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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  March 1, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] kimberly: a winter weather alert, closing bridges and bringing down trees. israel's prime minister arrives in the u.s. and -- [screams] kimberly: that is the sound of joy on the first anniversary of
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a sweet birthday surprise. good evening, i'm kimberly suiters. we are starting to get delays into the newsroom for monday morning. prince william county schools will be closed tomorrow. also in virginia, spotsylvania county schools will allow open two hours late. we will get you more closings and delays as they come in this half hour. this is all because of the icy conditions. meteorologist eileen whelan is in the stormwatch 7 weather center. eileen: it is going to be a slick start monday morning even outside right now it is just a sheet of ice pretty much everywhere. but there is good news, live super doppler, a relatively clean sweep. there may be some pockets of freezing drizzle, but the good news is the national weather service has canceled the winter
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storm warning that was in effect earlier. even though the winter storm warning is no longer in effect that does not mean conditions are not still very slick. check out the temperatures, 34 degrees at reagan national below freezing at ellis, at freezing bwi. and the temperatures will pretty much stay flat line all night long. i will show you that in the hour by hour forecast. we will not really see any melting of the ice. it will stay frozen overnight. it we very slippery getting out the door early tomorrow morning. then, just when you think it is march, another round of winter he weather is possible tuesday. we have a roller coaster ride of temperatures. more of that in detail coming up from the belfort furniture weather center. kimberly: icy conditions closed both sides of the 11th street bridge for about an hour and a half tonight after a driver lost control.
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it is one of several ice-related incidents that we heard about through the day. rebecca cooper is live in bethesda with how people are dealing with the ice and the winter weather. rebecca: kimberly, today was a day where walking could be as treacherous as driving. take a look at the sidewalks in downtown bethesda, heavily trafficked retail areas, and these are slippery sidewalks. montgomery county and anne arundel county got the worst of it, a quarter inch of ice. in bethesda, workers were clearing the sidewalks through the evening so retailers and restaurants could stay open. >> it is slippery when it's wet. rebecca: walking or driving, it was a bad night to be out. >> it is terrible. >> it was pretty crazy. rebecca: there were numerous
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weather-related accidents. bridges were especially dangerous. the 11th street ridge in d.c. had to close because of an overturned vehicle. and snow plows and ice trucks were out all day, but could not keep pace with the slippery sleet. >> it literally spun through both lanes. rebecca: in montgomery county rescue crews responded to multiple accidents, including a car going down a steep and bank amid. throughout the region, drivers quickly discovered even the main roads were sometimes treacherous today. >> be very careful. rebecca: kimberly, this ice is going nowhere fast. the places where we had piles of snow, now we have the tiles of ice and it will be difficult in the morning walking outside. be careful and slow down when you have to get somewhere.
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live from bethesda, rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. kimberly: you are smart to stay mostly still there. nobody was hurt when a tree fell across massachusetts avenue in northwest d.c., the 4200 block near american university. two cars hit the tree after it fell. both sides of the roadway reopened about an hour ago. today storm left a coating of ice on just about everything. awesome video, shot by one of our producers after getting into his car in alexandria. he was not alone. just about every car in the parking lot was encased in the same sheets of ice. the maryland state highway administration and the virginia department of transportation are asking drivers to stay off the roads if you can. they will be working on the roads through the night to keep them passable. be sure to get up early with
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"good morning washington" to find out how the roadways are doing. we will have all the closings and delays as they come into the newsroom. all of that get started dark and early at 4 a.m. tonight is not the night to be traveling by air, either. there are delays and cancellations at just about every major airport in the country. airlines canceled hundreds of flights today. while on the east coast we are dealing with ice and snow, out west in california and arizona, the problem is flooding. >> you have someone waiting in mexico? kimberly: several cities in upstate new york reported the coldest february on record 102 inches of snow so far. austin could break it single-season record if it receives just six mortgages of snow. an update on this weekend's all
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hands on deck. garbage groups completed their all-out blitz to collect trash including temporary workers working 12 hour shifts. the city estimates 40% of the trash went uncollected in the past two weeks because of the cold weather and snow. following developing story from the district, were abc 7 news has learned that the interim fire chief all not be getting the job. eugene jones has led the department since july when chief kenneth ellerbee step down. in the last hour we confirmed that gregory dean will be taking the job. he spent more than 40 years as the fire chief. mayor muriel bowser's office will name dean the permit a fire chief tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, mayor bowser will hold a second conference today marks one year since
