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we thought our cable internet was fast. but, our uploads are half the speed of our downloads so our internet is really half-fast. so half-fast. someone did a half-fast job posting our vacation pics. when i post my slow jams, i'm a little half fast totally half fast stop living with half fast internet. only verizon fios comes with speedmatch - uploads as fast as downloads. and the fastest wi-fi available from any provider. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v steve: round one of winter re-weather tomorrow, and another round towards the end of the week. leon: 7 on your side gets answers after 15 days without hot water at this apartment building. and serial bank robbers strike for the eighth time. >> it's scary because you don't know of they will shoot somebody or what. leon: the search happening now. >> now abc 7 news at 11:00, on
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your side. leon: up first, the winter weather alert again. another round of ice and snow was on the way starting at 9 a.m. tomorrow. alison: d.c. mayor muriel bowser announced the snow team will deployed with more than 200 plows on the road. leon: steve rudin is here with the timeline. steve: tomorrow we are looking at a freezing rain and freezing drizzle event through the afternoon and evening eventually transitioning over to all rain. the temperatures, be on the lookout for black ice in the morning, temperatures falling below freezing. satellite radar, no problems right now and don't foresee any problems early tomorrow morning for the rush-hour commute aside from slick spots. the national weather service has posted a winter weather advisory all day long tomorrow.
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all the areas in purple, including the district and surrounding counties. we have the potential of freezing rain, sleet before transitioning over to all rain. the timeline and more details, plus another winter storm thursday. alison: say it isn't so, steve. thank you. meanwhile, 15 days without hot water. that is the reality for neighbors at a prince george's county apartment. but tonight, one of them called us and now there are promises of action. jay korff has this 7 on your side exclusive. jay: 7 on your side got involved when we found out some of these folks had not had hot water for more than two weeks. jenice says 15 days ago her out water -- her hot water was ice cold. she said the managers of this apartment complex in oxon hill told her time and again the problem was being fixed. >> they haven't done anything
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except give me false promises. jay: she was using pots to boil hot water for bathing and now stays with relatives. her daughter ran the hot water for several minutes. it barely reached 50 degrees. she posted fliers to warn of the same predicament. >> i have four kids in my nieces are here. it's hard because we have to boil water and put it in the tub to take baths. jay: 7 on your side urged residents to call county officials, confirmed that it is a violation. an inspector came out and the apartment manager said that hot water heaters would arrive in be installed tuesday. the residents we spoke with our skeptical. >> i'm glad somebody came out here. this is ridiculous people have to pay their rent and live like this. jay: county leaders say of the
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apartment complex does not install the hot water heaters as promised on tuesday, they can begin to take legal action directed at the complex. a manager there declined comments for the story. live from the newsroom, jay korff, abc 7 news. leon: thank you jay. this has been a very costly wonderful stop washington gas says three of its highest days ever of natural gas delivery ever because of freezing temperatures. this is also the second-highest number of water main breaks in the history of wssc. and schools are running out of time. five districts are out of snow days or went over their allotment for the year. stay with abc 7 as we track the winter weather. jacqui jeras will have the updates on "good morning washington." alison: developing from falls church, serial bank bandits strike again. the fbi is hoping the surveillance footage will lead to arrests. the robbers have hit eight times
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in the last two months, all the locations in maryland and virginia. tom roussey is live in falls church. tom: the fbi says these guys are getting bold. a witness all the bandits running out of the front of this wells fargo, taking off in this direction. they may have left behind a clue. >> pretty much i saw him running over here, yelling. tom: a frantic man ran to jiffy lube, screaming the bank was being robbed. this man said he called 911, then saul two men the fbi believes are the black cat bandits sprinting from the bank holding bags of cash. >> they came through the door, went that way, cut through the bushes. tom: and that is where they may have left behind clues footprints in the snow. and a process that took hours, falls church police poured in a
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a mixture and impressions of the foot rights. they said somebody ran back here because some but waiting in a getaway car. as these photos from previous robbery show, the bandits hide their identities well. the fbi believes they have hit eight bank since new years, most in northern virginia, but also one in anne arundel county. this video from arnold maryland, shows the bandits are brazen, and the of you i is worried they are becoming increasingly so. >> -- and the fbi is worried a are becoming increasingly so. >> pretty scary stuff. tom: the fbi says they're getting very concerned over the course of the robberies. they have held guns and another scary things. the fbi is offering a $30,000 reward for information that leads to a conviction in the case. live from falls church, tom roussey, abc 7 news.
