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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  March 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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kimberly: a teen and behind bars, charged with attempted murder. why the police did not catch him until another incident took place. and travelers in the dark, lingering delays at dulles after flyers spent hours in the terminal without power. and inside the annual tradition that even a little rain could not keep down. the news at 6:00 starts right now. first, a montgomery county teenager is in jail tonight facing charges of attempted murder. 15-year-old marvin frazier will stand trial as an adult after the police say he opened fire on somebody near a school. as diane cho reports, it was a
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different incident that gave the police the clues they needed to make the arrest. diane: police say that 15-year-old marvin frazier is facing attempted murder charges after gunshots rang out in this neighborhood monday morning come just down the street from seneca valley high school. a spokesperson for the school said the student told the staff member about the shooting, which prompted administrators to lock the doors for a shelter in place situation as classes continued inside and parents were notified. >> it sad. diane: tuesday, a day after the shooting, a fight broke out at martin luther king junior middle school as students were heading home. one of the students was arrested for having a knife on school grounds. officials say the student did not use the weapon during the fight, but that case helped investigators piece together what happened monday. >> the circumstances surrounding that oevent provided
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information that led to the suspect involved in the shooting. diane: the 16-year-old victim was not hit by the bullets but they have not been able to find the weapon. the motive is still under investigation. diane cho, abc 7 news. kimberly: many parents are aware that seneca valley high school was told to shelter in place wednesday. we know that one student was reported to have a knife but officials believe they ran from the school during that time. abc 7 is talking to police and school officials to find out if this was related to either incident. when we know more, we will let you know. marvin frazier by the way, has a bond hearing monday. heartbreaking news from prince george's county, where a two-year-old has died after she and her grandmother were hit by a van. they were crossing old chapel road in bowie when the driver
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came around the corner and could not stop on the wet roadway. she was airlifted. she dies shortly after she arrived. her grandmother was not seriously hurt. new developer it's in a story we have been following all afternoon. transit officials say that one person has died after being hit by a marc train this morning near the halethorpe station in baltimore county for stop it was carrying about 300 people when it hit the victim before noon. the person is not been identified. the police are working to figure out what went wrong. and a shooting in southeast d.c. is a homicide tonight. the police were called to a home in the 2700 block of 19th place southeast, close to the inequality of -- close to the anacostia reservoir. he was taken to the hospital conscious and breathing but later died. no word on a suspect or motive.
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d.c. police identified two men arrested in connection with a bank robbery. thomas george and hall were taken into custody last night, accused of robbing a wells fargo branch in connecticut avenue northwest yesterday. one of the thieves had a gun. nobody was hurt in that robbery. the lights are back on at dulles international airport after travelers spent the afternoon without powerful stop roz plater joins us. how was it looking. are there many delays because of the outage? roz: there are, the two and a half hours that the power was out was long enough to create chaos, especially in the terminal where the computer shut down. the fallout, this is the departure board. everything in yellow is rescheduled, the new times are up there. also some delays and canceled flights popping up. all of this started at about
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1:30 in the afternoon. we are told there were two power surges into dulles airport. a spokesman said the surges were caused by a drop in the amount of power coming into the airport from the dominion power supply source. it delays some of the departing flights and we are told united airlines voluntarily delayed its departures. there were long lines at the security check point after one of them was shut down. your is what happened. -- here is what happened. >> the lights went off. people were confused and shocked. but it was calm afterwards, not really much change. the tsa machines were down. we had to drag the bags downstairs to get them down to the tsa guys downstairs to check them. >> when we got here, we saw a very long lines. there were not any people
