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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 28, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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i thought it'd be bigger. ♪ ♪ (dad) there's nothing i can't reach in my subaru. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru,a subaru. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] raven raybaltimore again inred to play the nfl, despite being caught on fiancée,cking out his now why. the arbitrator throughout the
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indefinite suspension of ray rice, saying that commissioner to changeell decision his two-day suspension to an indefinite suspension was an abuse of power. kevin lewis begins our team coverage with how fans are reacting. it is truly a mixed bag of opinions tonight. the arbitrator saying that nfl will at all of the facts be for the video went public, so rice's first suspension should have been his last. the arbitrator ruled the second suspension was improper and invalid. it is been a tumultuous ride for ray rice. posted a video of him knocking out his then fiancée on the elevator, but judge barbara jones ruled the suspension against the former running back was unwarranted, arbitrary, and abuse of discretion. >> i hope he gets a second
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chance. our judicial system is based on that. he was faithful about the appeals process and will continue to work hard to be the best husband, father, and friend. tonight, at a sports bar in arlington, the opinions ran wide. >> i don't think i will be a fan. >> how come? >> the actions he took. it is explained by the tape. >> i don't condone that type of behavior, but i think getting a second chance is appropriate. >> they say what is fair is not always right. not be the right course of action, it does not always come down to whether it is right or wrong. it comes down to what is the legality behind it. afterording to tmz,
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today's ruling, ray rice was the most picked up player in yahoo! fantasy leagues. as of this hour, 200,000 teams have selected him. kevin lewis, abc 7 news. >> and that is for a fantasy team. the baltimore ravens released him when the indefinite suspension was handed down. joining us with what a look at robertans, abc 7 sports' burton. >will he play again? >> somebody will one him. the question is, do you want to take everything with him. that is the issue. a number of teams could use ray rice. the question is, are any of them willing to take on the baggage? a guy bywill remember the name of michael vick and his baggage in 2007 when he was
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indicted for sponsoring a dogfighting operation. two years later he signed a two-year deal with the eagles. he is pulling for the jets right now. as for ray rice, plenty of teams could use a running back. perhaps the ravens will re-sign him, perhaps the lions, perhaps the cardinals. then you look at teams like the raiders and the jaguars, who need help everywhere. here is the situation -- do you want to take him and have people picketing outside of the stadium? a lot of things going into the situation. the ravens did the whole jersey switch out. exactly, so do you care about business or winning, that is the question. >> thanks so much. we received more than 125 comments on the wjla facebook page, pretty evenly split.
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bee said ray rice should held accountable, but he has the right to earn a living. others called the move unbelievable. this person wonders what kind of message this sends to the youth. join the conversation right now on the wjla facebook page. we are keeping a nylon on a situation unfolding in ferguson, missouri, where two days of calm have erupted into protests. these are live pictures showing the scene right now in ferguson. in the past hour, large crowds gathered at the heart of the st. louis suburb to again protest the grand jury's decision not to prosecute -- not to indict the police officer. so far, no violence, none of the violence that we saw monday and tuesday nights after the decision was announced. we will continue to monitor the situation. of of that follows a day
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protest and chaos, but no violence, at malls across the country. of the blackout friday, a rally against the grand jury decision in ferguson. in ferguson, missouri, the national guard was present to try to head off violence. the protests spread across the nation with a massive rally outside of the macy's flagship store in new york. several people were taken into custody during that protest. people were also arrested in oakland, california, after chaining themselves to art trains -- to bart trains. the train service was stopped for about an hour. walmart on, at the 8th street in northwest washington, there was a tense protest. d.c. police and shoppers clashed with workers who want the retail giant to pay what they call a living wage, $15 per hour.
