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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  February 2, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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t in the 20's. east of town in andrews, st 41. everything is going to drop. bitterly cold tonight. the temperatures that you see now, the left-hand side of the screen, that's where the cold air is intruding. that will be the problem tonight. falling temperatures, falling wind chills. feels like 14 in gaithersburg now. feels like 29 in the nation's capital but later tonight, the combination of the strong winds and dropping temperatures, folk if you're going out tonight, wind chills later tonight, 10:00 or so it will be in the single digits. more to follow on this coming up alison. >> thank you. we're also following breaking news blamed on those winds that doug just mentioned. dominion power is showing 5,000 customers without power right now. the bulk of those about 4800 are in fairfax county. the power company tells abc 7 a crew has just discovered a tree laying across the three different lines in fairfax. they're now working to remove the tree and repair the damage. we will bring you more details on that as soon as it develops.
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and while we're dealing with cold and wind it looks like parts of the midwest and northeast take in yet another winter weather pounding. the strong winter storm covering the nation from nebraska to maine is putting another foot of snow on the ground in those same spots where two to three feet of snow fell just a week ago. that has translated into more than 5300 flights canceled since yesterday. more than 1,000 of those in chicago alone with where more than a foot of snow has fallen. >> and our luck is holding up for another week. >> exactly. >> a second conviction tonight in a bizarre case of a woman taking over a home that went hers. but prosecutors say the brazen crime didn't end when the squatters were discovered. maryland bureau chief brad bell live tonight with what happened next. brad? >> yes, it's hard to believe that when the rightful home owner of this house discovered that squatters were in here and tried to get them evicted, the squatter actually sued. this sag aa all began when the
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home owner got transferred to california and the house quickly started to look like this. a house headed for foreclosure, the long grass landscaping is gone. no trespassing signs. it's exactly the sort of home that this house predator was looking for. it's a big house in a nice community and keana johnson made herself right at home. she threw a cookout for her new neighbors. she moved in. >> been there for a while. >> what nobody knew was what johnson was a squatter. all part of an elaborate scheme orchestrated by real estate agent shannon lee along with johnson. lee was convicted in august. the pair targeted more than 20 homes going to foreclosure. one was sold others rented. johnson decided to make this one her own. johnson and her co-conspirator shannon lee was able to literally steal the house by entering a falsified deed saying they bought it for $150,000.
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to this day, if you search maryland property tax records, it shows her as the owner. >> prince george's county police lieutenant charles dooley made the case against johnson. he said the forged documents were easy to spot. >> victims' names were misspelled. there was some mistakes as we went through the documents we were able to pick out. >> johnson was dragged out of the stolen home in handcuffs last fall and convicted last thursday. we knocked at a more recent address. nobody answered. state's attorney angela brooks says it's likely johnson's next home will be behind bars. >> some temporary gain and the point of the story is they never paid. >> johnson will be sentenced in march and will face a maximum of 69 years for what happened here. but we are told that she and lee likely face many additional charges for crimes involving other houses as well. brad bell abc 7 news.
