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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  March 2, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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into early evening. so much so national weather has gone ahead and posted a winter weather advisory. it starts at 9:00 for everyone including southern maryland and the district all surrounding counties from the western most part of western maryland. garrett and allegheny counties it staggers in terms of when it's set to expire. i think it's going to end a little earlier than anticipated by the national weather service as warmer air will eventually work our way. here's our forecast as we move through the overnight. look for refreezing especially out on the roadways and overpasses and sidewalks. temperatures will drop into the 20's. talking upper teens to lower 20's and look what happens tomorrow. there's that wintry mix midday. by 7:00 we may get above freezing and by 10:00 tomorrow night instead of temperatures falling, they're going to increase because of a warm front that's on the way. after that warm front, a strong cold front more on that in a few minutes. leon? >> ok steve, the decision by
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some schools to close this morning caught parents off guard especially in stafford and spotsylvania counties where the call came after many of the parents had left to go to work. suzanne kennedy now picks up our stormwatch team coverage live from garrisonville. suzanne? >> important news this school is closed today. people want to know that it will be open on june 15th because the day has been added to the calendar after they had another closure here today. it initially started ouz the delay but then moved on to an all day closure. inconveniencing many parents and forcing another day to be added in june. you can hear the rapid thaw taking place this morning in stafford county. but still, schools were closed and students were stuck at home for the sixth day this winter. >> i get bored. there's not much to do when you're out of school. >> in this garrisonville neighborhood, kids were playing outside without jackets.
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>> too cold to be without a jacket. >> i'm not cold! >> single parent and electrician david murray was already at work when he heard that instead of a two-hour delay, school was closed. so he headed home losing another day's pay. >> definitely not good losing money and i don't get any paid time off or anything. so yeah, this does add up. >> sandy has hired a service to watch her grandchildren. she's from new england and shocked they're home for another day. >> connecticut you'd have to wear your snow shoes and struggle through it to make it there. it's amazing. it's ridiculous. >> stafford school officials say the decision to delay and then call for a cancellation came after assessing and then reassessing road conditions. this video shows what it was like when crews were out making the call. >> we cannot make our decisions based on whether it's going to be convenient for parents. we have to base it solely on whether we can safely get our students into the schools.
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>> it was the same situation just south of where i am right now in spotsylvania county where initially it was a two-hour delay and around 8:00 they decided to close schools all day. what it means as far as a calendar change they'll have to utilize their april 3rd make-up day. reporting live tonight in garrisonville, virginia suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >> ok, suzanne. speaking of that calendar, today's closures put several school systems in the red whether it comes to their snow days. charles, montgomery prince george's counties are one day over and alexandria has no dates left to use. they're even right now. loudoun county has five days left. fairfax and prince william counties each have four days. district has two. but in arlington county high schools are out of days. middle schools are one day over and elementary schools are two days over their budgets. you can stay connected to the forecast, folks, as it changes through the wjla facebook page or the abc 7 news twitter feed and you
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can download our stormwatch app for your tablet or smartphone. alison? >> now to a developing story in falls church where police are investigating a lunch time bank robbery and they think the people who robbed the wells fargo branch in the 1,000 block of west broad street about 12:40 this afternoon are also behind seven other bank robberies in the region. jennifer donelan live on the scene. jennifer? >> this is like something out of a movie. this is a neighborhood behind me. people live there. there's the bank. many residents here were shocked when they learned that this is the serial bank robbers dubbed by the f.b.i. as the black hat bandits and they had struck so close to home. the crew is calculating, violent and efficient. getting in out with the money in under a minute. difficult to imagine what it must have been like for customers inside the wells fargo branch in falls church this
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afternoon when they came face to face with these two men. both with guns in their hands. >> quite worrying really we're just out for the dog and you never know what might happen if you stumbled on it when you were out walking. >> another customer who was inside the bank at the time told abc 7 news off camera that the men waved the guns around and he said it was dangerous and scary. it was 12:42 p.m. and it was a witness outside that gets all the credit for alerting police. >> police received a phone call from an individual who state they saw two unknown males go into the bank. >> the f.b.i. explained the two men inside ordered everyone to the ground. we watched as they looked at footprints in the snow behind the bank. would it be the clue they so desperately need? the f.b.i. confirmed today the two men were not working alone. a spokesman said outside there was a third man waiting in a getaway car. they need witnesses to come
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forward if they saw a car speeding away on broad street. they need information about that car as she chase off the trio of serial robbers who have now hit eight banks in maryland and northern virginia. in one of those cases, they put a gun to a customer's head. >> scary stuff. scary stuff. >> hit a few other banks around here. so we wonder whether this was the same thing. >> back here live you see these cardboard boxes, they're there for a reason. police put them over what we believe are footprints in the snow. again, every single clue is going to be critical in trying to capture these serial robbers. f.b.i. is telling people now that they know they have a getaway car and a third person is involved they're asking people outside of these banks, if you see a car speeding away get the make get the model, get the color and get the license plate information. reporting live i'm jennifer donelan, abc 7 news. >> we could have cut and pasted this story from last friday.
