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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  February 12, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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is out of southern california tonight where 22 marines were injured in a training accident. the marines tell us they fire suppression system went off inside a vehicle. it happened at the air ground combat certain at 29 palms. marines hospitalized at this hour are in stable condition. we will continue to update this for you throughout the evening. >> we've got another big story, the dangerously cold weather settling into our region tonight. expected temperatures in the teens overnights, folks. >> right now it is frigid at reagan international. >> aaron dack county schools will be opening late because of the extreme cold. >> this is just the beginning round number one of the super cold air. by monday we're talking about temperatures that will be even colder. take a look outside right now. these are our wind gusts ranging
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from around 25 to 30 miles per hour. look at lexington park, maryland. wind gusts up to 40, that gives us extreme wind chill. it feels like nine at andrews. it feels like 12 degree fredricksburg. wind chill has been expanded. it includes the panhandle of west virginia. even though it doesn't include fairfax and prince georges county, it doesn't feel all that much warmer. we'll talk about the extreme wind chills and what to expect tomorrow morning coming up in just a few minutes. >> steve and just in from prince georges county, one of the effects of the cold weather, water main breaks. crews are in the watermain break. the repairs didn't hold. workers were forced to dig up
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again. join "good morning washington" starting at 4:24 for the latest. >> more than a dozen tickets issued at one time on one block and they're all for inspection tags. a driver tells us that they're all bogus too. >> we live on the story. tom, tell us what happened here. >> as if the wind chill isn't bad enough some folks are still discovering tickets like this one in their windshield. these are tickets that one person thinks he got for following the law. >> not even the wind could take away the $50 parking ticket. it's always annoying when you come out and find the ticket but it's especially annoying when you see a ticket saying you
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failed to have the inspection. after some digging he realized he was far from alone. >> we found 12 similar tickets on s street and nearby s place. the number on the sppings sticker didn't match the number on the license plate which in each case it's true. we searched through the d.c. parking regulation and couldn't see anything that says that. if you moved a town or like thornburg get a new car, the inspector can't possibly put your d.c. license plate on the ticket unless they can predict the future. >> you make sure you park, check the signs, everything's right and you still get a ticket. there's just no way to win. >> we've bp trying to get answers for these folks. the spokesperson for d.c.'s department of public works asked us to e-mail her pictures of
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some of the tickets. that's going on seven hours agoful despite repeated calls we have not gotten a response yet. we are going to keep at them tomorrow to get an answer for the folks on this street and other streets who got the tickets. oim tom roussey abc7 news. >> more than 150 women may have been secretly videotaped by a prominent eye. he was charged with boyerism last year. prosecutors say he recorded more than 150 women at a jewish ritual bath. he taut at georgetown and town sen university as well as the university of maryland. and new details at what led to a stabbing death of a lawyer in new york. david sent a text message to his wife saying he would be home around 8:30 monday night.
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the post says that by about 2:00 a.m. she called police. at this hour they're looking for a person of interest. there's a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. >> a triple murder in north carolina leads to nax the district. the f.b.i.'s looking into the death of three young muslim americans was a hate crime. that prompted the council on american care. >> nearly 300 miles from chapel hill, north carolina dozens gathered in d.c.' du pont circumstance to remember three promising lives. they lit candles few tears this -- in this community. all three were shot in the head
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execution style tuesday evening. police have charged their neighbor craig steven hicks with their murder. at the vigil it's an explanation most aren't buying. >> for us to think that this was nothing less than a hate crime is absurd and an insult to their memory. >> what we know about the perptrators the terrorists, i'm sorry, he was anti-religion. >> now there is word the f.b.i.'s investigating whether the killings violated federal hate crime laws but some here said if the tables have been turned it wouldn't even have been the question. >> that would be all over the news and it would be a terrorist attack and it would be a hate crime. it would be unquestionable. >> now to keep the pressure on and to keep this case in the spotlight organizers are asking folks in the muslim community tomorrow to gather in front of the white house for their ritual
