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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  February 6, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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e was another raid. we heard from neighbors at the time that they were tired of seeing the drug traffic. seeing the people walk up and down the street. at the time, the police seized guns, made two arrests, also seized a good deal of drugs but they say the activity did not stop. it started up again. so they came back here today. we're told that inside this home, there are a number of people. at this point, there are several that are outside as well. a dog is being brought in right now that's going to be sniffing around the house. you can take a look at that dog going in for you to search for drugs. some people did try to run away and they were apprehended by police. some of them were seen throwing drugs. that's what we're showing you the picture on the phone. this operation is still under way. authorities inside the home with the swat -- what we call the swat team, special operations unit here in the county was inside. we can hear banging, and they were breaking down doors. breaking plaster and dry wall to see if anyone was hiding.
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we'll let you know what they end up with right now. it's a very fluid situation, ongoing raid. quite a scene here in upper marlboro and by the way, this is really just about a quarter mile away from the county office building and from the courthouse right along very busy marlboro pike. back to you. >> all right, thank you, brad. now, as brad mentioned, police raided the same location back in september. in that raid, they made the arrest of two suspected drug dealers and hundreds of doses of crack cocaine and percoset. police first investigated the yard, as it's known following an on none mus tip. >> a judge has ordered fairfax county police to turn over internal affairs documents for that officer accused of killing an unarmed man. court documents show officer adam torres shot and killed john geer during a stand-off back in august 2013. but it took until this past month with a court order from fairfax county police to release
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any details on the case. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg has followed this case since day one. he was in court today and here with the newest twist in all of this. jeff? >> alison, we just heard moments ago from the best friend of john geer that and he and the family of mr. geer are pleased with today's ruling saying authorities must be held accountable in this case. the internal affairs investigation into the shooting started last september more than a year after the shooting took place. today in court a judge ruling that fairfax county must turn over findings from that investigation as well as an investigation into an incident that took place here at the courthouse in 2013. attorneys for the family of john geer argue that officer adam torres had anger issues raising questions as to whether he should have been on the street and armed the day he shot john geer in august of 2013. documents released last week reveal torres admitted to having a fight with his wife right
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before arriving on scene. and in march of 2013 five months before the shooting at the fairfax county courthouse an assistant commonwealth attorney testified to having an argument with torres about a d.w.i. case. he had a total meltdown charles peters said. he was a total jerk to me. today, the fairfax county assistant attorney argued that torres's conduct on any other date is simply not relevant to whether he was negligent on august 29, 2013. but the judge ruled internal affairs findings from the investigation should be released. as for the findings from the shooting, attorneys for the geer family accused of county of hiding the truth saying it's smelling of a cover-up. so justice and transparency will be thwarted. in a taped interview after the shooting adam torres told investigators he did nothing wrong. >> it was justified. i have no doubt about that at all. i don't feel sorry for shooting the guy at all.
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>> documents and information from the internal affairs investigation must be turned over to the attorneys of the family of john geer by february 20th. the investigation into the shooting remains in the hands of the u.s. justice department. live in fairfax, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> there is some relief in sight now after two frigid days across the area. chief meteorologist doug hill in the storm watch weather center with a first look at the weekend. hi doug. >> hi there. starting out with chilly temperatures in the mid 30's right now. drop to 20's tonight with the promise of a warmer weekend, it's the real deal. let's get you started with a live look at the camera in woodbridge. little breaks in the overcast. cloud cover you see there in woodbridge pretty much the same story across most of the area. 37 in hagerstown and frederick now. 38 at reagan national. 39 in fredricksburg and we'll drop into the 20's this evening. about 32 at 11:00. 7:00 a.m. about 28 degrees. then it warms up again.
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about 45 by midday tomorrow. we'll get close to 50 degrees with a little sunshine during the day. maybe a bit warmer for the day on sunday. there's a possibility of some rain here late in the weekend or on monday. we'll give you the timing of that and all seven days put together in the seven-day outlook for you in a few minutes. leon? >> you got it doug. right now, a search for answers after a woman's body is found in adelphi. police made the gruesome discovery in an apartment complex near george washington cemetery just inside the beltway. stephen tschida is there with information that's just coming in. stephen? >> yeah, police arrived here at the scene here at racquet club condominiums about 11:30 this morning. you can see they are still here still swarming this complex trying to gather as much evidence as possible. investigators descended on the racquet club condominiums about 11:30 a.m. they got a call asking them to check on a resident. word spread through this community quickly. police had discovered the victim of an apparent homicide.
