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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  March 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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leon: a driver cited for his role in the crash that cause this. and a bridge collapse. from asia about the calls. and hillary breaks her silence. >> i thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work. leon: defending her use of
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private e-mails. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] leon: first, a driver cited after causing an eight mile backup. the driver of the car played a role. alison: and we are hearing from the man who said the i-95 accident was not his fault. tom roussey has the story. tom: alison, this accident caused a huge mess on 95 today but at this hour things are moving normally. the northbound lanes were shut down for hours, but the southbound lanes where this happened were shut down until early this evening. check out this video of how bad it looked after the four vehicle crash. the tanker truck actually overturned. according to the maryland state police, chris rose of laurel was
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driving a ford focus when he abruptly changed lanes as he was merging onto 95 south, hitting a chevy malibu, starting the chain reaction. when we spoke with rose tonight, he said the reason he changed lane so fast was because he was hit from behind by a white van that after it started the chain reaction left the scene. >> a vehicle behind me hit me and forced me into the lane i was trying to merge into. which caused me to hit the vehicle that i hit, which caused everything else afterwards. i was not abruptly changing lanes, i got hit and pushed. the person who hit me cap going. tom: he said he was not able to get the license plate in the chaos of the crash of the van that drove away from the scene. the good news in all this, rose was ok, so was every other person involved in the accident. the driver of the malibu was
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taken to the hospital, but we confirmed a little while ago she is out of the hospital tonight. the tanker truck spilled a lot of diesel over the southbound lanes, so the cleanup took a while, which is why it took so long to get the highway opened, but things back to normal on 95 tonight. tom roussey, abc 7 news. alison: interesting interview tom, thank you. let's move on to the weather. lingering rain showers has fog but warm temperatures are sticking around through tomorrow. steve rudin has what we can expect. steve: big changes on the way tomorrow. we only made it up to 50 degrees. first, satellite radar shows the showers, the clouds moving off towards the north and east. showers will clap -- gradually come to an end, but the fog will increase as we move through the early morning hours. so much so the national weather service has issued a winter
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weather -- not a winter weather advisory, a dense fog advisory into early tomorrow morning, 10:00. fairfax, montgmomery, the district, prince george's county, visibility could be less than a quarter-mile. 45 tomorrow morning, lingering showers. high temperature tomorrow of 65 degrees. question is how long it will last. all you need to know coming up. alison: a brazen burglary at an upscale men's clothing store that happened just last week in northwest. the suspect smashes the glass window and take stacks of expensive suits. if you have information about the k's, d.c. police want to talk to you. police in frederick arrested a suspect in connection with a rape investigation. he is charged with assault.
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the crime happened last summer on east patrick street. the police say the victim was choked to the point of unconsciousness and was out of breath when she woke up. after investigating, prodoehl was arrested today. leon: two people fell more than 10 feet after their front porch collapsed in arlington. now, information about what caused the collapse and how to prevent another. jay korff has been looking into this and is live in arlington. jay? jay: leon:, and unbelievable story. we are learning a lot more about what may have caused the concrete stoop to collapse, causing three people to fall. this woman walks gingerly into her arlington home following the scare of her life in an unexpected place -- her welcome mat. >> she is shook up.
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jay: the concrete stoop caved in. monday night two people and a child were about to walk into the house when the concrete stoop collapsed. his daughter and aunt were not hurt. he says his home, built in 1947 is solid, but recently he noticed minor porch deterioration. >> the old concrete was falling off. jay: he said the contractor said it appears the original builder never filled the hole and the concrete had no rebar. jay: a nationally certified home inspector told us, i think a moisture and lack of ventilation were driving forces here. i could see how overtime there would be the potential for collapse.
