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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  March 10, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> they're moving a little bit, leon. it is still a mess out there. what's moving is all lanes northbound slowly and two lanes southbound creeping by what remains of the scene. right now, you can see that there is still some cleanup going on of that fuel oil but it is an improvement over what it was like earlier today. we can show you some video of this crash out here. tractor-trailer was southbound carrying biodiesel fuel. we're told that it has to swerve to avoid a collision that was happening in front of it. that made the truck go on its side. a little oil on the pavement. a golf ball sized hole appeared in one of the tanks on the truck. it was carrying 7500 gallons of as we said biodiesel. it is a compartmentalized tanker and one was ruptured. it spilled 700 gallons. those who had deal with it say better than gasoline. >> it's a biodiesel, very similar to diesel fuel.
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the difference is it's much more stable. it's a combustible liquid instead of flammable and that doesn't cause some of the volatility issues that we would have with gasoline. >> slippery? >> yes it is. >> is that big concern out here? >> well, it certainly can burn. the temperatures are out today and it makes it more difficult to ignite. so it's a very slim possibility if you have an ips dent like that. >> well it's not something they want people driving over. that's why the cleanup, most of the spill was in the area where you see the work crews right now. what they've been doing is putting down absorbent and trying to stop up as much of it as they can. that process will wrap up at some point fairly soon and they're going to get all four lanes open. but at this point, this is still an area to avoid. in laurel brad bell abc 7 news. >> all right. thanks. >> and as you know this morning's accident really made trips around town a lot longer for many drivers who were stuck in that miles long backup. >> our diane cho spoke with some
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of the those drivers dealing with that. she continues our team coverage live from laurel. hi diane. >> good afternoon to both of you and drivers we talked to told us they were sitting in backups today anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour causing a lot of headaches for people who were trying to get around this mess. >> pretty bad. >> depending on who you ask -- >> going like five miles an hour maybe. and this happened and then i had to merge. so i had to be out of that. >> 95 south or north usually is a very you know very heavy. so this is it just a few stops. so that's really bad. >> which direction they were going on 95. >> wasn't really that bad. less than an hour. we just stayed on some people got off. we stayed on. >> drivers dealt with backups for miles going in this southbound direction after a tanker truck overturned shutting down both directions of traffic at route 198 for a few hours before their northbound lanes of
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traffic reopened by the early afternoon. >> traffic has been kind of thick all the way up so as i got closer to it i probably was like less than five miles i want to say. >> drivers are being rerouted to route 198 in the southbound direction and northbound traffic was diverted to route 212 to get around it before they opened the lanes going north. this is a truck driver heading to baltimore when he saw what was going on. he said even though he didn't get stuck in it for long he still has to go back to chesterfield, virginia, today which means getting back on 95 going south. today, he says he's bracing for a long day ahead. >> nothing you can do about it. all i can say is you know breathe, be safe. get to where you're going so you can go home to your family. >> and there's been another accident recently here in the southbound lanes. you can see the traffic is still moving pretty slowly out here right now. the two lanes opened up going southbound, though about an hour and a half ago and it's not
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clear exactly when these -- this area will be back to normal. in prince george's county diane cho, abc 7 news. >> two adults are recovering after a frightening experience. it was right on the doorstep of their home. the victims were about to enter their arlington home which is on north madison street last night when the stairway just collapsed. and the two fell more than 10 feet. brianne carter live in arlington tonight with more. brianne? >> well alison we just learned within the last hour one of those women released from the hospital with a broken foot after this. take a look here along the steps. you can see straight down with that debris there and a large hole. and now after that we talked to some neighbors here in the community living along the street who say they're taking precautions. >> able to go down through there. >> out early this morning checking the concrete leading up to his north arlington home. safety of the steps that he walks on every day.
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>> it's deteriorating. there's space to get down there. under our steps, it's a foot lower than the rest of the ground level. nothing like the one that collapsed. >> that collapse that he's talking about happened just two houses down. monday night, two women and a little girl were coming up the steps of this madison street home when the bottom just dropped out. with nothing below the top slab, the three were plunging down 15 feet. >> i feel bad. i go down two separate flights in the second and the second time, i feel that i died. >> firefighters were called in and pulled the three to safety. while it's still unclear what caused the collapse there's concern from some in the neighborhood it could happen again. an engineer tells abc 7 if you're concerned about any section of your home including the steps, check for ponding or sagging and large cracks.
