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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  March 8, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> abc 7 news at 6:30, on your side. anchor: the new piece of evidence investigators hope will bring answers to the crash that killed a police officer. plus, thousands gather to remember a bloody day that spurred action in america to change the course of history. and sunshine and warm temperatures. is spring finally here? the blip on the seven day ahead. we begin with that new information on the prince george's county police officer who was killed during a traffic stop early saturday morning. police now say that the officer was not alone in his police cruiser. that admission comes as we look now at some crucial piece of evidence. richard reid is life outside
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police headquarters where the chief just spoke. rich? richard: that is right. police are saying it was the officer's girlfriend that was inside the car with him apparently driving along greenbelt road from his residence to her residence, when this all in folded, and apparently moments before, he had heard radio traffic about a car driving erratically and speeding. moments later, that very car drove by, and that is when he hit his lights and siren and began a pursuit. we have video from the crash site. there is a growing memorial in that particular area. investigators say he hit a pile of ice at one point, lost control of his car, and ran off the road, smashing into a fence. he was killed, but his girlfriend suffered minor injuries. she was sedated but is now talking to detectives. the dash cam did not work. it was an older model police
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car. investigators do have a red light camera video taken about a mile from the crash scene just before him. they would like to find the drivers of a van and a bus that were in the area. >> it is a tragic, devastating incident. we are trying to figure out why it happened, how he lost control, so we can learn from that and hopefully save lives in the future. >> we are showing the video to try to get community assistance in locating witnesses or people that know people that have witnessed the accident. richard: obviously, police now looking for additional witnesses. the officer was just 26 years old. he is or five by a two-year-old daughter. we learned that officers are permitted to have civilians inside their county-assigned vehicles. it is up to their discretion about when they go on emergency calls, whether those folks are allowed to stay inside those cars.
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meanwhile, investigators hoping to learn a lot more from the girlfriend, and the county now in morning. in palmer county, abc 7 news. scott: more protests in madison wisconsin, where a police officer shot and killed an unarmed 19-year-old. matt kenney shot and killed tony robinson after the teenager attacked him. the officer force his way into the teenager's apartment after he heard a disturbance. kenny was previously killed of wrongdoing after he shot and killed a suspect in 2007. robinson was on probation after pleading guilty to taking part in a robbery last year. ceremonies marking the 50th anniversary of bloody sunday continued in selma, alabama today. the day began with a church service, followed by a march over the edmund pettus bridge. an estimated 20,000 people retraced the steps of civil rights marchers 50 years ago.
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>> i do not want people to come and get a photoshop and leave. i want them to be enlightened. scott: similar commemorations took place across the country, including a march across the brooklyn bridge. police violence against protesters in 1965 helped the old momentum for passage of the voting rights act. one day after president obama and his family joined marchers contributing -- commemorating the anniversary, the president had another history lesson for his daughters, sasha and melia. the president took his daughters to the library of congress. they were able to get a firsthand look at the ministry of from -- the manuscript from president lincoln's second inaugural address, focusing on the end of the civil war and the end of slavery. hopefully you took a moment to take in the weather, because it is by far the best we have seen in recent memory.
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eileen, are we finally done with this winter? eileen: for the time being. no major snowstorms in our forecast, but one little hiccup to talk about. right now, it is just delightful. at 6:45, our temperature is 57 degrees at reagan national. sunset not until 7:08. it is still 62 degrees in fredericksburg, 51 in baltimore. a little cooler further north but our average is 53. tonight with a few more clouds, lows will fall into the mid-30's in the city. in for a nice and dry start to the work and school week. you will want the umbrella by tuesday. that little hiccup i was talking about is on friday, when we may have the possibility of a light wintry mix. we will talk more in detail.
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scott: we will check back in soon. after weeks of horrible weather especially on the weekend today was a day to get outside and enjoy the big change underway. diane cho is live near the tidal basin with how people are out enjoying all of this. diane? diane: scott, despite warmer temperatures today, you can see the tidal basin is still frozen over right now. across the way, there are plenty of people enjoying the weather at the jefferson memorial. based on the conversations we had, many are ready to put their winter coats away for a while. while we may have lost an hour of sleep, mother nature brought warmer temperatures in exchange. >> it is so nice. i grew up in buffalo, so this is -- i like the sunshine and the 50 degrees. diane: leftover ice and snow continues to melt.
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>> it is really muddy out. but the snow is going away, so that is nice. diane: some took advantage by going for a run. others took in the sites. >> figured since it is so nice we would come over here and see the planes and get tired for naptime. diane, poor people who grew up in chicago, it is not so bad. >> it is nice. diane: many say they are hoping the worst is finally over. >> the weather is the pits, and then it is great. i think we are on the cusp of spring, hopefully. >> i do not want to see any more weather. scott: it is being hailed as a miracle, a baby found alive 14
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hours after the crash that killed her mother. but why did it take so long to find them? plus -- >> i just want your opinion. >> president clinton, what is your opinion? scott: bill clinton's cori response about hillary clinton's e-mail controversy. --
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scott: new information from maryland that may impact your commute. the transit administration says two stations are still being impacted after an accident friday night. the bowie state university station will be closed in both directions monday, tuesday and wednesday. another station will see significant service reductions the same days. those problems will be more widely felt for northbound trains in the evening.
