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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  February 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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will affect the rush-hour commute. leon: the shocking reason for the murder of an elderly man. what led the police to the suspect. and get ready for legal marijuana in d.c. >> this is probably the biggest thing since prohibition ended in ther 1920's. leon: celebration and showdown, next. alison: first, a winter weather alert. most counties are now under a winter weather advisory. leon: the big problem with this storm is it is expected to hit during the morning commute. many schools have arty planned ahead. d.c. public schools has announced a two hour delay. we will bring you any word of closings and delays as we get them. steve rudin has the timeline and the estimated snow total? steve: i think a lot of school districts will hold off until
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early in the morning when the snow falls before they make their decision as to whether to delay or close. i think we will see a lot of that in the morning. the updated winter storm warning in terms of counties -- charles st. mary's, calvert, stafford spotsylvania, and king george from now until noon time thursday. the district, arlington, alexandria, montgomery county prince george's, shaded in purple, under a winter weather advisory. that is where we are expecting lesser amounts of snow. the moisture advancing off towards the north and east. the heaviest will remain to the south. it does not mean it will have a big impact on our area. these are projected snow for tomorrow morning, anywhere between one and three inches of snow around the capital beltway. the further south, towards richmond, heavier amounts. towards the north, the mason-dixon line is where we will see the least amount.
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i will show you this map and give you the timeline of what to expect coming up in just a few minutes. abc 7 news. tomorrow snow comes at the worst possible time, right before the morning commute. tonight, many are bracing for dicey roadways. jay korff is live in arlington with the preparations, reporter: the roads are bone dry, but this giant mound of snow reminds us that winter is not done yet. the big concern is the timing of the storm. it could be a mess during the critical morning commute tomorrow. >> so dangerous. it will be really bad. then the kids have to get out and it and it will be bad. reporter: she is grateful she is retired. when snow hits the region thursday morning she has no intention or desire of driving. the virginia department of transportation is trying to keep the mayhem to a minimum by pretreating major roadways. transportation officials say
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they are urging drivers to delay their morning commutes in hopes of keeping as many people as possible away from another blast of winter. >> i'm tired of it. cold and achy. don't want anymore. reporter: vdot crews report at midnight. about 1500 trucks will deploy. jay korff, abc 7 news. alison: our stormwatch coverage will start at 4:00 tomorrow morning. jacqui jeras will have up-to-the-minute forecasts. and stay connected with us on facebook, twitter, and this just in from arlington -- pools of water near the entrance of the crystal city metro station. about one inch of water we are told possibly from a broken pipe is puddling near the escalator.
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water was also bubbling onto the payment -- pavement at street level. the tro says it is not disrupting services, but the cause is under investigation. leon: in less than an hour, new marijuana laws take effect in the district. after midnight you will be able to use and grow certain types of marijuana in your home. but in politics, the battle is just getting started. roz plater has the new law and the showdown. roz? reporter: leon, the showdown is between d.c.'s mayor and two powerful congressmen on capitol hill who have oversight of the district. but d.c.'s mayor is not backing down. there is a party going on at madame organ celebrating the imminent legalization of marijuana in d.c. >> this is the biggest thing since prohibition ended.
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reporter: starting thursday anyone over 21 can use our grow up to two ounces of marijuana in their home. it was a measure that passed last fall. some in congress are dead set against it. two republican congressmen sent a letter to the mayor said you few decide to move forward tomorrow with the legalization of marijuana in the district you will be doing so in knowing and willful violation of the law. suggesting she could go to jail. >> i have a lot of things to do in the district of columbia. me being in jail when a be a good thing. reporter: she says the city is on solid legal ground and suggested the congressman were out of line. >> bullying the district of columbia is not what his constituents expect, nor do ours. reporter: the congress could still cause trouble, and in previous showdowns d.c. has been shot down. for now, advocate savor the victory and raise funds for the
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next battle, the legal buying and selling of marijuana in d.c. >> now is the time to stand up for what you believe in. reporter: the party is kicking off. d.c. normal is the national branch of the normalization of marijuana laws, asking everybody to obey the law. they are handing out a chart that shows what you can and cannot do under the new law. roz plater, abc 7 news. alison: shocking new details in the murder of an old early man. the police tell abc 7 the deadly stabbing stems from unwanted sexual advances. tonight, eric dyson is charged with killing 95-year-old dan belvin. graphic details were laid out in the charging documents. tom roussey is live in colesville with what led the investigators to dyson. reporter: this murder happened a mile and a half down randolph road in colesville. dyson the suspect is believed to
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have been using his bank card at this 7-eleven. that is not all he used it for. the details are awful. 60-year-old eric dyson told the police he would provide sexual favors to 95-year-old dan belvin seen here in 1940 before he went off to serve with the navy in world war ii. in return, dyson said that dan belvin would allow him money and use of his car. >> that is what he alleges. reporter: montgomery county police say that last week, dan belvin's sexual advances went to far and he stabbed the veteran to death. thomas clark says in the past he saw the ice and that an acquaintance's house. he is shocked. >> there's no reason to kill a 95-year-old man. i don't care if he made advances or what. reporter: the police say last thursday was it the last time anybody had seen dan belvin alive.