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>> ok, brad, thank you. new at 5:00 the nfl network has now suspended warren sapp indefinitely after police arrested the hall of famer for allegedly soliciting a prostitute and assault. sapp was taken into custody this morning at a phoenix hotel. police said sapp told investigators he paid a woman for sex but denied the assault. he was in arizona for the super bowl. sapp played for tampa bay and oakland and was inducted into the pro football hall of fame just two years ago. and news of sapp's arrest came as we learn more details of a story we bought you on abc 7. college basketball analyst greg anthony has pleaded not guilty to charges he solicited a prostitute. sam ford was in the courtroom. sam, what's next for anthony? >> well alison greg anthony came into court. he was number one on the docket in a arraignment court today and he pleaded as you said not
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guilty to one count of solicitation for prostitution. he remains free on his own recognizance escorted out of the courthouse by his attorneys after submitting to a drug test and being told to return here to court for a status hearing february 11th. all of this stems from a sting police set up to catch on-line solicitors of prostitutes. anthony was arrested in his room at the doubletree hotel on rhode island avenue northwest after he allegedly arranged an $80 sexual encounter with a woman who turned out to be a d.c. police officer. among anthony's conditions of release is that he stay away from the doubletree hotel. anthony was in town for cbs sports to cover university of maryland game. he has been suspended from that job. now, when anthony returns here on february 11th we understand he is eligible as they say he's eligible for diversion so when he returns here on february 11th he could go into a diversion program. that means he would have to perform so many hours of
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community service and then this case would go away. that could happen. sam ford abc 7 news. >> thank you sam. disturbing new details coming to light about the police shooting that left an unarmed man dead in fairfax county. an officer shot john geer to death. but it wasn't until this past friday night following a court order that police and prosecutors finally released the details of what happened during that stand-off. and those details came in the form of some 11,000 pages of documents. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg poured over those documents for us and new tonight, jeff is here in our newsroom with the key information that attorneys say is still missing. jeff? >> certainly the case leon. lawyers for the geer family have big questions about the officer that fired that one shot adam torres. they want more information about an incident that took place when torres a meltdown with an assistant commonwealth attorney in fairfax. questions still remain about an
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argument torres says he had with his wife before arriving on scene of the stand-off in springfield. >> weapon in close proximity to him. >> shortly after fairfax police descended on the town home of john greer, a trained negotiator established a rapport with geer. the thousands of pages reveal that while standing in his doorway, geer told barnes i don't want to get shot. geer was concerned with officer adam torres who was close to the doorway. as negotiations continued, thinking he was making progress it ended in an instant. >> next thing i know pow! >> torres told investigators he saw geer move his arm despite the fact that four eyewitnesses testified that geer didn't move. >> in my opinion in what i saw,
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why did he shoot? >> officer torres has a lot of explaining to do. >> in a police interview days after the shooting torres said this. >> it was justified. i have no doubt about that at all. i don't feel sorry for shooting the gun at all. >> attorney mike leeberman represents the people of john geer. >> i don't think anybody has handleed this well. where is the justice? >> and on friday the attorneys for the geer family will be asking a judge for more documentation on adam torres while the geer shooting investigation remains in the hands of the u.s. attorney's office. meanwhile, fairfax county board members say they are working to change policies on when and how information is released after a police involved incident. live in the newsroom jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> ok, jeff. thank you. it was an emotional day as navy yard building 197 reopened today for the first time since a gunman's deadly rampage there in
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september of 2013. this after an 18 month renovation to that building where 12 innocent people were killed. as john gonzalez reports, the reopening marks a milestone. >> similar to how a new navy ship touching water for the first time is blessed and named the new navy yard building has been christened with a champagne bottle. inside the horror that ran through the halls are replaced with smiles and hugs. >> when you start seeing people you haven't seen since we were in the building but it's good to be back. >> navy yard employee andrea terry couldn't wait to come back. 17 months after the tragic massacre the old building 197 has officially reopened. not before a $63 million renovation changed the design and layout. >> everything happened so quickly. it's just hard to remember. but trying to find everyone making sure everyone was ok.
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>> to this day has not been easy. been a long road physically mentally and emotionally but we're back! >> while about 400 employees will move back in today we're told it will take about seven weeks to move everyone back in here at the navy yard. about 4,000 employees have been working out of a temporary facility a few blocks. >> better workplace. >> make it official for the unveiling of the restored first floor cafeteria. the old entrance stands as a memorial in honor of the 12 people killed. >> >> john gonzalez abc news. >> talk about the significance of the building's new name.