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>> it's scary. it's scary. >> investigators found the victim in a second floor apartment, apparently. the cause of death looked to be some kind of trauma to the upper body. while forensic experts combed the scene for clues investigators tried to find out who had had contact with the victim. >> i don't have her age as of right now. but, you know, we're still looking into that to identify her. as of right now, we do not have any definitive suspect descriptions to offer you. >> her aunt lives here. she says while the condominium is fairly mixed, she believes most residents are senior citizens. >> mostly elderly people walking around going to the garage. >> prince george's county investigators do tell us they believe this was an isolated incident. that there is no imminent threat to any other occupants of this condominium building. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> investigators say the two people killed in yesterday's murder/suicide at the university of south carolina were involved in a relationship.
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police have yet to identify the woman who shot and killed 45-year-old professor raja fayed and then killed herself. authorities say fayed had a long term relationship with the shooter but provided no other details. the woman's name is being withheld until her next of kin are notified. >> we're following a developing story in the war against isis tonight. the terror group is claiming an american woman they've been holding hostage has died in a jordanian air strike. the white house was quick to say there's no evidence to support that claim. now, this comes amidst growing international outrage against the terror group. susan salney is tracking those new developments. >> the terror group isis is claiming to an american woman it had been holding hostage is dead killed isis claims, when jordanian war planes bombed an isis stronghold in northern syria where the hostage was being held. in a statement on twitter, the terror group identified the woman as 26-year-old american aid worker kayla mueller.
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it had been known that isis was holding one american hostage. this was the first time her identity was revealed. isis did not provide proof. and american officials said they were not able to confirm the claim. >> we do not at the present have any evidence to corroborate isis' claims. but obviously, we'll keep reviewing the information at hand. >> secretary kerry our team in this building across the u.s. government are putting every effort behind finding any americans being held overseas. >> jordan was already a partner with the u.s. and other countries in the fight against isis. but it has ramped up its efforts after the militants killed a captured jordanian pilot who had been held hostage. the gruesome images of the pilot being burned alive sparked widespread fury. several thousands marched through jordan's capital today in support of king abdullah's pledge of a tough military response to isis which has claimed large parts of syria and iraq. >> no one against them.
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and find them. >> isis has misled the public before about the state of hostages. and its statement today contained discrepancies about where and when kayla mueller might have died. >> the escalating terror threat is the subject of a new town hall discussion to air on our sister station, newschannel 8. "your voice, your future town hall fight for freedom" is scheduled for monday night at 7:00. you can sign up to be in the audience at hall. >> ahead here on abc 7 news at 5:00, it's known as the intersection of doom. but now, there's a simple change that engineers hope will make a big difference. >> plus a new revelation from d.c. fire about just how many of its firefighters have not undergone specialized training to be able to deal with an emergency on metro. >> virginia lawmakers work to tackle what some call an ar5 archaic law. >> in oxen hill a woman fears
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she may have to leave her home, may become unlivable because of sink holes. i'm standing in her backyard. there's six of them
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>> a call for help tonight from an oxon hill woman who is
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watching helplessly as sink hole after sink hole opens up in the yard of her home of 45 years. the problem has gotten so bad, she fears she may have to evacuate her property. "7 on your side" investigator chris pabst met with the woman today and he's checking in now live. chris, what's the situation there? >> leon this situation looks really bad. the yard that i'm standing in right here has six sink holes and this one right here this opened up last month in january. it doesn't look like too much from the outside. only about two feet wide by one foot. but if you get down in there and that sink hole is about 10 to 12 feet deep and, perhaps just as wide and the lady who lives here, she's a 78-year-old widow and she has no idea what she's going to do about this. for the past 45 years, this has been lucy webnar's home. >> i don't know. i'm panicked. >> she fears her days here are now numbered. after this sink hole opened in january. >> i'm pretty upset.