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walking around letting us know what was going on, but we want to the counter and they said the internet was down. roz: we are told there are still some delays and customs. i asked a passenger how it's going and she said it is still a mess and customs. there are some flight delays. the best advice if you are flying out of here tonight, call the airline ahead of time. roz plater, abc 7 news. kimberly: a tough way to start or end a long trip. if you were out and about today you were dealing with the rain. eileen whelan has the first look at the forecast. how much more rain can we expect? eileen: just a little bit, if any. conditions will improve overnight. we will have a much brighter sunday. the stormscan at this moment, the balk of the heavy rain has pushed offshore. i want to show you live super doppler. there are still some sprinkles popping up in southern frederick county, just to the north of
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front royal. aside from sprinkles or light result, the bulk of the rain is over after a day of between a half to an inch of rain. 57 degrees at reagan national, 54 bwi 55 dulles, 63 luray and petersburg. if you are going out to dinner bring the umbrella just a half. the temperatures fall to about 53 degrees at midnight as the skies partially clear. partly sunny in the morning, 7:00 a.m. 45 degrees. it will become breezy as the cold front slides through, assuring much drier air for the day tomorrow. the headline going forward, rain tapering off this evening, becoming cool and breezy sunday, highs in the low to mid 50's. then we have a roller coaster ride of temperatures in the seven-day forecast. i will share that from the elford furniture weather center and a little bit -- from the belfort furniture weather
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center. kimberly: cities and towns along the ohio river are bracing for more flooded. the river is predicted to christ six feet above -- predicted to crest six feet above flood stage sunday. snow and ice upstream are starting to melt and evacuation are underway in low-lying areas. at home, soggy weather could not dampen the spirits at the rock 'n roll marathon. 25,000 runners took part across the district, thousands more cheering them on. one team ran in honor of children who were killed in an attack at a school in pakistan. >> i had not trained, but the motivation cap dust going. >> i dressed appropriately. i knew what with the weather is going to be like. if the runners can do it, we can do it. kimberly: the runners said the rain was not a problem, but dodging potholes was. d.c. police reopened the streets
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when the last runner crossed the finish line near rfk stadium. a papal deadline new word coming down from pope francis about when he expects to step down as pontiff. plus a dubious record. how many iphones one man was trying to smuggle through customs. in a tale of two fergusons.
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] kimberly: amid the rising tensions in ferguson, signs of calm and healing. richard reeve, encouraging developments? richard: there have been clashes
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between the police and protesters, the shootings of two officers, but even after all the violence, there is a sense of reconciliation. >> we are not going anywhere. richard: the rainy and sometimes tense weekend in ferguson missouri, after gunshots wednesday that left one officer wounded in the face, the other in the arm. now in intense manhunt. the police gathering cell phone surveillance and even tv news video. >> we have a pretty good general idea of where we think the shots came from. richard: the police still reeling from the shooting of unarmed teenager michael brown last august and racial bias going back years. >> if i commit a crime don't treat me differently. richard: then there is this. protesters and the police greeting each other friday night with handshakes and hugs. >> and obviously helps when the
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situation is tense that they know who i am. richard: some pretty frank talk after the protests. >> we have seen one of our young brothers gunned down at the hands of the police, and we don't want that. richard: and maybe some healing. >> i think it shows that there are still people in the community who support law enforcement. richard: at least six city officials including the police chief have reside in the wake of the justice department report. the county police chief's urging residents to support the wounded officers and help in the search for the suspects. the authorities are offering a 10,000 other reward for information. -- a $10,000 reward for information. kimberly: coming up, a startling admission from pope francis getting a lot of attention. speaking on the second installation -- second anniversary of his installation come he says he plans to leave
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the catholic church in a few years. he said he believes that his pontificate will last four or five years. he said the retirement of pope benedict open the door for future popes to also leave office early. up next, one mother and an impressive record. the triple digit haul of iphones and how the police nabbed the smuggler. and the weather forecast is ahead.
