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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  February 8, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> we have learned the names of two men injured in a small plane crash near fort meade. record temperatures today, big it ready to trade in for the umbrella. investigators have released identities of a pilot and passenger in a small plane crash in anne arundel county. the airplane crash shortly after take off this afternoon from tipton airport. jay korff has the details. >> kimberly, late tonight, we learned that one of the two men who survived was dr. thomas kline, a retired, renowned engineer with the nasa. also come a good friend of his
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and fellow pilot who was on the runway at the time saw it all. thomas kline's smile tells you all that uyou need to know about his passion for flying. a fellow pilot in friend said he is a beloved person that tipto n airport. >> he is a hell of a guy, and watching that was gut wrenching. >> he said the plane was right in front of him when it climbed. he said he watched kline's plane take off, struggle to gain out to to to come and crash a few hundred yards later in the woods, landing upside down. >> engine company 23, please respond. report of a plane crash at tipton airport. >> just going, on, come on, just wishing it up, and it hit the
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trees. >> jeff barnett of glen burnie went down at 2 p.m. first responders removed both men, who amazingly suffered serious but nonlife threatening injuries. >> we watched it. >> back at the airport he updates another pilot on what happened. he cannot say for sure what led to the crash, but he said that kline is a great pilot in friend. >> they were stable, non-life-threatening injuries. it's a great thing. he's a great guy. >> the cause of the crash is under investigation by federal authorities. jay korff, abc 7 news. >> maryland state troopers will remain at the crash scene through the night. federal aviation and transportation officials will return tomorrow to continue their investigation. today marks two months since a plane crash in gaithersburg left six people dead, a mother and her two young children were
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killed on a private jet crashed into her home. the crash also damage neighboring home. turning to the weather, after a springlike day, get ready for some rain. meteorologist eileen whelan joins us. will it be all day? >> definitely not. this evening, the stormscan shows the big picture after a warm day. the cold front will slide through, dropping temperatures. notice the precipitation starting to move in to extreme western maryland, light intensity. that is the general theme as the cold front slides through. after reaching 68 at reagan national, we dropped to 46. 59 charlottesville, 36 dulles, 39 gaithersburg. going forward, you will want the umbrella tomorrow. the steadier showers afternoon
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and evening. blu-ray or tuesday, and even colder air for the later half of the week. -- cooler air tuesday, and even colder air for the later half of the week. >> outrage and a d.c. neighborhood after somebody/tires -- somebody slashed tires in a neighborhood. >> kimberly, this car had its tires slashed the car next to it. more than 30 cars and a four block radius. many discovered the vandalism when they were on their way to church this morning. at night, it is well lit, and through the day and evening children gather to play. this southeast neighborhood near saint elizabeth's and the bowling air force base. sander seekers has lived here for decades. >> we don't have this happen too
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often. >> but it happened to her, her tires flattened. this neighbor had two tires sla shed, and his son is also dealing with it. and his mother now has to figure out how to get the kids to school. it's an issue for parents including this mother, who had multiple flat tires on two cars in the neighborhood. >> we look out for each other but it is just the riffraff outside of the neighborhood. people are keeping the community positive, and the negativity comes. >> she said it would be a mistake for the vandals to strike again because neighbors will be watching and so will please. >> this is an isolated incident. please do a pretty good job riding down the street. >> here is one of the spares on
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these cars in this neighborhood. the driver of this vehicle said the replacement tires have to be special ordered. he is one of many trying to figure out how to get his kids to school tomorrow, then to work. if you have information about the vandalism, contact the metropolitan police department. rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. >> animal control officers want to know the left four dogs in a crate by the side of the road in annapolis. a concerned person reported the crate with dogs inside. when officers respond, they could not find the cratem but learned that a good samaritan had taken them home to keep them safe. the dogs are with animal control but will be available for adoption. a proposal raising eyebrows and loudoun county, the school board is considering making some parents pay for full-day kindergarten. school officials say it would be
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about $5,000 per family, but that is unclear if it is per student or per family. some parents feel that paying above and beyond their taxes is not right. >> we are trying to fight the property tax issue too. >> they probably would not have to pay tuition to have their kids in school all day. >> any tuition bill would have to be given the green light by lawmakers because statutes in virginia require public schooling to be free. another district dealing with budget dishes. prince william county school board is discussing budget cuts. all day kindergarten is among the programs facing elimination or reduction. the board says they are dealing with growing enrollment against a smaller than expected property tax hike. tomorrow night at 11:00, local disabilities on the radar because of a discrimination claim. we have a look at the cases, the
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payout and the punishment. and a group of women fighting back against a prestigious d.c. hospital, who claimed they were discriminated against because they are deaf. the special report airs tomorrow night at 11:00. investigators will likely seek the cell phone records of bruce jenner and three drivers involved in a deadly crash. the records will show if any of them were texting at the time of the chain reaction accident. one woman died, several others were injured. jenner released a statement offering sympathy and prayers for those involved. authorities say the reality tv star is cooperating with the investigation. a boston protest against bill cosby went on as scheduled tonight, even after the comedian canceled two shows in the city. the development, as yet another woman claims that cosby harassed her. the actor said that cosby made sexual advances and lewd gestures towards her on the set
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of "the cosby show" in 1987. more than two dozen women have accused him of sexual assault and he has denied them. nbc nightly news anchor brian williams has backed out of an upcoming appearance with david letterman. this is a day after he announced he would be off the newscast the next several days. he falsely reported he was in a helicopter hit by a rocket propelled grenade in iraq in 2003. nbc is investigating the matter. coming up -- a twist in a crime in maryland. what is next for the man convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend? and the family of an american woman held hostage by isil makes a plea to the public. things turning sour for chip
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>> at least 25 people were killed after a riot outside of a soccer game in cairo, egypt.