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>> for the past 20 years, webnar's backyard in oxon hill has been dropping. just recently, it's gotten much worse. now, she has six sink holes. there's two more in her neighbor's yard. at 78 years old, she's not sure how much longer she can live here by herself. with the backyard in this condition, she can't sell. >> you fell in this sink hole. >> yes. >> then you filled it. >> fill it up. >> sink holes are fairly common. so common they have their own website. sink which can help. the tab, what to do offers suggestions for if a sink hole opens on your property such as close off the area, contact your home owner's insurance and have the ground tested. there's also a number to call. unfortunately for webnar her home owner's insurance does not fix sink holes and she can't pay
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someone to fix it. >> i don't know. nobody can give me no answers. >> she has reached out to her water company, wssc and prince george's county. both of them said they can't do anything to help her. but today "7 on your side" did contact the county and we were told they're going to send somebody back out here. look at this situation, investigate and try to find out what exactly happened here. live in oxon hill chris pabst, abc 7 news. >> thanks chris. we learned about this woman's problem through a tip that we received on our "7 on your side." if you have a problem you need us to look into for you, let us know by sending us an e-mail to tips at and you can call the "7 on your side" help desk and maybe we can take a look at your problem and help you out. >> all right. the west coast is preparing for a wet and windy weekend. a major storm system could dump several inches of rain along the coast from seattle all the way to san francisco. many residents are concerned
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about flooding and possible mudslides there, too. right now, they're filling sandbags and clearing drains ahead of the expected rainfall. it won't make much of a dent in california's drought, unfortunately. >> go through all that and not have it help the drought. >> they refer to it as the pineapple express. low pressure develops in the tropical pacific and slings the moisture too far north to help the south of california but northern california got some rain. and pacific northwest and some of thate is going to wind up contributing to another heavy snow event for monday into tuesday in new england. so everything in the atmosphere is interconnected. >> all connected. >> here, we're just trying to concentrate on getting a bit warmer for everybody for a couple of days. that's on the way. let's get started right now. a look at conditions just up in the road in arlington, another beautiful sunrise and a lot of blue sky. quickly decks of clouds came through every now and then during the afternoon we have more breaks in the overcast. and i think that's going to be the story here as we head through the evening. now, some sunshine getting through here. we still have the decks of clouds. we'll call partly to mostly
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cloudy for the overnight hours as well. as far as the temperatures it's running cold but comfortably so. centreville, 34. high of 35. this is live data that you see at weather bug. they went back and forth. right between 34 and 35 degrees. 36 is the report now in hagerstown. 37 is the high very light westerly breeze as we speak. the numbers are a bit higher to the west through the valleys, up to 41 in luray and winchester. 42 in charlottesville but mostly the 30's elsewhere. tomorrow mostly in the 40's. start off with a chilly wake-up. 28. there will be considerable cloudiness early in the morning and overnight. and the winds will be nice and light as well. so we'll get through the day tomorrow and look for those clues to what's going to happen. first, you can see the cloud cover during the day kind of move through. the clouds are thinning out. we'll have some clouds tonight. that's happening higher up in the atmosphere. here on the surface, the winds keep pushing out of the south. in time here over the weekend, we'll get more of that mild air drawn northward. that's good if you like milder
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temperatures. that will be the story. 47 right now in asheville. 52 degrees in nashville. so the winds will change in our favor. cold air will be pushed back to the north temporarily, essentially will catch up with us again. but in the short term, our futurecast shows some sunshine tomorrow. high pressure moves off the southeast coast. that sets us up nicely to get a warm return flow. leading edge of the warm air. upper 40's to near 50 tomorrow. get into the day on sunday and same kind of picture with some sunshine and the clouds mixed together. temperatures getting into the 50's. but for the morning, we'll call it partly cloudy and 32 at 9:00 a.m. 4 45 at midday and 50 in the afternoon with partly cloudy skies. look ahead to the day on sunday and look at the possibility of temperatures getting a bit warmer. into the upper 50's in spots and holding the rain off until the day on monday. this is one of the deals we've been watching the possibility all week of some rain sunday night. but computer model suggests the front is going to slip south and take the good old sweet time. may not really affect us until sometime monday with a chance of some rain. highs still near 50.
