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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  November 26, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> this is abc 7 news at noon. >> the winter weather is here. snow was starting to accumulate in parts of the area. this is a live look at the national harbor. we are just receiving a cold rain right now. it is a pretty messy start one of the busiest travel days of the year. we begin our coverage with doug hill. init is winter wonderland some areas.
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in others, it is heavy, cold rain. low visibility, heavy snow, 32 degrees in clark county. snowl, we are seeing the coating in some areas. ae doppler radar gives us rough guide of where the precipitation is falling. back and forth rain and snow through the eastern suburbs. heavy rain to the south and east of the metro area. all part of this developing storm system off the coast of the outer banks. the biggest impact of snow will be in the mountainous area of the mid-atlantic, pennsylvania, and the new england coastal areas pounded with rain. the storm moves toward the northeast. some of the rain will see the kick over to snow. advisory'sher continue in the northern and western suburbs. the winter storm warning
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posted for the rest of the day. the bulk of the precipitation will move out of the area. cold temperatures continue to fall. as the colder air gets driven in, temperatures are slowly falling throughout the remainder of the day. visibility's are also falling. four miles visibility in washington. north of the metro area, winter storm warning. whalen has been checking the snow conditions up north. what the you see, snow patrol? >> oh my goodness, it is beautiful. it looks like a winter wonderland here in frederick the border ofon frederick in washington county, right off i 70. it just looks so scenic here. the snow is falling. it took a while for the snow to
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start falling. we did not see the transition until 9:00. we have been with you all morning long. we had our storm chaser out. we got about a half an inch of rain before we saw the transition. roads are mainly wet. that we areow you starting to see a little bit of slushy accumulation begin to move on in. i am concerned, as temperatures start to drop it little bit, that we are going to see a little bit more in the way of icy conditions on the roadway. it is a really heavy, wet snow. it is not too bad for little snowball making. some fun, enjoy, if you are traveling, be safe. you will be encountering much heavier snow and higher snowfall accumulation. thel then, everyone enjoy beautiful snow as it continues to fall. back inside to you. >> ok.
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thank you for not hitting me with that snowball. make sure you stay with us at noon. we have three meteorologists checking the storm. meantime, team coverage continues. in northern virginia right now, cartercarter -- brainne is in linden. heard eileen talking about the beautiful scenery. it is gorgeous to look at, but it is already causing problems. these cars behind me, they are parked because they could not make it up the hill. we talked to some folks who are staying here for the thanksgiving holiday. this is as far as the car was going to make it before getting up to those homes. those cars are making it up there. this is a wet, heavy snow.
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it is the snow that is causing a problem and as the drivers are getting on it, it is packing it onto the roadway, making for slick conditions. pieces of400 equipment stationed around northern virginia to work through all of this. this is video we shot driving through areas of northern virginia, winchester, and martinsburg. the concern is about refreezing tonight and what that will do. vdot will be out working on the roads. are plowing and putting down salt treatment. talking to drivers about having the first snowfall of the year early and what it has been like trying to get from here to there. i put my chains on. that is the only way i am getting up. >> [indiscernible] >> those trying to make it up the hill as well.
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we saw someone write off into an embankment trying to take a corner too fast. you will want to be careful. these people are trying to make it up the hill and they have four-wheel drive, so it is a little easier. hill. had to walk up the it has been snowing since about 8:00 this morning. reporting live, abc 7 news. >> stay safe. the winter weather is wreaking havoc on the roads and in the air. parts of the northeast could see as much is 12 inches of snow from this nor'easter. that is causing a ripple effect of cancellations and delays. we have been keeping an eye on the skies since the wee hours of the morning. who said to passengers they came earlier than usual to get ahead of the storm. let me show you something. we have been watching this board
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for hours now. it has slowly been turning red, one cancellation after another. some of them delayed, but mostly cancellations is what we are dealing with. well over 600 flights across the country have been canceled. that is up from 260 this morning. it has been concentrated along the northeast, stretching all the way out to chicago. we just got word that flights from philadelphia will start seeing 1.5 hour delays. this is causing a lot of stress and anxiety on passengers trying to get home for the holidays. >> at first i thought it would be fine and then i started looking at the forecast and i got nervous. u.s. airways is letting you slew at your flight to free so i switched to an earlier flight. can sneak out tomorrow morning. >> the goal is to make it through security as quickly as possible and get to your plane.
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do yourself a favor. keep your phone handy. call your airline or travel agent to make sure there and not any last minute changes, so you can make it home on time and have something else to be thankful for this thanksgiving. reporting at reagan national, abc 7 news. >> almost 60 flights of been canceled at reagan national. 20 dulles. we will continue to stay on top of this winter storm with live reports. you can always stay connected with up-to-the-minute snow totals and conditions by using our free app. gears meantime, switching , ruth bader ginsburg is recovering after heart surgery. stent in herd a right coronary artery this morning. the 81 numeral justice was taken to the hospital after experiencing discomfort while working out. she is expected to be released in the next few days.
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she is the oldest justice on the court and a two-time cancer survivor. protests continued overnight in ferguson misery. there were three times as many national guard troops as last night. authorities arrested about 44 people. it was the second night of protests after the grand jury decided not to indict darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown. an exclusive interview with george stephanopoulos, wilson described the moments before the shooting. brown described michael as a demon. where did that word came from? what were you seeing? it was such a high level of intensity and aggression and was almostit unfathomable to even see it.