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alison: a man charged with climbing a barrier outside the white house reached a deal to have the case dismissed. he was arrested last month. today, prosecutors agreed to dismiss the case if he completes 32 hours of key midi service and stays out of trouble. this comes after a series of incidents at the white house. three trespasses have happened in just seven hours this weekend. all of them ended in arrests. leon: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is an washington d.c., to address congress tomorrow. you will be pushing for stricter demands on the arabian nuclear program. at least 50 democratic lawmakers and vice president joe biden said they will not be there. still, netanyahu says he has no intention of disrespecting president obama. a protest of the prime minister
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earlier outside of the d.c. convention center. they say that israel treats palestinians unfairly and are planning a march tomorrow. after the speech tomorrow, will the prime minister join us -- after the speech tomorrow by the prior minister, join us for special roundtable discussion, live on our sister station news channel 8 and streaming all mine at alison: a former virginia cabdriver on the fbi's most wanted terrorist list is now in custody. the washington post reports he was arrested in somalia. he fled the u.s. two years ago. he is charged with providing material support to the al-shabab terror group. a laurel woman who said she was filmed inside of a bathroom of a restaurant has filed a lawsuit. she said it happened at the rams
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head tavern. a man is accused of taping women inside the bathroom of the restaurant. the plaintiff said she was at the bar the day the video camera was found. she is seeking $3 million in damages. leon: as of today, a year has passed, and still no trace of relisha rudd. for her loved ones, hope is not gone. today, the police, volunteers, family, and the mayor also search for answers. richard reeve has the latest on the new efforts underway. richard: this is the leaflet that volunteers were passing around near new york avenue. think about your own child or a child that you know. imagine you're feeling about the child missing for just a couple minutes. now imagine that for more than a year. that is what this family is going to read why the search continues. they are true believers. >> you just don't know, but you
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can't give up. richard: volunteers and family members focused on finding 8-year-old relisha rudd, missing now for a year and a day. >> i kind of breakdown at times. richard: she was last seen on surveillance video at a northeast d.c. hotel. the police believe the man with relisha, kahlil tatum, killed her before killing himself. >> obviously our hope is she is still alive. >> it's sad. no words can describe it. the book that i see on my aunt's face every day. richard: this family also has hope. >> hopefully some of you will have compassion in their heart. let's do the right thing and take her back home. >> this little girl went missing.
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they could have altered her appearance. richard: from her family, and emotional plea. >> wever has are, wherever she is at, please bring her home. her family is waiting for her. richard: that family going through so much. volunteers will continue searching the anacostia river area. the fbi has posted a 25,000 other reward for information. the family is still waiting. -- the fbi has posted a $25,000 reward for information. richard reeve, abc 7 news. alison: a man is in police custody after a standoff in gaithersburg. officers responded to a home. the police determined the man was alone but likely armed. swat officers evacuated the neighbors before the man surrendered. he has not been identified. lots of talk this evening about an old trick of president bill clinton. the artist is revealing a subtle nod to the monica lewinsky
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scandal. leon: plus, offers to charge your phone.
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] leon: supporters and opponents of the proposed purple line gathered in silver spring tonight. the maryland public policy conducted a form on the 16-mile rail line. supporters of the project call it one-sided and protested on the sidewalks outside. maryland governor larry hogan is expected to decide the summer. alison: attorneys will seek the death penalty of the man accused of killing three muslim students in north carolina. he has stars with first-degree murder in last month shooting. there is debate over the motive. the police believe it started over an argument about parking but investigators are looking at it as a possible hate crime. the next hearing is in april. leon: the justice department
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released -- will release its report on the ferguson missouri, police department this week. they may force ferguson to make changes or face a civil rights lawsuit. alison: the artist behind the official pictured of bill clinton revealed a secret. the perverting -- the trick incorporated -- the portrait incorporated the shadow from the dress of monica lewinsky. the portrait was controversy all even in 2006 because president clinton was painted without a wedding ring. leon: google is entering the cell phone business. one of the goals is to provide a seamless connection as you move from wi-fi to cellular coverage.
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google is also looking into a similar mobile payment system. alison: furniture that can charge your cell phone? ikea once to make it a reality. the new home smart line wirelessly charges your smartphone and tablet. it goes on sale in april. the technology is supported by most newer android and windows phone. ikea says they will be offering special charging covers for the iphone as well. leon: next, the furniture will start dialing the phone. now people will start couch dialing. alison: we are going to be so lazy. steve: all we have to do is clear the snow and salt the roads. we are gearing up again. another round possible as we move into thursday morning. outside, it is cool. we made it up to 46 degrees. 34 at reagan national.
