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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  March 4, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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54 degrees. charlottesville hanging on to 50 and the same in winchester so you can see there's plenty of warm air or mild air to go around. looking at stormwatch 7, live doppler radar, heaviest rain northern montgomery county to frederick county, head off to winchester where you're looking at heavier rains at this time. around the capital beltway, mainly the northwestern quadrant around bethesda towards rockville looking at light rain. dry for alexandria into oxon hill. here's the latest on the winter storm warning. all areas shaded in pink under the warning. it starts tonight and extends through the day on thursday. and right now, this is our best guesstimate as far as what we expect in terms of snowfall totals. four to eight inches. keep in mind as new data comes in over the next several hours, we may have to readjust these totals. some cases it may go down and other cases, it may go up. but right now we're trending a little bit to the he lesser amounts as we move through the
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overnight hours and into the day tomorrow. timing is critical on this. a lot depends on when we see the changeover from rain to sleet to snow. if it happens sooner that means that we're going to see more snow around the metro area. if it happens later, that means less amounts of snow and more sleet. anyway you look at it it's going to get cold around here. still expect a lot of delays come tomorrow. the timeline for you coming up in a few minutes. leon? >> ok, steve. crews are gearing up to try to keep the roads clear once that snow starts to fall. the virginia department of transportation plans to have about 3800 trucks treating the roads in northern virginia. the maryland department of transportation state highway administration will have more than 2400 pieces of equipment working statewide. and the district will have more than 200 snow trucks on the roads by 2:00 a.m. the city is putting a new snow emergency into effect at 7:00 a.m.
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>> we are now opening the last box. >> at d.c. the pile of ice melt in northeast disappeared within minutes. >> you got two.
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>> that's right. i need more though! >> residents slipped away from work and meetings early to get here. >> it's hard to speak, isn't it? >> yeah. you know when the next shipment is coming in? >> tomorrow morning. >> here you go. >> the last two that managed to buy before it was gone. >> are you happy? >> now, something else that's hard to find are gloves because store shelves are now filling up with these flip-flops. in plans for spring, spring will be here hopefully sooner than we know it. reporting live from southeast, i'm jennifer donelan, back to you. >> thanks, jen. the university of maryland has already made the call. they have decided to close for tomorrow. and amtrak is cutting back on the number of trains between d.c. and new york as well. now, if you're planning to fly most airlines say that they're issuing waivers to let you change those tickets without a fee if you choose to do so. join the "good morning washington" team and we'll be on early tomorrow morning starting
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at 4:00 a.m. and we'll have the latest on all the closings and delays as they come in right here. alison? >> all right, leon to other news tonight. an albemarle county circuit judge agreed to delay the murder trial against jesse matthew. at a hearing this morning, the judge also gave matthew's attorney permission to get a d.n.a. expert. the hearing to set the new trial date is scheduled for may 5th. matthew is charged in the abduction and murder of 18-year-old u.v.a. student hannah graham. and day one of the boston bombing trial now under way and opening statements the defense admitted dzhokhar tsarnaev committed the crime. but they argued he had fallen under the influence of his self-radicalized brother tamerlan. prosecutors painted a different picture claiming tsarnaev had nurd -- murder in his heart. it killed three people and injured nearly 300 others two years ago. >> turning to a developing story coming out of alabama. as the same sex marriage fight rages on one county in that state says it won't issue any
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marriage license at all to anyone. this after the alabama supreme court ordered the probate judges to stop issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples. mobile county's probate court posted a notice saying it's halting all marriages while it's reviewing the decision. there's no word on just how long that review might take. >> the fate of the president's health care overhaul now lies with the nine justices of the u.s. supreme court. they heard arguments this morning about four words in that law that could prove to be its undoing. senior political reporter scott thuman at the abc 7 capitol hill bureau now to explain. hi, scott. >> hi, alison. and this argument could absolutely be debilitating to the health care law if the plaintiffs won over those nine justices or at least five of them today. here is the argument. you mentioned the four words. "established by the state". that's the phrase they're closely analyzing because within the 900 pages of so-called obamacare law, there is an
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edict. essentially a rule that subsidies, federal subsidies should only go to enrolled customers if they are using an exchange that has been "established by the state." state-run exchanges like in maryland and d.c. everyone else would be left out and wouldn't get the money and couldn't afford coverage. that's eight million people that would lose out. if that were to happen that means everybody else that remained in the pool would be paying more and higher premium because it would be fewer customers. it's a really interesting argument about whether or not it's the intent of the law's congress or if these four words need to be taken literally. i spoke with the former secretary of health, when all of this legislation take effect, kathleen sebelious and she said it's semantics and we clearly understand what they wanted. that's up to the nine justices and a decision could come this
