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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  March 16, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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stephen: right after police arrived on the scene, gupta told investigators that he had stabbed waugh because he caught him cheating and when he went on trial, he said that actually it was his girlfriend who killed waugh and he was taking the rap for her. the verdict, the jury obviously did not buy that argument and convicted waugh. he will face sentencing on april 16th. he faces a possible life term. reporting live stephen tschida abc 7 news. alison: the u.s. attorney for the district of columbia is stepping down after five years on the job. he announced his resignation today and says he's returning to private practice beginning april 1st. his top deputy vincent cohen jr. will become acting u.s. attorney. he was appointed by president obama in 2010. kimberly: vice president joe biden and maryland senator barbara mikulski met today to discuss efforts to clear a backlog of hundreds of thousands of untested rape kits.
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maryland bureau chief brad bell is live with the plans to reduce that backlog. brad? brad: this has been a problem for years. what happens is a woman suffers a rape. she goes to police and then is sent to the hospital where a specially trained forensic nurse looks for d.n.a. evidence. the woman's body actually becomes a crime scene. when they find evidence it's put in something called a rape kit. now, the problem is that in many cases, across the country, those rape kits sit for years so that's why today, the vice president of the united states along with senator barbara mikulski toured the maryland state police crime lab in pikesville to see what is going on there in the way of work but also to announce that they have secured $41 million out of the federal budget that can be used by jurisdictions across the country to improve their faculty to test to eliminate that backlog. senator mikulski says it is vital.
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senator mikulski: various jurisdictions have more resources than others. that's what this grant is if you need to update yourself police training prosecutor awareness, this will go a long way to doing it. brad: the press conference ended an hour and a half or so ago. we're continuing to work on the story and when we come back at 5:00 you'll hear from a victim of rape that says her kit went untested for years and it was years of anguish she suffered as a result. prince george's county police headquarters, brad bell, abc 7 news. alison: thank you very much. a delta airplane is under evaluation now after a truck clipped its wing on the runway at dulles airport this morning. airport officials say the service vehicle clipped the wing of the plane while it was parked at the gate. this happened while passengers were boarding the flight. it was headed to atlanta. no one was hurt and 110 passengers on board were all booked on to other flights.
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kimberly: a beautiful start to the week. i mean perfect temperatures out there right now, right, alison? alison: what a day. what a day. we got to enjoy it while it lasts, though because chief meteorologist doug hill is here to explain when things will be changing. hi, doug. doug: hi there. and this stuff up here to the north and west of the great lakes, that's a cold front. that's going to change things tomorrow. for the moment it is delightful with the sunshine and mid 60's outside the belfort furniture weather center. let's get started with a live look in laurel. few high clouds but lots of sunshine. 63 degrees there. 68 at washington dulles. look at culpepper, 79 degrees in culpepper and luray. definite feel of spring just to the west but much cooler only 44 in annapolis. 4 e 45 in lexington park. temperatures will drop this evening. it won't be really cold at all. tomorrow interesting weather day. it will become cloudy after early sun. breezy, too, we could hit the upper 60's late morning and around midday and the cold front comes through with an isolated shower gusty winds and falling
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temperatures. how low will the temperatures go? is spring ever going to arrive here? we'll answer these and many many more questions in a few minutes. kimberly, back to you. kimberly: thank you, doug. a new house investigation is under way following hillary clinton clinton's e-mail controversy. john boehner said the probe will focus on her e-mail practices as secretary of state. investigators would also look into her admitted destruction of more than 31,000 e-mails she determined to be purely personal. >> right now there's no way for us to know whether we have all the state department communications that rightfully belong to the american people. kimberly: the state department shut down parts of its e-mail system last week to upgrade and boost security. officials hope to have it up and running sometime later tonight. alison: a second arrest for a state department employee charged with soliciting sex from a minor. kimberly: daniel rosen was arrested yesterday charged with voyeurism and stalking in the district. his first arrest stemmed from a case in fairfax county. northern virginia bureau chef
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jeff goldberg is live with the latest details on that arrest. jeff? jeff: we are expecting daniel rosen to appear before a judge very shortly. today, d.c. police laying out the detailed and shocking charges of voyeurism and stalking against the young rosen there. given the details of that earlier today, rosen who is 44 years old, according to police took videos of women in their homes while they were naked or undressing all without the women's consent. police say they have found 40 separate incidents of videotaping involving 24 victims, seven of whom were filmed on more than one occasion. the incident allegedly happening in the adams morgan u street and mount pleasant neighborhoods in the district. now, rosen who has worked at the state department in counterterrorism for the past four years and on administrative leave, arrested last month and charged with soliciting sex from a minor on line.
