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tv   Washington Business Report  ABC  February 1, 2015 9:00am-9:31am EST

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>> business news from the capital region. this is "washington busiss report," with abc 7 tional correspondndent rebecca cooper. >> today is a big day -- super bowl sunday. not only synonymous with football, but also advertising. exexperts s say the fact t that 15 companies are jumping in for thehe fit time, willing topend $4.5 million per 30 second slot is a g good sign for the overall ececonomy. top ad execs break down the best and worst when it comes to advanced o odds, b branding, and other lessons every busess can lelearn,ven without a supersized ad budget. and how to win from the sidelines -- waways to use skills outside of your day job to make
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money and adadvance your caree without cheati on the boss. first, we want t to hear from you. with so many s super bowl as released in advance, which have you seen that you either loved or hate? tell us s on facebook, or tweet us . here is one we think ems t to have the winning formula -- funny, memorable, and for those of us over 40, relatable. >> i was not prepared to translate that, the little mark th the a and the ring around it. >> at. >> that is what i said. she thought it was about. but i had never heard it. there it is. what do o you do? do you write to it like mail? >> here is allison. can you explain what internet is? >> that is what i said. what do you mean there is nothing under the hood? she said she thought this was a
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car, and it built using wind, like from a windmill. >> or a turbine, or a fan or a fan-bine. can you explain what i-3 is? >> that bmw ad is generatining buzz, so get out your nodules. the first, monetizing your skills outside of a 40 hour work week.
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>> time for the small busiss spotlighght. this week, how many people are using their skills outside their day jobs to add to their resume,
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supplement their income, and makeke the most of what they know? for many, one job is no longer enou, and freelancing contract work ctinues to grow. smalall business expert ebong eka lets you know what you nee to have a booming sideline small business. wh is a sideline business, and who can participate? >> b basically, you are becoming a freelancer. a t of people are noticing the trends in thjob market. people are workiking more jobs and making less money. people are s saying, how can i suppleme my income with a side hustle? how do th do itit in good conscience? if you hava day job, aren't you cheatingng on your boss if you are selling the same skills toto others aftfter houours? >> that is a question a lot of people struggle withth. say you work for a a photographic design firm. that is a little different. if you do graphic design withinin
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a company for other people, that is a little different. >> do you go to the boss and let them know? >> i would s say no, because not everybody can deal with that. there may be jealousy. some m may think you will spend company resources doing your side job you probably do not nt to bring it up. >> once you line up the extra wowork, tell us how to not mingle the two,o yoare not using the boss's oducts, ti, and e-mail addddresses to get your job done.. >> you have to be intentional and deliver it. that includes creating your own website, keeping separate records. i tell people, do not even take notepads and pans, not because it is a big deal, but the bigger thing isif you do that, you wiwill sta skimming other thgs from your acal day jobffice. >> and you have to do this on yo own time.
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give us an example of some of the types of jobs that are out there that people are takingng advantage of. >> there are people who do p.r.,., forxample, who can help individuals who want to do press releas creative writing. you could do something with grgraphic desi. a lot of the jobs tend to be service based. if you work in construction your not doing construction in the middlef the night. but jobs like p.r.,., accounting -- youou could do ternal bookkeeping for a company. >> i like that you sayt does nohave to be what you do during your day job. you could have other skills muscles you do not e exercise during the rular work day. you could be a teacher. how do people find a job? the are a lot of great websites. love freelancer, elance. there are ways to find outsourcing resources, but also a y to find work across the
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country. >> what are somef the big d' ts? >> try to separate your banking. get a website. get an employee idenficaon number for tax purposes. get separate bank ca for a bank. another thing you can do is hopefully, get your own website, which is very simple to do with go ddy for not a lot of money. get a yahoo! address. >> not professional? >> get an actu real addrs. >> those are some of the don'ts. what are the big don's? >> to not be afraid to charge at you are worth. peop struggle with charging money, because they say, i have a real job. i feel bad. if you anchor urself to lower price e points, you give the idea you are lower quality.