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summer. much more coming up at 6:00. live on capitol hill scott thuman, abc 7 news. >> we turn now to a developing story in maryland where police are investigating as many as five shootings that may be connected. this break came after last night's shooting near the national security agency at fort meade. maryland's bureau chief brad bell has the latest in the investigation. >> the shooting begins last week when someone in this blue lincoln towncar opens fire on another vehicle near the mall. 61-year-old victim grazed. monday morning, people hear shots at this laurel wal-mart. there's a bullet hole in the glass and the same car caught on camera. two hours later the bullet hole appears in a glass in a movie theater in columbia. >> terrifies me. like what does that need to be in columbia? >> again, police spot the vehicle on video and recovers the bullet. it matches the one from the other shooting. they realize a serial shooter is at work and they hope it's not another sniper case. >> didn't appear to be hiding.
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it didn't appear to be something like we saw 15 years ago when they were lying in wait. >> yesterday, more gunfire. this truck hit twice in the windshield while driving the i.c.c. and again two hours later, a building near the n.s.a. campus hit. >> could have hit somebody's mother or kids you know. >> police double up their patrols and within hours, two officers spot that lincoln and arrest the driver. 35-year-old hong young. an unemployed former prison guard from beltsville. >> i know everybody wants to know what the motive is. we're still investigating this case and we're still trying to figure that out ourselves. >> when abc 7 knocks on young's door early this morning, we're welcomed inside to a gut wrenching scene, his mom sobbing explaining his wife left him and he has no job. his sister is unable to make sense of the crimes. >> he's a good brother. >> when we leave, police swarm the house and inside they find more guns and ammunition. none of it illegal and they find a possible getaway bag with cash and a passport. >> this guy has apparently some
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other issues going on that our detectives are continuing to follow up on. >> well fortunately from these five shootings, no serious injuries. young does face serious charges. among them, attempted murder. he has not yet been officially charged. we don't have a mug shot to show you because, according to sources, he is hospitalized under police guard undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. at anne arundel county police headquarters, brad bell, abc 7 news. >> a woman is recovering tonight after being slashed near howard university. and now police are trying to figure out why that happened. brianne carter has the latest on the investigation. >> 24-year-old juan grant is expected before a judge today accused of assaulting a 20-year-old woman and a police officer near howard university. >> we're just really scared, you know? scary. >> according to court documents obtained by abc 7 the woman was walking along sixth street northwest when she saw grant pushing a baby stroller and noticed something dropped.
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court documents show she was about to tell the man when he punched her in the neck. according to the police report the 20-year-old woman reached for her neck and found blood on her hand and a severe laceration on her neck. the woman called 911 and walked one block to howard university hospital and was admitted to the i.c.u. according to court documents, police spotted grant minutes later down the street with a knife in hand. authorities say grant ran from police but was stopped just a few blocks away. that's where authorities allege with knife still in hand grant swung at one of the officers. authorities allege grant had a 1-year-old child with him. >> he obviously had no problem doing it in the daylight with the kid which means it's even more scary. >> these two howard university students who walk in the area every day say they got an alert from the university about it all. >> just, i don't know, a wake-up call. >> back here live this is the block according to the police report where that suspect was
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taken into custody. just talking to someone waiting here at the nearby bus stop within the last 10 minutes, he said he watched that all unfold. now, we are currently waiting for an update from court to see what happens there with the suspect today. reporting live brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> coming up at 5:00 -- >> i would have stepped out of my vehicle and i might not be here. >> a virginia state trooper reminds us all why we should slow down and move over. >> find out what brought one of the mars roveers to a halt. >> and then a little later, re-examining the day the music died. why the ntsb may be reopening its investigation into a very important and famous deadly plane crash. >> he pried his way into an a.t.m. machine in downtown bethesda but this is nothing like "oceans 11." i'm kevin lewis in rockville. find out how this thief
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>> problem is a security company was tracking his every move. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis was in court today when the thief learned his fate. >> it was 3:00 a.m. downtown bethesda sat quiet as michael cooper broke into this glass vestibule where he pried open an a.t.m. >> you can see the two doors start banging back together and slamming apart until you can see light from the outside of the mall peek in through the two doors. >> an alarm company monitoring a live video stream called 911. cooper and his unknown accomplice took off no richer than before. >> got no money. he was unable to break into the safe. >> officers caught cooper a few blocks away wearing a hoodie, black coat and blue jeans. he had a screwdriver in his pocket. >> he was on federal probation whether this event occurred for distributing cocaine. >> today at sentencing cooper stood up and said "i apologize to you all for having to waste your time with all of this when i could have been doing something different. i ask for probation.