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charging document say that night dyson used dan belvin's melvyn bank card. the next four days, he allegedly used the card for $5,500 of transactions. he was arrested last night at randolph village. the senior living facility say they have a controlled entry environment, but that could not stop dyson because he lives there. we have not been able to reach dan belvin's family members. they do not appear to be from the area. dyson is facing a number of charges, the most serious being first-degree murder. live from silver spring, tom roussey, abc 7 news. alison: thank you, tom. 7 on your side with new information about a story that many of you talked about on social media last week. some residents of apartment building in southeast washington still living with broken radiators. ashley prince, the mother of an
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infant says that only one of her five radiators is working. the d.c. housing authority said the owner of the building promise to have the heat working for everyone by friday. the city says inspectors found five units without adequate heat last week. leon: in fairfax county, the police are trying to find a person driving around preventing -- pretending to be a cop. some of you has been trying to pull drivers over. the police say there have been three incident since october. emergency lights are turned on the driver did not stop. if you suspect somebody is trying to impersonate an officer, call 911 immediately. not everyone is happy about southwest receiving airline of the year honors. the transport unions local union protested outside of the award ceremony in northwest. the union says that southwest's labor practices disqualify it from receiving the honor.
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the union represents 10,000 southwest ground workers. the sides have been in contract talks since 2011. southwest said that information during picketing is common. alison: three men from brooklyn are accused of trying to join isil. one of them spoke about attacking president obama and planting a bomb on coney island. they are charged with trying to support a terror organization and face 15 years in prison. the justice department has charged about 20 people planning to travel to the middle east to fight alongside militant groups. there is still no deal to fund the department of homeland security. tomorrow the senate is expected to pass a bill that does not include provisions regarding immigration. republicans in the house opposed that measure. president obama says he will veto any bill that rolls back his executive actions on immigration. if a deal is not reached by friday dhs will shut down,
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forcing thousands to be furloughed our work without pay. leon: questions about how the government regulates the internet. tomorrow the fcc will take a vote on a new rules on net neutrality. if passed, a lot of things could change including preventing internet providers from slowing or blocking apps. up and say it would interfere with business. the decision will not be final four months. d.c. fire chief says that every firefighter will be trained to respond to emergencies on metro. a woman from alexandria died after getting sick from smoke filling a train last month. the fire chief said he is working with metro and other jurisdictions to fix communication issues. excessive damage after a manhattan building collapses. what investigators are saying. alison: ulf forced to pay up, why they were hit with a $ 534
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million fine.
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leon: a virginia man claims that state troopers caused $10,000 of damage to his home. he said last night virginia state police searched his home for his son who was illegally armed and dangerous. his son was not home at the time. he claims that troopers puncher to his walls, shot into his home. today we spoke with state police and after months of denying the claim they are helping him file a claim to have the state pay for the damage. alison: a construction worker was injured when a manhattan building partially collapsed. construction worker's a that it sounded like an explosion. rubble damaged a school bus that was nearby. no children were on the bus. the building was slated for demolition. leon: one person in critical condition after a house explosion in new jersey, caught on camera. investigators pointed the calls. they say that natural gas was leaking from an underground maine.
