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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  February 23, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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winds. as far as records go we have one in sight tomorrow morning. record low officially at reagan national is 1 degree. that's not going to -- or 12 degrees, 1 degree, not going to break that. we won't break b.w.i.'s record too, because it will be around 6. dulles has a record low of 14 tomorrow. i think that one is toast as we expect lows in that area maybe 4 or 5 degrees. plenty cold getting used to all over again. steve rudin will report live here in a couple of minutes as we handle another arctic outbreak across our area. that's the latest. back to you. >> wssc says it's dealing with an extraordinarily high volume of calls because of this cold weather. crews have responded to more than 160 water main breaks in the last week. there were 75 water main breaks in montgomery and prince george's county. wssc is anyone out there without service to report problems using the app or e-mail. now, repairs are under way for a malfunctioning railway crossing gate at rockville. gates stopped coming down on their own this morning which
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means trains are being forced to stop and a conductor has to get out and stop the traffic. according to our partners repairs could take a couple of days. >> the chemicals used to help get the snow and ice off the roads are anything but helpful to our vehicles. and maryland bureau chief brad bell is live to explain the damage that these chemicals can actually cause. brad? >> you know, we've been talking about so many problems with this weather. and now, really you got to get yourself into a car wash and it is exactly because of those new chemicals they're putting down on the roadway. you know, when you see those white stripes on the pavement before there's a snowstorm, that pretreatment that contains a chemical called magnesium chloride and as it turns out, magnesium chloride is far more corrosive to your car than the traditional road salt rock salt that they spread. talked to the experts and they say it can wreck your car.
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>> not good for the cars. bad for the finish. you want to get it off as quickly as possible. >> well you want to get it off as quickly as possible and not just here on the paint. you want to get underneath the car. you want to get all of those places that could have been affected by that brine that they put down. coming up at 5:00 we'll hear from a mechanic who says that you really do need to pay attention because the damage can be expensive and he's starting to see it all the time. in lanham, brad bell abc 7 news. >> also in maryland the government building was closed because of weather related issues. the building has no heat no water service and standing water in the basement. maintenance works say they hope to make the necessary repairs on the building so they can reopen tomorrow. that could change depending on the crew's progress. we'll keep on top of it.
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prince george's county courthouse was closed again today for repairs. last week a pipe there burst. electrical gear was damaged. no word on when repairs there would be completed. autria? >> we are following a developing story in howard county. owner of ramshead tavern has been charged with secretly videotaping women as they used the restaurant's bathroom. 37-year-old kyle mealhouser surrendered to police and later released on a $35,000 bond. police say their investigation began last may when a woman reported she was in the women's bathroom when a digital camera fell next to her. footage revealed the man placing the camera in the bathroom along with images of six other women. brianne carter will have tonight coming up at 5:00. >> several smoke incidents at metro stations. >> no major problems were all righted from these incidents.
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as stephen tschida tells us riders are concerned. >> several incidents on metro this weekend. four of them apparently involving smoke. in fact a couple of them here affecting the rosslyn station which led to single tracking. we did ask metro about what happened. it's waiting to do a study. it will get back to us. but we did talk with a number of passengers who say they are very concerned. they are very worried especially after that fatal incident involving smoke near the l'enfant plaza station. we did speak with a woman who says she spent more than 40 minutes on a green line train near the l'enfant plaza station this morning. >> never found out. got out at l'enfant plaza and there were cops and fire personnel everywhere but you know that's the norm these days considering how badly metro has been failing us. >> we peppered metro with questions about what's going on what about the smoke incidents over the weekend? metro says it is conducting its own study and it's revealing everything that happened. it will be issuing a report on
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thursday. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> you trust them with your kids but the "7 on your side" i-team found local school bus drivers breaking the law. >> we got it all caught on camera, too. investigator joce sterman to here to explain how. joce? >> you can blame those red light and speed cameras that have busted all of us at one time or another. they caught local school bus drivers as you can see on the website blowing through red lights and also speeding and the video is stunning. tonight at 11:00, right here on wjla we're going to show you some of that video and show you how we saw buses breaking the law. we caught it all in action from drivers that do not even pump the brakes when they blow through a red light to bus drivers who were caught speeding through school zones, 15 16 18 miles over the limit. locally, we learned most districts pay the ticket and make the drivers pay back the