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that's what lenez did earlier today. he's sure the steps of his home are safe he says he still plans on getting them replaced. >> i intend to talk to the contractors and make sure that everything is levelled out and very firm underneath. >> now, a number in the neighborhood speculating about exactly what happened. whether the reason about all this, because there was nothing below because of wear and tear or even weather. we talked to county officials here in arlington and they say this is still under investigation and said there is no official cause as of yet. reporting live brianne carter abc 7 news. >> a grand jury has indicted a d.c. man in the brutal assault of an elderly man in alexandria. horace white faces life in prison for the violent home invasion and robbery on january 9th. police tell us the 84-year-old man and his wife walked in on the burglary in progress. white allegedly stabbed the man and briefly kidnapped his wife. he was arrested 10 days later.
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>> well a security camera caught it. slapping a 12-year-old girl's behind at a montgomery county school. well, today, john epps jr. admitted his guilt. >> for the first time, we're seeing video of that sex assault as it happened. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis live in rockville with the very latest. kevin? >> and leon you might recall this case gained a lot of attention because school leaders kept epps jr. arrest record a secret. it wasn't until abc 7 broke the story. they hired epps jr. to repair cameras up in damascus. the ironic thing is here his actions, they were caught on camera. john, why did you plead guilty? >> john epps jr. chauffeured from court with dramatic flare. >> do you remember telling police in 2013 that you have impulses? >> the security camera technician seen here in december first gained notoriety after this sixth grader accused him of
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slapping her behind at baker middle school in damascus. >> touched my butt and he's like triple my age. >> today, for the first time, prosecutors played surveillance video of the sex assault. epps jr. sporting a bright yellow t-shirt extends his left hand and gives him a quick pat. the 12-year-old girl turns her head to scurry off in shock. >> it's creepy. >> prosecutors say epps jr. who police have arrested twice before on similar allegations was sentenced to five years probation and he must also register as a maryland sex offender that keep him out of school and away from children. >> when you send your 12-year-old daughter off to school you are not expecting that she is going to be pawed by some 45-year-old guy as she makes her way through her school day. and parents are unsettled to know that. >> wearing a coat wool hat and aviators, he uttered two words today. "no comment."
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and so despite pleading guilty in court today, epps jr. did not issue any explanation for his actions. let alone an apology. the victim's mother telling me by phone today she is appalled. she calls epps jr. sick and tells me she has no hope that he will change. i'm kevin lewis, abc 7 news. >> hillary clinton is addressing the controversy over the use of her personal e-mail account to conduct government business. it happened while she served as secretary of state. as abc's marcy gonzalez reports, clinton says the main reason she did so because she thought it would be easier to carry around one cell phone. >> hillary clinton addressing the e-mail controversy. responding to the revelation that while she was secretary of state, she used a private e-mail address for all of her government business. and that account was run from a personal e-mail server at her home. >> when i got there, i wanted to just use one device for both personal and work e-mails instead of two.
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it was allowed. it was for convenience. and it was my practice to communicate with state department and other government officials on their dot-gov accounts so those e-mails would be automatically saved. >> clinton has now turned over 55,000 pages of e-mails to the state department only what she and her team have deemed public business will be released. and that could take months. >> the release will be posted on a publicly available website. >> some now speculating this controversy could have hurt clinton's chances of a potential presidential run. >> the idea that she needed special rules for her own e-mail and she never really came up with a full explanation for why she did it those confirm some of the worst suspicions people have including democrats about hillary clinton and the clintons more generally. >> in the news conference here clinton avoided talking about the impact this would have on a potential run for the white house. and some questions why she waited more than a week to address this e-mail issue. in new york marcy gonzalez, abc 7 news.