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the home inspector says the takeaway for homeowners is to be aware of flaking, ponding, or a crumbling on the front stoop. if there is an issue, called a licensed contractor. as far as the official calls that remains under investigation. jay korff, abc 7 news. leon: happening now, the search for a missing virginia tech student who fell overboard from a cruise ship. he was on board the crew ship glory. the coast guard is leading the search. also developing, hazmat teams getting the all clear. crews were called to the embassy on new hampshire avenue at 5:30 this evening. alison: a school contractor admits to inappropriately touching a sixth grader. he will be on probation five
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years and must register as a maryland sex offender. he was working as a camera technician when he was accused of slapping the behind of a 12-year-old at baker middle school in manassas. >> he touched my butt, and he's, like, triple my age? >> when you send your 12-year-old daughter to school, you are not expecting she will be hit a high a 45-year-old guy. alison: epps has been arrested twice before on similar allegations. a suspected serial shooter linked with two other incidents of vandalism and gunfire. officials say that hong young fired at a road in fort meade and also fired rocks at another restaurant. he is charged with five other shootings, including one on the icc. leon: she says that she wants it all out there. hillary clinton released 30,000
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e-mail messages, saying she did nothing wrong -- this after facing days of criticism for using personal e-mail while she was secretary of state. roz plater has what clinton is saying and the response. roz: she finally spoke. she said in hindsight maybe she should have been using the accounts, but she was adamant she did not the law. fresh off a speech at the united nations, hillary clinton spoke publicly about the e-mail flap for the first time, saying she was hardly the first secretary of state to use her personal e-mail account for work. mrs. clinton: i thought it was allowed. others had done it. roz: she said the e-mail server she was using was guarded by the secret service and a had been no security breaches and that she had e-mailed government officials on their government e-mail accounts. when asked, she turned over more than 30,000 personal e-mail related to work, but deleted
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personal ones. mrs. clinton: no one wants their personal e-mail made public. roz: those answers may not subdue her detractors. will it be enough to derail her run for president potentially? >> it's hard to believe that this will dominate what people are thinking about in november a year and a half from now. roz: here is how clinton responded. mrs. clinton: i trust the merrick and to make their decisions about political and public matters. roz: clinton says she will not turn over the server. republicans are asking for an independent investigation, so it is probably not over. roz plater, abc 7 news. leon: now politics of a local nature, abc 7 has learned that glenn ivey will run for the u.s. house seat of don edwards the
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former prosecutor and prince george's county will make the announcement tomorrow. tigress woman edwards is running to room -- congresswoman edwards is running for the senate seat of barbara mikulski, who is retiring. alison: tonight, and expelled student is apologizing. leon: an alert for parents. a study reveals self-centered behavior. alison: and the court battle over "blurred lines."
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leon: and oklahoma university
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student is apologizing after he was expelled for racist behavior. two students were tossed from the school after a chant was posted on line of a video of them chanting racist messages. the student claims he was forced from his home because of threatening calls and it was a horrible mistake. alison: a city manager resigned in what the city council calls a usual separation agreement. a justice report found racial bias in the ferguson police department and since then to police officers and emit visible police -- municipal court judge resigned. the report was prompted by the shooting of the unarmed black teenager. leon: too much praise could make children narcissistic. when parents overvalue their kids, the kids have a sense of superiority and entitlement.