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congress has until friday to pass a bill funding the department of homeland security after a deal was reached last friday for a week long extension. the president says it reflects the failed leadership of republicans in congress. the longest serving female senator is planning to retire. barbara mikulski says she'll leave office at the end of her term. she has two years left in her current term. she says she wants to spend that time focusing on the people she serves. >> i have thought long and hard about the next two years. and i had to ask myself this question, who am i campaigning for? am i campaigning for me or am i campaigning for my constituents? i had to decide how i would spend my time fighting for my job or fighting for their jobs. >> mikulski was first elected to the senate back in 1986. she became the first woman and the first marylander to chair the senate appropriations committee.
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coming up at 6:00 tonight, maryland bureau chief brad bell looks at some of the people that could fill her seat. alison? >> the troubled d.c. fire department is getting a new chief. former head of seattle washington's department is taking the same job in washington, d.c. stephen tschida joins us with more on the new chief and the challenges he faces here. stephen? >> alison the mayor made her announcement at this fire station today. now, in selecting a new chief, she went outside the department outside the area all the way to the west coast. >> today, i'm pleased to announce that leader gregory dean, the next fire chief for the district of columbia. >> yes mayor muriel bowser touted her choice for fire chief as a man of accomplishment, action. she cited his 10 years leading seattle's department. >> i am pleased to be here and excited about the challenges and look forward to working with the men and women of this department. >> dean assumes the lead of a
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troubled department. last year cedric mills died feet from a fire station where emergency medical technicians failed to respond to his daughter's cries for help. just two months ago delays hampered the rescue of stranded passengers on board a smoke-filled metro train. one woman died. days ago, poor communication hampered cooperation with arlington fire during yet another incident on metro. >> staffing resources and training is the easy key for success for this department as long as you address all three areas, i believe we'll be successful. >> dean also will confront a fleet firefighters maintain is in desperate need of repair and replacement. also, a department with hundreds of job openings. but he is optimistic he will resolve these issues. >> i understand that we have vehicle problems. i understand that you know that we have some e.m.s. challenges. >> and the embattled fire chief left last year and the acting fire chief eugene jones was not
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at today's announcement. he wanted the job and he had a lot of support within the department. he must still win the approval of the city council. >> sunday marked one year since the last anyone saw relicia rudd alive. volunteers passed out flyers about the missing girl in different locations including in the d.c. general hospital shelter and kenilwood park. the mayor updated what's changed in the city since her disappearance. brianne carter is live in northwest washington with the latest on that. brianne? >> well this hour police saying that there's no information they can release publicly. while there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes to find 8-year-old relicia rudd. they say handing out these flyers as you mentioned will help lead to new information. >> we have continued to follow up on all leads and tips that come in. we will continue to do so. >> police chief kathy lanier says her department is still
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working hard to find young 8-year-old relicia rudd who went missing one year ago. >> she is still suspected missing. i mean obviously, our hope is that she is still alive. >> the then 8-year-old little girl was last seen alive on this surveillance video taken march 1, 2014 from a northeast d.c. hotel. khalil tatum, the man who police believe kidnapped the child is seen with her in the video. tatum worked at this janitor where rudd's family was staying at the time. her -- tatum's body was found in the park but little relicia was nowhere to be found. >> derek butler knows what it's like to have a missing family member. his sister pamela was last seen in 2009. >> until you know what's going on, time doesn't help anything. >> the founder of the children's project, a group that relicia participated in before disappearing is still hoping for that closure. today, some of the same volunteers who worked with