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those charges stemming in fairfax county and through the course of the investigation, detectives in fairfax discovered the videos on rosen's phone that led to the arrest yesterday. >> the videos appear to have been taken through curtains and shades that were drawn so a camera -- the camera was utilized in a way that could see very small areas in the windows. jeff: rosen was out on bond awaiting his next court appearance on may 4th. obviously, this new arrest could have a big impact on not only his bond status as well as he's going to be going home free again. we expect him to be in courtney minute now and i'll go back inside the courthouse and get an update. latest for you coming up tonight at 6:00. until then live in northwest washington, jeff goldberg abc 7 news. alison: see you then. thank you. meanwhile tonight, secretary of state john kerry is firing back over a letter from senate republicans warning any nuclear agreement with iran could expire
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the day president obama leaves office. that letter was brought up again today during negotiations between the u.s. and iran. senator political reporter scott thuman live at our capitol hill bureau with more. scott? scott: alison those negotiations have grown especially tense and that's when you consider that that deadline is approaching very quickly march 31st. that's a self-imposed deadline to come up with some sort of deal. today in switzerland, secretary kerry sat down with his iranian counterpart for about five hours, the two discussed this plan. the hopes, halt iran's push for nuclear capabilities. in turn the u.s. and other big nations would lift some of the sanctions that are doing real damage on iran's economy. but as you mentioned, there are big issues here at home congress is considering a bill that would give it the power to oversee and alter a deal both republicans and now some democrats in support of that one. the white house firing back. in fact, when asked about that letter that we've talked so much about from republican senators to iran warning that a deal
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could collapse after president obama's term president obama told vice news this. president obama: i'm embarrassed for them. for them to address a letter to the ayatollah who they claim is our mortal enemy and their basic argument to them is don't deal with our president because you can't trust him to follow through on an agreement. that's close to unprecedented. scott: it would seem the white house not only has the challenge to work out a deal but to avoid a showdown here at home on capitol hill. we'll have more on that back and forth and new developments this afternoon coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. in the meantime reporting live on capitol hill, i'm scott thuman. now, back to you. kimberly: thank you, scott. howard county police charged three people in two home burglaries in columbia and now officers are investigating whether the suspects are connected to similar crimes. a 17-year-old male 18-year-old
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colin hermenstein and an 18-year-old devante drummond have been charged with burglary and theft. police believe the suspects are connected to at least eight other burglaries in the area since january. anne arundel county police want you to take a good look at this video. they need your help finding the man who snatched a woman's purse as she sat in her car. it happened yesterday afternoon outside the pizza hut on richie highway south in brooklyn park. the woman tried to fight him off but the man managed to run to a nearby vehicle and drive off. the woman was not hurt. the suspect's vehicle is described as tan or gold minivan or an s.u.v. with maryland tag numbers. containing the numbers, rather, 460. well, still to come a chilling new twist involving a real estate heir suspected of three murders. >> ready to go to california and have a trial. alison: coming up why it's
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unclear when robert durst will be extradited to l.a. to face a murder charge. what these documents are saying about this intercession and what those white barriers have to do with it. i'm brianne carter. a live report coming up. kimberly: it's that time of year again. we're talking mar
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alison: d.c. is known as a walkable city. some pedestrians do not feel safe crossing some intersections and now ddot is taking steps to improve safetive in several areas. brianne carter is live in northwest to tell us about this. brianne: according to this information, part of the documents show exactly where those dangerous intersections are located. this l and 16th street is one of them but the improvements are also evident. take a look at these barriers and the lane markings for a separate bike lane. they are part of the improvements that have been done within the past year to keep people around the city safe. now, we were out talking to people at those intersections that in 2014 were deemed the most dangerous for either
