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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  March 15, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> he held her in his hand. she said, daddy, daddy. then her hand dropped from his hand. kimberly: a family's pain, the cumulative trying to heal remembering the two-year-old girl hit and killed by a car. plus, a station manager is stabbed.
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the simple thing that sends one woman over the edge and the police pictures they want you to see tonight. and pieces of homegrown terror attacks on display in the nation's capital. the news at 11:00 starts right now. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] kimberly: we begin tonight with a q minute he trying to heal, people coming together at old chapel road and route 197 where a two-year-old was hit and killed while crossing the street with her grandmother. rebecca cooper has more from bowie. rebecca: at the vigil, the parents were too distraught to talk on camera. they said that lazindynsti's father was across the street. >> she said, daddy, daddy.
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that in her hand just dropped and hit the ground. i believe at that time the angels of the lord came. rebecca: this woman is her gone mother -- godmother. >> she was a small girl, very brilliant, very bright for her age. she will be truly missed. rebecca: eyewitnesses say the grandmother and the two-year-old had the right-of-way as they cross the intersection, but both were struck by a van making a left turn at old chapel road. the driver remained at the scene and paramedics tried to save both the grandmother in the child. through the day and into the night, people have left gifts and mementos at the memorial. perhaps the most opinion, the signed by her apparent that say things like "daddy's little angel" and" mommy will always love you." also a sad reminder, this doll,
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signed by other little girls who say they will love and miss 2-year-old dynsti. rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. kimberly: family friends have set up a go fund me page to cover funeral expenses. in just one day, they have come close to reaching the $4000 goal. right now, two other children are recovering after being hit by a car in rockville on regency drive. a were both taken to the hospital. the good news here, they are expected to be ok. take a good look at these photos. this is the woman that the police say stabbed a metro station manager at the stadium armory stop. jay korff has been following the story. jay, this started because the manager would not give her a free ride? jay: that's right, they say she
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got off the escalator, walk down here, went up to the manager's kiosk at stadium armory metro station, asking for a free ride. he said no. they say that he then spit on him and stabbed him. riders are reacting. these are the pictures metro officials want you to see. they say this woman enter the station and southeast d.c. sunday and asked the standish manager to ride for free. the authorities say he said no. she then spit on the manager and a physical altercation ensued during which the suspect stabbed the manager. >> the weapon was believed to be a kitchen knife. jay: the suspect fled, but metro officials captured surveillance photos moments before the attack. >> we are hoping the public will help us identify her. it is a gray pullover with a blue and white striped on the sleeve. jay: riders are concerned about
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the safety of station managers. >> they have to deal with a lot because they have to be the ones to tell them no. i hope he is ok and she does not hurt anybody else. >> the person that is working in metro should not have been able to get attacked by somebody coming in and out. jay: there is an cursing news, the injured a metro employee, 18 year veteran, is expected to be ok. if you recognize the woman in the images, contact the police immediately. jay korff, abc 7 news. kimberly: new development in a fatal stabbing and prince george's county. they arrested three people in the murder of her shot a clark. one of the suspects is 16. clark died after a fight in riverdale last week. the three men are charged with first and second degree murder. a 16 euros suspect faces the -- a 16-year-old suspect faces the
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same charges. a man accused of shooting two police officers in ferguson missouri, is in custody after confessing. the police arrested 20-year-old jeffrey williams yesterday. he faces multiple charges, including first-degree assault. investigators say that shell casings found at the crime scene match a handgun found in his home. the wounded officers are now out of the hospital. and let's get outside for a live picture tonight. eileen has been tracking the gorgeous forecast. the temperatures are going to drop? eileen: yes, but let's take a moment to enjoy the two days that we have ahead of us come in the 60's. it will be a little chilly getting out the door tomorrow morning. the wind right now is much lighter. in fact, the wind is now calm in
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winchester, manassas, quantico and fredericksburg. clear skies, calm wind, so the temperatures will drop. manassas is 37, 47 downtown, 42 annapolis. in the city, we will fall to about 39 degrees, but i think the suburbs will fall near freezing. grabbed the jacket heading out the door in the morning. by the afternoon it will feel spectacular. 60's the highs both tomorrow and tuesday. but just when you think it is here to stay, cooler air returns for the middle and the end of the week. we will break down the forecast from the belfort furniture weather center coming up. kimberly: the american embassy in saudi arabia suspend a counselor services today and will do the same tomorrow. services are on hold at the missions because of a security threat. friday, the embassy warned of a threat i terrace to kidnap western -- a threat by terrace
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to connect western oil workers. they told them to keep a low profile the next few days. a judge will hear arguments tuesday on restricting a terrorism suspect's phone access. in a phone interview with an ohio tv station last week, christopher cornell threatened to shoot president obama if he ever got out. prosecutors say allowing a self-proclaimed supporter of the islamic state phone privileges is a security risk. the police are investigating a shooting in southeast washington that left one man dead at 5:00 this morning near suitland parkway and alabama avenue near the maryland state line. david simmons was pronounced dead at the scene. paramedics took a second man to the hospital, no word on his condition. police in anne arundel county arrested a man after they say he shot at them and barricaded himself in his pasadena home. they say that the 38-year-old was holed up for about an hour.