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fines. one local school district let tickets go unpaid for years and that prompted a change to policy. >> did we chase drivers down in the past? yes. were we always successful? no. is that a problem today? no. >> and we will hear much more about that tonight at 11:00. in the meantime we want you to get to our website at we put together a two minute display of all the best tickets that we saw that showed some of these school bus drivers in action. you can also read more about how two local districts, prince george's county and montgomery county, are handling discipline related to these school bus drivers. in the newsroom joce sterman, abc 7 news. >> good work, looking forward to it. see you in a bit. in the meantime many of us envy the washington nationals right now because they are where? >> in florida. not in d.c. >> spring training getting under way down there. coming up here we'll go live and get a look of the day's activities. >> he was once a democratic party activist in northern virginia who is currently awaiting trial on charges that
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he molested a family member. but today, a judge's ruling on allegations that michael gardener was involved in a murder-for-hire plot against children. that ruling coming up. >> and some viewers are giving the thumbs down to the oscars. how it involves the star left out of the in
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>> mall shoppers across the nation are urge to be on alert after an al-qaida link called for an attack on the mall of america. >> the threat is raising concerns about security at local malls. re rebecca cooper is live in arlington with more tonight. rebecca? >> you can see this mall parking lot is filled with shoppers. we're at pentagon row adjacent to pentagon city mall. there's stores here and plenty of stores at pentagon city mall. mall officials said they don't want to comment on security measures but all the mall officials that we spoke to throughout the washington region today stress that there is no credible or imminent threat against any mall in the washington region. still, shoppers that we spoke to today were very aware of the
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threat made over the weekend by the terrorist group responsible for those brutal killings at the mall in kenya two years ago that left 60 dead. over the weekend, they posted an on-line video urging their supporters to now target malls in the west including here in the united states. and, in fact they showed pictures of the mall of america in minneapolis. showing its g.p.s. coordinates and urging followers to plan more attacks on the west. the shoppers that we spoke to today say they're aware of that. a little bit more nervous but won't back down from shopping because of these terrorists. we spoke to one young woman who works here and she says she knows it makes it more a credible threat because it's close to the pentagon but she won't stop working here. here's what she had to say. >> does that worry you at all? >> a little. with a lot of threats like that they tend to be empty so i don't really see it as like a real threat. it's a little disheartening. but, i mean, what are you going
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to do? >> now secretary of homeland security jay johnson says he does take these threats seriously and he says it's something that americans are going to have to get used to. he wants to be able to keep shopping but wants people to be aware if you see something, say something. and shoppers tell us exactly that's what they plan to do. rebecca cooper abc 7 news. >> the department of homeland security is facing a different kind of threat tonight. a fight over funding that could cause the agency to shut down senior political reporter scott thuman is at the capitol hill bureau live with the latest developments. scott? >> leon those shopping mall threats only intensifying the debate on capitol hill not that it wasn't only tense enough, five days left now before the department of homeland security runs out of money. here is the big issue. republicans are trying to pass a spending bill right now that would, of course continue to fund d.h.s. it's not what you call a clean
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bill in other words an attachment to it that right now would essentially roll back some of president obama's executive orders granting work permits to some illegal immigrants. that's where there's a fight. that's what the debate really is all about. as a result democrats want to block this particular bill. it's coming at a very sensitive time as you just pointed out so we could actually see a partial shutdown that's keeping about 30,000 d.h.s. employees home. 100,000 to 200,000 are considered essential workers. they'd continue to work but do so without pay. president obama today addressed governors from all over the country and kind of weighed out the consequences. >> more than 100,000 d.h.s. employees, border patrol court inspectors, t.s.a. agents will show up to work without getting paid. they all work in your states. these are folks who if they don't have a paycheck are not going to be able to spend that money in your states.
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it will have a direct impact on your economy and a direct impact on america's national security. >> where exactly are we in this whole issue now? well republican senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is going to bring us up we understand for a fourth vote now in the senate where it likely will once again get shot down by democrats in this back and forth. what does that mean? we could be looking at a continuing resolution. in other words, kind a band-aid. just get us through while the immigration issue is fought on a different level. we don't know if that will play out many hope it will. it's a real possibility at the end of this month, there could be a shutdown of d.h.s. much more coming up on this debate live tonight at 6:00. in the meantime from your capitol hill bureau, scott thuman, abc 7 news. >> thank you scott. how about we turn to something more hopeful now? >> something a little more fun. >> sure sign of spring always brings a sense of hope all right, talking about this time of year exciting time for baseball fans.
