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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  February 1, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> a security incident at the white house that got a man arrested. and the new england patriots beat the seahawks to take super bowl xlix. and see how a massive winter storm in parts of the country is causing a here problems here in the d.c. area. it looks like we are escaping the worst of the weather, but we will have slick roadways. eileen whelan is tracking the winter weather alert. >> snow falling across parts of the region, accumulating further northwest. live super doppler, stormwatch in snowmachine mode. that is where we have had
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reports of snow and sleet, but we are starting to see in the past half hour the transition from the winter weather to just plain old rain. i want to zoom out and show you the stormscan. we are seeing a little bit of a void in the action to the southwest. i think conditions will become a little better in the past hour as the precipitation wraps up. we still have a winter weather advisory in effect for parts of montgomery county, gaithersburg, germantown, clarksburg included in that advisory until 8:00 in the morning. frederick also included. temperatures mainly above freezing. gaithersburg, 30 degrees. there could be slick spots on the roadways. the temperatures after midnight really starting to climb and i think a lot of us will be waking up in the morning with temperatures in the 40's. you will want the umbrella for the morning commute, but big
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changes for the evening commute coming up from the belfort furniture weather center. i will get the details coming up. >> the winter weather is slimming parts of the plains and midwest, forcing airlines to cancel hundreds of flights. rebecca cooper has life team coverage from reagan national. we are having travel problems here? >> that is right, it is just rain coming down, a cold rain but we have managed to dodge the worst of the bad weather. there are flight cancellations at reagan national, especially impacting travelers that were hoping to get to boston, new york, or chicago. by this afternoon at reagan national, only one flight made it in from chicago, none made it out. >> my other plan is to get on a flight in milwaukee, take the train down to chicago. >> as the snow fell last night
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in illinois, trains were making it through. but look at the white knuckle conditions captured today is a flight tried to land at o'hare during whiteout conditions. the forecast euros for a wintry mix. >> i like the cold weather, so i'm ok with it. >> it depends. if school is closed tomorrow. >> what if i told you probably know snow, just cold rain? >> two-hour delay works. >> school delays are unlikely. most of us will just get more winter rain. >> if it is going to snow, go ahead and snow. all the winter mix does is make the commute bad in the morning. >> this florida couple could not help that gloat before their flight back to orlando. >> we will be enjoying the 70 degree weathers with shorts and flip-flops. >> keep rubbing it in. no flip-flops for us or parts
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north. they are expecting a lot of snow in boston, new york, chicago points north. the passengers said they expect cancellations if they are headed to chicago this time of year. the biggest surprise was for the passengers trying to get to the super bowl today that had their flights to arizona canceled today because of heavy fog. we are expecting more cancellations across the board and we will keep you posted on all the latest. live from reagan national, rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. >> those travelers missed a heck of a game. stay with abc 7 and as we track the winter weather. look for updates on social media and alerts by downloading our stormwatch app. the secret service says that agents arrested a man at a bicycle rack outside of the white house grounds. the incident happened at a temporary bike rack on pennsylvania avenue, setback from the white house fence
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making it unlikely that anyone could use it to get over, but the man has been charged with unlawful entry. his name is not been released. a hearing will determine how to handle classified information in the case of christopher cornell the ohio man accused of plotting to bomb the u.s. capital. a federal judge will meet with prosecutors and defense attorneys tuesday. he pled not guilty to attempted murder of u.s. officials and employees, along with other counts. the building where the navy yard shootings took place reopens tomorrow, building 197 undergoing a $63 million renovation since the 2013 shooting that left a dozen people dead. the building has a new layout new interior appear it's -- a new interior appearance. the rule be a remembrance area honoring those who lost their lives. the police need your help identifying a woman who was found dead near the airport in
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the potomac river, just south of the airport. the police say the woman is possibly hispanic with a light complexion in her 40's to early 50's. she had short hair, a dark coat, light blue pajama pants and socks. she also had a ring in on the middle finger of her left hand with the name "erica" on one side "jones" on the other side. she may have had surgery on her right ankle. all of this information is posted at a brother and sister are in protective custody after the police arrested their parents at a wine tasting. officers found a three-year-old girl and two-year-old boy and a parked car yesterday afternoon. the car was often the temperature outside was 28 degrees. the parents are charged with
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second-degree cruelty to children. two firefighters were injured while battling an apartment fire. investigators believe the fire started early this morning near a dryer vent at the bethesda hills apartments near dudley rain. residents made it out safely. >> these are safe. nobody got hurt. >> two firefighters got hurt, one suffering a hand injury, the other slipping on ice. they were treated and released from the hospital. damage to the burned apartments is estimated at $1 million. it could be tuesday before we know the professional fate of joshua stark. the board of education said that it and stark are discussing his future with the district. he had a midnight deadline to apply for another four-year contract. he liked support from the board