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>> this morning, his mother said his description added insult to injury. police will release surveillance video in the shooting death of a young boy by a police officer. an officer responded to a call about someone with a gun. the boy posture airsoft gun looks like a real one and was missing the orange safety indicator. attorneys have called for the public release of the video. the officer has been placed on administrative leave. we are learning more about the memorial plans for d.c.'s mayor for life marion barry. services to honor the d.c. councilmen will span three days. the wilson in building starting next thursday, then a public memorial service will be held on saturday. more details are expected to be announced in a press conference later on this afternoon. coming up, a redskins shakeup.
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what the recent struggles could mean for our g3's place on the field. the storm tracker coverage continues.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at noon, on your side. jeras is here with us. >> not everybody has been
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getting in on the action. rain in d.c., back to rain, back and forth. all of you who have been tweeting us, sending us pictures on facebook. we want to share a few of those. this is where we have been seeing some of the accumulation. this one is in winchester. take a look at the road. that is going to make some slick conditions. you can see a good couple of inches of snow at haymarket. there is a dog in the snow in stephens city. [laughter] ins one looks christmasy , virginia caruso accumulate and spots and who know that causes problems on the roadways. here are a couple of preliminary
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numbers. just shy of two inches in stephens city. dulles airport regarding 10th of an inch of snow -- reporting 0.2 inches of snow. you are leaving those airports, you will probably sit on the tarmac for 15-20 minutes waiting to get the ice off before you take off. major delays across the country, laguardia, newark, jfk. these places have three hour delays on average. for more information about how this is continuing to unfold, chief meteorologist doug hill is joining us. >> we are keeping a close eye on doppler radar. weird eliminating -- we are
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delineating the areas. the darker the blue, the heavier the snow elements. the yellow is heavier rain. the most dynamic and heavier part of the system is just to the east of the city. that looks like that is going to be the pattern for the rest of the afternoon. we have had some strikes of lightning. i think the pattern is working out the way we thought. most of the heavy accumulating snow will be in the high elevations. the transition will occur. it looks like most of it should move out of the air somewhere around 4:00 or 5:00 this afternoon. we want to give you a step-by-step, and hourly here. now.areas are colder 5:00,ere around 4:00 or we should see most of the precipitation moving out and
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then temperatures will fall with cloudy skies through the evening and there will be a chance for some icy spots in the overnight hours. temperatures 26-33 degrees. skies will stay cloudy. through the day tomorrow, a very , but a chance of snow. some improvements for tomorrow in the seven-day? once we get through today and that little bit of a hick up at thanksgiving, things are looking a lot better. if you take a look at the seven-day, keep in mind we are expecting dry conditions. we are going to be seeing very chilly conditions. sunday, a good travel day for everybody trying to come back. a small chance of rain on monday. we have a lot to get through
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this afternoon and this evening and then things are looking a lot brighter across the area. >> hopefully everyone gets home. >> be safe, take your time, don't rush it. >> coming up, on the bench. only a few games and robert griffin the third's future is uncertain. a secure retirement. a new home. earning your diploma. providing for your family. real associates, using walmart's benefits to build better lives for their families. opportunity. that's the real walmart.
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>> it is cold versus the colts. the redskins will start colt mccoy against indianapolis instead of rgiii. john gonzalez has some news. party inis a
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washington, but not for robert griffin iii. the quarterback's career in washington could be as done as the turkey in the oven. >> he is under a lot of heat. i think he will be done. griffin iii got three games to prove himself after coming back from his injury. has lost his starting job again, according to espn. cold mccoy will start against indianapolis. start againstwill indianapolis. this sunday, robert was abysmal. the redskins are 0-3 since his return.
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mccoyirk cousins, colt was 2-0 this season. some pigskin tomorrow. some fans are glad it is not griffin. >> i'm sorry. i love you man, but i'm sorry. >> the drama just continues. head coach jay gruden will be addressing the media after the 1:00 practice. you can watch that live on our sister station. still ahead, doug is back with an updated look at the snow totals and how much
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following breaking news. we have learned of a partial wall collapse of a two-story commercial building in upper marlboro. you can see this picture that was tweeted out by officials. thebuilding was located in 14,600 block of main street. we have a crew headed to the scene to speak with prince george's county fire officials. we are trying to get some more information for you.
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the building inspector is on the scene. make sure to stay with us for updates. a white house tradition will take place about two hours from now. president obama will pardon to turkeys. cheese/you have until 2:00 to vote for who gets the spotlight. the turkeys will live out their days in leesburg no matter who wins. let's head over to doug hill for a final check of the forecast. itselfheaviest snow south through fairfax county, almost to manasses. still heavy rain along the bay and the shoreline. the whole system moves to the east and northeast over the next 4-5 hours. the heaviest stuff will move offshore. because these are mountainous , youigher elevations areas will sue precipitation and around 4:00 or 5:00.
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the heaviest storms along the mountains all the way through new england. we will see some improvements. around 37.s low to mid 30's through most of the area. cloudy skies tonight. we may job below freezing overnight. when that happens, we look at the refreeze possibility. that is going to be potentially tough travel. once we get through the overnight hours, it looks just fine. it looks just fine with just warmer temperatures. may be a passing snow shower in the afternoon. clear skies and warmer temperatures through the weekend. >> thank you. and thank you for joining us. be sure to watch abc 7 news at 4:00. stay safe.
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