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the teams had to dear -- the teams had to take over a neighbor's deck for a better vantage point. he was taken to the hospital for a gunshot went to his leg that the police say may have been self-inflicted. developing in san francisco, a swift response after four officers are accused of sending racist and homophobic text messages. court documents show that the text messages were full of slurs. the chief of police said if they are found to have sent those messages, he will seek nothing less than termination. people across the country got an early start on st. patrick's day this weekend. in the district and boston, gay rights groups marched in parades for the first time. some catholic groups oppose the inclusion of the lgbtq immunity
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in the event. others say it is long overdue. >> it is a great event. >> it has been going on in san francisco for a long time. kimberly: participants in boston included a group of gay veterans. the d.c. center for the lgbt humanity -- community says the group was opened with -- welcomed with open arms. it was a record that nobody wants to break. the new snow total that boston has hit, and it could go higher. and a sex scandal deepens. new developments involving a virginia lawmaker, just days after he is released from jail. and a dark day remembered in the nation's capital.
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announcer: you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00. kimberly: a judge in new orleans
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has ordered a millionaire held without bond. the fbi arrested robert durst yesterday on a warrant for the murder of a friend 16 years ago. the arrest comes hours before the conclusion of an hbo documentary about his life. in it, durst says he " killed them all." he was acquitted of killing an elderly neighbor in 2001 by claiming self-defense. even though the store in paris was not fully stocked people waited in a long line to show their support. gun men killed four people and took hostages in january. prosecutors say that dna evidence links the terrace with
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the crime. evidence from the boston marathon bombing are headed to washington d.c. there will be a domestic terrorism exhibit wednesday, including objects like the runner's medal and a bib number from the marathon. they say that they hope it will raise awareness and change behavior for the better. the young woman at the center of a sex scandal involving a virginia lawmaker has given birth. delegate joseph morrissey was just released from jail this week, and he announce the birth of a baby boy today. he would not say if he was the father. morrissey pled guilty last december to being involved in ace next scandal -- in a sex scandal with a 17-year-old girl. he had been serving time in jail at night while working in the virginia general assembly during the day. loretto lynch may have to wait longer for a confirmation vote because of a dispute over human trafficking. >> this will have an impact on
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the timing of considering the new attorney general. i had hoped to turn to her next week, but if we cannot finish the bill, she will be put off again. kimberly: the trafficking bill has stalled because of a provision about abortion. she has waited longer for a vote than any other attorney general nominee. it is a record in boston that many people do not want broken. the city set a new snowfall record this winter, with 108.6 inches, shattering the previous record 20 years ago. new englanders are not letting their guard down. even though spring starts friday, it has been known to snow in new england well into april. i have a cousin in boston who says, if we have to put up with this, we may as well have the record. eileen: it really makesour 18.3 inches seem very small.