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and you get horrible clients who nickel and dime you, waste yourr time. >> our friends who think you are doing thiss a hobby. tell m me a littleit about some of the ways you think people could think beyond what they are currently doing. >> one great example is, over is a great example. every time i am th an n over driver, he is in school, he is a lawyer. these e are people using their cars to drive. > used to be the cababdrivers. now it is u uber. when we come bk, a super bowl focus on advertising. a fumble o or an offensisive sneak attack to offend people? we'll talk about that and more.
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>> t today is a big day for football fans and advertisers. it is the show within the show. to talk about hohow to learn from the best, we are joined by cary hatch and matt smith of smithgifford. two of t bt in the bususiness here in n washington. we already showed d thbmw ad. you pointed to that effective . i like it as well. i want to showow one of the ads you picked, the newcastle ad, and let you way anon why you thought this was effective >> honey? have you seen my [bleep]? >> try cleaning the fridge. try checking the basement bin. >> i cleaned the whole basement, and did tind any down here. >> check the garage.
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>> no [bleep]. >> check under the sink. >> note. hey -- you tricked me into doing chores. that is, the everyone can enjoy. >> youoth enjoy this . why is it effective? >> first, it was co-funded. what is thatat about having soone help y pay for an ad? >> and cro funded. this was a way off saying, we do not have a $4.5 million budget so we argoing to do it with a couple of our friends. people chipped in to help y. i thinthey also won the p.r. r. they really came outut ahehead, in tes of the advanced buzz. in terms of being a spf on every ad out there. isis that how they did it? >> they took advantage of what they h had done last year, which
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was a way to get on the super bowl without being on the super bowl. this year, how do you top that? it ikindnd of in a lge to smalall businesses, a way for -- it is kind of an homage to small businees, a y r them toome togegeth. >> this is aittle-known blue company that bet the farm. basement their advertising budget for the year on this one spot. take a look. ♪ ♪ >> ♪ type in your fanny p pack you cahelp a l ♪
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>> no superstars, no celebrities, no britney sprs.. just a lot of brandiding for a compmpany that is not a big name.. does i it rk? >> a absolutely. they are up against gorilla glue , which has a hugege advertisising budget. thisis is smart, unique, memorable. it will be remembered. >> it is a small l company. you are root for the l little guy. you are e in advertising. would you forget radio adsds all year long to buy one super bowl ad? >> in th case, it is a national brand. you think about the numbers of people they are reaching out on. it is brilliant. it is a brliant agency. on top of ththat, the ad is not that exciting, but it is literalllly 30 seconds. >> there are some companies that
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come up with great ads, but at the end o of it, you cannot think who the company is. it is shurous, but ere is no branding. iis the most t creative agency in america. >> what woulthey he done that we would have heard of? >> they did cadillac for years. >> eds, herding cats. >> it is the strategy on that. it is not a hail mary. you think of the numbers of people they need to reach in one hit. the memedia budget is so small that if they spread it out, no one sees it. it is notven a product you look for. it is kind of f a secondary product. it is brilliliant. >> we give so much free media to super bowl ads. we get even more after they release them in advance. the super bowl has not even air yet, and we are e dissecting the best and worst ads. the bmw ad -- i worked with brian gumbel and katatie couric. bryant is the most lovabable know
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what all you will ever work wi. for brian gumbel toe willing to rele days when he looks pretty ignorant, looking back -- it worked for me. what didou like about it? >> i went t to high scol with katie. she was great. >> willing to make fun of herself. make fun of her hair. >> that was alws her magic on the todaday show. that is at is great. >> and it giveseople permission to consider a new vehicle that hasas new tecechnology. the self-deprecating hum certainly works. itives the rest of us not o only a la and a c ackckle and a bit of nostalglgia, but perssion to explore a w vehicle in a dierent way. >> w we definitelyly want to talk about t e ad that did t work in terms of public applause, but maybe did in terms of strategy. we will see. it is halftime. more branding lessons from the team, right after the break.
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>> we are back with more of a breakdn from what you can learn out the ser bowl vertising juggerut, wiwith cary hch andnd matt smith, our am every yeaear. we areble to talabout the ads in advance.
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we usually do this a week after the super bowl. now, thehave all beeeen discusd. we usually like to eithelaugh or cry but in a heartfelt, sentimental od cry way. one e of the ads you picked as st eective thiss yr is unsettttling. it is a psa that the nfl produced. take a lk. [phone rings] >> 911. opoperator. where is the emergency? >> 127. >> what is going on? >> i w want to order a pizza for delilivery. >> this is an emergency line. >> half pepperoni. halflf mushrooms. >> you c called 911. is it an emergency? is everything ok over there? you have an emergency or not? >> yes. >> and you are unable to talk because? >> right. >> is therere someone in the room with you?