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could turn briefly colder late monday and there's a possibility it could be a wet snow flake or two at the end of this system and clearing out and being rather tranquil and rather seasonal as we head through tuesday, wednesday, thursday of next week. look at friday, 28 for a high. this is only temporary. going back to a deep freeze a week from today. >> yeah, at least sunday looks nice, then. >> nice break. >> all right, thank you. see you in a bit. >> now, making a difference. that's the goal of a training program aimed at youths in our area called the youth leadership of greater washington. and i got to tell you, we met some really really interesting and smart young people today. about 30 high school seniors and one junior. they gathered to learn about key issues affecting our region. talk about those issues and the role of diversity and shaping the future of this region and our country. and looking there to people who we may end up working for some day. >> they had some really good question. >> really good question. >> i have to say this group may have asked some of the best
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questions as well. nice going today. >> insightful, huh? >> uh-huh. >> all right. coming up here on abc 7 news at 5:00, more concerns for metro. passengers report more smoke in the tunnel and fire on a train. many d.c. firefighters haven't been trained for such disasters. >> training for disaster. inside look of military training. >> a law virginia mothers need to know about amidst some new efforts to overhaul it. >> first, though here's a look ahead tonight on primetime.
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>> maryland senator been carden d three of his colleagues are trying to ease the tax burdens on brewers. carden as well as two lawmakers from connecticut sponsored a bill to reduce the exize taxes on small breweries. it would raise the threshold of what constitutes a small brewer. >> virginia's house of delegates has now approved legislation granting freedom to mothers to breast-feed anywhere in the state. even at private businesses. virginia is one of only a handful of states that does not have such a law in place. caroline tucker in our newsroom now with why an alexandria mother says this law can't change soon enough. caroline? >> alison olivia blackman is a mother of five and she's breast
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fed every single one of her children. while she's allowed to breast-feed in public places owned, run or leased by the commonwealth, she was forced to leave an alexandria rest center this week. the city says it wasl a mistake. >> go ahead, go color. >> olivia blackmon is a ph.d. student and mother of five. >> you have to play for five minutes. >> in the privacy of her home, she breast-feeds her 6-month-old daughter amelia and she did the same thing covered up at the rec center in alexandria this week which is run by the city. >> attendant there said it was part of the policy of the rec center that you can't nurse in the playroom. >> the city apologized to her. >> the city of alexandria has no policy whatsoever prohibiting breast-feeding in any city facilities. we're welcoming of all of our customers and especially in a recreation center we want all families to feel comfortable. >> while it has as always been the law to allow nursing in publicly owned spots in
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virginia, a virginia house of delegates bill just approved we'll let mothers nurse anywhere in public and private places. it makes virginia one of the last states to do this. >> i'm surprised it's taken this long for a conversation to happen. >> however, while the legislation allows nursing anywhere, it does not create penalties for those which don't follow it. blackmon just hopes breast-feeding doesn't have to be an issue. >> our culture should accept it as something that's part of motherhood and should be, you know embraced as something positive. >> the virginia senate will vote on a similar bill next week which has bipartisan support. the governor is expected to sign it. meanwhile, there are signs like this that are posted now in all alexandria city facilities and received extra training about today. volunteers will also be retrained as well. caroline tucker abc 7 news. >> thanks, caroline. coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 a veterans cemetery in need of some really serious attention. who is responsible for its
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upkeep and who is vowing to see justice done there? just ahead. >> plus the first hand view of how police respond to reports of a gunman as we take you inside a training drill. >> i'm mike conneen live at the l'enfant plaza metro station. the scene of last month's deadly smoke incident. not only this week did we learn that d.c. firefighters a limited number of them specialized training for emergencies on metro but you might be surprised about record keeping of that t
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>> well, take a look at this. you see fire coming from brakes on a metro train in dupont circle. twitter user shared this video with us just before firefighters were called to the reports of smoke in a tunnel. metro says the train experienced brake problems starting at the cleveland park metro station. it was taken out of service there at dupont. firefighters were called to both stations as a precaution and no one was hurt. but, of course, that theme is a reminder of last month when one woman died 80 others were hurt when smoke filled that yellow line train. >> that's right. and now, abc 7 has learned that less than half of d.c.'s firefighters have specialized training in just such an emergency. >> new at 5:00 mike conneen