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the home exploded when it came in contact with an open flame. 15 people were hurt. alison: 7 on your side with a consumer alert. interest rates are going up on some american express credit cards. the average increase, 2.5%. american express is only affect a small percentage of u.s. cardholders, but he could still be more than one million people. the changes will not apply to current balances or rates for future purchases. leon: a texas court found that apple used another company's patented technology and order them to pay $533 million fort. most of the technology was used in the apple store. alison: an economic alert from google. want to help you find the best airfare deals. google flight will feature a
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calendar with the cheapest prices and the day that you plan to travel. if you know when you want to leave but not sure where you want to go, there will be an interactive map. maybe you know you just want to go somewhere warm, which we all do. and a reminder, spotsylvania has closed tomorrow, and d.c. is on a two-hour delay. steve: a lot of the schools are holding off because the brunt of the snow across the metro is not going to arrive until about 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. it will be a tough call and we could see covered pavement in the morning. live doppler radar, the snow was trying to lift off towards the north across southern maryland just the very tip. quite a bit of dry air right now. the dryer gradually comes in the next few hours. the moisture will gradually lift to the north as this big storm system moves just to the south
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of us. further south, atlanta is picking up anywhere between two to three inches of snow. north carolina and western virginia, we are talking five to eight inches of snow if not more. from that snow, creeping our way as we move through the overnight. keep in mind that it will not start any time -- at least not in the next hour or so. if you look outside right now come you're saying, where is this? it is well to the south. the national weather service has posted a winter storm warning. the areas in pink, charles calvert, st. mary's counties southern maryland, also spotsylvania and stafford. we are looking at the winter weather advisory. the area and purple is the winter weather or watch. the temperatures definitely cold enough for the snow. 32 gaithersburg, the same in frederick, 34 degrees at dulles
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36 at reagan national. tonight the temperature range between 16 and 23 degrees. snow will develop. give it another 4, 5 hours, this is 4:00 in the morning, it is still to the south. as we move through the busy rush hour, although of this lifts out to the north and east. we could see a little bit of sunshine later tomorrow afternoon. the hour by hour forecast, in d.c., 2:00 in the morning, the snow is yet to start. about 3:00 5:00, moderate snow to the south manassas, cold paper, fredericksburg, lexington park, southern maryland, moderate snow. all of that quickly moves out. by 11:00 in the morning, most of the heavy snow should be well to the north and west. the exception is in the west in the mountains where you could pick up more. sunshine later afternoon. a chance of flurries during the day friday. in terms of what we expect for
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snow totals, one to three inches inside the beltway. the further south, greater amount, between three and six inches. some of these areas may see more. a further north, along the mason-dixon line, these are the areas where we are expecting lesser amounts. tomorrow, daytime high near 30 degrees, the snow out of here by noontime. a cold weekend ahead. next week, temperatures near 50 on monday. alison: all right, just have to get through tomorrow morning. leon: now we go to a man with warmer climes? tim: bryce harper raised some eyebrows tonight. he was talking about the ring. the capitals found themselves in a back alley brawl with
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. tim: the caps-penguins game was physical but the capitals lead emotions get away from their concentration. it cost them, five penalties in the second, 15 minutes played five-on-four. sidney crosby with a blast through traffic. braden holtby never had a chance. he never even saw it. in the third the capitals on the power play. how about alex ovechkin, blistering the puck.
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pittsburghwins 4-3. randy wittman and the was her's have serious problems. they had everybody talking in the early season. were 23-8 the first three months, then they went into a tailspin. they are 11-16 through january and february, in freefall. tonight, ricky rubio, nice pass to kevin garnett, one of his two baskets tonight. 53-40 was the score. the game in the nutshell, ramon sessions turns it over. andrew wiggins gathers, strong minnesota hands washington its fifth straight loss, 97-77. winston-salem, north carolina, the drive, the draw, the dish. 70-34. the cavaliers are now 26-1.
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smith center, saint bonaventure at gw, total domination by the colonials. outscored, shot them, hitting 10 threes. joe mcdonald led the team. george washington wins. the nationals, everybody is in camp the first exhibition game next thursday, the season opener in washington april 6 against the mets. the nats are the odds on favorite to make it to the world series, one of the vegas favorites, and there is no question, but the strength of the pitching staff has everybody talking. bryce harper has come into camp and lit up the twitter world. >> i just started laughing light, where is my ring? you will have to face scherzer, zim?
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good luck. tim: come on, bryce, get some wins first. richmond upset vcu in double overtime, and virginia tech lost to duke in overtime. virginia tech, just 2-13 in conference, they take down duke. leon: that is a good showing. tim: he said worrying, i thought he was getting married. leon: a rare and possibly record-breaking catch.
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leon: a jaw-dropping image caught by an italian fishermen. the catfish weight more than 280 pounds. he did not eat it, he let it go. alison:
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alison: tricky forecast tonight. steve: we do, there is no snow right now. and if you hours come anywhere between one and three inches inside the beltway, higher amounts further south.
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"good morning washington" starts at 4 a.m. alison: thank you. leon: stay tuned for jimmy kimmel live.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- will smith. from "marvel's agents of shield," elizabeth henstridge. and music from sam hunt. with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jg jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching.


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