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>> they are saying that the emergency liability issues and it was isolated to some areas along the red line. montgomery county firefighters discovered that issue friday afternoon during some new testing. that issue by the way is a similar problem that d.c. firefighters face during the last month of the smoke incident. >> it's very, very, very on top of communicates. we try to make sure that all of our systems are very very well intact in the county for the citizens and we test biweekly in the entire red line of metro, that's one of our areas that we make sure are completely covered and when they're not, we have to notify the proper authorities. >> metro says it routinely works with the jurisdictions involved to test radio equipment and resolve any issues. fairfax county police are investigating a robbery at a
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greensbroro metro during the morning commute. it happened in tysons corner around 8:30 this morning. victim was the kiosk when two people wearing masks came up and robbed them. they did not show any weapons. >> coming up at 5:00 dozens of students walked out of class. what spurred this protest at a school where tensions are already running high. >> big game is over. who are the winners and losers of the ad war? the early returns and rankings just ahead. >> man caught pulling a skier down the street on live television, did that play a role in what happened next? >> the parents of two toddlers left in a cold car for about an hour are ordered to stay away from their
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>> we have new details on a couple cued of leaving their toddlers in a car in freezing temperatures while they went to a wine tasting. stephen tschida live outside d.c. superior court where those parents just faced a judge and stephen, i understand you learned a lot more about the kids in this case, too. >> yeah, learned a lot more about the children and learned more about what allegedly went
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down outside of that foggy bottom restaurant on saturday. 20 minutes ago, we caught up with christophe lucas and jennie chang as they fled the courthouse. they literally fled the courthouse. we tried to ask them questions. they were not in the mood to talk. you can see as they took off. this is what we have found out. they are both charged with attempted cruelty to children. they their 2 1/2-year-old daughter, their 1 1/2-year-old son in a car while they went to a wine tasting. it wasing saturday at this time. the children were in there for about an hour if not more than an hour without hats without gloves on. one of them the little girl it is 2 1/2-year-old crying hysterically when police got there. now, christophe lucas told investigators he left a cell phone on, iphone on in the car so they could monitor the sounds from the car and that they kept their eye on the vehicle. the judge told them that they were released on their own
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recognizance but ordered to stay away from their children. no contact with their children. they'll be back to court to learn more about the charges and possibly face a trial here eventually but that is the very latest on this case that so many people found so terribly troubling. reporting live stephen tschida abc 7 news. >> frightening situation with justice unfolding live on the air in the abc affiliate in detroit last night. watch what happens as they speak on the phone to the michigan mayor. >> i don't know if you're looking at your tv screen at the moment, we've got live pictures right now on channel 7 of a car going by pulling a gentleman on skis. >> horrendous and that driver would get a ticket if there was a police officer in that area. very dangerous. >> well you know what? it turns out that mayor was a pretty good fortuneteller
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because just a minute later, the officer spots him and pulls him over. no word of what charges the driver or skier are facing tonight. >> ok, punxsutawney phil made his annual weather prediction this morning and he's calling for cold. >> yes. a shadow i see. you can start this winter #six more weeks of winter. >> start the twitter. pennsylvania's most famous prognosticator saw his shadow when he emerged from gobbler's knob. according to the tradition, of course that means more cold weather and phil has been making predictions for 109 years. getting pretty good at it. >> looking pretty good for 109. >> isn't he? potomac phil by the way, calling for six more weeks of winter and six more weeks of political gridlock. at least i would think. but in new york staten island chuck predicted an early spring along with general boregard lee in georgia and sir walter wally in raleigh, north carolina.
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there's still debate over jimmy the groundhog's prediction in sun prairie, wisconsin. the mayor says jimmy predicted an early spring. jimmy's handlers say he got it wrong and there will be six more weeks of winter. >> how about doug of arlington? >> i was looking on paper somebody posted the mayor and it was sun prairie wisconsin today they had a groundhog. their local, and they said the mayor was live on tv reading the proclamation and the handler got the groundhog tees -- too close to the mayor, he bit him in the ear. he was ok. keep your distance. doug in arlington say spring begins on march 20th. that's all you need to know. this is a live look. we have six more weeks of winter. thank you, phil! see you next year! cloudy skies gave way to sunny skies. gusty winds and falling temperatures. that's been the weather story after the mild numbers in the upper 40's today and rain ahead of the cold front. now the front is behind us. temperatures dropping.