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relicia are back out handing out flyers to remind people she's still gone from her family. >> there's got to be someone that knows something that can help break the case. >> now, police are hoping that as well. meanwhile, we do know the f.b.i. offered a $25,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest. we also got an update from other officials here within the city about housing, specifically d.c. general there where relicia rudd was staying with her family at the time that she went missing. they say a number of changes for staffing and security have been made. reporting live brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 -- the investigation into a deadly police shooting that was all caught on camera. >> a little later, three incidents in less than 20 hours. what three people did to get arrested at the white house. >> but first,going for the record? how much snow new england needs to get tonight to make this
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winter one for the history books. >> plus, the frigid temperatures are having an effect on area restaurants. see if you can figure out what's missing from this seafood market and the source behind it.
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>> that old song may have been about rainy days and mondays. most of the mondays have been about the snow in new england and even more snow is expected in the next three days. boston needs another 3.7 inches of snow and that will break a 20-year long snowfall record. amazing! all the cold and snow in new england this winter has made it really impossible for watermen to do their jobs and boats have been socked in in port and places like providence, rhode island. >> that's starting to take a toll in our local menus now. diane cho live with a look at the shellfish shortage. hi diane. >> good evening to both of you as well. mussels are one of their top
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selling items here at jesse taylor's seafood. now they say they've had empty boxes like these sitting in its place for days now. here at the cafe in southeast d.c., they go through about 2,000 pounds of mussels a week. on friday night, mother nature took its toll on thet when they ran out. >> shocked. that's a staple in our business. >> causing a ripple effect for diners like peggy who is looking forward to it for lunch today. >> the food is still good but yeah, when you have something in your mind to have, you miss it. >> glenn castin with pro fish in d.c. says for 23 years he's been in the business he hasn't seen anything quite like it before where it's lasted this long. >> the areas in prince edward island are frozen over and what's complicating more than that is the snow on top of the ice so they're not able to get the rigs out to the farms themselves. >> he says they haven't had
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clams in two weeks, the shells are bare. >> long island sound has been closed all week massachusetts has been closed for a couple of weeks. >> jesse taylor's seafood at the wharf in d.c. says they haven't had mussels in at least eight days. hoping the worst will soon be over. and those that we talked to today say they're hoping to get another shipment of mussels in at some point this weekend and at the latest by friday in southeast d.c. diane cho abc 7 news. >> this is one time when it's good to be me because i can't eat shellfish. sorry, folks. >> lucky, lucky. >> i don't feel your pain. >> exactly. well, you know, a lot of different ramifications because of the weather all over the northeast and we're expecting more>> it's sort of quiet. beginning of the winter started off no problems at all. it seems like the last month or so, we've been full speed ahead and not one but two issues this week. so let's move forward and into next week looks better i
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promise. go out there and if you like looking at sunsets look at it now. you won't see it at least until thursday evening. the next time you'll see the sunset. at that point, it will be well after 7:00 because of -- daylight savings time is next weekend, no, this weekend. let's start over here. wind chill factor at 37 degrees. winds out of the north-northwest at 16 miles an hour. those winds will slowly fall as you move through the overnight. shouldn't pose much of a problem at all. be on the lookout for the black ice expected to form especially areas that saw a whole lot of melting earlier on today. fredricksburg now looking at 46 degrees. let's rewind and see if we're at the core of that cold airway to the north and west of us. upper michigan in the teens right now. colder air will eventually make its way to our region. it will take another 12 to 18 hours or so. temperatures will cool tomorrow but then see a brief warmup.