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say yes or no. >> yes. >> it looks like i have an officer about a mile from your location. are there any weapons inin your housuse? >> no. >> can you stay on the phone with me? >> know. thanyou. >> you know w i give my charity time to chilabuse. unsettling to watch during one kind o of game. why does this work? >> it has a huge audience. the nfl is in a position now to talkbouthis sue. the need to talk about this. they have had their own challenges. raray rice and a number of others. my uerstanding is that the whole e campaiaign h been effective, but i think this will really bring it homeme for a lot of people. don hudson has done a great job the new chf marketing officer. made a meaningngful differce to their messaging. i think all of usus feel empored to do something now, anand th is an important step area >> th
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is based on an actual incide an actuaual phone call to 911. it is unsettling durining the super bowl. does it work? >> it works, and it is desned for e super bowl, because she is calling for a pizza, which as we know, everybody orders pizza dung the super bowl. you are kind of sucked in,n, just like the 911 opeperator was. then, tak the turn. it is powerful, because you fefeel like there arere people doing things like this. i know when we shared it around i s like, this is probably the most powerful ad in the super bo. not a big budget. brliantly executed on a shoestring budget. >> we talklk about child abuse. we do not talk about this issue enough. this is effective. >> if you doot have a big media budget, this is an opportunity to hava sharper nail. >> if you do not have a bigger hammer, you have to have a sharper il. thisis message is poignant emotional, and real.
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>> it does not let the e nfl of the book f everything, butt is a good move. this has the mosbuzz and is not going to air tonight. the go daddy puppy out. ta a look. ♪ ♪ >> it is buddydy! i am so glad you made it home. because i just s sold you on this new website i built withth daddy. ship them out. you are expecting a ce budweiser stimental moment. you get politically incorrect huhumor, so muchch so that go dadd pull the ad because people were offended that it was promoting a puppy mill. goaddy said this was not a deliliberate ploy to get attention. do you buy that? >> i i am a little cynical.
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>> of course it was planned. it takes time for the nfl to approve an end tgo on network. you know what it iss like to get an ad on the super bo. the amount of approval process it went through? this is like reality programming where the c camera is inside and it pretends ones there. total set up.. >> i talked to one of the other top ad execs in town, and she does not buy it either. what i think go daddy is asking us to believe is, if they did not know i it was going to offend some people, they have no finger on the pulse. they have always had effecve advertising. of course they knew it was going to offend people. but as cynics ask, is that effective? look at all the free media go daddy has gotten from ththis ad. does it still serve their purpose? quickly social marketing game is ov. they won it. >> in bad way. can an absolute bad way. >> but they won it. >> i don't think people likto
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get played. >> it depends on the punch line. say the dog was bought by danica. millions of dollars donated. >> we id we were going to be talking about this. bill said, this is a funny ad. everybody lighten up. get over it. it is an edgy cpany that is supposed to appeal to younger tech savvy users. there is a lotf inappropate humor. are we fududdy-duddies? >> iandle a client in the dog worl and i am all over facebook saying, when we croross the line? at what point does awareness equal -- this is one of those things that crossed the line. i do believe they did not expect the reaction. you don't mess wh dogs. >> even if it was deliberate, it was a mis-play
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>> it was a mis-play. courts we will see who plays t best game. thank you for breakingown the best advertising. thank you all. be surto let us know what you thought of today's show. on facebook, comment on the ads, and you u can follow us on twitter. you can watch any our interviews at have a great week. [captioninperformed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its captn coent and accuracy. visisit]
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>> this week on "government tters" -- >> big data is being used today. we have a lot of work to do to see that policy catching up with us. >> hhs tries to build a learning health system. >> my ofof the instances we have seen is all preventable. >> the first of its kind gsa publishes a cyber media social vandalism toolkit. >> a lot of people sayay the government never tell some why there is a delay. >> why does the procurement process takes so long? "government matters" starts now. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> to our viewers around the world on the american forces


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