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why? >> the nats are taking part in spring training now in florida, what we wouldn't give to be there with him. tim brandt. >> you know what excites so much about the baseball not the weather so much. it was a chamber of commerce type day there. big time cookout for the coaches, feast of ribs and pork tenderloins, pitchers and catchers got in last thursday and had physicals friday. first official workout was saturday. but you'd better believe they're having a good time with no pressure and no games until next saturday. this has been fun in the sun. meanwhile, robert burton is with the ballclub with high expectations on this team. that may change the mood in the next several days robert huh? >> yeah, we're talking about big expectations, tim. every article you read, you hear the nats in the world series contenders, favorites. well, we're only three days into spring training. might be a little too early to talk about that stuff right now. >> with the new addition of former cy young award winner max scherzer, the nats will become
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one of the favorites to make the world series. >> i don't think it registers that much. >> but reliever drew storen says it's way too early to speak the word world series. >> can't get ahead of yourself in this game. as long as you stay in your lane and do your thing, all that other stuff takes care of itself. >> everybody is perfect together, you know accident we gel perfectly. we can take it one day at a time, you know not going to read into it and think about it as much. >> makes for good copy and good conversation. but we don't think in those terms. we think in the terms of getting ready for the spring season and getting ready for the -- ready for the regular season and moving from there. so on paper, things can be thrown around back and forth. but you got to play the games. >> matt williams is one guy that does not like to look ahead. why matt williams got fired up with us when talking about his
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rotation. back to you. >> that will be interesting. thank you, robert get back to you later. this is great. here they are 76 degrees. >> yeah and they're being picked by a lot of people to go all the way. >> absolutely. >> one game at a time leon. one game at a time. >> i know it's early! guilty as charged. >> florida, brother. >> let's go. i'm with you. let's get a check of the traffic situation now with bob emler in the wtop traffic center. hey, bob! >> hey there, leon. on the george washington parkway, there's been a broken down car in the roadway for quite a long time. inner bound part of the beltway not too bad. headed up to the 270 spur and around through bethesda and silver spring and on 66 not a bad drive to the west so far. you do so briefly over the occoquan and then briefly as you head south of quantico trying to get towards stafford. let's take a look and see some volume out there on the beltway in college park on the inner loop of the beltway as you move around past route 1 it will slow down most of the way on
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214. it's start to go ease a bit now and otherwise, 395 southbound a little bit of a build-up getting down to landmark. i'm bob emler with 103.5 wtop radio. >> thanks, bob. talk to you in a little bit. >> no precipitation out there at least. >> just talking we got a little break because it took so long for temperatures to get below freezing. tonight, we're hoping the same story with the winds and the sunshine even though temperatures are falling, hope most roadways will dry up but there's always a chance of anything melting. let's get you started here. another arctic cold front. these are beginning to be common place around here this winter. take a moment to look at a few of the facts and figures about this winter especially the month of february. so far this month, our average temperature in washington has been 30.6 degrees. that's nearly eight degrees below normal. it's the coldest february if it would end right now until 1979. and overall, we're working on the 13th coldest february since
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records have been kept. highlight all this because the dramatic changes after hitting 50 and now temperatures falling tonight. how low are they going to go? what's it like out there right now? steve rudin is up the road. it doesn't feel like yesterday afternoon outside, does it? >> no it felt so much warmer than we have over the past several days because it's been so cold. now that that cold front has moved through, our temperatures have taken a dive. take a look at what we have on the weather computer right now. reagan national airport at 31 degrees. fredricksburg looking at 33 degrees. but head out to the west elkins, west virginia hard to believe they are at 18 degrees right now and temperatures with these clear skies or mainly clear skies are only going to fall even further as we move through the evening and overnight hours. how cold will it get tonight? let's head to doug who is toasty warm in the studio. >> our story tonight as we go through, the winds diminishing. that will allow the arctic air
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to settle overhead. drop between 2 above and 12 above for overnight temperatures. currently readings barely above 10 degrees in chicago and detroit. 12 in pittsburgh. that's the cold air that's moving in. coldest core of air in new england. 2 above in burlington. 1 above in syracuse. no problem getting that cold tonight especially with the winds diminishing. satellite and radar, front now kind of south and east of the area. rain along the coast. some clear skies overhead. i will point out that the computer models continue to be very active trying to develop southern systems and bring it across the southeast. there's really no consensus at all but there's a chance by later in the week on thursday night, maybe a few flurries could run up the coast south and east of here. we'll watch that for you closely. main thing we'll concentrate on as we go through our futurecast here is the sunshine tomorrow. sun increasing cloudiness during the afternoon. all the while, down south. more rain moving through the deep south. lot of ice there now and i think we're going to wind up with a forecast that looks like this. tomorrow sunshine and a few afternoon clouds near 30 degrees.