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joins us live from l'enfant plaza. the new chief is vowing to fix this. did he say why it wasn't a priority before? >> he couldn't say so today alison and leon. why he didn't explicitly say it many are blaming the previous fire chief. last year out of 1700 d.c. firefighters, only 100 got the specialized training. that puts them in a mock metro rail tunnel. now, compare that to more than 700 from fairfax county more than 400 from montgomery county, now the bowser administration is promising changes. d.c. mayor muriel bowser celebrated the graduation of nine paramedics from firefighters who just completed a 16-week training course. district leaders this week were baffled when union officials revealed sparse training for disasters on metro like last month's yellow line incident. >> i don't think anybody expected that only 100 of our firefighters were trained in one year. and we will set that up. >> not only that but interim fire chief eugene jones says before, the department didn't have a record of who attended
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that training. only metro did. but now, he says the department is keeping track with between eight and 15 firefighters rotating through the training daily. >> every firefighter will go through this. some have already gone through it but they're going to go back through it. >> we have to step our efforts up on training. i believe that we should have our own metro calls here at this training academy, facility. you're here today. >> the union told d.c. council members that spotty radio communication has been a problem for years and not just in metro tunnels. >> when your cell phone actually works in those locations, why can't your radios work in that location? it sounds like we have to upgrade the equipment and get into the modern era. >> today, the chief acknowledged department policy instructs firefighters to use their cell phones, if necessary. >> they use whatever method they have to get the job done. >> jones says that policy details nine ways to communicate underground besides radios and cell phones, firefighters are instructed to send runners to
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the blue light stations or kiosk phones underground. still, the mayor has ordered weekly testing of radio communications on d.c.'s metro stations. and she says her administration is evaluating d.c.'s radio system for possible changes. reporting live in southwest washington, mike conneen, abc 7 news. >> investigators blame ashes for causing a fire at a home in alexandria. the fire happened around 7:00 last night in the 6,000 block of pike branch road. they had a hard time locating the source of the fire because it was hidden behind a wall. four people were displaced. no one was injured. >> parents of students at a d.c. school received letters alerting them to a teacher's arrest. abc 7 first reported last night that leroy ware was arrested accused of sexually abusing a child. he teaches at miner elementary in northeast d.c. the letter from the principal says ware was suspended as soon as the allegations surfaced. we spoke with parents at the
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school today. >> for me to know that he actually had interaction with my child is very disturbing! i have my little girl that comes here and i don't feel comfortable leaving her here now. >> police did not say if the child was a student at that school. this afternoon, a judge allowed ware to go free pending a hearing next month. he is barred from having unsupervised contact with children. >> now, here's a look at our top stories this evening. police are looking for whoever killed an adelphi woman. that happened in the 9200 block of edwards way. the victim was found inside of her home in the racquet club condominiums this morning. she suffered some kind of trauma to her body. >> a fairfax county judge has ordered police to turn over internal affairs documents in the john geer case. officer adam torres shot gerr who was unarmed outside of geer's springfield home in august of 2013. under a court order, police finally released details on this case just last month. >> the terror group isil says that an american woman that has
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been held hostage has died in a jordanian air strike. however, the white house says there's no evidence to support that claim. isil identifies the woman as 26-year-old aid worker kayla mueller from arizona. >> update to a problem we first told you about in october. it's an intersection of lee highway and north lynn street known as the intersection of doom. well, it now has a flashing no turn on red sign. that intersection got its dubious name because of numerous accidents over the years. the new light is one of the interim improvements that the county made before a planned $5 million safety project is built in just a few years. all right. let's get a check on our traffic on this friday with bob emler in the wtop traffic center. hi, bob. >> hi alison. we certainly have seen worst fridays. things aren't doing too badly on 270 northbound. it slows down headed near clarksburg. no problems as you head to clarksburg and frederick county
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and doing ok around the beltway. inner loop slows a bit getting to 270 and 95 southbound is quite slow as you move from newington into woodbridge from an earlier crash. that's gone now. beyond, that the pace is pretty good. as you travel around this evening, things are ok as we look on 395 traveling south. things are slowing down in several stretches getting down to landmark. 66 is good. it's slow mostly up to centreville with the lanes open. and inner loop at the beltway, the heaviest as we move around from bethesda to silver spring. have a great weekend. i'm bob emler with 103.5 wtop radio. >> have a good one. now, remember the detroit man who made headlines last week with his 21 mile walk to work. well, he's finally getting a new car. a michigan car dealership donated a brand new ford taurus to dave robertson. abc first told you about the incredible story on tuesday.