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for a new term. the board has until march to make its decision. there were super bowl parties around the country and millions watched as a last-minute interception by the patriots help them get a victory over the seahawks. one party and marilyn took on special meaning. it was for critically ill children being treated at the national institutes of health. jay korff is live in bethesda with the story. >> this can really be a terrifying time in these children's lives. when they come to the children's unit at nih, they have created a home away from home for these families. tonight, they took time away from their treatment. there is a feeling of a party to celebrate the national up session with pro football. but this event is like no other super bowl bash you have been
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to. sunday night, the children's inn hosted a super bowl party. >> go seahawks! >> for patients and their parents. >> we are just fighting and being strong. >> her six-year-old son, colten, is undergoing therapy. and he is a big patriots fan. >> tom brady, come on, now. >> as soon as we got home, we got a call saying that i had leukemia. >> an>> acute leukemia. they stay here while undergoing experimental therapy at nih. the story here is not about a game. it is about a place that makes the impossible a little easier. >> the children's inn is a great
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place for the families. >> so that children can focus on getting better and resume childhood at home. >> hoping to get colten on a plane in remission and go back to denver. >> we should note the holiday project inova tribe raise the money to help make this happen. >> it is tough to top those highlights, but in a few minutes, robert will have the great moments from super bowl xlix. coming up -- two high-profile trials this week. learn what is being blamed for the delays. >> we have all become much closer. we talk all the time. we pray together. >> the sister of former virginia
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governor bob mcdonnell is talking about his legal troubles. and we will tell you about the new fight over a cap that dug his way out of a grave.
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>> test results are pending on four suspected mumps cases at the university of virginia. the department of health says there is no indication that mumps is spreading through the campus community, but those who have not had the vaccine are urged to get it. the sister of former virginia governor bob mcdonnell is opening up about his legal troubles. his sister says the ordeal has brought the family closer together, that they even pray for jonnie williams, the businessman accused of giving loans and gifts to mcdonnell and his wife in exchange for promoting his dietary products. mcdonnell's sister believes it is a blessing. >> it's an interesting blessing
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where he has the time and energy to focus on other folks, parents who have lost a son or daughter people who are newly widowed people who are suffering and earth. he has greater empathy for individuals going through what he has gone through. >> a judge ruled bob mcdonnell can remain free while he appeals his corruption conviction. his wife is set to be sentenced later this month. singer bobby brown is asking for privacy as his daughter remains in a medically induced coma. the police found 21-year-old bobbi kristina unresponsive and facedown in a bathtub at her home yesterday. investigators are still investigating what happened. brown's father released a statement, asking the public to allow his family privacy to deal with the matter and give his daughter the love and support she needs. the latest winter storm is prompting delays in two
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high-profile tries in the northeast. jury selection has been suspended tomorrow in the trial of boston marathon bombing suspects dzhokhar tsarnaev. jury selection is scheduled to resume tuesday. the winter storm also delink that a murder trial of former new england patriots star aaron hernandez. trial is expected to resume tuesday. hernandez is charged in a june killing of a man who was dating his fiancée's sister. jail officials say that hernandez is in isolation and did not watch the super bowl game tonight. republicans on capitol hill say that most of president obama's 2016 budget is a nonstarter. the white house will unveil the $4 trillion proposals tomorrow including a $478 billion in for structure program, partially paid by one-time taxes. the budget also calls for an end to the automatic spending cuts
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known as sequestration, which might have bipartisan support. the humane society of tampa bay is bracing for a fight over the animal known as zombie cat which made headlines after he dug himself from his own grave. he is recovering at the humane society, where workers say they are willing to go to court to keep him. the humane society is concerned about his exposure to children and the outdoors at his home. >> if we have to go to court, we have to go to court. i don't think it's right. >> the cat's owners say that they family members are all animal lovers and have been taking care of pets their entire lives. we saw a little bit of snow earlier in gaithersburg, but everything converting to rain? >> for the most part we are seeing that transition. anyone traveling, be extra cautious on the roadways. i'm not too concerned about the
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morning commute, but i wanted to start with the stormwatch 7 live doppler in-store mode. the precipitation started as a little bit of a winter rey mix a little more than i had anticipated, but this is changing over to rain in d.c. it is just rain, just wet roads. folks traveling on the 270 corridors some of the roadways may be slick as the snow sticks on the roadways. the national weather service in the past 15 minutes updated their advisory to now include the rest of montgomery county. so rockville, silver spring, northern sections of loudoun county under this winter weather advisory through 8:00 tomorrow morning. the counties and purple have the greatest likelihood of seeing some slick roadways. keep that in mind. the temperatures above freezing
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in town, 38 degrees, 34 at dulles, 32 at bwi and gaithersburg. those are the locations, further north and west, that may be slick. the temperatures will actually be rising, especially after midnight and by tomorrow morning. this is a play big weather system. a lot of snow well north of us. we are kind of on the leading edge of the warmer air moving in. a little void in the precipitation through central southern virginia. i think some of the precipitation may be getting to dwindle over the next several hours. there may be some rain showers greeting you tomorrow morning. the futurecast shows the surge of moisture is pushing through. tomorrow morning, a few showers. it sure the kids have their rain gear temperatures in the 40's. the rain exits by lunchtime. temperatures will be blustery and quickly fall.