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when i say brief warmup i'm talking about one day. and then the transition after th snow late wednesday night into the day on thursday. looking at wind chill factors out there, we could tolerate 37. at least we're not dealing with extreme winds like we had a couple of weeks ago. things are beginning to settle down. 25 degrees in town for an overnight low. further north and west you go nighttime lows ranging from the upper teens to lower 20's with partly cloudy skies and that refreeze. be on the lookout for that. no problems tonight. high pressure that moves on out of here our next weather maker well off to the south and west of us. this moves our way as we head through the day tomorrow. that's why the national weather service hasn't posted a winter weather advisory. it starts at 9:00 in the morning and depending on your location, the district and surrounding counties is set to expire at 10:00 tomorrow night. i suspect it's going to come down before then. the reason why is warmer air will start working its way to the south. that will transition from the
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wintry mix to all rain. that happens after the rush hour commute tomorrow. our storm threat index, not a problem for snow because they're not expecting any. sleet, maybe the biggest problem of all. freezing rain a slight possibility and then there's the rain as you move into the late hours tomorrow. here's that warm front. that's going to move overhead late tomorrow night. we'll see the warmer air move overhead. there's the cold front that sweeps on through on thursday. that promises to bring us a little bit of measurable snow. exactly how much it's up in the air right now. starting off as rain 1:00 tomorrow afternoon, there's the transition to a wintry mix ending with rain as we head through the overnight hours. and then more rain on the way for the day on wednesday. highs tomorrow 37 degrees. wintry mix, midday into the late afternoon and early evening hours. and then the extended outlook shows highs in the lower 50's on wednesday. but look at thursday a lot of question marks there. could be looking at measurable snow once again with highs only around 30 degrees. say it with a smile, it doesn't hurt so bad.
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>> yeah. you think? you think? keep telling yourself that. >> parents are going to go crazy with all of these missed school days. ok. thank you! well, as we just said mother nature just doesn't seem or want to seem to let up this winter. >> that's right. still ahead here a look at some steps you can take to make sure she doesn't do permanent damage to your car. >> first, police struggle with a man before shooting him right on the streets of los angeles. we'll tell you what the department has to say about the investigation today. >> now, here's a look at what's coming up tonight on abc in primetime.
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>> a dramatic video ending in gunfire starts with a scuffle between a homeless man and lapd officers as two officers handcuffed a woman in the foreground, the scuffle continues in the background. you can hear at one point a taser as police yell "drop the gun." but it's unclear if the suspect actually has a gun. then as the officers pull away, the shooting starts.
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>> the man who people say went by the name of africa was pronounced dead at a local hospital. anthony blackburn who is the person that recorded the video. >> seen him take his last breath and everyone was hollering, you kill that man. the man is dead. >> lapd chief charles beck displayed photographs at a monday afternoon press conference which he says shows the suspect grabbing the officer's gun. he also showed a photo of the gun later that he says shows it was fought over. >> had the individual not grab the officer's pistol, we wouldn't be having this discussion. >> whether or not the suspect had the officer's gun could make a big difference in the investigation's outcome. >> until that gun got out of the holster, if it did, then you're going to have trouble justifying shooting him. >> a total of five gunshots can be heard on the video. two officers and one sergeant fired their weapons. all three are on administrative le ted rollins, abc 7 news. >> coming up on abc 7 news at
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5:00, mr. netanyahu comes to washington. take a look at the speech that he made today ahead of a controversial one set for tomorrow. >> plus paying to ride. a look at how much more you'll be paying on the freeway and when the new tolls begin. >> three security incidents at the white house in the last 24 hours. i'm rebecca cooper. we'll have the latest c
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>> checking our top stories. >> do i spend my time raising money or do i spend my time
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raising hell? >> well you know what she would choose maryland is going to have a new senator in 2017 it turns out. senator barbara mikulski says that she will not run for re-election. she's spent more time in congress rather, than any other woman. mikulski was first elected to the senate in 1986 after spending 10 years in the house. >> and the f.b.i. believes a set of serial bank robbers struck again just this afternoon. three men robbed a wells fargo branch in falls church. no one was hurt the thieves are now being blamed for eight robberies in virginia and maryland. the f.b.i. is offering a $30,000 reward. >> d.c. mayor muriel bowser introduced her pick to lead the city's fire department today. gregory dean spent 44 years with the seattle fire department. the past 10 as chief there. the d.c. council has to approve this appointment and he will replace eugene jones who has served as interim chief since last summer. >> not one, not two but three