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about 40 or so, nice brief warmup wednesday but a change in the wind direction brings colder air back here for the day on thursday. highs 32 in the thursday evening, flurry or snow shower south and east of the city and then try to warm it up again next week. overall outlook, best we're going to do is a couple of days you know around 40 or 45 and then get very cold again. >> up and down oochlt. >> up and down. one day it will change. >> promises. thank you, doug. this morning's icy roads are being blamed for an accident involving an overturned oil delivery truck. >> jeanette reyes is in gaithersburg with more on the damage there. >> the driveway pretty much sums up what we've been talking about all morning. take a look here the snow slush and most dangerous of all the ice patches. in fact here it caused this truck to slip over. it happened around 8:45 this morning on ocean view drive as the driver was backing up carrying 2500 gallons of heating
4:22 pm
oil. it only made this morning even busier from montgomery county authorities nearly three miles away, crews were responding to a house fire and a mile from there, an accident involving a van and a garbage truck. this overturned oil truck is the only weather related incident out of the three. >> got halfway up the hill. and i touched the brakes and everything went to the left. >> driveways are sort of crowned and culverts over there that you can see are really sort of deep. so unfortunately, we've had cars slide off the driveway and go into the culvert where they'll get stuck. >> this truck driver walked away without any injuries but he had quite the story to tell. the first person to hear as soon as he gets his cell phone stuck somewhere in there. reporting in montgomery county jeanette reyes abc 7 news. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00, new details in a deadly
4:23 pm
shooting in northeast. what we're learning about the victim and the search for his killers. >> "7 on your side" with a way to try to protect your personal information from hackers. learn how freezing your credit works. >> hollywood is cleaning up after its big golden night. lots of drama and excitement here. i'm mary bruce with al
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>> the movie "birdman" flew away
4:26 pm
with the top prize at last night's academy awards show but there were menny of emotional moments there throughout the evening for the oscar winners. >> abc's mary bruce shows us the highlights. >> look it's great to be here. who am i kidding? this is just great fun. thank you very much. >> the oscar goes to -- who gave this [beep] a green card? "birdman". >> this is crazy. >> "birdman" was soaring high taking the night's top honors winning best picture and best director. thanks to a lucky charm. >> i am wearing the real michael keaton tighty whiteies. >> the 87th annual academy awards were full of emotional highs and memorable moments. eddie redmayne took home beth best actor for his portrayal of stephen hawkings. overcome with disbelief. >> i am fully aware that i am a lucky, lucky man.