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by the mid day, mid-40's, and by the evening, falling into the mid 30's. wind gusts could gust up to 50 miles per hour which is why the national weather service has issued a wind advisory tomorrow that includes pretty much the entire abc 7 viewing area. hold onto your hat tomorrow, the temperatures falling into the 30's in the afternoon. the windchill factor will be in the teens and signaled it is. cold overnight monday into tuesday, falling into the teens. 32 the high tuesday. wednesday, middle 40's, then we drop back into the 30's thursday. any winter he weather right now will not be there tomorrow morning. as of this moment, i'm not expecting too much in the way of cancellations or delays. >> wet roadways can tie up traffic. >> definitely. >> what a difference five yards can make. >> before tonight, i bet you that nobody knew who malcolm
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butler was. super bowl xlix was a good one. this ending should be a good lesson, always expect the unexpected.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> super bowl xlix -- could russell wilson repeat or tom brady add to his legacy? one of those things had to happen. the patriots in striking range, brady lofts it up, golf by -- guess who -- jeremy lane. was that ball inflated properly or not, kimberly? after that, tommy terrific looked great. second quarter, tommy terrific again. over the middle, 11 yard touchdown.
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and the touchdown dance. 7-0 pats. 36 seconds left in the quarter another touchdown, 14-7 pats. 6 seconds to go, seattle gambles on running one more play and it pays off. wilson throws the quick strike, chris matthews. third quarter, 17-14 seahawks after brady's second. baldwin, wide open, touchdown. 24-14 seahawks. fourth quarter, the pats drive down the field. five yard score. 24-21 seahawks. that is brady's 12 super bowl touchdown pass, passing joe montana. now 28-24 patriots. the next seahawks drive, wilson throws one up for grabs. check this out, it is tipped and
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caught my seattle kid jermaine kearse. that is money. two plays later, this gets ugly. wilson throws to the goal line picked off by a rookie free agent, malcolm butler. the pats win their fourth super bowl, for brady and belichick 28-24 is the final. >> unbelievable play by malcolm. the clock was running down and i realized this was basically it. i saw the interception and i cannot believe it. it was just an incredible play. >> there is really nobody to blame but me, and i told them that, clearly. they posted their tails and did everything they need to to d-up bus in position and unfortunately it did not work out right. a hard lesson, and i hate to learn the hard way, but there is no other way to look at it right now. >> pete carroll taking the
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blame. the capitals at it this afternoon at the verizon center, hosting the blues. in the first, alex ovechkin, his 30th goal of the season. only the fifth player in nhl history to score 30 goals in his first seasons. scary moment, checked hard into the board had first. the caps were not happy. he has a gsash on his eye five-minute majors. now the blues attacking the net. the caps drop two straight, 4-3. women's hoops, the terps in iowa. the terps start their break lexi brown, check out the dish lays it in, gets the foul, 72-70
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terps. less than a minute to go, 86-84 terps. brown drives the lane, the tough scoop shot. maryland goes on to win, 93-88. and novak djokovic defeated andy murray in the australian open. so the super bowl is over now, but malcolm butler's career is just getting started. >> pretty cool. "american sniper" continues to dominate the box office.
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>> "american sniper" shot down another box office record, earning $32 million this weekend, making it the biggest super bowl weekend gross ever will stop it has earned nearly $250 million in six weeks.
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>> now a check of the forecast? >> starting to see the
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transition to rain. it will be chilly and soggy, a wet start monday morning. grab the umbrella and set the alarm a little early. a little bit of water can impact the commute. cold and blustery in the afternoon. a wind advisory for the area. 32 degrees with sunshine tuesday.
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> a huge blast of winter weather is making its way across the country. it will affect about 100 million americans, making for travel problems. alex raise is in chicago.


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