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it would not be against your better judgment." but the judge wasn't swayed remarking i would think at 37 you're old enough to understand what you're doing is wrong. i'm sure you're tired of being in and out of jail and court. >> michael cooper does not win in this situation. michael cooper will eventually reintegrate into our community. i hope that this time of punishment will have an effect on his future behavior. >> and so michael cooper will spend the next five years in prison. he also owes bank of america $600. that's how much it costs to fix the a.t.m. in rockville, i'm kevin lewis, abc 7 news. >> all right. here we go! >> back to the storm. >> we have the tale of two models here. i'll show you two different model situations. one brings us a lot of snow and the other one maybe not so much snow. so these are both sides of the story. >> we get to pick which one we want? >> i know which one i'll pick. >> we'll get snow with either model. >> we do absolutely. and whether we get two inches or three inches, still going to
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bring us big big problems as we move through the day tomorrow. looking at our roof camera and you can see a little bit of fog out there. we have thicker fog especially to the north of us across northern montgomery county into frederick county where we still have a larger snow pack on the ground with these milder temperatures, that are overhead. it's now 46 degrees at the airport. the wind chill nice to say that we hardly have a wind chill factor. feels like the middle 40's and the winds are out of the north-northeast at three miles per hour. look at the mild air that's out there. 50 in culpepper. 50 degrees in charlottesville. head down to fredricksburg. they're at 54 but 10 degrees colder up the road in quantico. the warmer of the air suppressed to the south of us. we need to get this warmer air to lift northward. that won't happen tonight. cold front will win the battle. look at the pool of colder air across the great lakes. single digits in upper michigan. minneapolis at 11 degrees.
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compare that to our 46 and 42 in charlottesville. the panhandle of west virginia up into frederick county maryland, northern montgomery county lighter rain inside the capital beltway. keep in mind, all of this now falling as rain and will continue to do so as we move through the evening hours and into the early overnight. this is the wider view that shows everything in action moving off towards the north and the east and we will see this eventually change over to sleet and then snow. national weather service has posted a winter storm warning. all the areas shaded in pink this is as we move through the overnight hours and into the day tomorrow. for the accumulating snow. this is model number one. i want you to watch it very carefully as we move through the next 12 hours. 11:00 tonight, moderate rains across the d.c. metro area. here's the conversion zone over to snow by tomorrow morning. most of the region looking like snow. the exception, southern maryland, still under sleet.
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by the dinnertime hour into late tomorrow night everything clears out of here and our temperatures fall very very quickly. another model, this is the model that brings us less snow. here's our futurecast 6:00 this evening, here's the rain that's over the area. it will continue but notice what happens. 2 it -- 2:00 in the morning, there's the transition into a little bit of snow. 7:00 in the morning, the snow retreats a little further to the south. there's that sleet line and that snow really never makes it further north. that means we are cut down the snow totals across washington county towards western maryland. still going to analyze this over the next few hours or so and hopefully, hopefully we'll have an scenario for you as we move through the overnight hours. six to 10 inches is what we're going with right now. could be less. d.c. metro around four to eight inches of snow. by the time this moves out of here, your timeline shows the switchover during the early morning hours as temperatures fall just below freezing and here is the temperature forecast for tomorrow. upper 20's and then the seven-day outlook.