4:27 pm
this oscar -- wow! >> best actress went to oscar favorite julianne moore for her role in "still alice." >> thank you so much! >> from jaw-dropping performances -- >> ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ >> to raw emotion. >> ♪ oh glory ♪ >> and humor. >> acting is a noble profession. >> as you can see, they are cleaning up now from the big night. they've rolled up the red carpet, wheeled away those big oscar statues and it's probably safe to say by now those late night after parties are finally over. mary bruce, abc news hollywood. >> not everyone was happy with the outcome. some oscar viewers were upset that the late comedienne joan rivers wasn't featured in the show's in memoriam segment. the group that oversees the awards show later issued a
4:28 pm
statement, it reads "joan rivers is among the worthy artists and filmmakers we were unfortunately able to feature in this year's in memoriam segment but she's included in our gallery on" >> you can't forget her name. her name is always attached to that night. >> all things red carpet. >> the academy awards ceremony as a whole is the subject of the question of the day now. >> what was your favorite moment from the oscar? post your answer on the abc 7 facebook change and we'll share more coming up later. >> it's called the happiest place on earth. some park goers won't be happy about the latest announcement coming from disney. how much more will you have to pay for tickets there? >> the winter weather is causing problems for drivers on the roads. coming up find out just how many
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>> d.c. police are offering up to $25,000 in reward money for any tips about an overnight shooting in northeast. >> 29-year-old marcus mcclean from upper marlboro was shot and killed after midnight on the 1,200 block of brentwood road in brooklyn. as mike conneen reports, terrified residents awoke to the sound of gunshots. >> it was like boom, boom boom! boom, boom! >> residents of the brooklyn manor apartments off rhode island avenue northeast describe frightening moments overnight as d.c. police race to the scene of a deadly shooting inside this
4:32 pm
ground level apartment. the victim described as unconscious and in serious condition was later pronounced dead. his body removed by the medical examiner. long time residents say there's been less crime here in recent years and they feel safer overall but this homicide investigation is a wake-up call. >> for this to happen it's out of it. >> there's a problem, yeah. one woman told us she heard the sound of eight gunshots not rapid fire but a slower succession. maybe even methodical. she then heard a car pull out of the parking lot. that's when she went to check on her children. >> i jumped out and went and checked on them. yeah. pretty scary. >> at this point, the suspect's descriptions are very vague but detectives say they're searching for two african-american men, one wearing a blue and white jacket and another in all black seen leaving the scene in a black four door vehicle and anyone with information is asked to contact m.p.d. >> let's turn to the weather
4:33 pm
because of the drop in temperatures outside could mean that we should see some icy spots overnight. >> let's get an update from chief meteorologist doug hill. doug? >> during the day, we've had -- and all day yesterday, we had temperatures around freezing. didn't drop below to freezing in many areas. so the combination of the wind and the sun and the temperatures hopefully dried up a lot. whatever is still standing water or wet spots on roadways will ice up tonight as temperatures drop. speaking of ice, take a look at the time lapse of the seven rivers seen from the u.s. naval academy in annapolis during the day, ice starts to make a move downstream. ice fairly thin on the top and with the strong current under the surface, the ice pretty much pushed out into the chesapeake bay but it's a very good possibility over the next week the ice could reform on many portions of other areas that saw movement today. we're down to 21 in gaithersburg already. look at the wind chills they're dropping as the arctic air mass is overspreading the region as we speak. by tomorrow morning, we're expecting lows to 5 washington
4:34 pm
dulles and baltimore. 7 at andrews and maybe 14 degrees according to the computer modeling at reagan national airport. as we get through the day tomorrow, after an average temperature in the single digits, we'll climb to about 25 at midday. see a few clouds mix in with the sun late in the afternoon around 30 degrees for a high temperature. what about the rest of the week and the weekend? we have a sneak peek at that for you coming up in a few minutes. autria? >> ok doug, the cold weather is leading to another type of problem out on the roadways. >> that's right. drivers getting stuck in the potholes out there. diane cho live with more on this growing problem. diane? >> well the temperature fluctuations these last couple of days certainly hasn't helped the cause. you can see there are a couple of minor ones behind me in northwest d.c. now, officials say the problem is that the ground temperature has to be about 45 degrees or higher consistently for at least five days in order for crews to pave the road. otherwise, it's a waste of money. they have crews out on the roads making repairs regularly. there might be cases that crews
