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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  March 10, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> and take a look at this. that breaking news in prince george's county. right now, interstate i-95 at the i.c.c. in laurel is shut down because of an overturned tractor-trailer. haz-mat crews are on scene as is our maryland bureau chief brad bell with the latest on the breaking details. brad? >> it is a mess out here on i-95 and i'm going to get out of the way so we can show you what's going on.
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as we pan up the closed down lanes of south bound 95 you can see the tanker truck is on its side. the top of the truck is facing us. it is perpendicular across the travel lanes. right now, the process has begun. they're trying to empty the fuel that remains in that 7500 gallon truck on to a truck that's arrived on the scene. as for the spill we can show you that too as we move a little bit to the left and you can see what appears to be a puddle of water on the travel lanes of i-95. that is in fact diesel fuel. the crews are working to absorb it. the good news is we're told that the spill was stopped at about 450 gallons or so and they have prevented it from getting into any area waterways or storm drains. now, just a little while ago, wetted an opportunity to speak with the assistant chief paul gomez and he briefed us on the operation as it stands now.
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>> the first concern was to contain the runoff from running into any storm drains so they quickly were able to do that, drop some products down. use some dirt to contain that and prevent that from running in. they're being assisted by the maryland department of the environment, and they'll have to make sure that truck is completely emptied of the product before we upright it. we don't want to start upright the truck and cause a further leak in that process. >> yeah that's because that truck is compartmentalized and they know there is a leak in one of the compartments and they don't know if there's any problem on the inside so they want to get it completed emptied out. that's a process that we're told could take a couple of hours. few vehicles involved in this -- in this mess but two people were evaluated for minor injuries. they were not transported so we can really say that this is lucky with regard to injuries. there are no serious injuries out here right now. but this is going to be a problem for a long time. this particular material this biodiesel is what they describe as combustible.
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it's not explosive which means that it's not volatile. they don't have a risk of fire breaking out or anything like that. but it is extremely slippery on the roadway so the challenge now is getting all of that cleaned up and this the meantime traffic is going to be a mess. that's the scene out here in laurel. brad bell, abc 7 news. back to you. >> our team coverage continues rig now with diane cho also live near the scene. what are you seeing, diane? >> well, as you can imagine, it is causing major backups out here in this area near the scene. we are under the overpass here where the traffic is moving on to the ramps right now. you can see the tractor-trailer coming in our direction at the moment. they're going both directions of 200 in the southbound direction of 95 at the moment. we got into traffic going northbound on 95 earlier trying to get to scene and the lanes were blocked going northbound about half mile away from route 212, and emergency crews were
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rerouting traffic at that point on to the service road which is still open at the time. but all lanes of 95 northbound and southbound at route 198 are closed. southbound traffic is being diverted to route 198 and is backed up we're told about eight miles. and northbound traffic is being diverted to maryland 212 so if you can, you'll want to avoid this area at all costs because this is going to be a while before they get this cleaned up. back to you in the studio. >> thank you diane and lots of drivers that are sitting there stuck in that eight mile backup are posting both their pictures and their frustrations on social media. joce sterman joins us now with a look at the massive on-line response. joce? >> well autria because people are frustrated, most of what they're posting on social media, we can't show you because it contains some choice language. we have pulled some g-rated images and comments related to this. this guy put a picture on instagram about an hour ago showing you the vantage point,
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people getting out of their cars at this point. what else can they do? they want to see the scene but they're too afar away. they're not going anywhere. you'll sit there with brake lights potentially for hours until they figure out this situation and this guy talking about his frustrations as well. we're seeing feedback. people mentioning this is still an active leak diesel truck overturned spreading the message about what's happening and people clueing into what's happening. this woman describing that's why i heard all of the sirens earlier today in the laurel area. huge response. and we've got warnings on social media. anybody who has been this direction now telling everyone they know to stay away. charles telling people stay away from this area between the i.c.c. and route 198. completely shut down. that fuel truck rolled over. fuel has spilled on to the road and now containment is the name of the game. if you can safely send us pictures, tweet us as well.
