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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  February 28, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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kimberly: a little bit of everything? steve: a little bit of everything. we don't need to focus on the snow totals because it will not be that significant, but the ice could cause a big problem, especially on untreated roadways. monday lower 40's. wednesday, upper 50's, a cold front swings through. and next weekend, a week from tonight when you go to bed, we
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will set our clocks forward. kimberly: spring forward, you got it. don't go to bed yet. stay with us.
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] kimberly: 7 on your side helping your prepare for a winter remakes. let's check in with steve rudin. steve: it is definitely cold out there, the temperatures have fallen into the teens. dulles airport at 16, reagan national at 25. lexington park, maryland, at 17 degrees. tomorrow the moisture will start off as snow. above that cold air we have warmer air pushing up from the south. that is what is going to give us the freezing rain, sleet, the
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wintry mix as we call it. the storm moves are way overnight, no problems for the next several hours. waking up early tomorrow morning, 8:00, 9:00, not a tremendous amount of problems. however, the further north and west, snow showers times of snow along the mason-dixon line where you may pick up anywhere between 3, 4 inches. inside the capital beltway, not quite as much snow. just a coating maybe an inch. after that we switch over to sleet and freezing rain and it would be the biggest problem tomorrow, especially between 11:00 in the morning and about 5:00 in the afternoon. as we transition from the snow to the sleet and freezing rain. eventually that will change over to all rain. sleet and freezing rain inside the capital beltway. for the district, the snow was not going to be a big problem, the rain will not be a problem.
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the timing and what to expect in the next seven days coming up. kimberly: other parts of the country are dealing with the winter that will not seem to quit. we continue our storm watch team coverage. tom: snow and ice taking their toll across thousands of miles. in carolina, ice reduce these cars to roadside rex. in springfield missouri, this accident sent emergency workers racing to highway 60. on i-44, a chain reaction sent this pickup face first array middle guard rail. in wichita, this vehicle struggled after sliding off the interstate. at dallas fort worth international airport, the cancellation of hundreds of flights. this storm system turned an american airlines flight from dallas to oklahoma city into a nine hour no-go. >> i'm not flying american
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again. tom: in new england, the snow continues to crush rooftops. a youth hockey team escaped disaster. >> it blew us backwards. tom: even florida was not spared. slow moving thunderstorms dropped torrential rain. and the mail in this truck will not reach the mailbox anytime soon. snow is moving east across the ohio and pennsylvania and into the northeast monday. a series of storm systems stretches more than 3000 miles, from california to maine. kimberly: stay with abc 7 and as we track the winter weather. and download the stormwatch app to get alerts on yourself in. nearly two thirds of d.c. voters approve the initiative making marijuana legal in the city. not everyone in congress is thrilled.
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rebecca cooper has more from capitol hill after speaking with one of the house chairs who says the city is breaking the law. rebecca: when it comes to legalized pot in the district, republican leaders insist they will not allow it, even if approved by voters. >> obviously the overwhelming majority thought it was a good idea. the will of congress did not agree with them. rebecca: mark meadows is one of the gop leaders with oversight of the district and any attempt by d.c. to implement the law will be blocked by congress. >> there is no way to implement this without spending money. when you do that, there certainly will probably be consequences. >> people take these little differences and act like grownups. they don't threaten one another. rebecca: mayor bowser called them bullies. >> i have a lot of things to do
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in the district of columbia. being in jail would not be a good thing. rebecca: eleanor holmes norton said she believes the congressman -- that the mayor is on solid legal footing. today, republican leaders said they are not calling on attorney general eric holder to have the mayor arrested. >> if she is arrested, i will be the first one there to make sure she is bailed out. rebecca: rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. lupita nyong'o lawyers -- kimberly: lawyers for boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev are questioning his jury trial saying it does not have enough minorities are young people. the judge did not rule on the jury pool motion. he is accused of setting off two bombs at the marathon in 2013, killing three people. he could face the death penalty if convicted. a state department official charged with soliciting a minor in fairfax county. daniel rosen weighs dexter
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edition -- daniel rosen waived extradition. he exchanged explicit online messages with a detective posing as a minor. he is with the state department's counterterrorism program. he has lost his security clearance. the judiciary committee approved loretto lynch's nomination. if approved by the full senate, she will be the first african-american woman to serve as attorney general. the fcc voted in favor of what is known as net neutrality. the regulations approved require broadband providers to act in the public's interest. the move is aimed at banning companies from slowing web traffic to make fast lanes for companies who afford it. and good news for virginians. the general assembly approved a new budget, including a 2% pay raise for state employees and a percent pay raise for teachers. raise comes without any new
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taxes, but it does not expand medicaid. governor terry mcauliffe has pushed for that since his election. snowed in with nowhere to go. how long some people had to wait for the snowplows and what happened when 7 on your side steps in. plus, how bad the snow sent the dmv and
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kimberly: the winter weather is
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pushing budgets into the red. the maryland state highway administration is already 36 million dollars over budget, not including thursday snowfall. vdot a $16 million over budget. a will make up the loss by deferring maintenance and repairs. the snow is also putting school systems in a bind when it comes to snow day budgets. arlington county is the complicated one, with just one day left for the high schools and none for the middle schools. the elementary schools are already one day over budget. charles county is one day over budget. macomber county, prince george's, frederick counties, and alexandria city have used up their days --montgomery county have used up all of their days. we have not heard back from the district just yet. it took more than 24 hours after this week snowfall for residents of a germantown condominium complex to see any signs of a
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snow plow, so they called us. 7 on your side troubleshooter horace holmes tried to step in and get them the help they needed. horace: little by little, he has been working to dig out a parking spot in front of his home since monday's snowstorm. >> i can only get about two feet in. horace: some residents are hopping mad at the condo association today. >> they don't keep them clear properly. horace: they say this is the way their parking lot looked until midweek. elderly and handicapped residents had to figure out a way to dig their cars out. >> since sunday this was completely surrounded by snow. yesterday i paid $20 to people to remove the snow. horace: the residents say they
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pay $300 per month as a condo fee, which include snow removal. >> she is 90 years old and walks on a cane. she came out trying to shovel this. horace: in years past, the association made sure that the cars of elderly and handicapped residents were cleared off. the condominium association promised to look closely into the matter. meantime? >> i will have to shovel in front of that. horace: horace holmes, abc 7 news. kimberly: that is backbreaking work. a d.c. icon affected by the snow. how this year snow could affect the cherry blossoms. and another round of winter weather.