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i like this. monday tuesday and wednesday, i think we should all just jump up and say 50 degree plus three days in a row? like winning the jackpot in the weather world. >> almost too good to be true. >> that's the average? >> that's the average for this time of year. you know, we're hoping that by the end of the month, the average high in washington is 61 degrees. so we have to -- >> imagine that thing upwards. >> ok. >> maybe we'll do some sledding tomorrow. and you know d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton hopes the u.s. capital police will one day open the door for some fun in the snow in d.c. she wrote a letter today requesting the sledding ban be lifted on u.s. capitol grounds immediately so people can take advantage of the snow over the next few days. she's asking the head of the u.s. capitol police board to have a heart. so kids and their parents can enjoy sledding on one of the best hills in the city. we'll let you know. and just in time for this next snowfall arlington county announced its plan to make up its snow dahis year. you can read all of the details
5:21 pm
for arlington on our website at >> probably seen pictures of him from the ground. still ahead here on abc 7 news at 5:00, see two new views. >> i'm horace holmes. coming up a little bit later on on abc 7 news at 5:00 our "7 on your side" story takes us up into the attic of this dumfries home and we'll find out what would cost $10,000 for the home owner to rid herself of something up there. and why she called "7 on your side" after she got your bill. >> first, spacing out the shots? why some parents are asking pediatricians to change the schedule for their kids' vaccinations. >> but here's a look now at what's coming up tonight on abc in primetime.
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>> "7 on your side" now with a health matters report. there may be some new fertility options for women who are battling cancer. one of the long term side effects of chemotherapy includes ovarian failure where women can no longer conceive. there's a new study that finds the hormone blocking drug may prevent that. in fact researchers say women given this drug during chemotherapy, it prevented
5:25 pm
ovarian failure and promoted successful pregnancy. so on the heels of the big debate over vaccinating children, this is happening all over the country, a report released from the american academy of pediatrics says another dangerous trend is also on the rise. >> as liz bonis reports many pediatricians are being asked to spread out the recommended vaccine schedule and infectious disease experts say that's not a good idea. >> the vaccination schedule for children is up around well child checks. that way, kids get what's needed for protection and parents aren't running to the doctor's office more often than needed. dr. robert frank is a pediatric infectious disease specialist. he says research shows it is safe to give multiple vaccines on this schedule at each visit. if a new one is added to the schedule, it too, is tested alongside the others. >> and so we know that before the vaccine has ever been licensed that it's ok to give with the other vaccines. >> but, according to this report
5:26 pm
just released nearly nine out of 10 pediatricians have recently been asked especially when parents have kids not yet 2 to spread out the vaccine schedule. most said they were concerned about side effects not supported by research such as autism or an overload to the body's immune system. >> so if a parent has concerns though, about giving multiple shots at one time, what's the harm in spacing those out? >> they can handle tons of antigens at one time. there's no science to show that they overload the immune system. >> research shows most often when kids don't follow the schedule recommended, they won't finish the vaccine. that puts not only those children but others at risk for childhood diseases. >> when it comes to spacing that goes in contradict the cbc, the f.d.a. and the american academy of pediatrics, you think what? >> when it comes to spacing of vaccines different from what
5:27 pm
they recommend, there's no doubt to suggest that it's necessary or a good thing to do. >> i'm liz bonis abc 7 news. >> we want to take a moment to clarify a story we brought you last thursday on abc 7 news at 5:00. we told you about the enhanced penalties that maryland lawmakers were considering for hazing. it features a young man named johnny powell and talked with him pledging for a fraternity at stevenson university. powell did attend stevenson and pledged with a fraternity chapter at coppin state university. we apologize for that error and confusion. >> still to come at 5:00 what explorers think they found in this wreckage at the bottom of the sea. >> plus -- >> tied behind my back out in the road trying to flag people down to call the police. >> new clues as police try to find the bandits behind a $4 million gold heist. >> protecting and serving but mistakes by drivers are putting their lives at risk.