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there was a stampede in fighting between police and fans. similar violence killed 74 people several years ago. egypt announce they worked voting upcoming soccer matches until further notice. the parents of an american woman held hostage by isil are clinging to hope she is still live. a family friend said the parents of kayla mueller are asking the nation and the world to pray for her safe return. last weekisil said that mueller died in a jordanian airstrike. she is the only known u.s. h ostage still held by isil. the escalating terror threat is the subject of a new town hall on news channel 8. "your voice, your future" will take place tomorrow night at 7:00. sign up to be in the audience at
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a maryland court will allow a man to appeal his conviction. he was convicted in 2000 of strangling his former girlfriend. he claimed that the trial lawyer ignored his agreement of a plea deal. he said the results are a witness that could have an alibi. >> the alibi witness said that she was with his mom, and other witnesses were there with her during the actual time that the state is alleging he was murdering the woman. >> the podcast "sierierial" examine the case and question whether he got a fair trial. the authorities charged a 17 euros suspect of a pennsylvania mall shooting as an adult. two men remain in critical condition. the police arrested him after matching surveillance videotape
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and image -- to an image on instagram posted a few hours before the shooting, allegedly showing him wearing the same clothing as the gunman. >> we heard people screaming. the next thing we see is people, teenagers scared to death, just ask in this, en masse. >> we believe that one of the three people shot was a targeted individual. >> the intended target is in critical condition, as is a another man who was crawled in the -- caught in the crossfire. for the fourth time, bad weather delink the trial of former nfl star erin hernandez. testimony has been delayed because of a major snowstorm coming to the region. hernandez is charged with killing a man and beating his fiancée sister. there are also delaying jury selection in the case of boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. it was a no-go on the launch of
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a deep space observatory from florida after a critical radar tracking system failed. the deep space observatory exposed to monitor solar outbursts. spacex is expected to try again tomorrow. 7 on your side with a consumer alert for verizon customers. the company is reducing the price of its monthly share data plan. they're reducing the price of plans by about $10. to get that, you will need to contact verizon for the new pricing. there are also providing more choices for customers to use a lot of data. chipotle is apologizing for some tweets that left a bad taste in some customers' mounts. somebody hacked the account changing the image of the pepper to a swastika and sent offensive
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tweets. chipotle later apologized for the incident and said it is under investigation. winter fatigue may be taking on new meaning in new england. some areas are expected to get two more feet of snow. all public schools in boston will be closed tomorrow and tuesday. this latest warm comes as new england's digging out from a series of major storms. those in the ski industry say it is like money falling from the sky. >> exactly, and for us a completely different -- it was all most a different season here. >> like april? >> april, may. i mean, 72 degrees in fredericksburg, 68 reagan national. incredible. for those of you in montgomery county, frederick, loudoun counties, you are saying it was not that warm and it wasn't. we had this warm front across the region.
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areas to the north were relatively cool, areas to the south were pleasant. 72 degrees in fredericksburg, 72 culpeper and luray 55 gaithersburg. 68 degrees at reagan national. an all-time record for the day, setback in 1900, we tied that record. nonetheless, the high temperatures right now it is cool. 46 degrees at reagan national, 41 b w, 39 gaithersburg. look how much warmer the temperatures are today compared with normal. 22 degrees warmer than average here in d.c., 25 degrees warmer than average in st. louis, much colder than average over new england. that is where the snow is. for us, we are on the warmer side of things so just rain forest. showers moving in through the day tomorrow, and that it will get cold and windy. nonetheless, a chance of showers through the remainder of the overnight.