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he made the six hour com work walking ever since his car died in 1988. a college student found out about it and launched a fundraiser for him that's already raised more than $300,000. >> wow. >> which means he can buy a place with a garage for that new car. >> maybe closer to work. >> closer to work. that would be good too. good news for him all around. >> love that. >> that's great. coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 credibility crisis. the growing fallout after soldiers refute claims made by nbc news and brian williams. >> it looks real but it's actually a drill. i'm suzanne kennedy. i'll have that story coming up. >> tonight at 6:00 learn how the army plans to honor victims of the 2009 shooting at fort hood. >> first, david muir has a look at what's ahead tonight on "world news tonight." david? >> alison, leon we have breaking news on two fronts tonight. a young american woman held hostage by isis and tonight, what they've revealed what's happened to her. also this snowstorm and this
5:37 pm
one could last for days. new pictures coming in. the alert your tax refund stolen before you can even file? and here's a quiz. the american making news this week, what they did stunned us and the big surprise caught on tape tonight. whoxñaó5ñ
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>> tense moments in alexandria this morning as people were evacuated from a building at hoffman center. people were asked to leave the building at 9:00 after a bomb threat there. no one was hurt. no bomb was found. police tell abc 7 news at this hour that no suspect is in custody. >> whether it's a bomb threat or a attack law enforcement needs to be prepared. and as suzanne kennedy tells us it was the military who today trained to face an active shooter. >> it is a domestic dispute that has escalated to the point of violence. a husband arguing with his wife at a military childcare center. within minutes, it turns dangerous. military police storm the center. and take down the shooter. it all looks real but it's only a drill.
5:41 pm
three dozen civilian and military members played out how they would handle an active shooter on joint base anacostia. >> we train like we fight. we fight like we train. law enforcement and other first responders are more apt to take these techniques and put them to use in the real world scenario. >> this drill is an annual event for the navy yard shooting of 2013 underscores the importance of these type of drills. in this scenario five people are wounded meaning e.m.t.s respond. >> this is all about practice. and how to improve. >> communication is always a key. we're always trying to fix communication. issues whether it be the actual handheld radio or hand and arm signals or verbal communications. >> sue gregory was the target of the disgruntled shooter's rage. >> when the gunshot went off, it sounded like a real gun. and you kind of go into a fight
5:42 pm
mode, what do you do? where do you go? >> this is anticipation of a real world scenario no one wants to happen. suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >> really terrifying. >> absolutely. >> yeah. all right, coming up next just ahead here on abc 7 news at 5:00 above and beyond. we'll hear from the target worker caught on video helping a young man prepare for a job interview. >> yep, the pictures went viral and now you'll hear the man behind the story. >> the graves of maryland veterans covered only in mud nearly six months after their burials. i'm joce sterman in prince george's county. coming up we'll hear from angry families who showed us shocking pictures of sink
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>> now, "7 on your side" getting action after finding graves in a state-run cemetery flooding dealing with sink holes, covered only in mud. months after burials maryland's secretary of veteran affairs promised swift action to i-team investigator joce sterman. she's got the pictures that show why it's needed. >> a section of sloppy, muddy graves flooded memorial markers
5:46 pm
and sink holes. >> i was just appalled at what i saw. >> wendy miller blank saw that at the maryland veterans cemetery in cheltenham where her father and other service members have been laid to rest. >> my heart broke because these people gave their lives for us and this is how we repay them? >> paying respects to her dad vietnam vet william wolfrey requires trudging through mud. it's the only thing that covers an entire section of graves here even though headstones show the veterans were buried at the end of the summer. >> the rest of the areas, they're all -- there's grass. and they look nice. trees are growing. this area looks awful. >> cemetery staff tell me there is mud here because if the burials are late in the season the grass seeds won'ts won't germinate. yet people buried in this row a few days early already have grass on their site. cemetery workers adding dirt to a grave. something they do often in this section to deal with flooding and sink holes. maryland's secretary of veterans affairs tells the "7 on your side" i-team this situation is