5:28 pm
i'm jeff goldberg some very
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>> checking our top stories a beltsville man faces charges in connection with several recent shootings. hong young appeared to pick his tarpings at random and believed to be responsible for firing at a truck on the intercounty
5:31 pm
connector yesterday and building at the national security agency. nobody was seriously hurt. >> the supreme court heard arguments this morning in the latest challenge to the affordable care act. the plaintiffs are challenging government subsidies for people in states that did not create their own health care exchanges. the court will issue its ruling in may or june. >> and stores across the region are running out of salt sand and shovels as people prepare for this late winter storm. we can only hope it's winter's last gasp. meteorologist steve rudin in the stormwatch weather center now with more on this winter weather alert. >> more snow on the way. first, we have to get rid of the mild temperatures and the rain and then we'll see that transition late tonight into early, early tomorrow morning. off we go maps and show you storm watch 7 doppler radar and you can see exactly what's going on. all the moisture heaviest of the rain to the north of us across montgomery county into southern frederick county the southern tip of the panhandle of west virginia all this moves on off to the north and east of the this is just the beginning. winter storm warning will go
5:32 pm
into effect later on tonight for the entire abc 7 news viewing area from southern maryland all the way out to extreme western maryland and this is where we expect to see significant snowfalls. totals, snow totals anywhere between four to eight inches right now. however, depending on how quickly, how quickly the rain transitions to sleet and then snow will determine how much snow we actually accumulate across the immediate metro. any way you look at it even if we took all the numbers down it will be a very messy rush hour commute come early tomorrow morning. more details coming up in a few minutes plus a look at the hour-by-hour forecast. leon? >> folks, you can stay a step ahead of the forecast through the wjla facebook page and the abc 7 news twitter feed. you can also download the stormwatch 7 app for your tablet or smartphone. that way you can have the forecast at your fingertips all the time. >> if you see emergency vehicles at the side of the road move
5:33 pm
over and give them room. that's the law in virginia. after three troopers were hit by cars in less than a week, state police are trying to drive this message home. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is live in fairfax county to explain. jeff? >> alison imagine you were a state trooper or a first responder or a tow truck driver and you're attending to a vehicle on the shoulder on a busy road like this. 95 south. you see a flood of traffic coming your way. most drivers will move over or slow down when they see those flashing lights. but one mistake can lead to a situation like this. it is now a mangled mess. >> this is my marked police cruiser. >> but last tuesday afternoon, trooper mike campbell's cruiser was in good shape when he pulled a car over on 66 west in falls church. >> facin oncoming traffic, dealing with traffic. >> then an oncoming vehicle hit the cruiser which hit the other car which knocked campbell into the highway. >> this happened so fast that i found myself on the ground and my brain was in overdrive trying
5:34 pm
to process what had happened. >> situations like these are exactly what virginia state police wants to avoid. >> this is very serious business. >> they're relaunching the drive to save lives program asking drivers to move over or slow down when they see an officer, e.m.s. worker or tow truck driver attending to a vehicle on the side of the road. >> february 17th for me was a regular work day. >> trooper mike mcsellers is one of three troopers struck during a one week time span last month in northern virginia. all three survived. >> that moment that day could have ended my life. >> drivers we spoke with say they react when seeing police at work. >> i always try to move over at least a lane. >> that's somebody's son, father, brother. >> mike campbell hopes other drivers listen to them and to him. >> kind of scary experience. pretty lucky right now to be standing here talking with you. >> no question about it. last year in virginia across the state, 14 state troopers were struck and injured while
5:35 pm
attending to vehicles on the side of the road. and on december 29th a tow truck driver was struck and killed on 495 in fairfax county. these are the numbers and the stories authorities want drivers to keep in mind when they head out on the roads especially with bad weather on the way. live in springfield, jeff goldberg abc 7 news. >> time for a check of the traffic situation. bob emler is in the wtop traffic center. shouldn't be too bad since the weather isn't a problem, bob. >> this is a pretty good rush hour. see what happens tomorrow. for now, a lot of volume traveling south on 95 and several stretches trying to get down towards stafford. no incidents along the way and same situation on 66 headed westbound. beltway on the inner loop out of tysons, about route 7 is where it bogs down getting through 270 and bethesda and silver spring. let's look at the cameras and see what it looks like out there on 66 near 123, a lot of volume in both directions here. no incidents along the way and traffic on the beltway through bethesda and silver spring bogs down in both directions here at