4:35 pm
have gone to patch it up and days later, it looks like nothing is fixed because the temperatures are likely affected again. when the temperatures go up and down likely, it has -- like it has recently rather it causes problems on the roads and the vehicles rolling over it and the surface of the road is expanding and contracting also because when the snow melts, water gets under the roadway which that can cause it to pop back out. >> probably one of the more brutal winters i remember in 35 years. >> when you see one ahead you try to drive around it or a little on the inside. >> no just slow down. take it easy. >> and potholes they're real bad. i have a mercedes-benz and the pothole, they destroyed my tires one time. i can't drive in the city because i'm always looking for potholes. >> and we're told they repaired more than 50,000 potholes in d.c. last year from january to april. in northwest d.c. diane cho abc 7 news. >> diane, it is unclear if the bad weather played a role in an
4:36 pm
accident that injured an off-duty anne arundel county police officer. it happened saturday night on route 100 in glen burnie. after the officer stopped to help stranded drivers. investigators say the officer was either getting in or out of her car when she was hit. she was treated and released from the hospital. >> well we're not the only ones dealing with this i understandkind of stuff. other parts of the country hasn'teding the frigid conditions. >> as the east prepares for the return of the below freezing temperatures that doug has been talking about, south and west try to clean up the latest round of snow and ice. marcy gonzalez is in new york with the latest. >> from california to the carolinas, a wintry mix of misery. >> when is itting go to -- is it going to warm up? >> shutting down parts of major highways and bridges in dallas. >> i'm a born texan. i've been in bad weather most of my life. >> the weather beyond bad. in tennessee, more than 20 deaths there blamed on this winter blast that's also left thousands of people without electricity. >> power will not come back on
4:37 pm
today. >> this photographer near nashville finding and hoping to save this elderly woman who had been reported missing in the ice storm. >> she was laying right there, you know we lifted her up but she was close to the ground. >> in parts of colorado more than a foot of snow leaving cars stuck and this ambulance struggling to navigate around them. tough getting around on major waterways, too. coast guard crews working to break up nice in the delaware river. even in the desert snow globe scenes. las vegas under a winter weather advisory. after a brief warmup from the midwest to the northeast, a dangerous deja vu. the bitter cold is back with wind chills around parts of the great lakes today, negative 40 degrees. it woen be quite that bad here in new york and new england but temperatures are dropping throughout the day and from tomorrow morning, we could again have lows in the single digits. marcy gonzalez abc news new
4:38 pm
york. >> wish we could have gone to vegas to put money down on snow. is that crazy or what? inclement weather like that is to blame for delaying the "american sniper" murder trial. prosecutors were scheduled to continue with their rebuttal today. now the trial will resume tomorrow. chris kyle's wife attended the oscars last night and she took the red eye back to texas assuming that the trial would resume today. >> i wanted to be here to represent chris, obviously, and it's not the ideal time to do that but i still want to embrace everything that he should be here to do with me. >> the case could be put in hands of the jury later this week. ralph is facing life without prison without parole if convicted of killing kyle and another man. >> coming up at 4:00 a legal victory for a jailed virginia lawmaker. the ruling a judge issued today belonging some of delegate joe morrissey's belongings. >> we want to know what your favorite moment from the oscars last night was. weigh in on our abc 7 facebook
4:39 pm
page and we'll share some of the thou
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>> a home in montgomery county was declared a total loss after an overnight fire.
4:42 pm
firefighters say they believe it started in the basement. luckily, no one was home at the time. there were no injuries. autria? >> leon jailed virginia lawmaker joe morrissey will get some of the items back that were confiscated from his law office. delegate morrissey says the case files and computers seized in the search warrant last month brought his practice to a stand still. in a motions hearing today, a judge ordered prosecutors to make copies of the data and then return them. morrissey is charged with fabricating a document that he presented as evidence in a previous case. >> the supreme court will not be hearing arguments over licensing requirements for tour guides in new orleans. the guides claim that requiring them to be licensed in order to lead tours in the city violates the first amendment, the justices didn't comment today after leaving in place lower court rulings that the requirements are legal. now, people against requirements had hoped the high court would hear the new orleans case after an appeals court here in d.c. ruled last year that requirements in the district were unfounded.
