been confirmed by us. you certainly have heard jay gruden on his conference call yesterday, he reiterated that his intent was to start robert griffin iii on sunday. tonight, we are hearing that colt mccoy will start against the colts. the washington wizards played host to the hawks at the verizon center. wizards 9-3, first place in the
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southeast division. john wall doing what john wall does, to the bucket. forces the action. and-one. the game was close until the fourth quarter. the hawks went on a 12-0 run. jeff t to mike scott. atlanta with a lead. but then jeff teague took it over, ending with 28 points. the wizards made a close, but the final was 106-102, atlanta over washington. terps beat arizona state to go to 4-0 last night. tonight they took on 13th-ranked iowa state. several freshmen played big roles. 23-16 terps. iowa state helped them a little, turning it over. they give it back to maryland. maryland will take this. bang.s, yes, sir,
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in the second half, the turks have the lead and they controlled it. starting to light things up from the bonus. the turks would build a 10-point lead. right now they're up by 10 and there is less than one minute to play in the ball game. the terrapins look like they will go to 5-0. tennessee state and virginia. virginia to anthony gill in transition. , on. time winding down in the first half, virginia leading big. justin anderson buries a three ball. cavaliers beat tennessee state 79-36. northern iowa smoked for genentech tonight. how about this? check it out. .ravity defying, highflying trying to build a program at blacksburg, but they lose tonight. islanders play the caps
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tomorrow night. beforeechkin left practice even began with an upper body injury. questionable for tomorrow. >> we will check it out tomorrow at traffic. >> thank you. these g
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silent night not so silent? with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. give the gift of amazing sleep, only at a sleep number store. this week only, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. >> two turkeys will not make it
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to the dinner table on thursday. the most famous turkeys in america. [laughter] >> wait! one of them will serve as the national thanksgiving turkey and will be pardoned by the president wednesday. his alternate will also be spared, and both will be named by the first >> busy travel day tomorrow
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absolutely. >> not as bad as some people originally thought. anywhere from a trace to one inch inside the beltway. i think we will be more on the trace side of things. higher elevations are talking about 1000 feet, where we might see three to six inches of snow.
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nothing like that for us around the immediate metro. 95 north to new york city, mainly rain for tomorrow. thanksgiving day -- >> there you go. thank you. >> that is it for
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- chris pine. evangeline lilly. plus music from pitbull and ne-yo. with cleto and the cletones. and now, one last thing -- here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's very nice. thank you. thank you, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. appreciate you coming. thank you for watching at home. and this is -- very nice of you.


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