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pedestrians, bicyclists or collisions who happen there. and while some say they have seen a number of improvements and do feel like it's not only a responsibility of the city and the drivers but also the pedestrians and the bicyclists to stay safe, other people we talked to, they say they still feel like they might be putting their life at risk just across the street. >> coming all the way from the third lane over to try to make it against the red light. >> police out here directing traffic or anything? >> no, no. brianne: but we do know that over the past year ddot has worked with m.p.d. to do just at several of these. we know within the past year 2014 there were 1,171 pedestrian collisions. 842 bicycle collisions. both of those numbers are up and we know that there are lots of improvements on the way planned for 2015 to get those numbers
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down. we'll have much more of that coming up here on abc 7 news at 5:00. reporting live brianne carter, abc 7 news. alison: ok. thank you. after many weather delays d.c.'s street sweeping program kicked off today. the department of public works says signs are posted that identify when parking restrictions will be enforced. so the sweepers can get out and clean the streets. violators will be fined $45. the street sweeping program runs through the end of october. check on traffic now. bob emler in the wtop traffic center. how is it looking? bob: not too bad. monday afternoon off to a good start headed north on baltimore washington parkway. we did have a crash earlier. that should be gone. 29 north after university boulevard, there's a crash and that has delays out of downtown silver spring. otherwise, not doing too badly. brief volume delays so far. it could be worse. it's only monday. southbound on the virginia side
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does slow a bit from route 1 to the occoquan and as you get south of quantico through stafford, you do through in spots with the lanes open. take a look at the cameras now. things will slow down a bit on the beltway. coming out of tysons up by river road as we see what the travel times are. headed out of tysons to 270 and 95 south add you come to route 1. i'm bob emler on 103.5 wtop radio. alison: thank you, bob. get your brackets ready, it starts this week. this year, the big loser is likely to be your employer. a new study shows this year's tournament could cost companies nearly $2 billion? that's right. it's mostly due to lost productivity from distracted workers. a 2012 msn survey found 86% of u.s. employees devote at last part of their work day to march madness. kimberly: and march madness is part of our question of the day.
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if you have a -- if you want to weigh in on how you plan to balance work and watching the ncaa tournament go ahead and comment on our abc 7 facebook page and we'll share the responses a little later. alison: few people will want to admit they're not going to be working and doing their brackets instead. kimberly: better watch the last 10 seconds. doug: if we have weather anymore of this stuff coming like we have where it's in the upper 70's in luray and culpepper, i'd be spending spare time up on the roof if i had a few minutes. alison: today is what you said it would be like it would be. doug: come back to work and the weather is beautiful for us. gorgeous around the area and had some high cloudiness and warming up a little bit. the sun getting through the high clouds. farther west you go from washington to more sunshine and the warmer the temperatures. check this list out from the weather bug network. right now in culpepper, 80 degrees. but on the boardwalk at third street and ocean city our weather bug station there has
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40. just a minute ago it was 39. tremendous difference from west to east and temperatures around the area right now because of persistent cloud cover. i mean this tells you the whole story. this is the airport in ocean city. 45 degrees. atlantic city airport 48. 64 at reagan national. 80 in charlottesville. greens burr greensboro at 81. plenty of warm air. we'll be in the upper 60's. the problem will be a cold front coming across the great lakes. we're forecasting tonight clear to partly cloudy skies. we've been intrigued by the little area of rain in the mid levels of the atmosphere cutting rapidly across northwestern pennsylvania. steve rudin will keep his eye on this for you tonight. we're back to partly sunny skies in the morning and then the cold front comes in around midday. check our futurecast. you'll see the model. bring the front through during the late morning midday hours. could be accompanied by gusty winds and a few showers or sprinkles but very windy with falling temperatures.
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upper 60's again but falling to the 50's in the afternoon. source of the chilly air is out in the west. it will be around for a while through wednesday, thursday and friday. lots of sunshine wednesday and thursday. by friday, it looks like rain will be the story here as the storm system eventually will pass to our south as we get through wednesday. get a little feel of what's developing. it will develop further and move off to the northeast. so an interesting weather week to say the least. if you're looking for long stretches of warm weather, i'm thinking orange county california, is your place. temperatures 80's to near 90 again today here. for us here's what we have. temperatures, upper 60's tomorrow with the showers and the cold front. gusty breezes. bright and sunny for the day on wednesday but only near 50 degrees. stuck in the 40's thursday and friday with friday rain. we're hoping it will clear out by saturday morning. if not then by saturday afternoon with just a modest warming trend. alison: thank you. see you in a little bit.