4:43 pm
>> former texas governor rick perry, attorneys are trying once again to get the abuse of power charges against him thrown out. the lawyers claim the special prosecutor on the case is alleging facts not included in the indictment against perry. they claim the case should be thrown out and if it does continue one of the two felony counts should be reduced. perry was indicted on claims he tried to force a democratic district attorney to resign in order to stop the work of her public corruption unit. >> up next on abc 7 news at 4:00, "7 on your side" with a way to try to protect your identity from hackers. we'll show you how to freeze your credit. >> and get ready to pay more to visit disney parks. how much ticket prices jumped
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>> all right. looking ahead to abc 7 news at 5:00 coming you are here in a few minutes, the entire defense team steps down after a ruling in the michael gardner case. find out why they'll no longer be representing the man accuse of molesting a young family member. >> a delay processing evidence at the d.c. crime lab is leaving the family of a 9-year-old shot in the head waiting for answers. hear from his mother about it
4:47 pm
tonight at 5:00 right here. >> some people are protecting their personal information from hackers by freezing their credit. >> how you can protect your identity without tastying your money. >> you can't go a week without hearing about a security breach. anthem announced the biggest breach ever while the i.r.s. is dealing with thousands if not millions of fraudulent tax returns. but there are things people in the d.c. area could do to reduce the chance of being the next victim. it seem no matter where you do business, you can be hit with a security breach. in the case of leslie yoman, it led to identity theft. >> they told me there was a cell phone and some cable company that was set in my name. >> companies involved typically offer you a year of free credit monitoring. apelonia says that's better than nothing. the better way to protect is with a paid service like
4:48 pm
lifelock. >> lifelock have similar plans. >> there's also a less expensive option that can work as well. freeze your credit which locks it like a bank vault. >> you can put a freeze on your credit account through others. >> to initiate a freeze go to the three credit bureau websites, equifax, experion and transunion. you need a separate freeze at each one and you'll pay a one time fee of $10 at each. i've done a freeze myself. i admit it makes it a bit trickier to buy a car because you have to unlock your credit with a p.i.n. number to get a loan. but it's a lot better than becoming a victim like leslie. >> feel violated. who is doing this to me? >> having to fight to get your name back. to check your credit consider a credit freeze and set up monitoring if your card offers it. that way you don't waste your money. >> you'll have to dig deeper in your wallets to visit disney
4:49 pm
parks this year. walt disney company has raised prices for all of the u.s. theme parks. most expensive now, magic kingdom in florida which tickets there are now $105 up from $99. epcot, hollywood studios and animal kingdom are up $3 a piece. they are now $97 a head. the price changes go into effect on sunday. >> disney going up. target coming down. new competition for amazon's free shipping option. target announced it's lowering how much you have to spend to ship for free. now, all you have to spend on target's website is $25 to qualify. that's down from the company's previous $50 minimum. amazon offers free shipping on all orders over $35. >> actress emma watson is addressing rumors that she's dating prince harry. this comes after an australian tabloid reported the two were having secret dates and getting to know one another. on twitter, they posted we'll
4:50 pm
remember that little talk we had about not believing everything written in the media. she also wrote that marrying a prince is not a prerequisite for being a princess. >> if there's ever a rumor that i would want to have spread about me it's that i'm dating a prince. >> she makes it seem like it's beneath her. >> exactly. >> all right. let's get back to our question of the day now then. >> we ask what was your favorite moment from the oscars? jennifer waller wrote lady gaga knocked it out of the park. class act performance. >> sheila says john legend singing "glory" and tears that were shared. >> wanda arlene wasn't impressed with the show's long run time. her favorite part was the end of the show credits. i want to thank you, everyone who responded. >> you had some other folks. >> you were here until 1:00 a.m. >> until it was over. >> you wanted to wrap up about 11:30. >> absolutely. >> ok. it's cold. >> yes. >> i wish it was that simple.