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we want to know exactly what's going on. if we have family members stuck in the traffic, reach out. see if they can send us safely any images any instagram, we want to hear what's going on ladies, back to you. >> we will continue to stay on top of this breaking news. be sure to stay with abc 7 on air and on line at for updates as we learn more about this crash and spill and cleanup. >> to other news now, the controversial police tactic known as a jump out is the focus of a d.c. council oversight hearing today. mike conneen joins us live from the wilson building in northwest with an update and mike several protesters are inside that hearing where chief lanier is scheduled to testify? >> that's right, jummy, chief lanier is expected to testify after public witnesses. the hearing is still under way and began a couple of hours ago after 10:00 a.m. now, the d.c. ferguson rallied protesters to pack this hearing room today. they say they're testifying also holding a silent protest. many protesters holding signs. protesting against the "ongoing lack of oversight" by city
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officials of m.p.d.'s targeting of black communities with tactics like jumpouts. jumpouts are described by these activist as police stops by groups of officers in civilian clothes using unmarked cars to stop and intimidate citizens. m.p.d., chief lanier and the police union all deny conducting jumpouts or racially biassed policing. they say they're unfairly connecting events in ferguson, d.c. referring to those protesters. they say that jumpouts are not used. they point out there's many other law enforcement agencies that can be conducting these jumpouts and they're often just anecdotes. >> if i'm driving down the street in an unmarked car and i see an event, as a police officer, it requires me to take action of course i'll stop and take action. that is classically what they call a jumpout. so the idea that all of this
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negative stuff is happening with people as they traverse the district and go about their business is ludicrous. there's no evidence to support the claims that they're making. you will what it does is creates a wedge in our community and rather than public safety what it does is just stoke the anger and the ire of these communities that are so disenfranchised in so many ways it almost seems like an added slap in the face. >> at large council member raised some eyebrows at the police department and here at the wilson building with a statement of support for those protesters saying m.p.d.'s denial about the continuing existence of jumpouts is disturbing. he says the fact is if you live east of 16th street northwest, chances are you've witnessed a jumpout. besides jumpouts, they are likely to tackle other issues such as traffic cameras, recent marijuana legalization and massive retirement of many officers at m.p.d. mike conneen, abc 7 news. >> a new push will bring body cameras to montgomery county police officers. the department is applying for a grant to test those cameras.
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police chief tom majors says the county averages two to three police involved shootings a year. he says after unrest in ferguson missouri any police involved shooting in montgomery county would get increased scrutiny. >> two people are being treated for carbon monoxide poisoning this noon. crews were called to a home in tacoma park this morning. john gonzalez reports now on what they discovered inside the home. >> the spokesperson for montgomery county fire and e.m.s. is convinced the owner of this home called 911 just in the nick of time. literally minutes before it was too late. >> carbon monoxide leak something going on with the furnace. the gas company said it might have been cloged. >> tommy reid's mother is the person who called for help at 6:00 this morning. his father her husband, was already unconscious on the bedroom floor. >> she had a headache. and my dad kind of said he wasn't feeling too well. so next thing you know he passed out. went into like a mild seizure.
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>> so built into the first aid bags of first responders are c.o. when firefighters arrived here at the scene as soon as they walked in the front door, those detectors went crazy. >> throughout the house there were high levels of carbon monoxide. the number that was given to me was 600 parts per million. >> the levels 20 times higher than 30 parts per million which is considered unsafe. doors and windows were quickly opened and the home ventilated for hours. couple in their 60's were both rushed to the hospital in serious condition. they are still being treated this afternoon. >> we have a lot of faith in god. it's a blessing that god was there to at least keep my mom up. >> the fire department says there was not a working c.o. detector inside. this afternoon, firefighters will be back in the neighborhood making sure every home does have one. >> i'm just glad that you know it wasn't tragic today. >> in tacoma park john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> crews are still working to
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repair a water main break on a key route in prince george's county. this is on route 1 right near the beltway in college park. we know that the two right bound lanes are closed while crews works on those repairs. the six inch water main broke before 3:00 this morning but they say the impact to water service is minimal. crews expect repairs to be completed a little later on this afternoon. >> make sure you've got the umbrella ready today. we are getting ready for a lot of rain. chief meteorologist doug hill is here with when it will get here and just how long it's going to last. doug, it already looks pretty hazy out there. >> it's hazy. there's rain drops in the area. we have a few areas of light rain outside of the storm watch weather center here in rosslyn. more coming our way. look at live super doppler radar and continue to see those areas of rain moving from southwest and west to the east. couple of disturbances in the atmosphere so it's going to be a prolonged event. it won't rain every minute of the day. we'll have periods of rain this afternoon, tonight tomorrow we'll get a bit of a break by
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tomorrow afternoon. bigger picture shows how widespread the pattern is originated in the gulf coastal area. a lot of rich moisture in the air and that's spreading to the east. get ready for rain. maybe it will wash some of the grit and salt off your cars here. temperature is 46 degrees at reagan national and gaithersburg, our forecast as we head through the afternoon temperatures could sneak up another couple of degrees. lower 50's. look for periods of rain and we'll talk more about when the pattern may calm down and whether there's any sunshine in the forecast. any cold air around to be seen. we'll let you know. back to you. >> all right. coming up on abc 7 news at noon we'll give you more updates on the breaking news. >> and the emotional hearing today in montgomery county. what caused a man accused of intentionally transmitting h.i.v. to two women to break down today in court.