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at least six people are confirmed dead after that cyclone hit the south pacific island chain of vanuatu. kimberly: the death toll is expected to rise once the communication network is restored. right now officials are clearing and assessing the damage in hopes of getting a cost estimate. vanuatu's president baldwin longsdale says about 90% of the buildings in the capital are destroyed. >> we have made all the efforts. cyclone have come and destroyed all for the government and people of vanuatu have made. kimberly: he is asking for international aid for the place he calls paradise. alison: meanwhile, the winter whiteout across the midwest is melting and that's causing new concerns about flooding. the ohio river rose 5 1/2 feet over the flood stage. it's inundating roads, damaging homes and forcing emergency crews to rescue stranded cars and passengers from ohio to
4:21 pm
kentucky. >> seeping through the foundation right now. >> there's always somebody that can think they can make it through a high water area. alison: while the river stopped rising, the flooding is expected to remain into the middle of the week. kimberly: a year long listeria outbreak has been traced back to an ice cream company. blue bell ice cream company recalled 10 products. it was linked to a plant in texas. the outbreak is blamed for three deaths and two illnesses from january 2014 to january of this year. alison: coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00 we have new information in the arrest of real estate heir robert durst in the murder of his friend. what police found on durst when he was arrested over the weekend. kimberly: and making history in boston. it's not the kind of record anyone really wants.
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alison: a stunning twist in the life of a real estate heir who has now, of course become the subject of this chilling tv documentary. robert durst has been arrested and charged with murdering a long time friend in l.a. kimberly: police say they found a gun on durst when he was arrested over the weekend. durst's extradition to l.a. will be delayed because he could face charges in new orleans. reporter: for more than 30 years, law enforcement officials
4:25 pm
from three states have been on the case of robert durst, waiting for a break like this. that is durst caught on an open mike during a bathroom break in the midst of an interview for the hbo crime series "the jinx." "the jinx" chronicles durst's connections to three different murders. his wife kathy in 1982 his close friend susan berman in 2000, and a neighbor morris black in 2001. durst was never charged in his wife's disappearance or the death of berman. but he beat back a murder charge in the case of black be despite the fact that he dismembered the victim's body after the fact. a jury believed that black was killed by accident as durst was defending himself. susan chris was the judge in that trial. >> very intelligent. very cunning. i think he has thrived on the media attention since the trial. reporter: durst remained free until he decided to grant an interview to the producers of "the jinx" and was caught
4:26 pm
talking to himself allegedly confessing to the murders. authorities in los angeles quickly issued a warrant for his arrest in the berman murder. monday in a new orleans courtroom, he waived his right to fight extradition to southern california. >> bob durst didn't kill susan berman and he's ready to end the rumor and speculation and have a trial. reporter: his lawyers may attempt to keep the confession out of court but at this point durst is back in jail. in washington ryan nobles abc 7 news. kimberly: still ahead at 4:00 strange arrest made by new york state police. how an officer arrested a man for d.w.i. without having to conduct a traffic stop. alison: and 7 is on your side today with a consumer alert about giftcards many how thieves are using the money on your cards while they're still in your possession. plus a blind man says he didn't know for sure he was being discriminated against by d.c. cab drivers until it was caught on camera. how long he waited for a
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alison: we're following breaking news from fairfax county where police are investigating how a body ended up in a wooded area on hidden brook drive in hernd on. richard reeve is at the scene now with the breaking details. rich, what can you tell us? richard: alison very active investigation right now. we're told the f.b.i. is here. we're told local police were here. now this is what we know so far. we're pushing into the scene a little bit and you can see the police presence here and if we pan off to the left you'll see
4:30 pm
a walking path. that is where this body was found, we're told. it is an adult male. it was discovered by a passer-by about 12:35 this afternoon. now, news chopper 7 flying high above. let's see if we can take that now. investigators are looking through the area where the body was found. we're being told it's described as a heavily wooded area. and the the k-9 units have now arrived on scene. we still don't know cause of death. we still have no identity of this person. this is a pretty affluent area. this would be a startling find. anyone walking around here large homes, a muddied area so the discovery of a body and certainly a suspicious death investigation in this neighborhood would have to be jarring for a lot of folks. again, still very much a developing story. investigators are here. again, the k-9 units have just arrived. as soon as we find out more
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information, we will bring it to you. live in herndon, richard reeve, abc 7 news. alison: thank you. meanwhile, four taxi cab companies in the district are now facing a lawsuit. kimberly: the companies are accused of discriminateing visually impaired customers with service animals. diane cho is live from the newsroom with more on this case. diane diane: alison, kimberly this is a copy of the 15 page lawsuit accusing four d.c. cab companies of discrimination. eric briggers says in some cases they will flag down the drivers and open the door forcing the driver to take bridges. on one particular day, it took up to 40 minutes to get a cab on his own because he had a service dog with him. that's why he's moving forward with a lawsuit not only for himself but on behalf of the american council of the blind. this after a local tv crew recorded him being passed over by different cab drivers for someone else standing nearby who did not have a service dog.