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a good bit of cloud cover, but not a lot of rain with the cold front. a lot of us waking up tomorrow morning with cloudy conditions. a slight chance of a sprinkle, but i'm not expecting a big rainmaker. the rest of the day via the hyper local futurecast, spotty showers making their way in. through the afternoon and evening, more widely scattered showers, as is evident on futurecast. as you get closer to the mason-dixon line, the purple, that is where the temperatures will be closer to freezing. those locations may see a transition from rain to sleet and may be a little bit of snow. this will be predominantly a rain event for us. colder air settling in monday into tuesday. any leftover roadway water may be slick. other than that, we are really just going to be in for spotty showers through the overnight.
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overnight lows generally in the middle 40's, but some of the suburbs are into the upper 30's. nonetheless, still well below the average of 45 this time of year. looking ahead tomorrow, keep the umbrella handy. the bitterly cold air moves in late in the week. 27 the high friday. we stay in the 30's next weekend. a flip-flop of seasons. speaking of flip-flops, i saw him in wearing flip-flops. >> and washing their cars. amazing. >>we are about to see some grown men cry. >> a legend who influenced michael jordan and roy williams. another sports legend says goodbye to the world. unc head coach roy williams. and a rough day for the terps even rou
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>> and now the toyota sports
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desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> the sports world has lost another legend, hall of famer and former unc men's basketball coach dean smith died at the age of 83. he left north carolina as the winningest coach in men's history after capturing two men's title along with an olympic gold medal and coaching some of the biggest names including michael jordan and james worthy. today, roy williams got a little choked up talking about the late great in smith. >> are you sure you want to do this, this is your school. you are telling them i can do the job. are you sure you want to do this to your school? he raised his voice. he was mad. he said, you can do this job. and you are going to be the best. and the things that he said to me -- in that phone call were
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pretty doggone important. >> 897 wins for dean. it's getting tougher for the terps. this time iowa bringing the issues. scary moment, melo trimble gets fouled goes flying into the camera guy. the camera lands on his face. trimble got a bloody nose. later he got poked in the eye. a tough day for melo. aaron white the flex the past finishing strong on the other end with the slam. the terps down 40-17 at the half. in trouble. second half, the terps cut the lead to 17, but iowa keeps up the pressure. maryland loses 71-55. maryland women, hoping to handle nebraska.
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brown launches the trey, no good, but jones is there to get the offensive board, pitted back in. the terps improved to12-0 in the big ten with the 59-47 win. gw women did not have many problems with dayton. jones, driving, hanging in the air. two of her 18 points. gw wins their 19th game in a row, 67-56. hockey, the capitals on fire right now after beating the best team in hockey, the anaheim ducks, earlier this week, back at home this afternoon against the flyers. in the first some blows, scott lawton landing quality punches. not exactly ali-frazier. second 1-0 flyers, alex
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ovechkin with his 33rd goal of the season. the caps were held to only 14 shots in the game. in the third, off a turnover fires the wrister and scores. 2-1 flyers. they added an empty netter and win 3-1. >> you can't get shots if you miss the net, you cannot get shots if you don't get the puck. we turned a lot of pucks over and the neutral zone. there was not enough urgency in the dressing room tonight. very disappointing. >> usa national team facing panama in a friendly. 27th minute. the corner kick, flies over the goal, into the net, goal. the ball just sails right in. usa wins 2-0./ what was that?
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>> a banana kick, or bender. >> and usa basketball said that anderson is out four to six weeks with a broken femur. >> now they say bend it like beckham. still ahead, after spending four weeks at number one, "american sniper" is not from the top of the box office.
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>> millions of disappointed powerball players will be heading back to work tomorrow. nobody matched all six numbers in the $380 million drawing. the jackpot now stands at $450 million for wednesday's drawing. it sounds hard to believe, but a sponge beat bradley cooper at the weekend box office. yes, the spongebob movie knocked "american sniper" from its four-week rein at number one.
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>> we don't really want to look at the rest of the week's forecast -- >> tomorrow 53, so at least we are slowly declining. read the umbrella heading out the door tomorrow. -- grabbed the number of the door tomorrow. 44 wednesday. a front moves through thursday, which could squeeze out some snow showers. what you will really notice is the bitterly cold air, 27 friday.
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> saturday night shopping


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