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>> still ahead on abc 7 news at 5:00 -- >> scares me it would happen in sprague which is like nothing ever happens in sprague. >> nightmare for parents happened in sprague. all caught on surveillance video. a man kidnaps a little boy right from a stroller. how the child's siblings are being credited for saving his life. >> local families take their fight over medical marijuana to capitol hill. how they're pushing now for federal action. >> and military widows not getting the benefits they say they fully deserve. i'm chris pabst. coming up
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>> >> the defense department is responding after an abc 7 story about military war widows not receiving what they think they're owed. >> active duty troops are paying into a benefit that their spouses don't entirely get if they die. "7 on your side" investigator chris pabst live in the newsroom with the defense department's reaction. chris? >> leon and alison before our story aired the defense department declined to give abc
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7 a comment but now the d.o.d. has reached out to in e-mail to say taking care of survivors is something it takes very seriously. as far as the survivor benefit it pays its spouses, the d.o.d. follows a decades old law that's never been changed. >> i rarely make it here. >> last we introduced you to jane horton. in 2011 her husband, army specialist christopher horton was killed doing his third tour in afghanistan. >> my husband loves me enough to fight and die for my freedoms. >> but now, horton has found herself caught in what is known as the widow's tax. a law that prevents the defense department from paying her and 62,000 other military spouses their full survivor benefits. up to $1250 a month. a benefit their loved one paid into during their service. >> slap in the face to most widows. >> after horton's story aired, the defense department reached out to "7 on your side" with a
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list of benefits survivors do get including a $100,000 death gratuity burial benefits up to one year of housing, three years of health care and education benefits. we also received this statement "honoring service members who have given the ultimate sacrifice in defense of this nation and taking care of their surviving spouses and family members is one of the most important things the department does. it is our solemn responsibility to do so and one we take extremely seriously." in addition to those d.o.d. benefits, the department of veterans affairs also offers a group life insurance policy which troops can sign up for. that's voluntary. it pays off $400000 if they die. now, bills to change the law and remove that widow's tax are soon expected in congress. possibly by next week. live in the newsroom chris pabst, abc 7 news. >> the university of oklahoma has two students for their alleged role in leading a
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racist chant. the school's president said the students are members of the now disbanded sigma alpha epsilon fraternity created a hostile learning environment. university president david boran said an investigation into the incident is ongoing and he said that every student who was involved will be disciplined. >> we're just surprised at the enthusiasm that they had behind it. >> this is not sanctioned endorsed or otherwise a national song. >> in the wake of the expulsions, some are now wondering if o.u.'s actions follow their rights. the members of the disbanded fraternity have until midnight to move out of that house. >> faquier county public school students will have a full day of classes friday. that's instead of a half day. the school board voted last night to change the schedule. of course, they're trying to make up some lost time from all the snow days. if needed the school says it might add an extra 10 to 15 minutes to the elementary school day as well as an additional school day in june to meet some state requirements. parents will be notified if there are any other changes.
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>> pretty easy way to do it. 15 extra minutes. >> congratulations. >> all right. so weatherwise, are we going to gradually going to get rid of this rain? >> we are going to get rid it was and get sunshine. more warm temperatures tomorrow. another warm system is coming friday night and saturday. that's going to bring rain, and not snow or ice. just rain. let's get started with the beautiful time lapse from the weather bug camera on the campus of the u.s. naval academy in annapolis. southbound towards the chesapeake bay and there's sunrise, look for little pieces of ice in the river. they pretty much go downstream and disappear as temperatures continue warm and it has a little bit of fog in the area too, as we went through the late afternoon and evening. right now, you can see the fog so that's going to be the deal. especially in coastal areas and areas of fog inland as well as we head through the evening hours. as far as the numbers go, temperatures holding mostly in the 40's. 46 in arlington right now. .56 of an inch so far.
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that's why we find steve rudin in the clarendon section of arlington, it's mardi gras time again. it was supposed to be the parade last week. snow got in the way. steve is there live to report what's up tonight. rain going to bother it? >> the rain is going to bother it but fortunately, it's still going to go on. it's going to be wet out here. bit chilly out here, as you just mentioned and the roadways are wet. lot of puddles as i step out of the way. if you're heading out, you'll want to bundle up and bring the rain gear and take a look at stormwatch 7 live radar for you. you can see a little bit of a lull hoping hoping that it will make its way over our area as they move through 8:00 later on tonight. and then the rain returns after that. we had big, big changes that are on the way and if only we were just 24 hours ahead into tomorrow we'd be looking at a much different scene.more on that as we head back to doug in the studio. >> if wishes were horses beggers could ride. yep. all right, not going to come out this way. it was her, not me.