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the windchill factor at 27. the high today, 46. a normal temperature of 51 degrees is where we should be this time of year. the record is 77, back in 1972. nothing like that on the way anytime soon. 27 gaithersburg, near freezing frederick, enough cold air out there right now, waking up in the morning, be on the lookout for slick spots. black ice will develop. but looked at the south, the warmer air trying to move its way north. that happens later tomorrow evening into the overnight hours. we will see that transition from the wintry mix over to plain old rain. tonight, no problems, partly cloudy, re-freeze likely, the wind out of the north that two to five. satellite radar, nothing at this hour, but off to the west, this moisture is moving our way. the warmer air moves in from the
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south, and, yes, we have a winter weather advisory tomorrow. that includes all the areas in purple, southern maryland all the way to garrett county and washington county, the district come you get the point. not a problem early in the morning. however, midday plans come into the evening rush-hour, likely to see the transition from freezing rain to sleet to plain old rain. the problems will be sleet and freezing rain, but not a lot of moisture associated with the beginning of the system tomorrow afternoon. the hour by hour forecast, 10:00 in the morning, no problems. through the midday, the green indicates rain. that is mixing in with freezing rain, beginning to develop, over spreading the area. before we know it, it lifts out. the heavier rain off to the north and west. that will be the big weather maker late wednesday night into thursday. the cold front sweeps down. way up here is snow.
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we expect that to arrive early thursday morning. how much is still up in the air. jacqui jeras and the forecasting will keep you updated as we move through the day tomorrow. the high tomorrow, 37 degrees, late in the day. near 50 as the high on wednesday. colder thursday. into the 40's for the upcoming weekend, when we welcome daylight savings time. alison: spring cannot get here fast enough. leon: the wizards get any help tonight? tim: they play tomorrow night in chicago and they will need help will stop the terps have the big ten coach of the year.
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[ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging do business travel on your terms. acela. take off. >> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. tim: congratulations to the virginia cavaliers winning
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tonight to wrap up the acc regular-season title. uva won the regular season title last year along with the acc tournament title. the carrier dome, frigid upstate new york. malcolm brogdon dials long distance. the hoos add to their 11 point lead. the nice pass, the alley-oop. the cavaliers beat syracuse and win the acc championship. virginia is the real deal. the head coach of the university of maryland fourth-ranked basketball team just name the 10 coach of the year. the terps went through the conference 18-0. the maryland men have their highest national ranking in more than a decade. the terps finished unbeaten at home in the conference. maryland is ranked 10th in the nation. >> it's just a number.
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but the guys should be proud of it. a have earned it. it is march. -- they have earned it. it is march. to be ranked this high late in the year means you have done a few things right. tim: the wizards hoping to take it up a notch in chicago. they better. they were horrible in the month of february. the nba has announced james harden will be suspended one game without pay for kicking led ron james -- for kicking lebron james in the groin. harden will not play tomorrow night in atlanta. the nets and warriors played a terrific ball game tonight. tied in the final seconds. stop pop bang. nets beat the warriors, 110-108. today was the trade deadline in the nhl. 11-year-old jordan leopold wrote a letter saying that her dad
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plays for the columbus blue jackets and the family lives in minnesota, she is missing him. she asked them to ask the blue jackets if they could get them on the wild. the letter was never sent, but today they made a deal for leopold. general manager said he found out about the letter almost simultaneous with the deal. it is the human side of pro sports, great story. nationals outfielder tony gwynn jr. was signed today, the son of the great hall of famer tony gwynn. leon: congratulations to brenda frese. tim: second time in the big ten she has been coach of the year. and congratulations to uva, back to back titles. leon: consider this the ultimate piece of memorabilia.
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no other pizza tastes like freschetta because no other pizza is made like freschetta. and try great tasting gluten free freschetta. ask for it at your local store. leon: we are under another winter weather alert. steve's forecast is the top turning story on plus, serial bank robbers strike for an eighth time. and benjamin netanyahu's speech tomorrow night. . alison: the ultimate purchase for a walking dead fan.
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the town of granville, georgia -- the entire town -- is on sale on ebay. several episodes have been filmed there and it is now a tourist destination. the going price, $680,000, which includes nine buildings downtown. no zombies included.
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alison: big snow tomorrow? steve: mno, just freezing rain and drizzle, changeover to all rain. we have a winter weather advisory for the evening rush hour. the hour by hour forecast, the
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