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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  March 9, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] leon: breaking news from southeast washington as a sheet is shut down. -- a street is shut down. a bomb squad was called to first street and a suspect is in custody. alison: jeff goldberg is on the scene. he just got off the phone with
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investigators. what can you tell us? jeff: the street is still closed off southeast first street at southeast mississippi, but the scene is winding down. residents are still not allowed in the area, but no imminent threat. initially there was a firearms investigation in delaware. the atf track the investigation to delaware. the suspect was linked to southeast washington. earlier today, multiple agencies from around maryland and the district executed a search on southeast first street. they discovered a device or devices -- still not known if there was multiple devices -- that they deem suspicious. they called the bomb squad, who had great concern about what was going on, went into the home and it was deemed the device or devices were not an imminent threat. the suspect is still in custody no information about his
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identity or the investigation going to delaware. back live, residents are allowed into the area, but the atf investigators are telling me simply because people are allowed into the area and it is not an imminent threat does not mean what was found earlier today was not dangerous. that is part of the ongoing investigation. at the moment, things looking to be ok, but this is still ongoing, many questions to be answered. live in southeast washington jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. alison: stay with abc 7 for updates on this. "good morning washington" starts at 4:24 and we have updates around the clock at leon: in arlington, a stairway in front of a home collapsed injuring two people. both of them fell at least 10 feet. at the time, one of them was holding a toddler. jay korff is live in arlington. what happened here?
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jay: we have three people -- a mother, two-year-old toddler and a little girl -- who were about to enter the home when the concrete slab collapsed. moments ago, the aunt came home from the hospital with a minor back injury. she said that she was going -- thought she was going to die and held onto the little girl, preventing her from getting hurt. >> the little girl is in my arms all the time. but when i felt it, the second time, i felt i died. jay: we also hearing tonight from fire officials and concerned neighbors in the wake of this bizarre incident. >> you heard something give way
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and shrinking. jay: arlington county fire officials say it was one of the strangest calls they have ever had. two women and a two and a half-year-old girl were about to walk into this house when the impeccable happened. >> they open the front door, set the groceries down, and the bottom dropped. jay: a neighbor said that he heard cries for help. >> you usually hear kids screaming and some of the is consoling them, and neither of those things were happening and that is when i got worried. kay: he called 911. a few minutes later, they arrived. the adults have not life-threatening injuries. the little girl was not hurt. fire officials believe one of the adults cushion her fall. >> it was terrifying, and further terrifying to know a child was involved. all the houses are built similar, so that could happen to my house. jay: that is what everyone wants
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to know, how could this happen. inspectors are trying to figure out if this was poor construction age, or something else. a general contractor told me the void below the concrete slab is supposed to be filled. jay korff, abc 7 news. leon: this just in from the district -- a man is in critical condition after a stabbing at 7:00 on f street southeast. there is no word on any arrests. a prince george's county police with feudal information for an officer who was killed in a crash. the service for officer brennan rabain will take place in temple hills, maryland. he will be buried in davidsonville road stop the police are looking for anyone who witnessed the crash. if you have information, please contact the police department. alison: and we have no information about a train derailment in north carolina.