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40's right now. we'll stay in the 40's tonight with the cloud cover and some fog. but this is my favorite picture of the day here. look at this here, 74 degrees in raleigh right now. that warm air will push up behind the rain tomorrow. skies will clear and the winds will turn briefly and bring in the warmer temperatures. not 70 but definitely 60's. there goes the storm system on our map. as you through the afternoon, we get sunshine and still rain to the south but the warmer air arrives over top. cooler air moves in late tomorrow night and thursday with another bubble of high pressure and it will be a fairly pleasant here on thursday. partly cloudy. in the upper 50's. but as that system moves out of the way thursday night into friday the next storm system takes shape. that will bring more rain. in fact maybe in some areas more rain here on saturday than we've had today so far. an interesting weather pattern. again, without any cold air sources, it's going to be rain and all rain throughout the region. so here's what we can expect through the day tomorrow.
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45, 59 at midday with the sun peeking out. a lot of sunshine and 65 by later in the afternoon. for the viewing pleasure the next seven days forecast. look at that looks good to me. sunshine returns tomorrow after the rain. clouds return friday with some late night rain. saturday's system going to be a rainy day. high in the 50's. clear it out on sunday monday and tuesday looks terrific. sunshine, near 60 degrees. no subfreezing temperatures and no snowflakes for the seven day. i'm a happy boy. >> you are not alone. >> looking more and more like spring every day. >> ok. >> thank, doug. coming up here on abc 7 news at 5:00 a bold crime. really scary stuff. this is in a park. a man caught on camera snatching a toddler. why the toddler's siblings are being called heroes. >> update for you on a driver that got hit with a parking ticket in d.c. problem is he hasn't been to the district in decades. see how 7 is on your side and getting results in this ticket
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battle. >> first, here's a look at the abc primetime line-up.
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>> two children are being credited with their fast thinking actions after a man snatches their sibling from a stroller in washington state. >> as abc's shabani joce shows
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us, the terrifying ordeal was caught on surveillance camera. >> it's every parent's worst nightmare. >> i can't explain the feeling, anxiety and everything that goes into finding on out that your child is missing. >> the frightening ordeal caught on surveillance video at a nearby grocery store in sprague, washington. population 500. you see the suspect running with 22-month-old owen wright in his arms. shortly after ripping him out of his stroller at a nearby park. within minutes, the toddler's older sister and then his brother chase the suspect with the empty stroller. michael wright says that he left his three kids with a trusted friend while at work. but then the three children were left unsupervised playing in a park near the sitter's house. >> you entrust somebody with your children and you don't expect something like this to happen. >> the screams of owen's fast thinking siblings caught the attention of dorothy giddings
5:26 pm
who was working nearby. she says once she realized what was happening, she sent her grandson and his friend to chase the man. >> i didn't really care. there was a kid's life in danger. >> and thanks to their pursuit, the kidnapper dropped the toddler in a vacant lot and fled. >> i told that little girl, i said honey, you did exactly what you needed to do. scream your head off. that was what saved that baby was her screaming and us running. >> fortunately, none of the children involved in the incident were harmed and a manhunt is still under way in washington for that suspected kidnapper. in los angeles, shabani goshi, abc 7 news. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 -- it's being called one of the deadliest incidents collected to a reality tv show shoot. new information about a helicopter crash that killed several french athletes. >> and new controversy for facebook. why some users are upset about one of the site's features and how facebook is responding.