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kimberly: this is not something to be proud of, but a man set a record for attempted smuggling of iphones into china. he was stopped with 146
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phones strapped to his body. the iphones are knotty legal in china, but they cost more than other countries because of higher import taxes -- they are not illegal in china. the south pacific archipelago northeast of australia, took a direct hit from a cyclone pam. it had wind of 168 miles per hour, equivalent to a category five hurricane. the extent of destruction may not be known for days as communication with the small island has been knocked out. that is tornado-strength. eileen: it is just devastating to see those conditions, and our thoughts and prayers go to all those people on the island. kimberly: it is tough with the weather. eileen: it is today we got a healthy dose of rain. even though it is gloomy, looking at the bright side of
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things the weatherbug camera at army navy golf course, looking greener, no longer snow covered and the rain is making conditions a little bit nicer for us. we will have brighter conditions in the skies tomorrow. as far as the rainfall today anywhere between half an inch and one inch of rain. .93 inches of rain in germantown .63 of rain in leesburg. live super doppler picking up on some sprinkles, but the majority of rain has moved out. the temperatures not all that bad, upper 50's. 57 downtown, 54 lexington park 55 winchester, low 60's in petersburg and luray. the wind right now out of the southwest, ushering in the damp, mild, muggy air. we will have some drier air
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coming in and cooler air. the pictures tomorrow, low to mid 50's. the mid-atlantic and east, not bad. 60 two street louis, starting to see some changes in the season. the bulk of the rain moving out the cold front out to the west of assuring and drier air tomorrow. much brighter as well. finally going to see more sunshine. overnight temperatures in the middle 40's, the wind picks up. that will dry us out after all the wet weather today. sunrise at 7:20. by noon time, 50 degrees 52 by 1 p.m. if only the rock 'n roll marathon was tomorrow. breezy conditions all day long tomorrow, the wind out of the northwest between 10 and 20, with higher wind gusts at time. monday nice, 62 degrees. st. patrick's day looks good, 60 degrees. a week weather front could spawn
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an isolated rain shower in the morning, but cooler wednesday. and later in the week we climb only to about 50 degrees. kimberly: i heard a rumor about snow flurries may be the week after? is some at a crazy? eileen: i'm not even going beyond seven days. i just don't know. kimberly: ok. robert: one day away from selection sunday. we have a buzzer beater. things got a little chippy last night in new york for the hoyas. sports is coming up.
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announcer: and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: the terps led michigan
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state to start off. we are in chicago, the terps up 13. check this out. he drains the three. that was his second three pointer of the half. the terps take the lead, but michigan state started taking control in the second half. the spartans up. denzil valentine, the nice pass to gavin schilling, slam. spartans up three. less than two minutes to go, michigan state up. maryland gets bounced in the semi-finals, 62-58. more big ten, purdue-wisconsin. closing seconds of the first half, launches and knocks it down as time expires. they are up five-and-a-half. second half belonged to the badgers. frank kaminsky. the big man leading the fastbreak, the dish to sam dekker who trails for the slam.
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wisconsin outscored purdue in the second half and advances to the big 10 finals. last night the hoyas faced and xavier team they struggled with recently. a have lost three of the last four meetings against the musketeers and it's no easy or the postseason. madison square garden. the hoyas looked dead in the water until this happened. fouled hard, then pushed down by devon reynolds. now it's a mess. reynolds gets the technical. they would outscore xavier 26-7 from that point. then smith-rivera gets the leon, cutting it to one -- he gets the lay-in. hoyas with a chance of the putback, but he makes it. we as fall short 65-63. more madness albany-stony brook.
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the ball is tipped out. he makes the trey toi win it. everybody goes crazy, it's march. albanayy wins the american east title. split squad action for the nats today. port st. lucie, the nats trail by one. david wright, deep to center field. that is gone, three-run shot. they blowout the nats, 13-4. how about gio gonzales, he started against the marlins and struggled a little bit. ozuna with the base hit a right field, christian yellich scores. scary moment for dietrich. gio beaned him, but he was ok.
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and the a.u. women will try to go for their first ever turn it earth -- tournament berth playing lehigh tonight. if they win, gw wins, and maryland wins. kimberly:
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kimberly: a final look at the forecast? eileen: for the most part, the rain is out of here. if you have dinner plans, a movie, just a sprinkle, but much brighter tomorrow, feeling cool with the breeze. sunshine, and a nice start to the workweek monday and tuesday, highs in the lower 60's. kimberly: thanks for joining us
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tonight. we will see you at 11:00.
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welcome to "world news tonight." rivers rising. the heavy rain surging waters and now swamped roads and flooded homes. who's on alert for more flooding tonight? breaking news the blown tire seen from a window on a flight from denver. the passengers bracing for impact. and what they did when they landed. high flying pastor the popular televangelist under fire tonight. his $65 million ask, what he told his flock he needs to preach the good word. and, miracle moment. the heart-stopping video -- >> pass her up! >> rescuers pulling that little girl from the icy river, the desperate rush to save her life.


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