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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  March 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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er jumped a fence at the white house and made it inside before being subdued pleaded guilty in federal court today to entering restricted building. the white house while carrying a dangerous weapon, a folded knife and assaulting and struggling with employees there. under the plea deal he made with prosecutors he faces 12 to 18 months which means since he was arrested after the incident last september, he will be free within six months to a year. >> i would have been in jail for a long time. >> >> his actions was a number of security breaches or attempts at the white house that has led to criticism of the secret service. >> somebody is president clintoning the president but it ain't the secret service. >> as for gonzalez's guilty plea. >> he's guilty isn't he? he jumped it i saw him. >> i want to see everything that led him to want to jump over the fence. the actions before the actions that he did came. >> we're live here at the white house, you can see you can no longer get up to the fence here at the white house because of
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what gonzalez did. he's an iraq war vet and has no previous criminal history. his sentence is set for june 8th at which time the u.s. attorney says he anticipates he'll be barred from d.c. and required to undergo psychiatric treatment. reporting live from the white house, sam ford abc 7 news. >> a suspect in the murder of a montgomery county pastor is in police custody tonight. roland zinneh is accused of stabbing pastor connery dagadu to death. the attack took place inside a germantown home where dagadu held church services in the garage. the church's founder who lives in the home found the body of a man she called grandpa. >> when i got downstairs grandpa was sitting down leaning against the television stand. with his hand out like this. grandpa, grandpa, i mean i said
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grandpa. i couldn't believe what i was seeing. >> police say zinneh who is charged with first degree murder was combative and kept shouting "demons, i kill demons." and tonight, we're keeping an eye on some heavy rain moving into the area. doug hill is in the weather center with the timing of the worst of it. doug? >> ok maureen, right now it's kind of cloudy outside the belfort furniture weather center here in arlington but the rain is on the way. let's take a look at that and show you the areas of rain making steady progress from west to east all day and we think the steady rain will arrive in the metro area after 8:00 tonight. 52 degrees at reagan national. 48 in bristol, tennessee, there's plenty of cool and seasonably mild weather but nothing real warm or cold. so this could be all rain. no question about it. but the problem will be it could be heavy at times through the overnight hours and the rain will continue not only through tonight but through tomorrow morning where it could be heavy at times and taper off eventually late tomorrow afternoon and as we get through the day on sunday skies
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brighten up considerably. it will be kind of breezy with highs about 55. stay connected us all the time through updates of weather on or at doug hill at abc 7 and our storm watch app. lots of ways to know what's happening all the time. maureen? >> thank you, doug. new at 6:00 d.c. police are looking for a person of interest in a bizarre robbery on a store surveillance camera in the 4600 block of south capital street yesterday morning at about 2:30. the suspect jumped over a counter and tried to run out of a store. but it appears he's pulled back in and he seems to rip off his jacket and shirt. if you know anything about this, call police. new information on the fatal police shooting inside a metro train tunnel last night. metro says a train operator noticed a man on the tracks between the potomac avenue and stadium armory stations. a transit police officer shot the man who was partially clothed about 400 feet from the
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potomac avenue station. the victim's name hasn't been released. the ebola patient admited to the national institutes of health is in serious condition. the american health care worker arrived there early this morning. the worker tested positive for the virus while volunteering at a treatment center in sierra leone. president obama says rebuilding trust is the number one priority for the veterans affairs department. he flew to phoenix today to visit the v.a. hospital whose treatment delay set off a nationwide investigation. president said he's confident the v.a. secretary is chipping away at the numerous problems the agency faces. a bold move in prince george's county. officials want to raise property taxes for the first time in 30 years. tom roussey digs in to find out why the county says it simply has no choice. >> prince george's county
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executive baker says after cutbacks in recent years, it's now time to raise property tax rates for the first time in 35 years. by state law, the county can only hike taxes for schools and that's what he's proposing. he says he often hears from parents concerned about moving to prince george's. >> the first question that comes up is what's the school in my area? am i in this particular school? they won't have to ask those questions because they don't ask that when they go to arlington or montgomery county. >> it would hike the property taxes of a $200,000 home by $300 and a $500,000 home would go up $750. there would be help offered for low income residents and baker wants to cut some county positions and furlough all county employees five days. but it's his tax hike proposal -- >> a little bit ridiculous. >> drawing the most attention. >> i think already high enough. >> when they went into the deal to open up the casinos and so forth, that was supposed to help with the schools and money from