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d.c. police are investigating weekend homicides. the most recent happened this morning near lamont street and sherman avenue northwest. the victim was a woman. police said she suffered multiple injuries. police are also investigating a fatal shooting of a man in columbia heights shot around 9:30 around n and centre street's in northwest. police have not made any arrests. the victim's name has not been released. a new detail is emerging about the fateful malaysia airlines flight 370 one year after the flight disappeared. families of the 239 people on board the flight gathered to comfort each other. a report released to coincide with the anniversary revealed for the first time that the battery on the locator beacon for the plane's data recorder expired a year before the crash. the battery on the cockpit voice recorder was up-to-date. they also examined minute details of the cruise life prior
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to the crash, and turned up nothing out of the ordinary. former president bill clinton is staying mum on the controversy surrounding his wife's e-mail during her time as secretary of state. >> can you comment on the e-mails? clinton -- president clinton: i am not the one to judge that. >> what is your opinion? >> president clinton, what is your opinion? president clinton: you guys should not be making news on this. scott: hillary clinton is taking heat cause of her use of a private e-mail address during her time as secretary of state. that may be a violation of open records laws. it is a story that is going viral, a little girl rescued from a wrecked car in a river. why she took 14 hours to be found, and told -- and what the
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rescuers underwent. plus a gorgeous day to welcome an extra hour of daylight, but is winter finally in the rearview mirror? eileen is back with
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scott: an incredible story of survival from utah, where rescuers found an 18 month old little girl alive some 14 hours after a crash that killed the child past mother. officials found the car upside down in a frigid river about an hour south of salt lake city. >> where the car was, you could not see it from the roadway. scott: seven of the people who worked to save the little girl had to be treated for hypothermia. at last check, the 18 month old
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is in critical condition at a nearby children's hospital. eileen is joining us now. let's talk about the weather. this is the day that if you look outside your window even for a minute, you saw a stream of people enjoying it as much as humanly possible. everyone was chomping at the bit to get out. eileen: i saw more people in short sleeves and shorts today and i am like, wait. it feels good, but maybe not that much. scott: three days ago, people were literally cross-country skiing down my road. that much has changed. eileen: and now you need a kayak, because everything is melting. it looks beautiful. it is 6:45 and still light. fairfax, 53. comfortable. glorious. 53 in bethesda at congressional country club. really, just a spectacular day on this first day of daylight saving time. temperature right now in the
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upper 50's still at reagan national, and even warmer further south. 70 degrees in atlanta right now. 69 degrees in raleigh. a very comfortable air. a few class will move in similar to last night. about 34 degrees downtown. a little bit on the chilly side as you are getting out the door early tomorrow for work and for school. so many teachers and students going back after a four-day weekend. definitely make sure you have a light jacket. but by 1:00, 53 degrees. highs will top out at the upper 50's. maybe a bit more cloud cover for the afternoon as our next weather system approaches. sunrise tomorrow, not until 7:29. even though we are enjoying extra daylight in the evening, we will lose that in the morning. it may be a little bit dark.
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clear skies over the mid-atlantic right now. i want to turn our attention to the south, where the next weather system is originating. it is bringing a lot of rain from nashville down through eastern texas. this area of low pressure will track north and bring us the chance for some rain on tuesday. just rain. no wintry weather. tuesday morning, those showers moving in from south to north. i think it is a great, rainy day. on wednesday morning -- wednesday and thursday will be dry. friday, our next weather system moves in. i think at the onset of precipitation, with temperatures in the 30's, we may have to contend with a little bit of snow, maybe some ice. this is not going to be a big weather maker by any means, but it could have impacts for your friday morning travel. we will keep an eye on it. we will fine-tune the forecast
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and showers lingering into saturday. notice high temperatures are in the 50's, with the exception of friday, in the upper 40's. nonetheless, i feel like we are moving in the right direction. scott: progress. we are talking about this, now that robert is joining us. this is spring training weather. robert: take that, at nationals. even though it is still 86 in texas. in tampa, speaking of warm temperatures -- and in women's hoops, at it again.
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announcer: and now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: so far, the nats are off to a good start 3-0, in tampa
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with a rod and the yankees. very first page of the game, drives one deep to left center, and that is gone. that is up 1-0 after the solo shot. i like that. we all do. a rod started third base for the first time in almost two years. got one of the cheapest hits you will ever see. pops one behind first base, and the ball keeps drifting away. hits the fence for a ground rule double. even a rod is laughing. ripped a base hit to write to bring in the winning run. the nets lose their first game of the spring, the final, 3-2. as much madness continues, the american eagles travel to upstate new york for a semifinal. nothing peewee about this. makes a great head fake, up and under. that started a 2-0 run for the eagles. second half, eagles continue
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their hot shooting. 4-3 of the game. they win 73-62. they will play at lafayette for the patriot league championship wednesday night. the colonials trailed by eight at the half, with jones in foul trouble, john paul jones. colonials back in the lead, 4739. less than four minutes to go colonials in control. gets it in the post. nice turnaround jump. the final, 75-62. alex ovechkin scored his late living -- league-leading goal of the season. six different players got in on the action. i guess it was contagious last night.
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>> it is hard to explain, but scoring goals is contagious. it is like a home run hitter. you start to feel it, and you just start reacting and do not think. >> we have to build our game with the killer instinct in us. i thought we did a good job. robert coleman last night in milwaukee, a washington fan was on his game. he makes a half quart shot. he wins some burgers free burgers for everyone that joins him. it will come in handy. a final note, the doma consume -- a final note, a reported deal with the dolphins. sean mccoy and the bills have agreed to a five-year, $40 million deal. #moneybags.
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scott: a year worth of burgers? that kid just became
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scott: everyone is all smiles because of the weather. give us another look. eileen: everyone is like after such a beautiful day, we have to go back to work. the weather will still be nice. after a chilly start, you'll want a jacket, but if nine degrees by the afternoon. rain for tuesday. dry wednesday and thursday. a possible wintry mix early friday morning. otherwise, just rain, so get out and enjoy.
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