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>> three u.s. senators two local moms one retired veteran and many more coming together in an effort to reform federal marijuana laws. i'm jeff
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as a small business owner you wouldn't deliver just half of what you have to offer to your customers. so why are you settling for half-fast internet? only verizon fios comes with speedmatch -
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uploads as fast as downloads so files go out in a snap. don't miss your last chance to get $200 back when you upgrade to fios internet and phone for just $99.99 a month with a 2-year agreement and get $200 back. hurry call now it's your last chance. this offer ends march twenty-first. >> families from virginia and maryland are taking their fight over medical marijuana to capitol hill. >> they're voicing their support of a federal bill on medical marijuana. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg live on the hill with the family's reasons for this push. jeff? >> alison senator cory booker
5:30 pm
saying today that the federal government has overstepped the bounds of common sense when it comes to medical marijuana. two local parents agree and now they are taking their efforts on this subject from annapolis and richmond to here in washington. >> medical marijuana actually helps -- >> as three prominent u.s. senators lobbied to reform marijuana laws. >> i think society is changing. >> to a mom who sat watching at the edge of their seats. >> it was exciting. >> beth of fairfax, virginia and shannon moore of frederick, maryland both have children with severe epilepsy. they say marijuana oil legalized in virginia this year and in maryland last year has reduced their children's seizures dramatically and it's now time to take the effort national. >> right now, the current law is turning parents into criminals. >> i think what this has given me is hope. this is our last chance at something that might help them. >> republican senator rand paul of kentucky along with democratic senator kirstin gildebrand of new york and cory
5:31 pm
brooker of new jersey are proposing a bill to end the ban on medical marijuana as well as allow doctors to prescribe marijuana to veterans and allow marijuana dispensaries to work with banks like other businesses do. >> seeks to right decades of wrong and end unnecessary marijuana laws. >> this is a retired navy officer from chesapeake virginia seeking medical marijuana without breaking the law. >> i'm also a criminal in the united states of america. the country i decided to volunteer six years of my life to stand up and fight for freedom. >> we're going to make it pass. >> the moms are going to make it pass. >> if nobody else does, we'll do it. >> a lot of passion here today, no question about it. when asked about the chances of this bill passing, the senator said she'd dare any other u.s. senator to look at the faces of the families there today they do not deserve the medicine that is improving their health and quality of life. jeff goldberg abc 7 news. >> a mother from manassas is in
5:32 pm
jail without bond charged with felony child neglect. police say they received a call after midnight sunday about a 2-year-old boy walking along apache ridge court by himself. officers later found michelle gonzalez, mother of the child in a nearby home. police say she was asleep. gonzalez was arrested and the child was not hurt. >> checking our top stories now. traffic moving once again on i-95 through laurel. the road was closed for much of the day after a tanker truck filled with biodiesel fuel overturned. all northbound lanes are back open as are two southbound lanes. police said the driver of the tanker swerved to avoid an accident. there were no serious injuries. >> a former contract worker for montgomery county public schools pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl. security cameras showed john epps jr. slapping the girl's behind. epps jr. was given a four year suspended prison sentence and five years probation. he must also register as a sex
5:33 pm
offender. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton is defending her use of a private e-mail account while she was secretary of state. the likely presidential candidate spoke publicly for the first time about the controversy today. clinton said that she never sent classified information via e-mail and her e-mail server at home was secure. >> two people are being treated for carbon monoxide poisoning in montgomery county. crews were called to the home in tacoma park this morning. when they arrived, firefighters reported carbon monoxide levels were extremely high. the couple's son says his mother called 911 minutes before passing out. >> she had a headache and my dad kind of said he wasn't feeling too well. so next thing you know he passed out. like a mild seizure. i'm just glad you know it wasn't tragic today. >> at last check, the couple were hospitalized in serious condition. fire officials believe the leak was caused by a problem with
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their furnace. there were no co-2 detectors inside that house. >> there's a plan to ease congestion along i-66 being considered. later this month, vdot will allow authorized commuter buses including the omni ride service to use the shoulder at designate designated locations to bypass traffic. they could use the shoulder to go 35 miles an hour. the program will be evaluated in about a year. >> let's get a check on the traffic situation. bob emler in the wtop traffic center. is this a look at 95 bob? >> yes indeed alison. we are still cleaning up this crash that happened at 10:15 involving the truck that overturned that had the fuel spill. still cleaning it up. truck is still there. they should have it out of there fairly shortly. may take a while before all the lanes reopen here at the interchange of route 200 getting by, two lanes to the left and of course, the service roadway is open. 95 north has been open for a couple of hours. long delays headed south in howard county at the prince george's and plenty of volume
5:35 pm
elsewhere on this rainy and somewhat foggy afternoon. if you're traveling on 66 headed west and 95 south, plenty of volume this afternoon on the virginia side but no incidents in the backups headed west out to centreville and 66 or south of stafford and here on 270. going to bog down quite a bit here most of the way up past middlebrook road and up through clarksburg and traffic south on 395 is quite slow headed towards landmark but with the travel lanes open. i'm bob emler with 103.5 wtop radio. >> thank you, bob. crowds packed the national cathedral to remember a man that broke ground in congress. look back at the legacy of former senator edward brooks. >> and interesting addition could be coming to the mcdonald's menu. why it has customers seeing green. >> and then at 6:00 he was left in a coma after a sledding accident but now he gets the news he's been waiting for. his reaction new tonight.