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friday prayers. >> new at 11:00, a federal indictment connected to the riots in ferguson missouri. a 26-year-old is now charged with arson con -- connected to a fire at the ferguson market. michael brown allegedly robbed that market before he was shot and killed by a police officer. >> only on 7, two caseworkers who are accused of stealing from a homeless man with a mental illness. kelly convinced a homeless man there in his care to give him his checkbook and then he took it and wrote a check for $3,000. >> exact one month after the deadly smoke incident on metro we're seeing new images of the damage. now these burned out component sent smoke into a metro tunnel killing one an injuring dozens. the ntsb is still trying to
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pinpoint the source of the burn. meanwhile metro is backing off on a proposal to increase fares and service. they will find other ways to fix a projected short fall of $46,000. >> having a reliable tool out highs and lows is key. some have turned to alert dogs but some members of the virginia company say they're nothing more but an overprized pet. >> for three weeks we've been asking the founder of virginia based warren retriever first an on-camera interview an for proof of his training methods and effectiveness. we're still waiting tonight. the company's attorney said it's proved that they love their service dogs but not everyone's happy. >> the flores family would think lotus the dog would offer more
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to her daughter. >> they advertise miracles. they called the company diabetic alert dogs blessing, and priceless. saved my child more times than i can count. >> hells consistent any time i'm not paying attention to my blood sugar. he's imperative to me that way. >> but there are critics -- the virginia attorney general office has an ongoing investigation with 30 complaints. >> it didn't work out like that. >> michelle hunter signed an $18,000 contract for one of warren's diabetic dogs but sugar appeared more interested in playing ball than checking blood sugar. 285 is completely out of range. it's considered a pretty
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significant high for anyone. she's right here and she's just a crazy puppy. >> hunter and flores say their puppies didn't get the training they were promised. after both stopped paying, warren retrievers sued them along with families and at least 10 or states. a judge recently ruled against the company in one case saying warren "induced the family into a contract makes misrepresentations about the dog's ability which should be instinctively be ready to alert." >> she was not going to bare the responsibility to make sure my son was safe. >> the methods they say are proven in a 2013 u.v.a. study. after we pointed out the research is a preliminary survey with subjective responses provided by warren retrievers, the company changed its language. >> there is no regulation on that. >> debbie k. with the diabetes
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alert alliance is changing standards. . >> that's a good girl. >> those are just basic things that a diabetes alert dog should be able to do. >> tasks that the disappointed families have their heart set on. >> the retriever for warren retrievers it does not offer a guarantee because that's not their method. the company supplies their dog and works with families in their homes and that success depends heavily on family involvement. warren says it has successfully put 136 diabetic dogs through their standard in the newsroom chelsea jocesterman. what are an accuser is saying
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about their run-in with comedian bill cosby. plus -- >> a brazen afternoon crime ends dramatically this evening.
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>> police say a pair of armed robbers tried to steal an armored truck and exchanged gun fire with its drivers. this played out in a shopping plaza in the middle of the afternoon. jay is lye with new developments tonight. jay? >> indeed the latist in this case in just the last hour, police released this man 27-year-old jarred williams of oxen hill maryland as one of two suspects that tried to rob the armored truck. the other one in the hospital after being shot. lauden county authorities say it was about a bold of crime as they've ever seen. >> it's probably the most brazen crime i've seen. >> two suspects tried to rob
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this armoured truck during the bustling lunch hour. >> investigators say one suspects fire at dunbar security personal personnel. the suspects fled in this burgundy car only to be tracked down by fairfax county police. >> this is a really, really safe area. >> aziza was at the bank before the shootout. >> the fact that i was here an hour half, capital one that i'm always using is kind of terrifying. >> residents are just glad the suspects are off the streets following an unexpected day of violence. >> it was nice to know and be reassured that they were locked up and taken care of. >> and those suspects face a large list of problems. >> tonight, two more women are
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accused of bill cosby of sexual assault. the former models claim they slipped them drugs and sexually assaulted them years ago. he's denying any brong wrongdoing and has not been charged with a crime. >> lots of buzz with this comment. a montana state lawmaker says he wouldn't be a problem with you being arrested for wearing yoga pants. david moore is trying to toughen the laws of indecent exposure saying tight fitting beige clothing should be outlawed in public. but the proposal doesn't outlaw yoga pants. a legislative panel quickly killed this bill. >> i can understand it. in fact, i give you permission. if you never see me in yoga pants have me arrested. [laughter] >> it is so cold and the wind is just howling. >> i haven't been outside since 2:30 but i heard everyone talks about how frigid it is.