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there are reports more than 50 people were injured. the train crashed into a tractor-trailer, but stopped on the tracks. witnesses say the truck driver was trying to navigate a turn. the train left charlotte and was due at union station the district this afternoon. none of the injuries are life-threatening. >> we heard the train below its whistle, and within seconds that is when the impact occurred. alison: passengers who were not hurt were taken by bus to richmond. leon: mild, springlike temperatures staying tomorrow, but there is rain in the forecast. there always has to be a catch. abc 7 meteorologist steve rudin has a look at the timeline. come on, steve. steve: with all the rain coming tomorrow, with the snow on the ground we could have minor flooding north and west of d.c. not a huge problem, but be on
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the lookout. the clouds are rolling in. these class will keep the temperatures from falling a lot as we move through the overnight. look what is on the way, the green and blue is rain. that will become moderate to heavy tomorrow. we will talk about the timing, the rush-hour commute, and what will expect the next seven days. alison: thank you. an investigation is underway after a man was pulled from a pond in brandywine. the police confirmed to abc 7 rescue crews were not able to revive him. richard reeve spoke with a witness. what did they see? richard: investigators trying to figure out why this man went in in the first place. i'm on a footpath that runs along the lake. it is called chads for blake, a small pond. there are footprints here where the first responders went in to find the gentleman. unfortunately, it was a sad outcome. news chopper 7 shows ice covered
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at least part of chadsdorf lake, the desperate search for a man who fell in shortly before 3:00. there is a steep embankment on the side where he was last seen. first responders initially used a pontoon boat before divers went in. they were in the water about an hour before they found the man underwater. unfortunately, his wife saul rescuers pulled the man out. >> they tried to resuscitate him, bring him back. they were working. they took him in the ambulance. richard: we should note most of the ice is gone but you see the milky quality of the water. first responders worked hard to get him out. they transported him to the hospital where he was declared dead. again, trying to figure out why this happened in the first place. live from brady one, richard
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reeve, abc 7 news. leon: the man suspected in a spree of highway shootings will stay behind bars. the judge or young held without bail. police believe he is the gun man behind five shootings in maryland. nobody was hurt in the incidence, but young told the police that voices told him to shoot. officers are investigating if he is the gun man in a sixth shooting near maryland live casino. alison: under d.c.'s new law, anybody can smoke pot in their homes. a temporary decision by supreme court judge means that edwin gray cannot light up anything inside of his home come even cigarettes, and this decision could impact you. i-team investigator joce sterman explains. joce: edwin gray loves a cigarette to re-a lax, but now he has to smoke them outside. >> i've been doing them all my life. joce: he is not quitting cold
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turkey. i temporary order of the court he could no longer light up in his home. his sister says this house in northeast d.c. has been in their family 50 years. a lawsuit filed by new neighbors now dictates what they can do inside. >> wow, that's very strangejoc. joce: this journalist called the smoking injunction surprising. the judge granted in this case because the people who lived next to them have a child and one on the way. they claim they are being harmed by smoke that is seeping into her a hole in the basement. >> i think that is how a president starts. you cannot just ignore this. your home is no longer your castle. joce: but with shared walls this can rise to a public nuisance. a judge agreed, and that means that they cannot smoke
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cigarettes, cigars or marijuana, even if it is legal in the city where they live. >> if this judge has done this who will be next? what other neighbor will be next? >> we will fight this to the end. joce: he believes others will also, with this decision setting precedents. >> i think this will open the door to a lot of cases. i have to believe there will be 100 cases filed in superior court tomorrow. joce: the couple suing johnson in grade did not want to talk on camera, but said they had to file suit after mediation attempts failed. their lawsuit asked for a half-million dollars in damages in addition to the injunction to stop their neighbors from smoking. joce sterman, abc 7 news. leon: wow. alison: very interesting. leon: fallout after racism in a fraternity.
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taking action against a disgraceful act. alison: a health alert for pare
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leon: we are monitoring breaking news in southeast where an investigation shut down a portion of 1st street southeast. the investigation from the atf started in delaware. they call the bomb squad after finding suspicious materials. the suspect is in custody. we will bring you the latest as soon as we have it. alison: unrest after the police shooting death of an unarmed black man in madison, wisconsin. thousands have gathered in several different protest. friday, 19-year-old tony robinson was shot in his apartment by officer kenny who claims he acted in self-defense. robinson was reportedly fighting and running in traffic. alison: a fraternity was shut down at the university of local home -- university of oklahoma.