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>> that particular day, it was raining. it was gross. i didn't want to have to be standing there hailing for as long as i did. and to have you know cabs repeatedly pass me by was demoralizing and humiliating but later on it just became out and out angering. diane: we reached out to the four cab companies named in this lawsuit and a manager with pleasant taxi told us he had no comment. we're waiting to hear back from the others. diane cho, abc 7 news. kimberly: thank you, diane. no complaints about the springlike weather today. but changes are ahead. alison: all right. let's check in with chief meteorologist doug hill. doug: good stuff out there. 64 outside of the storm watch weather center. let's give you numbers around the area. if you're watching this west of washington, you'll be jumping up for joy if you like spring temperatures. 81 in culpepper. 79 in luray right now.
4:33 pm
plenty of warm stuff west. to the east you can see how the temperatures drop the farther east you go. tomorrow, we'll see ourselves back in the upper 60's briefly. a lot of clouds, high clouds streaming from the great lakes towards our area. there's a small area of rain coming across northwestern pennsylvania we'll keep an eye on for later tonight. gemly get a little sunshine in the morning and one more chance to get mild temperatures for a few hours before a cold front arrives. that may be arriving by the own band of sprinkles and showers to gusty winds. and again, through the later night hours after dinnertime, steve rudin will keep an eye on whether that rain will make it here. tomorrow morning, sun and clouds. gusty winds, passing shower very mild and then temperatures will start to fall as the cold front moves through the area. you may have heard a reporting on the record snowfall boston has received this winter. steve rudin is outside of the broadcast center here in arlington to give the numbers some perspective. steve? steve: let me tell you, they've had it rough up there. it's hard to complain about how much snow we've had this season. take a look at what they have up
4:34 pm
there in boston. last night logan airport, they picked upwards of three inches of snow adding to the grand total this season record-breaking 109 inches of snow. they're going to be looking at this snow for quite sometime. it will take a long time for it to melt. let's head back here and give you some perspective. on average here in d.c. a big snowfall for us around six to eight inches. let's show you this on the ground. right over there. average for this season or average season in washington, just around 15 inches of snow. let's put this in more perspective. i'm 6'1" so that's around 72 inches of snow. but 109 inches let's show you how much that is. up and up and up and up and up we go. 109 inches and when you compare that to the door height here in front of our building in rosslyn, they're at just around seven feet. 7 1/2 feet. so 109 inches. nine feet and there's the snow season, not even over yet.