5:36 pm
connecticut avenue. we're starting to see some fog out there tonight. i'm bob emler with 103.5 wtop radio. >> your cameras are cool but we've got one that's even cooler. the nasa camera on the mars curiousity rover. well, it's up on mars as you know, but it's been shut down because of the short circuit. engineers discovered a problem over the weekend and working to fix it. curiousity landed on mars three years ago. and since then the rover has been sending back dozens of photos back to earth. it's shutting down for a few days until they figure things out. >> all right. here's more pretty cool images from the international space station tonight. we start with this tweet and it shows the aurora estralis taken by an american butch wilmore and 40 minutes later, astronaut terry vertz tweeted a vine video here of those lights. the columbia maryland native posted even from space, the lights look very different from
5:37 pm
the more well known borealis. >> interesting. >> all right. something to look at here we are so lucky to have dozens and dozens of museums all around our area. we know that. still ahead here a look at one group out there that's making sure our youngest neighbors get a chance to really appreciate what they're seeing in some of these museums. >> i'm horace holmes and we're about to go upstairs into the attic of this dumfries home. the home owner said that something was up there making lots of noise. a local company had a plan to get rid of it but it was very, very costly. we'll take you up there live. stick around. you don't want to miss this coming up next. >> and then tonight at 6:00 new potential problems for hillary clinton. the new legal battle taking shape over how she sent her
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>> more than 70 years after it slipped beneath the waves, one of the largest war ships ever built is no longer missing. an expedition was led by microsoft co-founder paul allen found the japanese battleship. the u.s. sank that ship off the coast of the philippines during world war ii. half of the 2400 sailors died. leon? >> alison while so many d.c.
5:41 pm
youngsters live close by many have never been to an art museum. a program is finding innovative ways to teach these public school students some real life lessons, the staff members of the national gallery's art around the corner are this week's harris' heroes. they come to study art but also to learn critical thinking skills that will help them in school and in life. >> might be courageous. >> beneath the gilbert stewart portrait of george washington they discuss today's theme. leadership. >> creative. >> using a method developed at harvard called artful thinking, the youngsters learn to observe, describe and reason with evidence. >> can you tell us a little bit about why a leader needs to be careful. >> you can learn a lot of things from the past. >> one routine encourages children to see, onder wherever they are. before the magestic shaw memorial, they act out with members of an african-american
5:42 pm
regiment might have felt going into a civil war battle. >> i think that we will be notorious. >> i feel proud of myself. >> with art around the corner every child can be successful. >> they may be struggling readers but here at the gallery, we can teach everybody to read a painting. >> they write poetry, act out scenes, sketch and paint and something more. >> sometimes when we come here we can connect to what we do at school. >> made me connect with my life and my life. >> positive lessons for a lifetime. >> they are not afraid to make mistakes. they're not -- they don't feel that their ideas are not important. i have seen behaviors curtailed. >> over the past 20 years, art around the corner has served more than 5,000 d.c. public school students. the national gallery program also invites the students' families to come to special family day events so the
5:43 pm
students can share their art experience. alison? >> don't you love, they both use the word connect. such a great thing. thanks so much. it's come to be known as the day the music died. still to come find out why the ntsb may be on the verge of reopening the investigation into that crash that killed buddy holly, ricci valenz and the big bopper. >> i'm horace holmes. home owner said there are things that went bump in the night and even during the day up here in her attic. a local company had a $10,000 solution. what's up here in attic? we'll
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
>> new information tonight on a "7 on your side" investigation. trouble shooter horace holmes told us about a family in fairfax that had been without heat or hot water for six weeks. the home owner joel kaufman says repairs in january actually broke the unit in his home. two have been in a dispute since. tonight, some good news. kaufman tells us that representatives with united air and the manufacturer of the heating unit stopped by. and the heat and hot water have been restored. took long enough.