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>> authorities have recovered the bodies of 10 people killed when two helicopters collided in argentina. among the dead, three popular french athletes including a pair of olympians. the accident happened at the filming of a reality television show. people in france reacted to the news with shock and anger.
5:39 pm
>> and i don't see actually any sense in it whatsoever and taking chances like this are a little ridiculous. >> investigations are under way in france and argentina why those two helicopters collided. >> investigators are looking into whether a north carolina state trooper followed procedure before an amtrak train collided with a tractor-trailer. yesterday's derailment injured more than 50 people. the trooper was escorting the oversized load when it got stuck there on the track. he and the driver spent several minutes trying to clear the tracks but it's unclear if either radioed in. >> up next on abc 7 news at 5:00, not everybody is smiling about one of facebook's emojis. we'll show how it led to an on-line petition and how facebook is responding. >> and the "7 on your side" team gets action from a maryland man who got this d.c. parking ticket
5:40 pm
even though he hadn't driven in the district for 25
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>> leon, alison we'll have more
5:43 pm
on the breaking news of hillary clinton that you've been covering and the racist chants college students singing that song and what the school has done tonight. the olympic stars and the deadly helicopter crash, video of the collision now. mcdonald's, dunkin donuts and burger king announcing major changes to their menu. simple app on your phone, the ride sharing app. you were going to the mall anyway, why not get paid for it? right after abc 7 news. >> things come that far. >> at mcdonald's. >> my goodness. >> to a story that you might remember because after a maryland man spent months disputing a d.c. parking ticket he says he didn't deserve the "7 on your side" team stepped in and got results. >> that's right. i-team investigator joce sterman live in our newsroom to explain how. joce? >> well bob lives in meyers. that's more than 60 miles from d.c. he told us he has not driven in the district in 25 years. when he got this parking ticket
5:44 pm
that he couldn't get thrown out, he called "7 on your side" for help. >> apologies from the person that wrote this particular. admit they made a mistake. >> when we met him in february he wants both of those things. he may never get them. here's what counts for this story. the ticket that he received is finally being wiped clean. he got a citation back in september and had nothing but his word to prove he was never in d.c. he tried fighting with no luck. but the department of public works agreed to void his citation after the "7 on your side" team got involved. we noticed the copy of the ticket that he was sent did not include complete information that would have made it clear that this ticket was sent to the wrong man for the wrong car. and once we called d.c.w. and showed them his story, the ball started rolling tonight. the agency is finally voiding his ticket six months after all of this started. and he tells us when it comes to getting into the district from now on he's going to keep doing what he always does, taking the
5:45 pm
metro. in the newsroom joce sterman, abc 7 news. >> ok. all right. thanks joce. the rain didn't stop dozens of walkers from raising awareness about h.i.v. and aids. the special walk kicked off this afternoon in lafayette square park in northwest washington and ended at the hubert humphrey building in southwest. this marks the 10th year observing national girls h.i.v. aids awareness day. >> it's no surprise that hamburger and chicken are on the menu at mcdonald's. could kale become a new addition? according to an internal client memo, the fast food giant plans to add kale to the menu later this year. apparently it will be used in salads or maybe smoothies. this comes as mcdonald's deals with slumping sales. >> that would be the new version of the shamrock shake? >> i guess so. >> healthier one. >> healthier version, yeah. facebook is making a change after an emoji led to an on-line
5:46 pm
protest. it's more than 100 feelings available to users. group called endangered body said the picture is showing a double chin encourages negative body image. facebook agreed to change it to feeling stuffed. >> coming up at 6:00 tonight, republicans react to hillary clinton's explanation for her private e-mail accounts. the promise from the head of the committee investigating what happened in benghazi and the former nfl player in the fight of his life and unable to use his own voice goes to battle against assisted suicide. his message to those trying to legalize that practice as maryland debates death with dignity. plus setback for maryland governor larry hogan's fight to appeal what he calls the brain tax. that's new at 6:00. >> taxing us today. >> we sure do. >> doug hill keeping an eye on for us. doug? >> yes we'll see more patches of rain and to go with the rain we have fog to deal with. let me show you in a moment our fog advisory dense fog advisory