5:47 pm
not the norm. he wants to evaluate whether there's a problem with this section of land. he also plans to give wendy miller blank a face-to-face apology to her first trip back to cheltenham. >> in prince george's county joce sterman, abc 7 news. >> one more note here. the veterans affairs secretary has already set up a meeting with her. with wendy miller blank for next week. where he will take a look at the cemetery. the "7 on your side" i-team will be there and will bring you an update. >> "7 on your side" now with a consumer alert. pepperridge farm is recalling 46,000 bagel packages because of undeclared allergens of peanuts and almonds. they have a sell by date ranging from february 7th to 12th. they were sold in 23 states including virginia and west virginia. >> well this may be the best story of the day. the search for a clip-on tie turned into a life lesson for a
5:48 pm
young teen in north carolina. the teen was getting ready to go on a job interview and the store didn't have a clip-on so target employees kathy scott and dennis roberts found him a real one. and they helped him tie it and they put it on and they coached him for the interview. another customer watched it all unfold and took this picture. >> wonderful, warm, calming advice about interview skills and handshakes. >> just here to help a young man get a job and you know, forward his future. >> isn't that nice? the employees don't know the teen's name. but they checked with the chick-fil-a where he was headed for the interview and they said he'll let him know by the end of the week. >> the whole world is watching. all right. hook the brother up. all right. coming up tonight at 6:00 new details in a story that we brought you first on abc 7. trouble ahead for a man accused of squatting in a luxury home in montgomery county. and d.c. police chief lanier
5:49 pm
found himself testifying in court today. how that stems from an incident involving actor charlie sheen. >> next weekend, the much anticipated film adaptation of " "50 shades of gray" will hit movie theaters. there are rules to follow here. amc theaters are saying fans are welcome to show up for any film dressed in costume. but for this film in particular they say leave the props at home. amc has about a dozen theater locations in the metropolitan d.c. area. >> whatever do they mean alison? >> i have no idea. i can't imagine. >> really? not what i heard! >> what? >> you're full of it! >> all right. who is hoping doug hill is bringing some good news. how about that doug? >> how about what? indeed some sn shine and warmer temperatures for the weekend.
5:50 pm
one of the great things about this time of year, sun starts to rise a little earlier and set later. capture sun up to sun down for you for this web camera. h.d. weather camera in laurel. watch sunrise this morning. beautiful sunshine. few decks of clouds and as we get through the day, these decks of mid and high level clouds moved over. towards sunset, we started to clear out and just as sunset indeed some clearing. so things are looking good weatherwise. have a little bit of sunshine through the weekend. big difference will be the temperatures. 32 in gaithersburg now. 36 at dulles. 34 at andrews. 38 at reagan national and will do better tomorrow and for sunday especially. nice feature temperatures dropping into the 20's and rebound through the 30's tomorrow. based all this on the fact it's so mild in the southwest and this air mass moving this from kentucky and tennessee and georgia and south carolina. instead of 30's we'll head to the 40's to near 50 degrees for the day tomorrow. and that partly cloudy skies and head well into the 50's for the day on sunday. look like a frontal system will come down from the north on sunday -- or monday rather giving us a chance of a few
5:51 pm
showers and there's an outside chance and i throw this in for snow lovers. if the storm develops a little bit later monday maybe could bring cold air to give us a flurry or two late monday before it ends. clearing tuesday and wednesday. look at the end of the line, next friday highs in the 20's. enjoy the brief warming. winter is coming back with a vengeance. that's the latest. back to you. >> okey-doke. thank you very much. >> 50 shades of cold air. >> you did. >> you got it! 50 shades of gray. number one topic around the water cooler today with leon and the biggest question is -- what is wrong with the wizards? folks, this is a team that made a solid run in the playoffs last spring and started this season 19-6. everybody was excited. they were riding near the top of the eastern conference. but the wizards are now just 9-11 since january 1st. they've lost five in a row. they look slow. they're losing 50/50 balls and fallen 10 games behind atlanta in the standings. last night, they were outscored 25-13 in the third quarter.