5:47 pm
now he's got it. >> that's good. >> horace is back at it again tonight. this time he's out to help a woman who was told she had a squirrel problem. >> that's right. he went to prince william county to trouble shoot on her behalf. >> last night there were noises up there. >> what could be in her attic? >> i thought it was a human being! >> the noises she says were so loud and so unnerving that she called in a company called summit environmental solutions to get to the bottom of things. the representative came took a look. >> said we have squirrels here. >> squirrels in the attic? that could be a real problem but in this neighborhood where most of the trees are spread out and look like this -- >> have you ever soon a squirrel in the neighborhood? >> i don't know what one looks like. >> the folks at summit told her they would get rid of every squirrel up there and stop anymore from coming in price of $12,910. and they would subtract $2,000 in a senior citizens discount.
5:48 pm
>> i said yeah it costs that much? i have to pay it. >> she signed the contract and wrote summit a $3200 deposit check. >> that's an awful lot. >> her neighbor said wait a minute. and convinced her to call in two more exterminators for another opinion. both agreed. and "7 on your side" was there when bill trefrey of my exterminator said there was no evidence of squirrels. >> i'm not seeing any nesting material. i'm not seeing any chewing. >> so merrick called summit environmental back to cancel the contract but it was after the cancellation deadline. company said no to the refund of $3200. >> when i called called "7 on your side." i said somebody has got to help this lady. >> "7 on your side" stepped in and talked to the owner of summit environmental. legally, he didn't have to do anything but because we called he agreed to climb into the attic and take a look for himself. what did he find? >> well, we're up here in the attic and we've been looking around and we haven't found
5:49 pm
anything at all. now, even though they didn't have to legally, summit said that they would cancel their contract with miss merrick and look what came in the mail yesterday. this check for the full refund of her deposit, $3200.73. what could have caused the noise up here in the attic? well, all of the exterminators up heree it could have been the wind or perhaps, a small mouse. reporting live in dumfries horace holmes abc 7 news. >> small mouse with big boots making that kind of noise? >> whole family was together. my goodness. >> whatever is up there better bundle up and stay warm. we have a storm coming. >> yep. snow coming, right, steve? >> we do. we have rain out there right now and we'll see that change over to sleet later on tonight and by tomorrow morning, yes, we'll be waking up to snow. and it looks like quite a bit of it through the day tomorrow.
5:50 pm
here's storm watch 7 live radar. all the rain moves to the north and east. this is the leading edge of what's on the way. the critical difference to what we have right now and what we have 12 hours from now. temperature is 44 degrees at dulles and look at 50 degrees if winchester. 46 in cumberland maryland. everything shaded in pink under a winter storm warning. this goes into effect later on tonight through the day tomorrow and we will be looking at significant snow totals across the metro area. four to eight inches not out of the question. the further north and west you go, northern montgomery county into frederick county maybe a little bit more than that and even further north than that along the pennsylvania-maryland border you may see a little bit less depending on how quickly that transition from the sleet and snow occurs. this is what we have in terms of a timeline for you. 11:00 tonight, it's still rain. 40 degrees around the capital beltway. 7:00 in the morning near freezing.