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>> getting an update for you now on that breaking news that we have been following for the past two hours right here on abc 7. live pictures here showing you the overturned tanker truck that was a fuel truck that is blocking all lanes of i-95 southbound near the i.c.c. in laurel. all southbound traffic stopped completely. northbound lanes, two of them were blocked. you're also seeing serious delays. they are unfolding around mile marker 32 and the crews have been working to remove the fuel in that tanker so that it can then be turned upright. we'll continue to follow this for you and update you immediately as soon as things change. officials are warning that the cleanup here could last as long as six hours. heads up. new this noon a man suspected
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in a spree of highway shootings in maryland is now linked to two more incidents. detectives linked hong young with a shooting at the buffet in laurel on march 2nd. they also say surveillance video that same day shows him throwing rocks at the windows of nearby tepiaki grille and buffet. he's being held without bond for five other shootings. nobody was seriously hurt. young told police voices told him to shoot. >> a richmond man will serve jail time for knowingly having sex with two women when he knew he was h.i.v. positive. he pleaded guilty in montgomery county this morning. suzanne kennedy describes what happened as he went before a judge. >> dan cleaves wiped away tears as he admitted guilt and told the court of a long history of mental illness and drug abuse. he said he was remorseful for having sex with two women without telling them that he was infected with a potentially deadly virus. the 28-year-old had sexual
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relations with two separate women between late july and early september. while that sex was consensual it was unprotected. therefore, the women were intentionally put at risk. cleaves said he was sorry for what he did and wanted to face the consequences. >> the only reason that we decided to enter this plea is simply because dan wanted to take responsibility for the fear and the pain that he knows he caused with these victims. >> but the state's attorney says his behavior between his arrest and today indicate a lack of remorse because cleaves was still trying to have sex with women without telling them of his h.i.v. status. >> this is chiefly a violation of trust in the intimate relationship where these people's lives were put at risk. and that's why we're here today. >> under the plea agreement, cleaves faces a maximum penalty of 18 months in prison and a
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$10,000 fine. he will be sentenced on march 30th. at montgomery county circuit court, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >> the man accused of inappropriately touching two montgomery county students will spend five years behind bars. he was sentenced today. he was arrested in november after allegedly groping a 12-year-old girl at baker middle school. a 17-year-old damascus high school student also came forward saying he inappropriately touched her as well. epps was a contracted security camera technician who worked at 58 montgomery county schools. >> all right. switching gears to the weather now. you said the rain already coming. >> started a little bit here in arlington and getting to the district right now and we'll have plenty more opportunities for rain between now and midday tomorrow so maybe an inch. you'll get wet if you don't have an umbrella sooner or later. midday coverage live look. i don't see any ice today.
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temperatures never got much below 39 to 40 degrees in many areas. the ice is gone and rain over the next 24 hours and mild temperatures, i think we'll pretty much get rid of all the snow on the lawns. only thing left over is the higher piles of snow that were plowed in parking lots. that will take a little bit longer to get rid of. hazy with light rain in the area. here's the way it looks on live doppler radar, washington area to the west. nothing terribly heavy. we don't think we'll have downpours from this or torrential downpours but we'll have periods of rain through the afternoon and through the night and through the day tomorrow and when time is finished up here a good inch or so of rain. i think it will be spread out over enough hours, i don't think we'll have any flooding issues. 46 at reagan national. 46 in gaithersburg and 45 degrees in winchester as we speak. satellite and radar gives you a little slow motion look at the extent of the cloud cover from the system. extends well to the west across the mountains into the ohio valley. we'll have elements of rain and you can see here when the
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animation stops, kind of some breaks. a bit of a break tonight and picks up again through midday tomorrow before the system clears out and by thursday, we'll be in good shape weatherwise, futurecast tracking it right now. this is by 7:00 this evening, main area of rain from new jersey to southern west virginia. overnight, bit of a break. as we get to the morning hours, more elements of rain come through in the morning and it looks like the whole system will translate off to the east and move out of the picture here by tomorrow morning. look at all the clear skies that will follow for late tomorrow night and for the day on thursday. now, as far as rainfall potential, computer models suggest 1.1 inches at reagan national. 10th of an inch more at b.w.i. lesser amounts south and north. i think the jackpot area will be in the higher elevations. check out the next seven days. one thing we do not see still is any signs of cold air and any arctic air. forecast for tomorrow will be for the rain coming to an end. 30% chance in the morning. 60 degree high temperatures. sunshine, 56 degrees on thursday. friday another system and this
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one might be a little stronger than the last. it's still going to be rain. 60% chance of rain developing friday friday night ending sometime saturday afternoon or evening. sunday looks great. partly cloudy 56. sunshine, 57 on monday. so springlike temperatures. not quite. >> 10 days. >> that's the previous spring. snow and ice. >> coming up at noon we're getting a check back in on that breaking news happening right now in prince george's county.
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>> if you're just joining us before "millionaire" another look at the breaking news this afternoon. an overturned tanker truck on the i-95 there southbound in maryland and laurel. right near about 198. we will continue to follow this story but expect delays all throughout the day and this could impact the evening commute. they say it could take up to six hours to clean this all up. >> and you can bet that our crews will much more on this coming up at 4:00 because it still may not be complete lyly rectified. >> look at the doppler radar, we have areas of rain that will complicate, slow things down and affecting the rush hour. when i join you at 4:00 i'll tell how much more rain we'll deal with before the sun returns. >> see you then. >> thanks for joining us this midday. >> have a great day!
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