5:47 pm
at the national weather service. it's that time in march every year we start thinking about power. on a rainy day, it's not a big deal. tree pollen in the moderate range already. the first tree pollen count of the season in the moderate range. temperatures in the 40's with areas of rain. there's breaks in the rainfall pattern to the west. they're fill in as another system moves across the mountains tonight. it does happen that the heaviest areas of rain should be north and west of the area. this is time lapse from great falls. what's happening is slightly warmer air is moving over top very cold ground. some areas like great falls there's still snow on the ground and you're seeing the fog develop in front of your eyes here. that's the dense fog advisory until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. i'm sorry you guys aren't involved in this thing much don't feel bad. we'll get you in the next dense fog advisory. it will be an issue tonight with limited visibility and rain. it's just a sign that temperatures will warm up slowly. in fact, temperatures will hold
5:48 pm
steady overnight. start to rise in the morning and then through the day we'll get rid of the rain midday and get some sunshine in the afternoon. and that warming trend will continue. the fog will be gone. nice day thursday and on friday cloudy skies and cooler in the upper 40's. chance of rain friday night. saturday looks to be a rainy day. upper 50's and then sunday monday, tuesday does not look sweet? or does it look sweet? >> however you say it. it's sweet. >> thank you. >> all right. doug now, are they pulling off any sweet moves that free agency has started? >> it's been a war zone so far. we'll start with the redskins. nfl free agency frenzy kicked off about two hours ago. and the skins have signed defensive tackle steven pyatt reported the 26-year-old has signed an agreement up to four years. and you can call it trade happy tuesday. jay glazer of fox sports reported saints tight end jimmy graham and multiple draft picks
5:49 pm
were traded to the seahawks for senior max unger. meanwhile, it gets better. nfl insider ian rappaport reported that they traded sam bradford for a philly starter nick fole and another blockbuster move by chip kelly. talking hoops now. the hoyas beat seton hall on their senior night saturday. for one senior forward, it was more than than just your average game. it's not your typical highlight reel play. >> here he is! slam dunk! >> but for tyler adams it's something he will never forget. >> probably got to be a player once again. but it was a great experience. >> adams came to georgetown four years ago on a basketball scholarship but his playing career came to an abrupt end when he was diagnosed with a heart ailment. coach john thompson iii decided to not only keep adams on the scholarship but keep him as a part of team. >> we called him coach. he's taking on that -- the
5:50 pm
coaching roles because he's somebody who can relate to the players. >> just help every practice you know probably watch more. so i feel like i'm still in the team. >> saturday in georgetown's final home game of the season thompson received special commission to let adams suit up and play. if only for a moment, one last time. >> i thought it was a joke when he first told me. >> it was good for us because, you know, we had been playing a long time you know for him to get out there and enjoy that moment was good. >> i know people in life have worst situations that i have. that's the way i look at it and approach it. it was a great experience. and i just want to thank all the fans for giving me all the support. >> seton hall classy for letting them get the first bucket of the game. let him keep the scholarship. >> classy move. >> wish him the best of luck. >> thank you for that. >> still ahead tonight, here on abc 7 news at 5:00 -- >> a 73-year-old woman discovers
5:51 pm
a message of hate and her car vandalized over the weekend. we'll tell you what she's
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
>> passionate arguments in annapolis over an uncomfortable subject. the so-called right to die. >> maryland is the latest state to wrestle with the death with dignity bill which would allow assisted suicide. stephen tschida live outside of the statehouse with what both sides are saying. stephen? >> alison death with dignity bills are pending in dozens of states today. it was the subject of emotional discussion here in annapolis. >> a.l. svm has robbed him of the ability to write, walk or speak on his own. former baltimore raven o.j. came to annapolis to fight against death with dignity. >> i don't know how many days i have left to live. but each and every one has a purpose. >> the issue sprang to the forefront when 29-year-old brittany maynard who had a terminal brain tumor ended her life in oregon last year.