5:51 pm
that snow will start, really pick up during the noontime hour and the next day or tomorrow i should say four to eight inches. 28 degrees for a high. how about we end with a little bit of good news or brighter news? sunshine but cold on friday. lower 40's on saturday. upper 40's on sunday as we spring ahead by one hour and monday, tuesday and wednesday, i'm happy to say three days in a row at 50 degrees or better. light at the end of the tunnel! >> we like to see that steve. thank you. >> things looking bright for the women terps. that's for sure. >> yeah. first year in the big 10 they go 8-0. >> i think they're sending a message here. i'm not sure. you got to love march. it's conference tourney time. maryland women are off to the midwest for the big 10 tourney where they have a double bye, in fact. today, we spent time with the big 10 regular season champs before their trip to chi town. >> the terps have won 21 straight games. >> on a scale of 1 to 10 i'm at 100 right now. >> today, they tried to beat
5:52 pm
mother nature. leaving town a day early en route to their first ever big 10 tournament. >> it's the first time to have fun. there's a bull's eye on your back. we have to play maryland basketball. >> maryland was thrilled after capping off their perfect 18-0 run through the big 10. but enough about that. >> it's 0-0. nobody's record. us being undefeated you know everybody's record is the same. it's a clean slate. so for us we've got to play even better. >> brenda has set the bar so high. a national championship in 2006 another final four last year. and these terps will settle for nothing less. >> you could have the best season of your life but if you don't come ready to play at any time in march, you can be out and your whole season of accomplishments does not even matter. >> we're talking nba now. wizards are still looking to get that swag back. we're still waiting for that wizards team we all saw earlier this season. they've lost 10 of their last 13 games. last night was telling. they couldn't even beat a banged
5:53 pm
up bulls team. no derek rose no gibson and no all star jimmy butler. when will the wiz get that mojo back? million dollar question. it came at the right time last year. let's see what happens. >> that's one of the major questions, when are you going to get over the hump? you know so i said you know we're kind of at that point where we were hovering around .500 and then came down the stretch and played some of our best basketball heading into the playoffs. and what happened there happened. so that examine still happen. >> you heard it right there. everyone asking, when are you going to get over the hump? >> so make it happen. >> exactly. >> all right. coming up next on abc 7 news at 5:00 -- >> right now, we're not -- we're unable to say whether it's going to be considered suspicious or not suspicious. >> the mystery of how three people were able to steal $4 million in gold rig
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
>> we have new information tonight that could lead the national transportation safety board to reopen the plane crash that killed buddy holly, ritchie valens and the big bopper. they had ruled that the 1959 crash was caused by pilot error. but a retired pilot and former f.a.a. employee says there may have been several other factors to blame there. the ntsb says it does plan to investigate his claim. interesting. after all these years. we have growing questions tonight about that gold heist in north carolina. >> when we first heard this story, we thought there might be something fishy going on here. some wondering if this theft is an inside job. karen traverse explains why. >> it was a multimillion dollar gold heist, an inside job. a north carolina sheriff said today that all possibilities are being investigated. >> suspicion about everything going on in this case. >> police are frantically
5:58 pm
searching for the armed suspects which on sunday robbed a truck carrying $4.8 million worth of gold. >> possible armed robbery. >> two security guards traveling from miami to massachusetts with the gold told police they stopped on the side of the road because of engine trouble. and that's when they say they were robbed by armed men in a white van who ordered them to the ground. the security guards say they had left their weapons in the truck. and at some point, the suspects took them. >> they did value a lot of company protocol without the firearms on them. >> the suspects then apparently tied the guard's hands behind their backs and led them into the woods before they fled the scene with the gold. according to 911 calls, the two security guards ran back to the highway. one driver pulled over to see what was going on. >> where are you guys from? what happened? >> they're holding stuff. >> police say right now the security guards who speak little english are not considered
5:59 pm
suspects. >> considered victims. >> the security company is offering a $50,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. reporting northwest, karen traverse, abc 7 news. >> lot of questions with that one. >> still, huh? >> that's it for abc 7 news at 5:00. >> all right. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right now and we are on storm watch! >> first tonight a winter weather alert about what could be a significant winter storm for our entire area. meteorologist steve rudin is leading our coverage from the storm watch weather center. what's the latest? >> all right, temperatures are critical as they move through the evening hours. right now, no problems at all. we're well above freezing. 44 at dulles. 48 degrees at reagan national airport. look at fredricksburg, they're at 53 degrees. big changes are on the way. doppler radar shows all this moisture streaming off towards the east. heavier rain across northern montgomery county, southern
6:00 pm
frederick county panhandle of west virginia and out towards winchester and we are going to look for rain as we move through the evening hours into the early overnight. then a cold front will move in from the north and west. we have a winter storm warning all the areas shaded in pink including the district surrounding counties and all of southern maryland all the way off to western maryland. this is tonight through the day tomorrow and we are expecting significant snow totals here in the washington metro area. right now, our best guesstimate around four to eight inches of snow. keep in mind, depending on how quickly we switch over from rain to sleet to snow will determine how much snow we see across the area. right now, we're seeing four to eight inches. snow will stick around 9:00 tomorrow morning. the rush hour commute tomorrow is going to be a mess around here and the heaviest snow expected mid morning into t


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