5:52 pm
bradley biel injured his toe and they better find some answers before they play the nets tomorrow. >> we got to find a you know, nobody is going to get us out of this but ourselves, so you know can't point the finger at each other. like i said before, we have to look ourselves in the mirror. take responsibility. and get ourselves out of this rut. >> paul pierce. our play of the night comes from the red hot cleveland cavaliers. kyrie irving watch this. alley-oop to lebron for the flush! the cavs have found their way after struggling early. and lebron putting the finishing touch on it. all right. for football fans here's a super bowl postscript for you. remember the fight at the end of the super bowl? well seattle linebacker bruce irvin has fined $10,000 for starting this scuffle. he was one of four players fined by the nfl. seahawks lineman michael bennett was fined $8600 while two patriots and the gronk, rob gronkowski were both fined just over $8,000. let's go to beaver creek,
5:53 pm
colorado. bode miller at the world championships. skiing well in the lead. he hits that gate. lost his edge lost control. couldn't recover. bode miller severed a tendon in his right hamstring. folks, this could be career ending for bode miller. he lost that edge and right there pulled his leg and the hamstring severed. the tendon in his hamstring is gone. he'll need surgery. he's already had one surgery. he's trying now to save his career. >> talk about the agony of defeat. >> traveling 80 miles an hour down that hill. no return. >> keep your fingers crossed. coming up next on abct 5:00 lasting impact of an off-hand comment by nbc newsman brian williams sparks debate about whether he should even keep his job. stay wit
5:54 pm
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5:57 pm
>> all right. before we head out of here, how about another check for the weather? >> we're hoping for some relief this weekend, doug. >> doing our best here. bit of a warmup. not going to be carried away with springlike temperatures. after highs and lows to the mid 30's, we'll do a little bit better. current numbers around the area right now and we're running mostly in the low to mid 30's across the metro area. 32 degrees in gaithersburg. 34 in andrews. 35 at quantico and 37 degrees in frederick. as we get through the evening hours, temperatures are going top a little bit into the 20's. but over the weekend, we're headed to the 50 degree mark. more of that coming up here at 6:00. >> all right. thanks, doug. now, one week after nbc's brian
5:58 pm
williams recalled to the audience his helicopter taking fire in iraq, some are debating whether nbc should fire him. >> that's right, he admitted this week to misremembering the events after soldiers said williams was not on board that helicopter. rebecca cooper looks into the crisis of credibility now facing williams and his network. >> it's the apology now heard around the world. >> i want to apologize. i said i was traveling in an aircraft hit by r.p.g. fire. i was instead in a following aircraft. >> military eyewitnesses say brian williams' helicopter was a full hour behind the convoy hit and since williams wednesday's statement, the controversy has only grown. even newspapers overseas are now asking -- can brian williams' career survive the retraction of his iraq tale? >> someone that you have grown to respect. and admire his work. and just can't trust them anymore. >> today, there seems to be no
5:59 pm
let-up on social media. now with so many brian williams misremembers spoofs the website has compiled the most popular and williams' credibility remains under fire. >> it's hard to see how he'll bounce back from this. >> today, new orleans news organizations and national blogs are questioning williams' claim in the days following hurricane katrina he saw a dead body float past his french quarter hotel room. many now insisting the french quarter didn't sustain floodwaters capable of carrying a dead body. with nbc so far resisting calls for williams to resign there are also accusations today others inside the network must have known the story was false. observers note it's not every day, a multimillion dollar network star faces near death in iraq. like so many soldiers who actually did. tonight, nbc news officials say they have launched an internal investigation. in the newsroom rebecca cooper abc 7 news.
6:00 pm
>> d.c. police chief kathy lanier testified today in the trial in a whistle blower lawsuit. one of her officers claimed he was demoted by the chief after revealing that celebrities were receiving improper police escorts. sam ford is live in northwest with what happened in court. sam? >> yes maureen. since this trial began here nearly two weeks ago a parade of police -- current and former police brass have beening coming here testifying some saying that the chief is not telling the truth. today, chief who has been here every day since this began took the stand this afternoon as her own witness. >> this all started after public outrage that police escorted charlie sheen from the airport he tweeted out as


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