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26 degrees right now. that's the report out of rockville and the winds out northwest at 11 miles per hour so temperatures falling. wind chills falling. wind advisory widespread until midnight tonight. air temperatures six degree drop in the last hour at reagan national. and the temperatures will continue to fall and the winds will continue to gust. fresh round of hourly gust indicators reports now from washington dulles say that 45-mile-an-hour gusts. 48 at quantico and 39 at reagan national. and wind chill starting to become a factor. temperatures are getting too below freezing and the winds are pretty strong and the temperatures will drop and winds will stay up. numbers will get pretty impressive as far as the chills go. 14 in gaithersburg and feels like 7 in hagerstown. by 9:00 or 10:00 tonight, most of the metro area will see wind chills in the single digits. make plans, are you going out tonight? giving a heads-up, it will be really cold throughout the area. hour-by-hour forecast sees the numbers steadily drop throughout
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the evening with the winds staying up. range of 16 to 21 degrees by tomorrow morning. the freezing rain and some of the snow continues to hit parts of new england will move out but not until early tomorrow morning sometime after midnight. high pressure builds in giving us lots of sunshine for the day tomorrow. our futurecast is going toese temperatures that are so cold now to the west like detroit at 16. 19 in pittsburgh. that cold air is coming in. we'll barely get above freezing tomorrow despite a full day of sunshine. at least the winds will be lighter. high pressure will give way to sunshine. clear skies tomorrow as we get through the day on wednesday, we'll see some increase in high cloudiness but it will be thursday when the next cold front of the parade of cold fronts arrives with scattered snow flurries in the morning and turn breezy and colder again as we head through thursday and friday. we're definitely into a weather pattern here where every couple of days of a cold front. as a result temperatures tease up a little bit going up. then they drop again. express forecast looks like this for the day tomorrow. sunshine all day. 23 at 9:00 a.m.
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34 by midday and high of 37. enough of a breeze tomorrow morning in our area to knock the wind chills down by 5 or 6 degrees. here's the next seven days. one thing you'll notice on the bottom of the screen average high is up to 45 so we're statistically past the colder part of the weather. that doesn't really matter. this is the real deal. it's cold. 37 tomorrow. 48 on wednesday ahead of the next cold front. flurries on thursday. breezy and clearing on friday. next chance of precipitation after the flurries looks like it will be sometime sunday night and we have some patches of light rain. >> okey-dokey. not bad. thank you. >> all righty. coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 new warning for parents after a child dies after taking a legal substance for a pick-me-up. >> a new debate that prompted dozens of students to walk out of school and join their parents in protest. >> and which super bowl ads did you love and which ones do you hate? we'll tell you how puppies, toe fungus and many others fareed
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with viewers coming up. >> but first here's a look at what's coming up in primetime to
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5:26 pm
million dollar ads. >> at 4:00 we talked about the ads that were simply downers. now, rebecca cooper is the newsroom with those that soared and the others that fell flat. rebecca? >> let's face it there are plenty of people doing the monday morning quarterbacking about that call. but winning the ad wars is also big business. so we talked to viewers in our region and took a look at "usa today"'s annual ad meter that tests your response to see who scored high and who fumbled the ball when it came to super bowl ad wars. and the winner is -- budweiser. the ad holding on to the heart strings with stories of a lost puppy finding his way back and a tearful cowboy scored big on the annual "usa today" ad meter. even former house speaker newt gingrich took to social media calling the tear jerker brilliant. this year's second highest score went to always for their commercial saying like a girl can and should dignify.
