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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  March 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] kimberly: killed in the line of duty, the police investigating a crash that took one of their own. plus, a sexual assault at a church. and breaking free from the arctic blast. winter weather. a big change from the record cold temperatures we have seen. finally, the temperatures are warming up and melting is underway. eileen whelan is in the weather center with what you can expect from this weekend warm-up. eileen: it is so good, kelly and the sunset is a few minutes away. it ready as we spring forward tonight into daylight savings time.
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by this time tomorrow, we will have a full extra hour of daylight he for the sunset. 43 degrees right now at reagan national. look at these temperatures, 51 degrees fredericksburg, 50 culpeper in quantico 45 dulles and bwi. the temperatures will fall only into the middle 30's, upper 20's and the far northwest suburbs but nowhere near the single digit temperatures we woke up with this morning. springing forward into daylight savings time overnight, turn your clocks ahead one hour before going to bed. seasonal highs over the next seven days and also talking about the next chance of precipitation, but i think you will like it. i think we are talking more about rain as opposed to snow. i will detail that from the belfort furniture weather center coming up. kelly: developing now in prince george's county, the police investigating a crash that killed one of the run. officer brennan rabain died when
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his cruiser slammed into a fence. he was only 26 years old. kevin lewis is live to explain what led to the crash. kevin: kelly, multiple sources telling us he was off duty, driving with a woman in his police cruiser. they were on greenbelt road in lanham when they were passed by a speeding car. he tried to stop the speeding car when he lost control of his cruiser, hot the curb, and crash through this eight-foot tall for. >> yes, it's him. oh, god. kevin: the pain was palpable as family and friends captured their first glimpse of this fractured fence line. this is where prince george's county patrolmen brennan rabain lost his life. he crashed into this backyard. long would it planks sliced through his squad car. -- long wooded planks sliced through the squad car.
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>> i said that as a police car on top of my fence. kevin: the department believes that brennan rabain was initiating a traffic stop when he lost control on greenbelt road in lanham. investigators will review the dashboard camera video and say that icy roadways could of been a factor. >> to have a loss at such a young age, he loved when he was doing, it is devastating. i don't know how else to put it. kevin rab: rabain is known for his soothing spirit and passion for police work. >> he was a funny guy. >> my prayers go to his family. and to his daughter. who he loved dearly. he was a loving person. i will miss him. kevin: as for the driver of the
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speeding car, the police say that individual did not stick around so no surprise that investigators would like to speak with him or her. kevin lewis, abc 7 news. kelly: the police are investigating a deadly pedestrian crash in montgomery county that happened at the intersection of goshen road and east village road -- east village drive. a person was taken to the hospital where he later died. the police say the 18-year-old driver was taken into custody. they are looking into whether alcohol may have played a role. the police major help identifying a man accused of indecent exposure outside of a church in manassas. they say he exposed himself to a woman and inappropriately touched another. richard reid has the video that police are hoping will help solve the case. richard question mark richard: this is just a sad a crime on church property. there are two victims, a woman standing inside of the doorway
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and another woman who was in the parking lot. the police have only a vague description of the suspect. as you mentioned they have surveillance video that we will see in a moment. they want you to take a close look. outside of this manassas city church -- >> it's sad. richard: in unusual, frightening crime caught on camera. >> it is disgusting. richard: the police say this man was captured on surveillance video outside of the lutheran church on january 12. >> we hope that you catch this guy. richard: he exposed himself to a woman in standing inside the window, then touched a another woman in the parking lot. >> he asked for a cigarette. the woman complied. he touched her inappropriately before fleeing. richard: although this happened on a monday night with the church busy with meetings. >> we get these reminders all
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the time predators are out there. it's sad. richard: the man displayed no weapon, but the church is telling members and visitors to be on alert. >> nobody should have to come to a church or any place and be hurt. richard: the police believe the suspect drove off in a white chevy blazer. the crime happened a wild back mid january, but they are hoping to find more leads. if you have information, the authorities have posted a $1000 reward. richard reeve, abc 7 news. kelly: virginia state police are investigating an officer-involved shooting in fauquier county yesterday afternoon and warrenton. if all cure county deputies said that a man refused to pull over and a pursuit followed. the suspect lost control and crashed into a tree, then took off on foot. a k-9 team found him hiding behind a house and that is where he was shot. he was taken to inova fairfax