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that came to the state and so forth. >> what is going on? >> describe what it is exactly baker is proposing, he does not have the final say however, the prince george's county council will have to vote on the plans within the next few months. reporting in upper marlboro i'm tom roussey, abc 7 news. >> property tax hikes are also on the table in virginia. yesterday, manassas proposed a tax to -- tax increase to cover dekleining tax revenue. >> a female manager is stepping down. barbara donalan announced she will leave in the end of june in a comment today. she worked for the county and she was known for maintaining arlington county's. runners on your marks, lottery registration is going on right
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now for the 40th marine corps marathon. if you want to register for a chance to run, log on. the lottery lasts 10 days and runners will be notified by e-mail starting march 25th. final preparations are under way for tomorrow's rock 'n' roll marathon in northwest washington. about 30,000 people will line up along constitution avenue in the morning. marathoners will run through all four quadrants of the city before ending up at r.f.k. stadium. the race starts at 7:30 tomorrow morning. metro will be open early tomorrow for the marathon and there is also a list of road closures you might need to know about. go to our website at for that list and for more details about tomorrow's rock 'n' rollmarathon. history made in the streets of boston. big change just around the
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corner and why st. patrick's day is taking center stage. also, a local school mourning the loss of a student. circumstances surrounding his death. what you need to know if you drive one of the 200,000 cars heading for a recall. news a
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>> "7 on your side" tonight with a consumer alert. automaker kia is recalling more than 200,000 of its soul s.u.v.s. the company says the gas pedals in the cars can bend, even break. the recall covers both gas and electric vehicles from the 2014 and 2015 model years. so far no crashes or injuries have been reported. the recall will start on march 24th. and an olympic first tonight. toyota has signed on as a global sponsor of the olympic games. the price tag for the deal was $1 billion. toyota is the first car maker to join the international olympic committee's top tier marketing program. history will be made this sunday in boston. two gay and lesbian groups will march in the city's annual st. patrick's day parade. a move to ban such groups caused outrage last year. thousands of people boycotted the festivities and the boston based sam adams brewery pulled
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its sponsorship. a slow recovery tonight. what's hampering crews from salvaging that downed military helicopter. and what we've learned about the marines on board. plus getting ready for rain. when tonight's storms roll in and how they'll affect your weekend. >> and i'm robert burton. coming up in sports details on the latest addition to the skins secondary and on paper the hoyas aren't the better team in tonight's matchup.
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>> bad weather continues to slow recovery efforts following a fatal military helicopter crash in florida. seven marines and four soldiers were killed when the chopper crashed off the florida panhandle tuesday night. one of the marines was from williamsburg, virginia. three of them were from new jersey new york and wisconsin. the other marines were from michigan. students at t.c. williams are mourning this week after one of their classmates fell from a building and died. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg joins us live from alexandria to tell us what happened. >> well maureen, yesterday, the
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principal of t.c. williams sent a letter home to family saying that grief counselors will be on hand for anyone in need and the school will be spending the next several months focusing on support for students and staff. meanwhile, the alexandria police department wants to set the record straight. the start of the weekend is typically a happy time at t.c. williams high school. but today is different. >> there's a lot of people walking around school like crying. >> hard to go through it. >> jamal hunt who was friends with the young man for many years says this loss comes as a total shock. >> he was kind. he was loving. you know like he was just fun to be around. >> according to alexandria police, at 7:45 yesterday morning, the 17-year-old was found dead beside this building on park center drive. the teen did not live in the building but police say he had a friend that used to and that he was familiar with the complex. authorities are characterizing the death as consistent with a
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descent from the building which was from the rooftop. >> we don't believe any foul play was involved. >> but crystal with alexandria police are concerned what's exactly what students are saying. >> we heard that there's rumors at t.c. williams that the victim was either shot or stabbed and that simply is untrue. >> he was a kid? my goodness. >> diamond davis was walking her dog yesterday outside of the apartment building and took this video of police cars on scene. now, she can only think of the young man's family. >> they've got to be in pain. they've got to be hurt. this is awful for them. >> an autopsy was performed this morning. results are pending. same goes for the toxicology reports. meanwhile, the alexandria police department says it has a very good idea of the timeline and whereabouts of the young man leading up to his death but they are still looking for additional information from members of the public and fellow students. live in alexandria jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> thank, jeff.