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no snow in the immediate forecast, we have warm weather. the temperatures right now light wind right now in virginia, 40 degrees. 42 laurel, as well as in d.c. and also the st. thomas aquinas school. the wind is much lighter than earlier today when we had wind gusts of 45 to 50. today was actually a little milder than average, 58 degrees at reagan national 52 frederick, 65 in fredericksburg. a little cooler because of the wind, but change on the horizon. 60 tomorrow and tuesday. look at the high temperatures across the country. records from minneapolis to rapid city, 84 degrees today. that is a record. we will have a southerly wind tomorrow bringing us the milder
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temperatures. what is not going to last all that long. the good news is the work week starts dry, snow lingering over new england and boston as well. clear skies overhead, but the high level cloudiness off to the west will slide in. you will notice a milky looking sky tomorrow, filtered sunshine. with the light southerly breeze, it will be pumping in warm air. the highs tomorrow climbing into the 60's, but don't forget the jacket heading out the door in the morning because it will be chilly. 38 with light wind overnight and that is in the city. in the suburbs, probably closer to freezing. getting the kids off to the bus stop in the morning, getting out the door to work and to the metro, 38 degrees. by midday, upper 50's. by the afternoon, low to middle 60's. i wouldn't be surprised if a few spots like fredericksburg, culpeper luray may get into the
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upper 60's, close to 70 degrees. 60 degrees mild, tuesday. a cold front pushing through. an isolated shower. that will kick up the wind out of the northwest, drawing in the cooler air that will move in wednesday. 46 the high. 49 thursday. and as the first day of spring arrives friday, spring showers to ring in the equinox. kimberly: spring showers bring april flowers, right? eileen: i'm ready for it. kimberly: when do people start drawing up their brackets? robert: i don't know. tell me about this you would be happy about a four seed, right? kimberly: thrilled. robert: not every body is happy about it.
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announcer: and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: the terps were ranked eighth in the country, which is good enough often to get you way two or three seed. or not. in kensington, this was the reaction when they found out they were a four seed. they will face they'll praise of -- they will face vallpa raiso. anything can happen when you are a fourth seed in the turn them in. >> we battled michigan state and came up a little short yesterday . we have had a heck of a year. the number does not matter in front of your name. >> people are saying we did not look ecstatic, but i was not sure how to react. we are all excited. robert: georgetown, a much
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better reaction. the hoyas off to a four seed, but they were not expecting that. they will play either washington, portland or oregon. >> i was a little surprised. you know me, i don't put much thought into it. i without we would be 6, 7. i think that speaks to the strength of our schedule. this year i think it speaks to the strength of the big east. i'm more surprised that eastern washington is a 13 seed. a are a very good team. robert: fourth-seeded maryland will take on valpraiso friday. hoyas will play eastern washington in portland. and virginia will play 15th seed belmont friday.
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hockey, the caps on the ice after a big letdown against the stars. braden holtby pulled after four goals, but he was there today. the caps on the power play, john carlson fires and scores. thing looking good so far. in the second, still 1-0. piuck bounces out to nate schmidt, the slap shot deflects off the defender, 2-0 caps, and they win by that score. baseball ats=-asnats-astros, the last time they faced each other, it ended in a tie. dan uggla gets the meatball over the plate and drives it deep. the astros about three runs in the bottom of the fifth. george spurrier drives in the third run with the bases loaded. that is three losses in a row
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for the good guys. the final round of the pga turner met. -- tournament. the approach from over 100 yards away lands on the green and roles right into -- you guessed it -- the cup. green would win the tournament in a playoff. the gw men earned an nit berth and will play pittsburgh tuesday. kimberly: are they happy about it? robert: it's nit. you can be happy and upset, but there are still more games to play.
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kimberly: tonight, prince charles and his wife camilla are coming to the u.s. tuesday. they will spend four days including a stop in d.c. thursday, president obama and vice president biden will host the royals. this will be prince charles' 20th official visit.
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kimberly: we were talking vegas odds with robert earlier, march madness. you have a oene in 9.2 quintillion chance of having a perfect bracket. people will wage more than $9 billion on the ncaa turner met. that is a lot of brocket money -- bracket money. robert: i can never figure it out. why? i am never going to get it. kimberly: yeah, but there are those guys who say, i had florida all along. robert: not in the bracket. kimberly: let's turn to trusty eileen. eileen: the bracket seven-day looking good.
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63 tomorrow, although i would not be surprised if it got to about 65 66 in d.c. 60 tuesday. chillier air moves in overnight tuesday into wednesday, 40's midweek. kimberly: we are not going to bed yet.
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] kimberly: the police in ferguson, missouri, have a man in custody in the shooting of two police officers last week. this culminates a massive manhunt and there could be other suspects. >> he is now charged with two counts of assault in the first degree of the police officers. reporter: prosecutors say that 20-year-old jeffrey williams was the gun man.


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