5:27 pm
of the funnier ads fiat scored highest. number three on the ad meter using a lost viagra pill to promote a pumped up fiat. >> everybody was in love with it after that. >> more humor getting high marks? doritos gross guy on the airplane. using doritos to score the pretty blond. but the punch line she has a baby. >> it was a fun one. it wasn't you know didn't get all complicated with politics or anything. the guy, you know, just being a guy. >> many viewers wanted more laughs. >> i was very disappointed. >> they were rather sad. i kind of got tired of seeing so many car commercials. >> so many dark and sad ads this year, one viewer joked on twitter. coming up next, alpo makes us relive the time they had to shoot old yeller. add more depressing from kim kardashian to football toting toe fungus. now, leon i know you thought kim kardashian was funny and so
5:28 pm
did i. this was supposed to be the year of the dads in super bowl ads. some dad centric ads did score high. others failed to impress. one observer posted on twitter last night, so far i haven't been convinced by the super bowl ads to go out and buy a new dad. reporting live in the newsroom rebecca cooper abc 7 news. >> how about buying a new kardashian? >> a lot of them already. >> enough of them out there, believe me. >> i like the one with the kid saying "daddy." that was very cute. >> that was cute. >> right now on our website at, we have a breakdown of the 10 ads people are talking about. learn what went into the ads, watch them in their entirety. all that right now on our home page. >> still saying the avocado. polar bear that wanted to be drafted by mexico. >> that was funny. >> that was a good one. coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 too much of a good thing? new research that puts extreme weather and couch potatoes on level ground. >> plus one-on-one interview with the widow of the american
5:29 pm
sniper chris kyle. the one thing she says surprised her most about her husband who is now the subject of that blockbuster hollywood film. >> and how courses on african-american history prompted dozens of students to walk out of their class
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>> a 6-year-old boy from mclean is still in a medically induced
5:32 pm
coma after an accident last week. now, the washington capitals his favorite hockey team is sending him some well wishes. >> hey, benson we're all thinking about you here with the washington capitals. and we want you to get better soon and to unleash the -- >> all right. instead of unleash the fury. unleash the healing. officials haven't really named him. he was riding down a driveway and he slid into a passing car. his family has been holding vigils asking for prayers on social media. >> let's turn now to a look at the day's other top stories. a maryland woman faces nearly 70 years in prison after being convicted of theft and burglary. prosecutors said she moved into a vacant house in cheltenham. she forged documents saying she'd bought that house. and then sued the rightful owners when they tried to evict her. johnson's co-conspirator was convicted back in august.
5:33 pm
>> college basketball analyst greg anthony pleaded not guilty in d.c. superior court to a charge of soliciting prostitute. anthony apologyized to his colleagues at cbs sports after arrested last month. he declined comment after today's hearing. anthony will be back in court next week. >> and the building where the navy yard shooting took place reopened today. it underwent a $63 million renovation since the 2013 rampage. the building has layout new name and a space honoring the 12 people who lost their lives. dozens of students walked out of class today at howard middle school today. >> they told us the principal gave pink slips to teachers in front of their classes. d.c. bureau chief sam ford explains what's at the center of this growing storm. >> sixth seventh and eighth graders walked out of classes at howard middle school this morning say they protesting the
5:34 pm
way that the principal fired teachers over the dispute of teachers wanting to teach black history. some parents who watched the protest are calling for the principal and their staff to be fired. >> they're ineffective. unprofessional. and they're doing the school and the students a disservice and to allow this to continue. >> dozens of parents showed up at the school last wednesday and those teachers were given two weeks notice over the black history issue. >> police escort, what was the danger? there was no danger. and so many students were crying and stuff and very upset like today and we want justice. >> people have families and they have their jobs. >> they protested in the triangle of howard university. it is a public charter housed on the campus of the historically black college.
5:35 pm
>> i want her to know about the struggle and why it is important for her to know where she is and where she comes from. >> the principal has remained mum as has the middle school board of directors and howard university. the public charter school board did issue a statement today essentially saying that charter schools are independent. that the charter school board's job is to oversee them to make sure they're providing a quality education. they say they have visited the howard university middle school in recent days and they didn't say how that visit went. reporting live sam ford, abc 7 news. >> thank you. let's get a check on traffic now with bob emler with the wtop traffic center with details. hi, bob. >> hi alison. not a bad rush hour today with dry pavement and we weren't affected by what we got last night weatherwise. things are in pretty good shape out there 270 bogs down a bit from montgomery village in german town and inner loop to the dulles toll road.