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there was video of the fraternity chanting a racial slur. it also celebrated lynching. the university is launching an investigation to see of their will be additional punishment. the national chapter of the fraternity said it was disgusted by that behavior. alison: bill cosby speaks to fans in a new video. >> yes, i'm going to be in wheeling, west virginia, capitol music call. and you know i will be hilarious. alison: cosby does not address the sexual assault allegations against him and is instead promoting his comedy tour while wearing pajamas. several venues canceled performances after several women have accused him of assaulting them over decades. leon: apple watches prices range from $349 up to $17,000 for an
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18 caret gold apple watch. yeah, that is for you, allison. it has to be linked to a newer model iphone to work. preorders are getting set for april 10. alison: did you say you are buying that for me? leon: i peter is taking notes. alison: -- i hope that peter is taking notes. alison: that will never happen. burger king will be offering fat-free milk, apple juice, and low-fat chocolate milk. the move comes as mcdonald's and wendy's have made several similar adjustments. leon: we have some great weather. steve: today was so fantastic, it will make tomorrow seen just average in terms of temperatures. leon: we will take it if
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averages this good. steve: exactly, right now the temperature is 48 degrees. here we are, almost 20 minutes after 11:00, the wind out of the east northeast at six, windchill factor 45. we can handle that. the high temperature earlier today, 62 degrees, well above average. 78 was the record setback in 2006. 34 frederick, 41 martinsburg and winchester, 45 fredericksburg. tonight, the temperatures will fall into the middle 30's. the milder temperatures inside the beltway, colder off to the north and west. may have some patchy fog, but nothing that will cause problems in the morning. springtime cannot be far away, the war 40's -- lower 40's in minneapolis. further south temperatures in the 50's. the satellite radar, all this
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moisture moves our way as we head into the overnight. it arrives during the midday hours. i don't see any problems in the morning, but tomorrow evening, the rain will likely become heavier and we could see upwards of an inch of rain by the time the system moves out. the futurecast, 1:00 in the afternoon, grab your umbrella heading out the door. you will need it by lunchtime. 6:00, dinnertime this computer model shows the heaviest rain northern montgomery county frederick county. these are the areas that had the snow thursday, upwards of seven to 10 inches, so they still have a snowpack. the rain on top of that may cause minor flooding. i don't think it will be a huge problem, but be on the lookout if you live in a flood prone area. then the skies clear, we get a break from the cloudiness and rain. the forecast, tomorrow, 50 degrees the high, rain showers mainly during the afternoon, the
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wind out of the southeast at about five. the extended outlook looks good, if you like temperatures in the 50's. 59 degrees the high wednesday. thursday lower 50's. lots of sunshine. friday and saturday will not be a washout, but it will not be picture-perfect. still, temperatures above freezing. i don't care, let it rain, let it rain. leon: and let it wash the crap off our cars. alison: you kept the optimistic outlook. leon: do wizards fans have anything to be optimistic about? steve: they had the lead going into halftime. robert: could the wizards win their first road game after losing nine straight? and the redskins could be beefing up their defensive line.
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announcer: and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: the wiz had a comfortable lead heading into the second half, but what happened against the heat last week, that means more thing -- that means nothing. in charlotte, he has nenen on the trail. later, williams gets it blocked and the wiz are on the run. otto porter with the flush. could they keep the lead? later in the third, the one man pass, john wall gets the bucket. the wizards hold on for the win 95-69, snapping their nine-road game losing streak. according to reports, the redskins could see a new face on the defensive line. there are reports a free agent is heading to washington. he has been on the redskins
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radar for weeks. ian rapoport says he has been telling people watching to and will be his next destination. the defensive tackle had a career season with the bears. nats center fielder denard span will miss four to six weeks undergoing muscle surgery in philadelphia today. manager matt williams said he felt discomfort coming into the spring, but span thought it would work out. he is expected to rejoin the team in florida later this week. the nats and braves facing all. anthony rendon thinks it's never too early to sacrifice your body. diving stop, then the pick off by ryan zimmerman at first. zim looks comfortable at first. the nationals lose their second straight, 2-1. marilyn head coach mark turgeon is having a great year so far, the terrapins finishing off with
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seven straight wins. tonight he received the media's big ten coach of the year honor. the terps could possibly be a two seed in the tourney. a.u., the women have a shot to win the conference. the eagles up three. second half, knocking down the three, but them up six. they beat navy. they will host lehigh in the patriot league final tomorrow. and it's been a good year for american university basketball. the men will also play for a league title, playing lafayette. you have gw, maryland is winning, and a.u.? i don't know if that has ever happened before. leon: how about that? robert: girl power. alison: thank you, robert! leon: if they win tomorrow, we
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all have to wear pink. alison: here's a question -- could you run a reindeer? -- outrun a reindeer question
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leon: think of this as a safer
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version of the running of the bowls. this is the running of the reindeer in anchorage, alaska. the races for a worthy cause. on my short list, running with a reindeer. alison: it looks like the ice is more dangerous than the reindeer.
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leon: i told you it was a short book. one opage. steve: 50 degrees the high tomorrow with rain, then clearing out thursday. leon? leon:alison:
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's “jimmy kimmel live”! tonight -- bette midler. dwayne johnson. the next bachelorette. and music from the afghan whigs. with cleto and the cletones. and now, for the time being, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you


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