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hospital, his condition unknown. the u.s. secret service is investigating two separate incidents at a white house. a vendor cart caught fire on g street and at the same time a bomb sniffing dog detected something on 16th street and constitution avenue. the vehicle and area were swept by the secret service and other agencies. there is no indication the incidents are related. president obama is in alabama for the 50th anniversary of the historic march in selma. on that day in 1965, many in a crowd of 600 were beaten by state troopers as they tried to cross the edmund pettus bridge. >> the nations first african-american president walking in the footsteps of the freedom fighters who paved his future and altered history 50
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years ago today. thousands gathered in selma to remember that day in 1965, when peaceful protesters marched across the edmund pettus bridge, demanding equality. >> you are order to disperse. reporter: state troopers armed with clubs and tear gas. it was a tipping point that prove the power of nonviolence to start change and get congress to pass the voting rights act. >> it was not a clash of armies but a clash of wills. a contest to determine the true meaning of america. reporter: for all the progress made, echoes of selma remain. in the shooting deaths of unarmed black man by white police officers to the rolling back of the voting rights act. the president enlisted the next generation who came to witness this moment in history to come
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together, to be foot soldiers for change. president obama: we know the march is not over. we know the race is not yet one. reporter: that message was felt today. so many people say they came not just to remember or to cross the bridge but to finish the work of those who marched before them. mary bruce, abc news, selma, alabama. kelly: coming up, and agriculture summit is drawing several contenders for the presidency. an
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kelly: a state run investigation in wisconsin after a officer-involved shooting in madison. protesters took to the streets after an officer shot and killed
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a 19-year-old black suspect tony robinson, who was unarmed. madison's police chief said he hit the officer in the head knocking him to the ground. >> in the context of mutual combat, in that sense, the officer did draw his revolver and subsequently shot the subject. >> my son has never been a violent person, never. and to die in such a violent violent way baffles me. kelly: wisconsin lawmakers passed a bill last year requiring the state to investigate officer-involved shooting. one of the brothers charged in the shooting death of a philadelphia police officer was arraigned today. the police say that officer robert wilson iii was purchasing a game for his son at game stop thursday and he was shot by one of the two brothers who was trying to rob the stores. actor dan aykroyd plans to make a donation to the followed officer's eight-year-old and
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one-year-old son. a number of likely republican cap presidential candidates are in iowa today. jeb bush, chris christie, and others attended and agricultural summit. hecklers into her up to the event several times, including once to criticize chris christie's response to hurricane sandy. he spoke about energy, taxes and trade. up next -- a blast felt for miles. with the police say caused this sudden explosion that damage nearly 20 homes. and eileen whelan has the full forecast.
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kelly: police in howard county
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are searching for two men who robbed a 7-eleven in elk ridge. they got away with cash and cigarettes. anybody with information should call the police. an explosion rocked a minnesota neighborhood overnight. investigators say that the motley crew'sue's heavy-metal food truck was parked in the neighborhood when it exploded. two people suffered minor injuries. the blast could be heard up to six miles away. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the blast. it is time to spring forward, daylight savings begins this weekend and officially starts at 2 a.m. sunday. before you go to bed tonight don't forget to set your clock ahead one hour. this is also the time to replace batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. and a reminder for metro system will close when daylight savings
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time begins at 2 a.m. when the clock moves forward. customers are urged to check last train schedules online and subtract one hour. the last rays will move between stations from 1 a.m. to 2 a.m. anybody with questions about the services urged to contact metro. that is always so confusing to me. eileen: it's always like, ok, gain an hour? i remember in the college days, the bars, you get the extra hour. kelly: it's important. eileen: everybody is laughing at me now. we have all thought about the warm temperatures. kelly: we are loving them. eileen: we have this beautiful sunrise from the weatherbug camera, chesapeake beach maryland. clear skies, such a beautiful day. notice the sunlight really helping to melt the snow and ice over the chesapeake bay.