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alison: you remember the very catchy, very popular song "blurred lines"? a jury ruled that the melody was in fact stolen from the marvin gay song "got to give it up." they now must pay $7.3 million to his family. leon: ben stiller and a win wilson made a surprise appearance -- and owen wilson made a surprise appearance at paris fashion week, in character for "zoolander 2." can't wait, can you? alison: uh, yeah. a lot of people complained that the calendar app was missing from the iphone. ipad users no longer have to
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wait -- will have to wait. the new is only compatible with smartphones. steve: tomorrow, temperatures well above average. a lot of fog out there right now as temperatures are still pretty comfortable this time of night. the winds have diminished. that is why we have the fog is the warmer air overhead. we are looking for the fog to become more dense. even though we had the clouds and showers today, we still l managed to hit 50 degrees. the record, 78 in 1967. in terms of the allergy count the trees now in the moderate range. as we move through the next
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couple weeks the trees will become high, and just wait until the cherry blossoms. here is the dense fog advisory, including the district and surrounding counties until 10:00 tomorrow morning. visibility down to less than a quarter-mile. here is the visibility, three miles reagan national, 1.5 miles dulles dense fog further north and west. they still have snow on the ground, aiding in the develop of the fog. scattered showers for the remainder of the overnight. 44 to 48 degrees, the wind out of the northwest at 4. 45 bwi-marshall. lexington park maryland, 43 degrees, culpeper 48. the moderator is trying to move north. tomorrow we will have daytime highs near 60, 65 degrees. grab the umbrella early, but you will need sunglasses and
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something comfortable in the afternoon. the rain moves out tonight. the pressure builds off to the north and west, bringing us really nice day thursday. lots of sunshine. the temperature still slightly above average this time of year. then we drop a little bit for the upcoming weekend, along with a chance of rain. tomorrow, morning showers, sunshine, daytime high of 65 in town, cooler off to the north and west. friday, 47 degrees. saturday, the potential of heavier rain during the early morning hours. an inch or two not out of the question. looking great monday, tuesday next week. i think we've turned the corner. alison: nice, 65 tomorrow. steve: before you know it it will be 95 and we are complaining. [ laughter] alison: exactly. leon: not over here. what's going on?
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robert: the redskins kind of quiet on free agent day, but interesting words. sports is coming up.
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uncer: and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: nfl free agency. the redskins signed a defensive tackle to a four-year deal after his career year last season with the bears. elsewhere, things got crazy. a couple of starting quarterbacks were traded. starter sam bradford was traded for nick foles. this comes on the move of the mccoy trade the buffalo. philadelphia fans wondering what they are doing up there.
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jimmy graham and a fourth-round pick were traded for seahawks pick max unger. the seahawks looking for a tight end in the off-season. nobody guessed it would be a franchise player like jimmy graham. other big moves -- ravens traded their veteran nose tackle. let's talk hoops virginia tech-wake forest. hudson gets the tough lay-in. he had 32. cannot hit the corner jumper. they had about 30 chances to win the game after the second and third chances, but virginia tech wins. they will play miami tomorrow night. high school ball gonzaga-st. john's. st. john's trailed by four.
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the finish on the other end. gonzaga up two. later, the steel. and one. st. john's gets the upset in the title game 74-66. baseball, mac sure'sax scherzer had a good day today, allowing one run, striking out 3, 6 hits. scherzer was pulled after 47 pitches. nats lose 2-1. and a final note, espn's john clayton says if marcus mariota falls to number five on the draft board, he expects the redskins to take him. more quarterback drama in washington, as if we don't have enough. leon: it's been a while. robert: we are duere.
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leon: a waiter in wichita, kansas, has a reason to smile tonight.
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alison: traffic is back to
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normal after the massive backup from the overturned tractor-trailer on 95 in laurel. hillary clinton response to the e-mail controversy. and steve's forecast. all the stories and more at leon: brian is known for his great personality and being a good waiter, but his teeth are a different story. he has had horrible teeth since he was a kid. they have caused him tremendous pain. during his shift at the diner, a customer noticed, stepped up, and paid $25,000. the customer, it turns out, was an attorney who was in town. the attorney said he believed the way to be satisfied in your life is to be as kind as you can to everyone and everyone to be as generous as you can. alison: wow, lots of reaso
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alison: a springlike day tomorrow? steve: a beautiful day up to 65 degrees. the fog will be gone at about 10:00. 5:00 60 to 65 degrees. alison: wonderful. . steve: 58 degrees thursday, a chance of showers. the second half of the weekend looks really nice, upper 50's, near 60 monday and tuesday. leon: may just be a few days away from the trees budding out. thank you for joining us. ji
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