5:36 pm
and then headed south towards stafford, couple of slow spots here and there. nothing major to worry about. take a look at some cameras and see how it looks out there. beltway at connecticut avenue not doing too bad either way. brief delays on the inner loop between bethesda and silver spring. traveling on 395 south, not a bad drive at all. you slow in a few stretches of the pentagon but with the travel lanes open. i'm bob emler with wtopradio. >> thank you. vine is coming out with a new app for kids. kids friendly social media app vine kids lets users screen for videos that have been filtered for appropriate content. it features cartoon characters animals and sound effects. it looks much like the regular version of vine but designed with children in mind. the app is available now for apple devices. >> well, a virginia man is the latest recipient of the prestigious john newberry medal from the american library association. the crossover won the medal for this year's best children's
5:37 pm
book. alexander is from reston. it's a story about basketball playing twins and it sold out on amazon shortly after today's announcement. huge honor for him. that's fantastic. >> how about that? congrats. newberry is a big deal. very big deal. >> it really is. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00, something that you drink many of us every single day without thinking about risks but now there's a new warning after a teenager overdoses on caffeine. >> plus the other side of "american sniper" chris kyle. his widow marks the anniversary of his death. >> and coming up at 6:00 new details on a man accused of climbing a bike rack outside of
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5:40 pm
>> "american sniper" set a record for the biggest box office draw during a super bowl weekend. >> that's right. chris kyle is the man at the center of that story and today marks the two-year anniversary of his death. as john erli kyle's widow is sharing more about their life. >> got military aged male. >> after topping the box office for a third straight weekend, "american sniper" is now the highest grossing war movie of all time and as audiences flock to theaters.
5:41 pm
>> hold on. a got a woman and a kid. >> texas is honoring the man who inspired the film. monday officially named chris kyle day in the state exactly two years since the most lethal sniper in u.s. history was murdered. >> come home, ok? we miss you. >> ok. >> as kyle's memory is honored, his real life wife is spooeking out. >> incredible. >> she told "people" magazine during his time in iraq we had our moments where i felt like we were less important than the military. and felt like i didn't understand his sense of duty. but she says that changed as he returned home and spent more time with his two young children. >> guy that are supposed to be so lethal you expect something different than what you would get. even though he was going through all of that we always found a way to laugh. >> also telling people, kyle's work with fellow veterans helped him come back to his family. in a tragic twist of fate it
5:42 pm
was one of those veterans who allegedly murdered kyle at a texas gun range. while the box office hype won't last forever, his wife says her love will. >> my major source of strength though, is my faith and my love for chris. that's it. i will love him until the day i die. >> the trial for kyle's alleged killer was initially slated to begin last may. now, after delays expected to begin next week. >> and coming up next here onws at 5:00 the new discovery that is putting extreme runners on a level field with couch potatoes when
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5:45 pm
>> pure powder caffeine is perfectly legal and bought on the internet. it's easy to mismeasure it and overdose on it as well. joining us live now, consumer investigator kimberly suters looking into why this powdered caffeine is still on the market. kimberly? >> we want to show you leon what the recommended dose. it is tiny. 1/16th of a teaspoon. most of us don't even have that measurement in our kitchen. you can see it here some even
5:46 pm
recommend just 1/32 of a teaspoon. one teaspoon of pure powdered caffeine is the caffeine equivalent of 25 cups of coffee. two teaspoons of powdered caffeine worth 50 cups of coffee as you see before us here in one sitting and there are many fighting to get powdered caffeine off the market starting with two families whose sons died after they tried it just once. their family said these young men simply thought all caffeine was safe and it would give them a little energy boost. >> it was caffeine powder. he wanted to be awake for senior week and first time he ever had it and it went so fast. he mismeasured and it killed him. he was gone fast. >> the grieving families went to the f.d.a. to ask for powdered caffeine to be banned. they're circulating a petition.