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the company contends the vast majority of its workers make more than the national minimum wage. had panic inside of a local mall this black friday after a fight sparked rumors of a shooting, sending people running. it unfolded after 4 p.m. near annapolis mall. social media lit up with people saying shots were fired and they were running for their lives. the police say there was no gunfire, not even a gun. what sparked all of this? richard reeve is outside of the mall with what happened. >> it certainly is interesting story. some people inside the mall heard loud noises. they assumed it was the sound of gunfire. they went on social media and put out what they thought was happening. turned out not to be the case at all. it was an urgent police response. >> people were running out of the mall. >> westfield annapolis mall,
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packed with friday shoppers. >> somebody yelled shooting and we ran to the back of the store. a shooting, but a violent, bloody dispute in the food court. this store clerk and other witnesses say the sound of overturning furniture could have been mistaken for gunshots. >> people have kids and all these bags. we do not know what was going on. >> some shoppers got on social media with tweets like "avoid annapolis mall, active shooter inside." " shots fired at annapolis mall." all completely false. >> everybody panics and wants to -- and wants to let everyone know what is going on without having the facts first. the mall was evacuated and they realize there were no gunshots. people were allowed back inside. >> leaving some shoppers
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concerned about the speed and accuracy of social media. people not thinking critically for themselves and gathering facts before they make snap judgments. it's very scary. it puts things into perspective. you have to be careful, especially on days like this. >> the police believe the suspects are young teenagers, nobody so far in custody. people think this is a cautionary tale for anyone using social media. richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> certainly highlights the danger of instant communication. black friday shoppers in northern virginia took advantage of the silver line and its access to shopping at tysons corner. metro said the number of people walking through the gates at the stop was 77% higher than the same day last week. it is one of only three stops in the system saying more traffic today than a typical weekday. metro train service has been available at tysons corner and this is the first year during
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the shopping season. those who ventured outside to go shopping were met with frigidaire and snowflakes. but there may be some relief from the cold. then van de graaff has first look at the slight warm-up heading our way. >> baby steps. tomorrow we will be of the upper 40's, no wind chill. sunday we will be pushing 60 degrees. one more cold night. the cloud moving through. live from the belfort furniture weather center, a beautiful shot across the city, a beautiful day with sunshine this morning giving way to clouds. the clouds and sunshine kind of jockeying back-and-forth through the day. the clouds moving in tonight. here is the deal -- chilly tonight, in the 20's, clearing out overnight. clouds, maybe a couple of flurries. there are clouds moving across, but they are part of a warm
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front, leading to warmer air. tomorrow,ake up mostly cloudy, cool. through the day, mid and upper 40's. upper 50's sunday. thievesning about stealing packages from doorsteps. in a surveillance video, a thief is seen stealing two inches from a front porch of a home in northwest washington. it happened monday afternoon on 5th street. this is at least the third such incident in the past month. it serious because he looks very comfortable looking up to the house. i just felt like it was an invasion of my privacy. >> the police say thefts of this sort usually increase during the holidays. they suggest having packages delivered to your workplace or request a signature before packages are dropped off. ured by a plow -- buried by a
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plow. finding two small boys in the nick of time. >> d.c. police need your help to find the alleged suspect >> we have daylight video
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showing the aftermath of an overnight shooting rampage in downtown austin, texas. the police say that a man fired ate than 100 rounds buildings including police headquarters before he was shot to death. the identity of the man has not been released. the is also accused of trying to set the mexican consulate on fire. federal investigators have joined the search for a motive. d.c. police are hoping that he unique description will help catch the man accused of raping
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a transgendered woman inside of a d.c. nightclub last night in the 1600 block of our street in northwest washington. -- of r street. roz plater has more. >> the description is very detailed, right down to the jewelry he was wearing. we also have a detailed description of the alleged assault, with detail so graphic that we cannot share them all on tv. this quiet dupont circle neighborhood is where the police say that a transgender woman was sexually assaulted thanksgiving night. >> it doesn't surprise me, but it sickens me. to the police report, the 25-year-old woman was attacked in the bathroom of an establishment in northwest at about 6:30. christine armani lives nearby and finds it unnerving. >> i live in this neighborhood.