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security incidents at the white house over a seven hour span. two of the incidents occurred near the entrance along executive avenue. not far from the sherman memorial there along 15th street. and now, we're getting details about the third incident. rebecca cooper at the live desk with the very latest. rebecca? >> alison we spoke to white house officials this afternoon about two of those incidents. they told us and other reporters they had no further updates and that both men had been apprehended quickly but less than an hour later, a statement from the department of homeland security revealing there were actually three attempted trespassings at the white house all leading to arrests. the white house was in full lockdown this morning after the security breaches. these visitors from great britain say they're sympathetic security at high profile places is a difficult balance. >> they have visitors that are uninvited. so it's where do you draw the line? >> whatever you do you'll always have someone saying it's
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not enough. >> today secret service made a visible show of force after an incident on sunday night when someone tried to climb a bike rack adjacent to the white house. this morning just before 7:00 a.m., a man tried to enter a north entrance gate that had been left open for construction workers. both men were arrested. using a school snow day to bring his daughters and a french foreign exchange student to visit the white house today, silver spring resident steve peer say in this time, it's important to get security right. there will always be people to breach security and overall, despite two high profile security breaches in the past year, he thinks secret service does a good job. >> we took a picture. >> did you try to jump the fence? >> no i did not. i know better than that. >> leon and alison we're learning that third security breach happened sunday afternoon when a 33-year-old man from pennsylvania climbed the outer
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stone wall that's at 15th and e street. it was a canadian tourist who was arrested for climbing the bike rack. and sources say apparently a homeless man who was the one trying to enter the gate today. in each of these incidents, the white house insists the men were quickly apprehended and arrested. reporting live from the newsroom rebecca cooper abc 7 news. >> thanks rebecca. opening statements begin on wednesday in the boston marathon bombing trial. dzhokhar tsarnaev is facing the death penalty in the deadly attacks at the race's finish line nearly two years ago. the last pretrial hearing in the case was held this morning. prosecutors asked to bring in a panel that tsarnaev was hiding in to the court. he says the confession is written on this and the defense wants to show jurors the whole boat. the judge has yet to rule on the motions. prosecutors presented aaron hernandez's cell phone records today at his murder trial. the former new england patriots player is accused of killing the man who was dating his fiancee's
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sister. today, the record showed the movements the night that odin died. >> we turn back to the storm watch here at home, most of the area is under a winter weather advisory tomorrow between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. and after this weekend's ice and before the next snow, a reminder to protect your vehicle. the mixture of salted brine commonly used on the roads these days can really wreak havoc on your car's undercarriage. a lot of it contains the chemical magnesium chloride which really can do some damage so be sure to get your car washed specifically underneath so they can remove all of those chemicals. all right. let's get a check on the traffic situation with bob emler in the wtop traffic center. a lot of things were closed today, bob. >> therefore, an uneventful rush hour. very light out there. 270 northbound is running pretty well with only brief slowdowns through montgomery village. inner loop of the beltway moving through bethesda does clog down
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a bit getting towards silver spring. not too bad beyond that. college park and greenbelt, no delays. 66 heaviest traffic past nutley street to 123. out to centreville, not so bad. as you head west into the sunshine looks like some cameras on 95 headed southbound as you head past lorton, you slow down a bit getting past occoquan. meanwhile, traffic is generally running low on 270. start to slow down after this point near montgomery village as you head up for germantown. i'm bob emler with 103.5 wtop radio. >> pay more to drive along the dulles greenway. the state corporation commission approved the increase in tolls last week. that adds up to $4.30 for a vehicle to drive that 14 mile road. riding during the peak morning and after commutes will cost $5.20. the increase takes effect on wednesday. >> the search is on for three robbers who made off with $4 million worth of gold.