5:47 pm
the center for science in the public interest say council for responsible nutrition have done the same but the f.d.a. explains it does not have a magic wand. coming up at 11:00, see the rest of our full report of this consumer alert. deadly dosage. leon, back to you in the studio. >> all right. thank you, kimberly. >> all right. well president obama unveiled his 2016 budget proposal today. included in the nearly $4 trillion request is money for a new food safety agency. right now, more than a dozen agencies oversee the food supply. the president's plan was consolidate those responsibilities in one agency under the department of health and human services. >> put politics aside. pass a budget that funds our national security priorities at home and abroad and gives middle class families the security they need to get ahead in the new economy. >> republicans on capitol hill say most of president obama's budget request is a nonstarter. coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00 we'll look at the items the white house hopes will garner
5:48 pm
some bipartisan support. well going the extra mile might be better advice at work than in your exercise routine it seems. researchers from the copenhagen city's heart study looked at a key difference between active joggers and couch potatoes over a 12-year period. they found joggers who ran between one and 2 1/2 hours a week no more than three times a week had a longer life expectancy. anything longer than that and a jogger's mortality rate was the same as non-joggers. >> really? there you go. don't have to jog very far. >> us limpers are in good company. ok. all right. tonight, coming up at 6:00 tonight here hit-and-run crash sends a mother and her three children to the hospital. we'll hear from the mother about the incident and the good samaritan who tracks down the suspect. "7 on your side" with some of the top scams of 2015. what you need to be watching out for out there.
5:49 pm
we'll have those stories and more tonight at 6:00. >> first, another check of the weather situation with doug. hi, doug. >> hi there, it is windy and it is cold and it's going to stay windy and get even colder. that's the headlines here. let's get started with the very latest. win wind advisory until midnight. in excess of 40 miles per hour in many spots. later tonight, they'll diminish a bit. temperatures have been falling for the past few hours. 27 in gaithersburg. 25 in hagerstown. 37 degrees at anderson and reagan national was in the mid to upper 40's for a while. here's some of the recent wind gusts reported. 45-mile-an-hour gust at dulles. so as the winds continue to be very strong and the temperatures continue to drop the wind chills drop. feels like 7 degrees in hagerstown now. feels like 17 in baltimore and 21 in washington. tonight, the winds will diminish slowly overnight but still be in
5:50 pm
the 10 to 20-mile-an-hour gust range. overnight temperatures 16 to 21 degrees. through the day tomorrow plenty of sunshine. no doubt about that. it will be rather ineffective sunshine. cold high pressure overhead and start in the mid 20's and be in the lower to mid 20's by midday. reagan national will hit 37. everybody will remain well below average for the day tomorrow. we'll do better on wednesday and hit the mid to upper 40's. get a push of sot wind ahead of the next cold front that will bring flurries and gusty winds again on thursday. nothing like these winds. it will be breezy thursday afternoon. sunshine and breezy on friday. saturday, nice. lower 40's and sunday our next chance of any precipitation, maybe a little rain. maybe a little snow. not that much from what we see right now. that's the very latest. tack to you at the 6:00. >> all right. want to give folks some advice about what we learned about the parade in boston to celebrate the patriots win. they've moved it to wednesday. >> snowing again. let me update you on the john
5:51 pm
wall situation. he was listed as questionable for tonight's game against charlotte. but he is suffering from migraine headaches. and they said moments ago that he will play. wall did not participate today in the wizards shoot-around this morning. instead, he went home and tried to get some rest. wall will get treatment on his sore ankle and he will try to play. big story, by now you know last night's super bowl was the most watched tv show of all time. it was a powerhouse matchup with two teams from opposite coasts. it had maximum star power with tom brady and russell wilson in a good old fashioned back alley brawl. >> great accomplishment by our team in the last night. >> tom brady won his fourth super bowl. his third super bowl m.v.p. award but he wouldn't have done it without an unsung hero and the play call that has everybody wondering why? >> work out sometimes and don't other times. this one didn't work out right for us, you know. >> with the seahawks ready to run in for the probable game-winning touchdown -- >> came down to the final
5:52 pm
seconds. a yard separated the two teams. >> they unexpectedly took a pass. new england's malcolm butler undrafted free agent out of unheralded west alabama made the play of his life. and changed nfl history in the process. >> i just jumped the route and made the play. i know my team needs it. i had to do it. >> why not just run the powerful marshawn lynch from one yard out. >> second down throw the ball to kind of waste that play. if we score we do. if we don't, then we'll run it in. really with no second thoughts and no hesitation in that at all. >> the winner's spoils will end sometime. >> we're going to disneyland! >> but the call and its aftermath will be football fodder forever. >> i've watched a lot of super bowls. that was one of the better ones. we didn't win it. >> being on the 1-yard line and the guys never gave up and you fight to the end and that's the way things happen. >> so leon is still going crazy. i understand what pete carroll is saying. >> me too.