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as a transsexual myself, i have not encountered any problems. issued a detailed description -- a white male in his 20's, 6'1", blonde shoulderlength hair, last seen wearing a dark hoodie, blue jeans, nike cross trainer sneakers, and a college graduate ring on his right index finger. >> hopefully somebody who saw something will come forward. >> they should not happen at all. >> we are all human beings. it does not matter who you choose to be, we are all entitled to feel safe. this is our city. >> the victim was treated at washington hospital center. they are asking anybody with information to come forward. roz plater, abc 7 news. >> an incredible story of survival from upstate new york. that is where two children building a snow fort were buried under a mountain of snow by a
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passing snowplow. the children were reported missing shortly after sunset. at 2 a.m., the searchers saw shoes sticking out of a snow bank and a search dog began barking. that is when they heard muffled calls for help. they pulled the boys to safety. both boys come each about 10 years old, is being treated for exposure, but they should be ok. >> wow. >> the kids are outside, the snowplow passes, and they are gone. i woke up with snowflakes this morning. >> there are a couple right now. not any issues. one more cold night, but tomorrow we warm up. there will be clouds tomorrow, but we start to transition. sunday and monday we will be pushing 60 degrees. take a look outside right now, a little bit of the snow on doppler.
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nothing to have a, towards winchester, parts of west virginia, trekking across. we may see some energy passing closer to town, but no concerns. reagan national airport, 35 degrees. the wind has started to calm down. with the work gusty winds, we had a windchill factor of 35. 35 is a warm spot in the city. 25 right now andrews, 26 dulles. we are all in the 20's, fairly cool night. in, thickening things up. that will insulate us a little bit. the class will be moving in. the wind will also shift out of the south and southwest. throughds shield moving , fairly mild. the cold air is in place.
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today was out of the north and west. tomorrow it will be more southerly, assuring in the warmer weather. tomorrow will be in the mid 40's. there will be some clouds. futurecast shows the clouds building in tonight, into the morning. passing flurries, could be sunshine peeking through tomorrow. i don't want to discount that because that is a possibility, but overall, clouds win out. once the front moves through, i think by sunday, we are back into the sunshine. mid 50's, pushing 60 degrees. looking good on the extended outlook for the back half of the weekend. 20's tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy, sunshine peeking through, temperatures in the mid 40's. upper 40's south of town. the next couple days, a bit of a transition as the warmer weather moves in. monday near 60 degrees.
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late monday, a shower or two possible. still watching next tuesday and wednesday because we have a chance of moisture tuesday night into wednesday morning. it could be a little bit of a winter remix north and west, but right now just a slight chance. enjoy the next few days. >> you have good news, robert? >> of course, the caps doing good things on the ice, and it was not even close tonight. the caps looked good at verizon center. that and much more coming up. a secure retirement.
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a new home. earning your diploma.
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providing for your family. real associates, using walmart's benefits to build better lives for their milies. opportunity. that the real walmart. desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. caps with a rare five-game homestand that verizon center, taking on the new york islanders. a little scare, lowering a 2-0 lead in less than a minute.
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in the second, on the break, he finds alex ovechkin with the go-ahead. not givinge third, up on the play. the rebound, he puts it in, and that clinches it, the caps win 5-2. for the terps tonight. he is out for weeks with a our fourght wrist, weeks. trumbo finished up with 24 points. that is six straight for the terps. georgetown-butler, in the second half. but paul down by two, white changes that with a nice jumper at the top of the key. later, martin with the take. he finishes, just over four
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minutes to go, knocking down the j. go down, alabama today looking for their sixth win, which would put them into a bowl game. navy with a two-point lead as time winds down. the two-point conversion attempt by alabama. it is picked off. navy holds on, and i mean holds on. the two-point victory. shortly after, the midshipmen accepted a bid to the poinsettia bowl. tomorrowe tripleheader on abc 7. at noon, michigan-ohio state. in michigan takes on penn state. then oregon-oregon state. so just pick out on some pigskin pigskin.ig out on some
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>> i am looking forward to sunday, i want to see what colt mccoy has got.
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>> there it is, the official white house christmas tree. first lady michelle obama gave the thumbs-up this afternoon to
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the 20 foot douglas fi
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officially underway in leesburg. tree isfoot tall decorated with more than 15,000 lights. there were also musical performances, christmas carols, wn carriage ride, and a visit from santa claus. the final forecast? >> it will be gold tonight -- cold tonight and tomorrow, but pushing warmer and into the 60's on monday. >> have a great night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, one direction. from "how to get away with murder," tom verica. celebrities read mean tweets. and music from jessie j featuring 2 chainz. with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everybody, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. your enthusiasm is noted and appreciated.


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