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police say two security guards were driving an armored car from florida all the way up to massachusetts sunday when the truck started having mechanical problems. they pulled over on the shoulder of interstate 95 in wilson north carolina. and that is when three men in a white van drove up they ordered them to the ground tied their hands behind their backs and the trio stole the gold and took off! police are not commenting on any leads. >> strange that the thieves would just know that that truck would have mechanical problems at that point? >> very suspicious. >> more to that story. i'll tell you. all right. they were closed for almost a year for a major renovation. but still ahead, the new problem with the newest escalators in the metro system. >> plus this is an unbelievable story. a skydiver suffers a seizure mid jump. we'll tell you how another skydiver was able to come to his aid thousands of feet off the ground. >> and then coming up tonight at 6:00 comparing two similar
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school districts in response to this morning's ice. one of them closed and the other
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>> months of tensions between president obama and prime minister benjamin netanyahu are coming to a head.
5:40 pm
the prime minister is in washington today and he's addressing congress tomorrow. it's expected that he'll urge lawmakers not to approve a deal with iran a deal that israel says is not to be trusted. >> prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in the washington spotlight. >> today we have a voice. >> he rallied members of the american pro israeli rally group which he claims is the reason to accept a republican invite to speak before lawmakers. >> the purpose of my address to congress tomorrow is to speak up about a potential deal with iran that could threaten the survival of israel. iran is the foremost state sponsor of terrorism in the world. >> disagreements on iran's potential development of nuclear technology is fuelling
5:41 pm
differences between israel and the obama administration. >> the goal that the president has set out that would ensure or that is consistent with our national security imperative here in this country is to ensure that iran does not obtain a nuclear weapon and the best way for us to do that is at the negotiating table. >> israel argues those negotiations shouldn't even be taking place. >> we disagree on the best way to prevent iran from developing those weapons. >> controversy and criticism continues building ahead of tuesday's speech. at least 30 democratic lawmakers say they won't be there when the prime minister takes the podium. neither will vice president joe biden. some critics argue that the timing of the visit just two weeks from israeli elections is purely a political move. reporting in washington, i'm pablo sandoval. >> after the prime minister's speech tomorrow join us here for a special roundtable discussion about the u.s.-israel divide. that will be tomorrow night at 7:00 live on our sister station, newschannel 8 and streaming on
5:42 pm
line at >> well, still to come, she may not be large, but she's making a big splash. >> still to come meet the country's newest rodeo star. >> plus, it already helps you find what you're looking for. find out what google is ready to help you explore further. >> and military widows and widowers not receiving the survivor benefit their loved ones paid for. we'll tell you why they say a
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>> just how much is america willing to spend to honor its fallen heroes. >> thousands of men and women are crying foul over how the government is treating them after their spouses died in war. "7 on your side" investigator chris pabst is at the live desk to explain. chris? >> leon and alison if you pay into a life insurance policy, you would expect it to be there for your loved ones if you died. but when it comes to many of our war widows and widowers that's not happening. their military spouses are paying for a benefit or paid for a benefit, their survivors thought they would get but aren't.