5:55 pm
the legislation which would allow those diagnosed with six months or fewer to live to obtain medicine to end their lives. representatives of some religious groups argue only god can end life. >> judaism emphasizes that we are created in the image of god. that our very lives are on loan to us from god. >> but supporters argue this is not assisted suicide, not mercy killing nor euthanasia but means of ending a life when an individual finds illness has made it unbearable. >> i think the individual should have that personal choice if they choose to. no one else can judge their pain and suffering. >> among those here physicians whose own experiences who prompted them to speak out in favor of this legislation. >> patients should have opportunity to have some control over the time and manner of their death when they find themselves in intolerable circumstances. >> supporters of this bill say a poll of marylanders found about
5:56 pm
60% support it. reporting live from annapolis, stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> thanks. it looked like an act of vandalism. a smashed windshield until a frederick woman looked under her windshield wipeers to find a message of hate written on a piece of paper. >> caroline tucker tells us what police are doing now to track down a suspect. >> until 11:00 sunday. >> alice johnson's cherry red cadillac became a sitting target near her washington street home in frederick. >> i got in and had to do a double take and i said you know, the windshield is -- >> it wasn't just to the 73-year-old windshield but a note. >> i couldn't get over that and then in each corner they had a swastika. >> frederick police have a detective on the case and are now investigating it as a possible hate crime. >> you don't know if it was a prank or serious.
5:57 pm
>> her only son was across town and he's shaken. >> i'm angry and fearful for her. >> she says she has no idea who would have left a hateful message scribbled on just a piece of paper under her windshield wiper blade and it was written with just a pencil. frederick police say they are taking this seriously. the note is being analyzed for possible d.n.a. and they plan to re-interview neighbors. >> have no confrontations and nobody bothering you, you know, it's puzzling. >> damon says he won't sleep until he feels his mom is safe. >> hope it's brought to justice. >> anyone who might know something is urged to contact frederick police. caroline tucker, abc 7 news. >> and "7 on your side" now with the health matters report. the nation's largest pharmacy benefits manager says prescription drugs rose 13% last year. that's the largest annual increase since 2003. express scripts said they were filled by pricey specialty
5:58 pm
drugs. specialty drugs are advanced medications that treat complex or chronic conditions like hepatitis c and m.s. and that's it for abc 7 news at 5:00. >> all right. now at 6:00 clearing a traffic mess and a massive effort to right an overturned tanker truck and the fight to reopen i-95. plus plus -- >> the laws and regulations that were in effect allowed me to use my e-mail for work. that is undisputed. >> there is reaction tonight as hillary clinton gets her side of the story in that e-mail scandal. >> and a big move for the 6-year-old who was critically injured in a sledding accident. his reaction as abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> right now at 6:00 several southbound lanes of i-95 are still shut down tonight almost eight hours after a tanker truck
5:59 pm
overturned spilling fuel across the highway. it's affecting traffic near the intercounty connector. maryland bureau chief brad bell has been there all day. brad any indication of when those last lanes will reopen? >> well, maureen, it appears as though that cleanup out there is starting to wrap up and as you said, we do have two lanes of traffic now moving southbound. all the northbound lanes are open. but it has been a mess here today. i-95 virtually shut down for most of the day. the petro express tanker out of baltimore flipped just after 10:00 a.m. the driver reportedly swerving to avoid an incident in front of him. immediately, the situation looked bad. >> it's like i don't want to look at it. i don't want to imagine that somebody was involved in this. >> one woman is transported for a checkup but otherwise, no serious injuries. the bigger problem, the biodiesel fuel gushing from the tanker. >> so they had about a golf ball sized hole in the side of the
6:00 pm
tank. >> in all, about 700 gallons of the 7500 aboard the tanker spilled. that mess becoming the focus of efforts. first, the spill had to be contained, not allowed into storm drains. then the flipped tanker pumped as dry as possible all while traffic in both directions on 95 backs up for miles. >> 95 goes up and down the east coast. it's a very difficult situation. we had a team effort to deal with it. >> detours are set up. trapped motorists rerouted. cleanup crews swarming the scene with tons of absorbent material in an effort to make the highway safe for travel for those forced to wait it out. >> just glad that there wasn't an explosion. and that apparently nobody was seriously injured. >> live now as the dense fog settles in over the scene. you can see the crews out there now focusing their effor


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