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things are looking nice in terms of temperatures. we were in the 40's today after being in the single digits this morning. two degrees at dulles, set a record, six degrees at bwi, 19 degrees in the district. nevertheless, the temperatures are in the 40's. 47 degrees reagan, 40 ford bwi 46 manassas -- 44 degrees bwi 46 manassas. off to the south, 60 degrees nashville, 65 kansas city. the model push of air moving to the north. still pretty cold in new england, but everyone will be enjoying some of these milder temperatures as we go forward the next week or so as the jet stream list to the north. the 24 hour temperature change impressive. 19 degrees milder than it was at this time yesterday. the weather front moving overhead tonight will provide us with a few additional clouds.
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all that means is it will act as a blanket. temperatures will not fall that much. 34 degrees downtown. the temperature tonight, about 20-30 degrees milder than last night. not as cold. as we were talking about, we spring forward tonight. this morning the sun rise at 6:30. tomorrow morning, if you are up early, it will be darker later the sunrise not until 7:31. on the flipside, an extra hour of daylight in the evening, with sunset at 7:0 wait tm each day we are gaining about 2.5 minutes of daylight. that trend will take us through the summer solstice, but really looking nice tomorrow. a good bit of sunshine mixed with cloud cover, mid 30's at 7:00. about noon time, we get to about 47 degrees. the areas north of the upper 40's, but dcn south will be in
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the 50's, 51 degrees by 4 p.m. a breeze out of the northwest. a nice-looking seven-day forecast. 55 monday. the next chance of precipitation tuesday, but with temperatures in the 50's it will be rain. wednesday, we approach 60 degrees. next friday into saturday another weather system brings predominately rain. however, at the onset of precipitation friday, it may start as a wintry mix. let's just focus on the here and now in the warm springlike weather. kelly: we will enjoy it as long as we can. speaking of sunshine, are we going downtown? robert: stephen strasburg at the start today against the cards. we will talk spring baseball, and in emotional regular-season finale.
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announcer: and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: regular-season finale for the hoyas at the verizon center. a special moment for senior tyler adams. his career was cut short his freshman year after he was diagnosed with a heart failure. he still had a scholarship and four years later the final home game. emotional moment for tyler and his father. a dream come true. as for the game itself, devonte asmith was out with a lower body injury. the hoyas with the 41-24 lead in the second half. they finished the regular season with the 73-67 win. >> it felt a little weird at first. after i came out of the game,
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i'm used to being in a suit, but it felt good, especially the last home game. >> i just have to say what a class act that was on the other team's park to do that. he did not have to do that. that was class. that was class. robert: props to seton hall. gw up 45-28. the past to the corner, knocks down his fourth three pointer of the half. he led with 21 points. gw shoots 78% from the field, and they win. a-10, women's hoop, gw-fordham. later in the second, nice give and go, brie anna cummings lays it in. they advanced to the a-10 finals
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with the 72-60 win. the national keep it rolling in florida, hosting the cardinals. 2-0 so far. to the space coast, stephen strasburg with his spring debut, in trouble in the second. bryce harper is not going to dive, preseason. the cards get on the board. strasburg goes 1.2 innings gives up a hit. right center field, base hit. to run score. nats score four in the sixth and win 6-5. d.c. united in montréal. scoreless. the pass goes ahead, the goalie caught in no man's land. the united's first goal of the season. and a final note, virginia has a big season finale of their own
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taking on 16th-ranked louisville, tipping off in a few minutes. getting closer and closer to march madness. kelly: the fun begins. robert:
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kelly: well, take a look at this. the giant panda enjoying playing in the snow at the memphis. ya-ya has her toys out, rolling around in the soft snow. they say this is the type of weather that she enjoys the most. eileen: of course, why not. having fun in the snow. we all had our fun in the snow
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welcome to "world news tonight." marching on. history, once again in selma, alabama, thousands making that same march on that famous bridge. the monumental gathering on 50th anniversary of a civil rights milestone. police shooting. a community outraged after an officer killed an unarmed teen. now, protesting police brutality. details emerging tonight. crash landing. a giant crash landing on a roof top. it was all fun until this, the sudden collapse and injuries tonight. and laser danger. those powerful green lights aimed right at the pilot's eyes now a new attack on a helicopter and a race to nab the person on the ground.


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