5:46 pm
this walk through arlington national cemetery is one that jane horton is honored to make. >> my husband loves me enough to fight and die. >> her husband christopher horton was killed. before his death, the highly decorated sniper thought he had insured his wife's financial security. >> horton has become one of 62,000 caught in what it called the widow's tax. it works like this. if a military member dies due to war, their spouse gets an automatic monthly death benefit. but troops also pay into an additional survivor's benefit. but the defense department does not pay the full additional benefit. up to $1250 a month if the military member dies due to their service. >> any other company would be in jail if they're not paying out such as the government is now. >> bills to remove the widow's
5:47 pm
tax are expected in congress this month. but this 2009 congressional budget office reports might hurt their chances. it estimates the tax saves the fed $700 million a year. a similar attempt to remove the widow tax failed in 2012 by two votes. it's its cost to taxpayers was the reason. >> the nation is watching as we try to deal with the fiscal issue that are before us. >> therefore, i raise a point of order against the measure. >> it's devastating to know that's not something that's given more thought and that the american people aren't outraged that something has happened to a small population of so many that have given so much. >> now, similar barriers torvivor benefits used to be in place for social security and disability payments. they were removed more than a decade ago. now, these military widows and widowers just want to be treated like every other survivor group. the d.o.d. declined comment for
5:48 pm
this story. chris pabst, abc 7 news. >> thanks. coming up ahead here on abc 7 news at 6:00 this evening, a veteran's entire personnel file sent to the wrong person. what's being done after the "7 on your side" i-team alerted the v.a. of that problem. barbara mikulski says she's retiring. what's fuelling her decision to step away and end the longest tenure of any woman in congress and who could be lining up at first shot for her seat. all that new tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00. alison? >> did you know that today is read across america today? it falls on march 2nd every year in honor of the man known at dr. seuss, his birthday. he would have been 111 today. so kids all across the country dressed up like their favorite dr. seuss characters at school today. unfortunately, most kids in our area didn't go to school because of the weather. but the national education association still encourages
5:49 pm
schools and parents to promote reading for the entire month. >> for those who want to learn more about our world has a new tool at the fingerprints. google posted pictures of the new maps of the amazon rain forest. they sent a camera down a zip line creating this image from the treetops to the jungle floor. check that out. the project started five years ago in partnership with the amazona sustainable foundation. >> a skydiver in australia is speaking out now after an incredible mid air rescue was caught on camera. take a look at this. christopher jones training to become a skydive instructor last november. and he suffered a seizure moments after jumping from the plane. he was at 12,000 feet with this happened. jones' instructor noticed something was wrong and pulled his rip cord. next thing you know i wake up at 3,000 feet underneath a fully inflated parachute.
5:50 pm
very lucky to be alive. >> unbelievable. jones was diagnosed with epilepsy but he was given the all clear by his doctor to skydive. he had been seizure free for four years before this incident. jones' instructor says he does not consider himself a hero. he said he was just doing his job. >> i don't know what he considers himself. we consider himself a hero. >> so alert to be able to jump in like that and handle the situation. >> that doctor has to re-evaluate whether or not that was a good idea. boy, oh, boy. glad it had a good ending. let's see if this week will have a good ending. steve rudin has not been our friend of late. >> by the end of the week, it's looking a lot better around here. it's between now and thursday afternoon that we'll have some problems. take a look at what's out there in terms of our forecast for the overnight. 18 to 26 degrees. partly cloudy skies. be on the lookout for refreezing especially areas that saw a lot of melting earlier today. winds will be light out of the
5:51 pm
north and east at two to five miles per hour. for the day tomorrow we have a winter weather advisory, it starts at 9:00 in the morning and it includes the district arlington and alexandria. all the areas shaded in purple from southern maryland to western maryland down to spotsylvania to frederick. we'll look at the potential for a little bit a wintry mix during the midday and afternoon hours before changing over into some light rain. the national weather service has gone ahead with the wintry weather advisory. this shows the shower activity developing midday hours and for the rush hour commute at 5:00 or 6:00 and by tomorrow night, we'll get all of this out here for the potential of more rain on saturday. not on saturday. get my days right here. on wednesday. 37 degrees for the high tomorrow. next seven days will show a daytime high of 51 on wednesday and chance for snow on thursday. back to the news >> time for turf talk with tim.