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relisha rudd was last seen live full stop richard reeve was at the prayer service in her honor sunday. richard: it was a powerful emotional service. >> this is a sad day. but i'm not giving up. richard: a time of prayer for relisha rudd, missing exactly one year. >> he chose her child for a reason. richard: during a poignant heartfelt moment, several d.c. area pastors laid hands of prayer on relisha rudd's mother. >> in my mind, we are not giving up. richard: hotel surveillance
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video shows relisha rudd with 51-year-old khalil tatum, the janitor at the d.c. homeless shelter. >> how did she get taken? how did she get with him to begin with? richard: the police later found khalil tatum's body and kenilworth park, but there was no note or trace of the girl. >> it has been so long and other kids have been missing. richard: this family friend says she is not giving up. >> i feel that she will be found this year. richard: faith, love, and hoped this day, and a mystery with so many questions. in southeast washington, richard reeve, abc 7 news. kimberly: opening statements are set to begin wednesday in the boston marathon bombing trial. dzhokhar tsarnaev is accused of planting the bomb that killed three people and injured hundreds of others. if convicted, he faces life in
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jail without parole or he could face the death penalty. thousands of people marched through moscow today to mourn the russian opposition leader, a leading critic of president vladimir putin who was gunned down on a bridge next to the kremlin. while putin condemned the killing, many outside of russia believe that he was involved. putin says he is presently taken charge of the investigation. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in washington and he will speak before the joint session of congress tuesday. it has generated lots of controversy. >> do you think by speaking before congress two weeks before his election it's a sign of arrogance? >> i think it's a political move. >> i wonder why the white house feels threatened and they want
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to hear what a trusted ally has to say. kimberly: nearly three dozen democrats including vice president joe biden will skip the address. they say that they broke protocol by not consulting with the white house about the visit. and after the speech, join us for a special roundtable discussion about the u.s.-israel divided, tuesday night at 7:00, live on our sister station news channel 8 and streaming live on coming up -- o captain my captain. fans of the late leonard nimoy take issue with william shatner's absence from his funeral. and taking the plunge in lake michigan. plus -- >> he wrote this wonderful beautiful speech. kimberly: find out why that was actually a wonderful thing.
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kimberly: two american
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astronauts successfully completed their third spacewalk. they reported more water consumption as well. the ester not from columbia maryland, said it was not enough to require a towel. william shaer took to twitter to share his memories about his "star trek" costar leonard nimoy. he said i learned to be serious i think he learned to be less. shatner said he made a commitment to attend a red across benefit in florida and cannot get to the funeral in time. his daughters attended in his place. nimoy died thursday of lung disease. after a year of cancer treatment, a teenager did not think that she would get her
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16th birthday party of her dreams. her parents cannot afford it with the mounting medical bills, but in a group stepped in to put all. jay korff takes us along for the sweet surprise that you will see only on 7. jay: abby snyder has no idea -- >> my eyelashes are short. jay: that her trip to the salon is part of an elaborate trick. she think that she is getting dolled up to deliver a speech for a fund-raising event for the childhood cancer foundation. she was diagnosed with leukemia a year ago today. >> there were times when i did not want to do it anymore. but i knew i couldn't. there were times i wanted to give up. but you have to keep going. jay: her 16th birthday was tuesday, but because of mounting medical bills, they cannot afford anything special. so they worked with the salon
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and the washington hotel, and they pulled off in epic surprise. >> it's under the guise of meeting a child with cancer. unbeknownst to her, it's a private birthday party with her closest friends. jay: the organization helps financially strapped families like the snyders. from the limo ride to the hotel abby had no idea until that remarkable moment. >> surprise! jay: it took a few seconds for her to realize there was no speech. the gala was for her. >> it has been a hard, gutwrenching year. this was something amazing for her. >> [screams] >> ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ >> i always wanted my sweet 16 to be a surprise, you know?
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jay: jay korff, abc 7 news. kimberly: happy birthday to a beautiful young lady, and credit to jay korff who shot that entire story on his own with three different cameras. eileen: remarkable. kimberly: he was in on the surprise too. eileen: a wonderful treat for abby. last night i was honored to emcee the leukemia lymphoma society campaign of the year. these are the winners, 12 candidates. collectively, believe it or not, they raised $400,000 to raise money for research for blood cancer. hats off to the incredible students. a very happy birthday to abby. we have a little bit of a icy situation in town. that is a hard segue, but i wanted to show some pictures we have received. thank you to all of our viewers.