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>>kimberly: this year's frigid weather could affect the cherry blossom trees. they could reach peak bloom later than normal. next month's temperatures will also help determine when the blossoms come out. peak bloom typically happens around april 4. the weather service will release a full forecast tuesday. that makes sense, slowing down the blooms. steve: peak bloom is when it is puffy white.
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a few days before that, that is about a month away. so there is light at the end of the tunnel. even though it will be yucky tomorrow -- kimberly: is that a meteorological term? steve: that is one of my technical terms. the temperature near 25 degrees. i hate it, everyone, let's get through tonight and tomorrow and we will look forward to the next seven days. 33 degrees was the daytime high. we normally have high temperatures this time of year in the lower 50's. the average low, 34 degrees. we were one degree colder than the average low for this date. satellite radar, no clouds in right now. nighttime lows will range from the teens to the lower 20's with clouds increasing. they are starting to do that often the west. this weather maker heads are way
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through the overnight hours. tomorrow morning, at 7:00, 9:00 in the district, arlington alexandria, i don't see a huge problem. western maryland, panhandle of west virginia, snow developing. the winter weather advisory goes into effect at 7:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the morning monday. i suspect that will cancel out earlier. the liver, to the west, the winter weather advisory starts earlier, 4:00 in the morning. western maryland, this is where you need to watch out. this is where we look for the snow to develop. these are four-hour increments. this computer model, noon time, everything in pink and freezing rain. the blue is snow. northern montgomery county frederick county, washington county, gary county, allegheny county, those of areas that will likelyee snowfall before
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changes over to freezing rain. 4:00 in the afternoon, not quite out of here. 8:00 tomorrow night, the rain mixing with sleet. the temperatures will increase above freezing. that is good news because the roadways will dry out. be prepared for slick spots early monday morning. delays, probably so, especially to the west and east. 10:00 tomorrow night, everything begins to dry out. how much do we expect in terms of snowfall? the heaviest amounts around the mason-dixon line one to three inches, four inches in the heavier areas. prince george's county, not quite as much, up to an inch likely. more or less most of us inside the beltway will see just day coating, and on top of that the freezing rain and sleet. that is what will cause the bigger problem. expecting anywhere from a tenth of an inch to a quarter inch of
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ice and extreme southern maryland. we are looking for slick roadways. be prepared for the potential for power outages, especially southern maryland as we move through the day. it all depends on how much ice actually accumulates on the trees. 33 degrees the daytime high tomorrow. a wintry mix. the extended outlook, warmer temperatures ah. all i want to look at is wednesday and copy it. 58 degrees and rain still looks a whole lot better than 33 and a wintry mix. kimberly: maybe the snow will finally melt. steve: i hope. kimberly: coming up, a life's mission born from tragedy.
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kimberly: one of our missions here at abc 7 is to help teenager drive -- teenage drivers say say. alison starling has found a woman whose life goal is the same after she felt the unimaginable pain of losing her teenage daughter. robin thompson tells us about a special children's book. >> heart swelled with pride. alison: robin thompson is proud
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to show me her new children's book, "how the firefly got its name." it was written by her daughter ashley when she was in the seventh grade. >> i found her original homework assignment. the teachers comments on it. alison: ashley was killed in a car accident in 200133. she was 16 years old. she was alone in the car, no cell phone, no impairment. the police say something caused her to swerve and over correct. >> that day, she was not doing anything necessarily wrong. she just did not have the skills and experience to handle the situation. alison: since that day, the pediatric nurse and retired air force officer speaks with teenagers and started a foundation called the art of driving. and now this book written by ashley is helping raise money for the cause. thompson was handed the first copy of the book in october.
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>> i sat and cried. i looked at the cover with her name on it and i think what i said is, "ashley, you did it." alison: thompson says with every event or speech, her goal is to reach just one young driver with her message, like the highschooler who recently approached her. >> i never stopped to think what would happen to my mom is something happen to me. he said, thank you. i need to be more careful. alison: the foundation gives a scholarship each year in ashley's name. she knows that helping others is what ashley would want to do. kimberly: every penny from book sales of "how the firefly got its name" goes to the art of driving foundation. thompson hopes that kids will love the story and learn about ashley and get the message about teaching safe driving at a very
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young age. radioshack is putting its name up for auction, along with 2000 stores. the company's largest shareholder plans to bid $3 million for the name along with intellectual property.
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