5:52 pm
>> i've never seen anything like this. magical mystical tour continues for maryland. the men and women's teams are both in this week's top 10. we start with mark turgeon's guys ranked 10th. their highest ranking since 2003. they beat wisconsin and michigan last week at home. they finished unbeaten in the center in the big 10. perfect 9-0 in league. melo trimble drive the train. what an unexpected ride this has been this season. >> got a little bit bigger. it's just a number. guys should be proud of it. they've learned it. it is march and to be ranked this late in the year means you've done a few things right. should be proud of it and give us more confidence. >> mark give the women some! the women have won 21 straight games. become the third team in big 10 history to go through the league without a loss. they love it. when you look at the tournament predictions, the maryland women
5:53 pm
are projected to be a number one seed in the ncaa national tournament. all right, the maryland lacrosse team has started its season 3-1. they are ranked nineth in the nation but our play of the day comes from professional lacrosse. easy for me to say. behind his head. he plays for the vancouver stealth. he had five goals against minnesota. this by far prettiest. across the middle behind his head. whips it in. no look flash. tyler digby with the play of the day. hold on, let me take you to dallas. how about the 9-year-old chamberlain riding the horse flo-jo in the barrel racing event. riding against the best of the business. cheney beat out 100 others in the semifinals but finished seventh out of the best 22 barrel riders in the world! she still won $40,000 which is not bad for a third grader. cheney chamberlain! give her some lunch money. $40,000! and her horse, got off the horse and said i would have won except my horse had problems with the sticky dirt.
5:54 pm
>> soft landing on the horse. >> all right thanks, tim. two years after a multimillion dollar renovation more problems on the e
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
>> now, covering metro for you tonight, a $12 million fix for escalators at the south entrance of the dupont circle metro station. now showing some problems. >> that's right, at least one escalator has been out of service for months and is going to be closed for at least another week. caroline tucker tells us what happened. if you've traveled on the metro escalators at dupont circle south, yellow gates flank the middle escalator. >> it's not necessary. i don't understand why they can't keep them fixed and operable. i don't understand. >> just three years ago new ones were installed at a cost of $12 million in 8 1/2 months of work.
5:58 pm
metro says they seem more durable. >> not a big deal for you? >> for old people can be a problem. >> the middle escalator has not been working since about december. >> really slow things down for sure.etro officials say a replacement chain is on the way from germany after an object came into contact with the escalator's chains. that should go in within a week. still, metro says these escalators are more reliable than the old ones. >> there's no problem. it's only when you know, you have two of them down and then, you know. a lot of people can't walk down a long escalator. >> it will be a $100,000 fix and repairs later in the year will once again close the escalator for a couple of weeks. it's not known if metro or the contractor will have to foot the bill. >> fixed properly so we don't continue to have these kinds of problems. >> metro is planning to also
5:59 pm
replace about 128 escalators system wide by 2020. that's expected to cost about $151 million. in northwest, caroline tucker, abc 7 news. >> and that's it for abc 7 news at 5:00. >> all right. right now on abc 7 news at 6:00, another winter weather alert. just as the thaw begins from yesterday's ice storm, a new threat to commuters. plus -- >> this is a hard decision to make. >> why the longest serving woman in congressional history says she is stepping down. and what that means to the people of maryland. >> and a veteran's entire personnel file sent to the wrong person. we're fighting for answers right now on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> we begin tonight with that winter weather alert. another one that could affect your commute tomorrow afternoon. for the latest we go to meteorologist steve rudin in the stormwatch weather center.
6:00 pm
steve? >> maureen, no problems as we move through the overnight hours. rush hour commute early tomorrow morning not a problem at all. however, after that we have a winter weather advisory that will go into effect at 9:00 in the morning all the areas shaded in purple including the immediate metro and this is for the potential for a little bit a wintry mix especially midday and through the early evening rush hour commute and after, that we'll look for a changeover to a little bit of rain. here's the timeline as we move through the overnight, temperatures will slowly fall into the 20's. we'll look for that ice and freezing rain to develop potentially during the afternoon hours into the early evening. 1:00 until about 7:00 and then temperatures will begio increase. s this as warmer air moves in from the south and west. we had a strong, strong cold front on the way and that promises to bring us another round of wintry weather. talk about that coming up in a few


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