5:53 pm
it was the wrong call! >> easy for you to say. >> at least he owns up to it. >> yeah. russell wilson. >> you wouldn't have run it? >> you know they're telling you to hurry up. >> right. >> get out of here. all right. i understand. >> let's talk about fast food. let's talk about -- let's talk about fast food. >> speaking of food. >> we have good news for mcdonald's fans out there. now you can have the big mac special sauce at home. the sauce went on sale today in one ounce tubes in australia. >> ok. limited edition bottle of it is now on ebay with proceeds going to the ronald mcdonald house charities. take a look here. bidding, this bottle is over $20,000. wow. for those of us here in the u.s., you can have the sauce at home but you'll have to make it yourself. we've posted a link to the
5:54 pm
recipe on our website at coming up next on abc 7 news at 5:00, the simple change that you can make tonight to help get over what some are calling the winter blahs.
5:55 pm
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>> this winter weather could be more than just aggravating. it could require a change in your diet. >> when we stay inside so much we miss out on a vitamin that's critical to good health and actually a good mood. >> liz bonis tells us what we need to add to feel good again. >> we see it occasionally in the winter months but not often enough to get what we need. sunshine which also gives us the sunshine vitamin in vitamin d. this time of year however, it may be a little bit more difficult to get that nutrient into your diet and yet it is critical for all kinds of
5:58 pm
functions in your body and for good health. >> vitamin d is extremely important for bone health and also figuring out that vitamin d is connected with a lot of other medical problems. >> this is a registered dietician who says some of those other problems according to a report from berkeley wellness experts include diabetes and depression. these impacts fatigue, energy levels and mood. so if you want to feel a little less grouchy in the winter they would suggest you start by getting more dairy food. >> fortified with vitamin d. if you enjoy three servings of dairy a day, you make sure you're getting enough vitamin d in the winter months when the sun can't help us. >> other good sources of vitamin d include seafood, eggs mushrooms, fortified orange juice and fortified cereals. pizza and don't forget the cheese. i'm liz bonis, nbc 7 -- abc 7
5:59 pm
news. >> that's it for abc 7 news at 5:00. >> we're hearing from a mother hurt in a hit-and-run crash with her three children. what we're learning about the good samaritan that tracked down the suspect. >> new beginning for a building where a gunman killed 12 people two years ago. we'll tell you about the new start for believe 197 at the navy yard. >> the list of top scams for 2015. the number one scam you need to look out for. the news at 6:00 starts now. >> a 6-year-old girl is in the hospital tonight after a hit-and-run crash in fairfax. it happened last night on lee highway at hunters glenn way. police say a suspected drunk driver slammed into a car carrying the girl her two siblings and their mother. diane cho is live in fairfax where she spoke with the children's mother today. diane? >> well the crash happened just down the road from where we are
6:00 pm
right now. we're told the suspect was caught less than a mile away from the scene of the accident here in this neighborhood after the victim says a witness chased him down. remnants from the crash are still scattered across the road a day after an accident that sent her daughter to the intensive care unit. >> doing something like that. >> this fairfax county mother who didn't want to be identified saying she was going in and out of consciousness but remembers being at a stoplight here at hunters glenn way and lee highway south of 66 when all of a sudden she says they were rammed from behind. >> next thing i knew the air bags deployed and my children were screaming about my youngest being right behind my feet. >> she says it wasn't long before a bystander came rushing over to help pulling her and her 6-year-old out of the car. she says she was fearing the worst last nig


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