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even though the ice is dangerous, you have to find the beauty in it. shirley ann sent this picture, the bright red cardinal front and center. you really see the ice encasing this plant in chesapeake beach maryland, stephanie sent this. and look at this sheet of ice this is the window all the way down. i urge you set the alarm extra early tomorrow morning because you will need that time to get out, scrape off the ice if you have not already done so. live doppler is much quieter than it was earlier, a clean sweep, but there still may be patchy areas of freezing drizzle through the overnight. the temperatures will be pretty steady. we are at or below freezing across the region. we are not going to see much improvement as far as the ice goes overnight.
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we will have to wait until sunrise after 6:00. another thing to watch out for tonight is fog. visibility at dulles is now a half-mile, one mile visibility in gaithersburg. that is because the warmer air is moving aloft under the cold surface. so be mindful of that tonight. the wider picture shows the frontal system moving offshore, hatchery -- patchy areas of freezing rain in west virginia but that is dissipating as it moves east. tomorrow is milder. it is already 43 degrees insurance than, and is milder air is lifting north. tonight, the temperatures near freezing, slick conditions patchy fog. i happen talking about the penguin walk. you do not want to fall. it is incredibly slick. you are laughing but that is what everyone will be laughing -- looking like.
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tomorrow, 37 degrees, 43 degrees at 1 p.m. the breeze tomorrow will help drive things out. increasing cloudiness tuesday. another system moves in and could bring a slight chance of a wintry mix late tuesday evening. wednesday we warm into the 50's. i told you about the roller coaster, we fall back down thursday, with temperatures in the 30's. then we rebound next we get into the middle 40's. kimberly: i like the pat quinn walk. it's accurate. -- i like the penguin walk. it's accurate. are you going to show alex ovechkin? robert: we're also going to talk basketball. a couple of m.v.p. candidates go added tonight in the nba.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: instead of driving on the ice, let's look at it on tv. the capitals going for their second shutout of the season. nicklas backstrom release it for alex ovechkin who shoots and fires, his 40th goal of the season, and he wipes out.
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in the second, still 1-0 cap's. the slap shot, right to alex ovechkin, his second goal of the game. in the third, the caps on the power play. ovechkin with the one-timer. he cannot get the hat trick, but marcus johansson gets the rebound. 3-0 caps, the final 4-0. it is hard enough to win a regular-season conference title, even harder to go undefeated in conference play, but that is nothing to the terps women. 36-30 terps. the bullet pass inside, brionna jones, the bucket. later in the second, the terps up 11. the pass into the corner, knocks down the three. history in the making. they win 69-48, the third team in big ten women's history to go
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undefeated. here is the head coach. >> words cannot describe it. it's a direct of flexion -- a direct reflection of the team. it were some in a close plays and how the season has unfolded especially off the bench. every player was ready to play, and that's what it's about. robert: gw women, no problems whatsoever with george mason this afternoon. a solid game. the colonials blowout the patriots 80-35. when you have somebody like jones on your squad, not much to do. acc, uva end eighth-ranked louisville. cavs up 5, to the foul line, the jumper, virginia upsets louisville 75-59. baseball the nats will open the spring season thursday. they are into full squad
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workout. everybody understands it starts in the spring. this is where you have to get the little things out of the way right now. it is time for second-year skipper matt williams to start evaluations. >> we establish the way that we want to play the game, and they hold themselves accountable and do with that way. what i can evaluate in the scenarios is are we doing it right, working hard enough, is everybody's attention to detail there. robert: in ba rockets-cavs. third quarter, lebron and harden get into it. he kicks him in a sensitive area. when it came down to the wire, lebron gets fouled on the drive, the rocket. now he has to hit one to tie it.
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he would miss both, and the rockets hold on, thriller, 105-103. jimmie johnson holds off kevin harvick to win the nascar race in atlanta. kimberly: take a singer and swinger and add water.
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more than 4000 people took a dip in lake michigan today, among them lady gaga and vince vaughn. this was a special event raising money for special olympics. no word yet how much they raised.
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and his clothes have tubes on them. ♪"somewhere over the rainbow"♪ ♪"s"somewhere over the rainbow"♪ and that's dorothy. she looks like me. everyone has a favorite movie. now people with visual disabilities can find theirs. comcast is proud to introduce the first talking guide. from xfinity. kimberly: initially we thought the temperatures would warm enough to help, but not now? eileen: it will stay steady near freezing overnight. very slick in the morning. decreasing cloudiness, nice day, breezy, 44. another chance of winter weather tuesday. mild wednesday, and possibly early morning snow thursday. kimberly: don't go to bed yet.
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