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take a look at what's going on. 19 at dulles. 23 at reagan international. you're probably saying to yourself that's not that bad. it's wintertime. what can you expect? look at these wind gusts now out of the north and west from 25 to 30 miles per hour. a wind advisory for the district until 1 in the morning. but more importantly on top of that the wind chill factors. it feels like only one. it feels like two at dulles. it feels like seven at reagan international airport. these wind chills will continue to depal. wind chill advisories until 10 all three the west. everything shaded in light blue even though the district and fairfax and prince georges county not only the advisory it's still going to be pretty cold. in an arun del public schools will have a two-hour delay.
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wake-up temperatures well above zero. 16 degrees in arlington but it feels like a temperature that will up to a three yo to a low impact. no need woifer about snow. be care of of any slip spots. wind chill forecast. it's only going to be feel around degrees. it stays cold for the day on sad at another stronger cold front on the way then. that powerful cold front will really drop our temperatures for the day on sunday. here's our forecast overnight or daytime highs tomorrow only around 29 degrees. we'll see wind chill factors that will colder than that. feels like temperatures about 10 or 12 degrees. it shows temperatures on sunday, only around 19 degrees, wake-up temperatures on monday morning, single diments. >> bun led up.
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>> got to choice. we've got the mountain hawks flying over american. mark turgeon gives up an idea where the turks are. and it was prime time show stopping showdown between lebron and rose. i've got the
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>> all right, as we head into the nba's all-star weekend there
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was some unfinished business to take care tonight. the last game before the break. the cavs an bulls. cleveland has won 14 of the last 15 games an is tied for washington for fourth in the east. rose and gasol were playing a two-man game. how sweet that is. rose by any other name had 30. chicago made the cavaliers look like the washington jernls. the bullses like a globe troppers. >> in college baseball we are down to the last six games and they're looking to see how teams finish. a maryland's went over indiana's last night. got the attention of the makers. the swirks -- the terms have about r.b.i. of 19. with a win over pen strait they'll go even higher. her looks ready to make a run.
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they can see the light at the owned the tunnel. they focus in. guys are feeling better. our excuse was good. we've had eded inner states. i hope they're more relaxed and ready to make a run. and they saw the stars. kim. he had 7-so shots with 7-shots. >> lehigh beat 55-59. telling the world that he and his wife are expecting their first baby. rg iii has been criticized for his first message but attacked to a picture of him kissing his wife's kelly. big thank you for making this a essential day fpblets this will change our lives forever. .
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rg iii are going to have a baby. so congratulations. gets a pitch high and tight and he charged the mound. sort of. the ump held him back, sort of. >> lou won that nf award. 88 years old. luke dunlap our hero of the day. and at pebble weafment he may be the row of the day. one off the lead. john daly hasn't made the cut at pebble beach since 1991. >> wow. >> between the j.d. and lou. >> that was pretty tough. >> john -- that was with a typical baseball fight. there's your punches. >> will. we know romance will be in the air this weekend.
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but what about romance tick rap. well, why the mold rat could be part of your valentine's day.
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>> well, valentine's day gesture includes roses chocolate.
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how about a creepy critter? you could adopt a naked mold rat. the adaption comes with a specialized ballot. it's $120 and the -- we have more information. >> that's what you give someone you don't lo. >> yep. >> i don't
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it's okay. what kind of animals did you invite to this party? we can help. much better. refresh your space with an extra hundred off every thousand at havertys. plus enjoy 36 month no interest financing. havertys. discover something you. >> i wish we could just blink and move forward. >> before you know it it will be cherry blossom night tomorrow. it will be cold tomorrow that will in the lower teens. an even stronger cold front on saturday. that will bring us widespread
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showers. cold on monday. a lot of question s there. jackie bright and early.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, oscar nominee keira knightley. from "scandal," tony goldwyn. cookie monster "this week in unnecessary censorship," and music from incubus. with cleto and the cletones. and now, in person, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪


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