4:51 pm
gusty breezes out there right now. what's going to happen tonight is the winds will distinguish. as that happens, the temperatures will drop more quickly. get ready, the arctic air is back. a look around the area from bell haven country club in alexander. we've had some high clouds through the area today and the sun. less and less cloudy in surrounding areas. its been a day to really see the transition from temperatures in the mid to upper 30's earlier this morning than steadily falling through the afternoon. 3 31 at reagan national now. 25 in gaithersburg. south and east of the metro area, cold air is spreading eastward across the area as well. 30 degrees on the mid shore wind chills are starting to be a feature as well with the gusty northwesterly winds. feels like 50 in gaithersburg. 16 degrees at reagan national airport. we're running almost eight degrees below average so far for
4:52 pm
the month of february here. nighttime lows like this it's no surprise. 2 to 12 the range of temperatures by morning. but at least the winds will be diminished so we won't have the biting wind chill to deal with. air temperatures will be plenty cold as well. our futurecast shows high pressure moving into the area. get to clear skies light winds and dropping temperatures and that will be with us through the day tomorrow but head off shore in the afternoon. as it does may see a few clouds in the area. temperatures will struggle to get to 32 degrees as we get to mid week, chance of warming up a bit to 40 or 42. but as we get into thursday it looks like the wind directional change will pull more cold air in out of the north-northeast. highs near 32 and late thursday night, disturbance off the coast could bring a few snow showers or snow flurries south and east of the metro area. partly cloudy skies friday. weekend partly cloudy with a touch of a warmup into sunday. but he said with a long pause, computer models keep spitting out these areas of low pressure to the south and some of them
4:53 pm
have us getting low clouds and maybe some rain in the forecast. >> time for a check of the traffic situation. bob emler has an eye on the roads for us. bob? >> autria on 95 traveling southbound things are generally slow only getting over the occoquan from lorton and then as you head farther south from quantico, you do bog down a bit getting down to stafford. no incidents along the way and generally doing well on 270 this afternoon. volume delays as you move north up through montgomery village and germantown with the lanes open. 15 northbound has hung up badly getting to point of rocks. broken down tractor-trailer on 15 and broken down car in the right lane has traffic hung up on 295 and on the southeast-southwest freeway. take a look at cameras and see how things look like on 270. not doing too badly here at diamond avenue on 270. just farther north at montgomery village avenue. that's where you start to slow down. 66 into the sun headed west from
4:54 pm
nutley to 123 out to centreville, slow here and there but with the lanes open. i'm bob emler with 103.5 wtop radio. >> thank you, bob. see you next hour. the story of one special pet. how one dog is credited with helping a young boy is there an elk in your bed? with sleep number now there's an adjustment for that. you can only find sleep number at a sleep number store. right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed.
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know better sleep with sleep number.
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>> now to a special case of love between a young boy and his pet. >> kind of sounds like a disney movie. >> doesn't it? a child and a dog shedding some light on how pets can help children with autism. >> this is 9-year-old johnny hickey and his 2-year-old pitbull. both of them had a rough start in life. when johnny was born his parents were overjoyed but soon their joy became concern. >> to get home and eight months later have them tell you, there's something that isn't quite right. >> eventually johnny was diagnosed with autism. he barely interacted with anyone and spoke very few words. meanwhile, not too far from where the hickeys lived, a
4:58 pm
pitbull puppy was found near death. after months of abuse and starvation veterinarians said there was a 1% chance she would live. >> it took my breath away. >> when it looked like he would survive, she told her husband i want to adopt the dog. >> what kind of issues is the dog going to have? >> there were no issues but something did happen the moment johnny and dina met. >> i had never heard johnny talk so much in this house as he did that day. >> johnny started doing things he wouldn't do before. >> i can just cry thinking about it because it was -- the dog had such an impact on our son. that tens of thousands of dollars worth of therapy didn't have. >> who is your best friend in the whole wide world? >> dina! >> holly firfur cnn atlanta. >> the owner of a popular tavern charged with secretly recording women in the bathroom.
4:59 pm
where evidence was found and how long the police were working the case. fights in class, melees in the hall. >> they do not have control. >> local high school in chaos as parents and alumni left asking how did it come to this? and cars caked in a wintry white grime. >> better wash it off soon. why it could be your car's worst enemy. >> tonight, the man listed as the president of a popular chain of music clubs is facing charges that he videotaped women in the bathroom at one of those clubs. >> brianne carter is in savage maryland outside of the ramshead tavern with more on this developing story. brianne? >> well we do know that we are here outside of this location just one of many owned by this group but this location according to charges documents obtained by abc 7 where a camera was found inside of a bathroom. now, according to the website for the ramshead group, the man
5:00 pm
accused is the president of that. and we do understand according to that website he's listed as that president that owns not only restaurants but concert venues as well. 37-year-old kyle mulehouser the owner in howard county is facing charges after police say he secretly recorded women inside of the restaurant's bathroom. >> yeah. no i would not expect it. i mean this is a landmark. everyone knows ramshead. >> howard county police say back in may of last year, a woman was in the tavern bathroom when a video camera fell on the floor next to her. detectives say when retrieving the video, they found images of six different women. police say when reviewing the restaurant's surveillance video, they found video of a man matching his description installing the bathroom camera. police say d.n.a. on the camera matched mulehouser. >> surprised? >> yeah.


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