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for the first time in nearly 70 years, bald eagles are back at the national arboreteum. someone spotted a nest in january. they think the birds are incubating eggs and it takes a month for eagle eggs to hatch. that means we could see chicks any time now. just in time for spring. let's hope that they were -- when they are hatched, they will face some sunshine. >> they could be watching abc 7 news at 6:00 on a really tiny screen in their nest. it's great to see the eagles back. so great. rain will be an issue and big problem. a lot of it comes tonight and into tomorrow. tell the weather story here. first up, this day started with beautiful blue skies across our area as evidenced here on the grounds of the country club in fairfax but slowly and steadily th clouds started to move in and they got lower and thicker. won't be long before rain is moving over the clouds. want to give you a couple of reports from this system earlier today. moving across the deep south and
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mid south even parts of the midwest. 1.71 inches already today in fairfield bay, arkansas and now louisiana, inch and a half. west paducah, kentucky 1.33. i show you these because it's a widespread rain system. this is one not only headed here but will take the whole day to transit across our area tomorrow. temperatures, no big concern. upper 40's to lower 50's right now but this is a concern because of the breadth of the rain pattern goes all the way back to the deep south right now. and that will move overhead later this evening. the steadiest rain developing in metro washington between 8:00 and 9:00, maybe 9:00 and 10:00, that general time frame ask it will become heavier at times overnight through the day tomorrow. futurecast gives us a hint of the preview of the timing here. main body of rain to the west. that overspread during the overnight. heavy at times. by tomorrow morning, about 9:00 lots of rain around the area. still a few heavier pockets to come in west virginia. coming across the area later in
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the morning, good news it will be out of here. most out of here by late tomorrow afternoon. this represents, i think what a cold front will be at 6:00. that will move through tomorrow night and help clear the skies out. and after that we're on a good shape for a couple of days. now, as far as how much rain may fall, between now and 6:00 p.m. tomorrow night, maybe 1.6 inches worth in washington. 1.1 in frederick. 1.3 in la plata and closer to 1.2 inches in baltimore. so a lot of rain. so creeks streams, all those possibly could fill up or overflow with rain low lying area drains might be a problem, too. clearing it out on sunday. highs near 60 degrees. on tuesday, st. patrick's day sunshine, few clouds and 58. cooler with sunshine on wednesday. next chance of rain is going to be on thursday. so after the heavy rain tonight and tomorrow we have' few days to dry out before the next batch of rain moves into the area. have a great weekend. maureen and robert? >> thank you. well, the hoyas are up in new york trying to -- >> exactly. if you want to take wins and
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losses, they are not the better team tonight. >> uh-oh. >> we'll talk about it. hoyas will look to defeat the odds tonight while the terps kick off big 10 play and it's bye-bye brian and hello chris. latest moves by the redskins is next in sports.
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>> well today the redskins
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tweeted thanks and good luck in tennessee. they have agreed to a four year $32 million deal that could max out at $35 million with incentives and include $13 1/2 million guaranteed. money bags. and while he departs, the skins secondary gets a little help. they sign a cornerback chris culliver to a deal worth up to $3 $32 million over four years. he recorded a career high of four interceptions last year with the niners. they came in the last seven games. in college hoops, terps kick off big 10 play against a desperate indiana team. the hoosiers need wins over teams like maryland to improve their resume for the ncaa tournament. at the same time the terps are on a role -- roll right now. they've won their last seven games including a win over the hoosiers in college park. all eyes will be on the two seed. can they handle the pressure? >> everybody has had pressure so, you know you go out there and do what you've been doing
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and realize that the sense of urgency needs to be heightened and, you know, the window of opportunity is very small at this point. >> well the hoyas got off to a strong start in the big east tourney and defeated creighton last night. that doesn't matter anymore. they're moving on and they'll turn it to xavier and the hoyas have lost three out of the last four meetings with the musketeers including twice this season alone. they'll look to their leader to overcome the odds. last night, he led the hoyas with 25 points. b.t.u. and richmond. this was a close one. under two minutes to go richmond up one. v.c.u. gets the offensive rebound. doug brooks in the corner. that's clutch! that gave v.c.u. the lead for good. they advance to the semifinal with a 70-67 win. and the caps will host the dallas stars at verizon tonight. defenseman mike green is expected to be back on the ice. puck drops at 7:00. big game for them. >> good luck to them.
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a little rain coming our way. >> if you have plans to go out tonight and come back 10:00, 11:00 or later and maybe heavier downpours. that's a big part of it especially tomorrow morning through midday. rain heavy at times. lower in the middle 60's. rain ending by dinnertime and clearing. it looks better. 60 degrees. st. patrick's day fine. tonight at 11:00 an update on the timing and extent and tell you how much rain to go around the washington area. will be a lot of it tomorrow. >> but followed by wonderful sunshine. >> be careful. >> ok. "world news tonight" coming up next. have a great weekend. have a good night.
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breaking news this friday night. authorities in ferguson coming before cameras. new clues, the widening man hunt after two police officers are ambush ambushed. and the landslide caught on camera. and the american automaker and the settlement. our abc news investigation. your money. are iraqi forces paid for by americans using the same brutal techniques as isis?


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