4:35 pm
i think we are really really lucky around here. alison kimberly, would you like 109 inches of snow? alison: no! kimberly: my cousin is up there and he said if you have to endure, you might as well get the record. alison: good thing they broke it. kimberly: cool demonstration. thanks, steve. alison: other news of the day police are searching for the woman behind a metro station stabbing. this happened in southeast washington. it happened in the stadium armory metro station just before noon on sunday. now, metro officials hope that surveillance images will help identify the attacker. transit police say the woman stabbed a station manager with a steak knife because he wouldn't let her ride for free. >> constantly having like every summer, somebody gets robbed. someone gets shot. reporter: the metro station manager is in recovery. alison: so the victim was a 61-year-old man, he was an 18-year veteran of metro and
4:36 pm
he's recovering today. surveillance images show the suspect in a gray pullover there with a blue and white stripe on the sleeve. if you recognize her contact metro transit police right away. kimberly: the man accused of shooting two police officers in ferguson, missouri appeared in court today. jeffrey williams is being held on $300,000 bond. he is charged with two counts of first degree assault after shooting two officers outside of the ferguson police headquarters last thursday. now, williams says he was not aiming at the officers. but at someone he was having a dispute with. >> regardless of who may be an intended target if you hit somebody, that's still a class a felony and still punishable by life in prison. kimberly: police say tips from the community ultimately led to williams' arrest. both police officers who were hit are recovering at home. alison: jurors in the boston marathon bombing trial went on a field trip today to a secret location. they went to view the boat where dzhokhar tsarnaev was found
4:37 pm
hiding. that boat was riddled with more than 100 bullet holes. window was shot out, too. jurors seemed more interested though in seeing a note that tsarnaev left on that boat. tsarnaev also went and watched, too, sending next to his attorneys. on wednesday, the crime museum in northwest washington will open a new exhibit focused on the boston marathon bombing and other acts of domestic terrorism. museum says it will include objects such as a rubber's medal and bib number. rubble from the september 11th attacks will be on display. kimberly: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is pledging he will not allow the establishment of the palestinian state if he is re-elected. today, netanyahu made a last minute campaign stop in east jerusalem to get more votes ahead of tomorrow's parliamentary elections. right now, his likud party is trailing behind the centrist zionist union. after a 10-day absence, russian president vladimir putin made a public appearance while trying
4:38 pm
to end speculation about his health and hold on power. during a meeting today, putin who is 62 years old said life would be dull without gossip. this comes after he was absent from public view for about 10 days. the kremlin denies rumors putin was in bad health. alison: now to what's being called one of the easiest arrests ever made by new york state police. investigators say a trooper stopped to fill his patrol car with gas at the store when a 50-year-old man pulled into the parking lot, parked right next to the trooper's car. police say that man got out of his vehicle and walked directly into the trooper's car. officers say the man failed a field sobriety test and was arrested right there for d.w.i. his blood alcohol content was said to be more than twice the legal limit. kimberly: whoops! probably a good thing that he stepped into the police officer's car. alison: very good thing. it could have ended much worse. kimberly: coming up at 4:00 more than $1 billion could go
4:39 pm
unclaimed this tax season. why the i.r.s. said the money is not going to the rightful owners. alison: and you can call it a different kind o
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kimberly: a d.c. nonprofit says it's battling back after it claims it was out of thousands of dollars. they say the organizers of a race staged in the district last spring promised them money and never paid up. alison: now the nonprofit is falling short on its budget. "7 on your side" i-team investigator joce sterman is in the newsroom with how it's being impacted here. joce: kid power said it was counting on that money and as a result, the program for kids may be cut short. this organization which is based in d.c. provides after school programs for kids like these ones at northwest elementary school. they said they were promised nearly $8,000 by a company called run or die based in utah. kid power says it provided volunteers last year. but nearly a year later, they still have not been paid and that could mean tough decisions for kid power including ending
4:43 pm
programs for kids months before they were scheduled to wrap up. >> committed to these students and their academic and social well being. so it's really upsetting. and it's actually frankly a little disgusting right? that someone could do this to a nonprofit. joce: it's not the first time. tonight at 11:00, the i-team finds out what we found when we went dig into the company's record. what the owner of run or die has to say to nonprofits who claim they are out of thousands of dollars after pitching in to help. joce sterman, abc 7 news. kimberly: see you then. alison: all right. still to come here on abc 7 news at 4:00 "7 on your side" with an alert about the unique way thieves are taking the money right off your giftcard while the card is still in your possession. what you need to look out for to keep your money safe.
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kimberly: dolce and gabbana designers are responding to a backlash over statements they made in an italian magazine.
4:47 pm
in it they endorsed traditional families and referred to children conceived through i.d.f. as "synthetic." on social media he defended his statements by saying "we talked about our way of seeing reality and it was never our intention to judge other people's choices. we do believe in freedom and love." singer elton john is urging people to boycott dolce and gabbana. alison: so do you have any gift cards in your wallet or maybe in a kitchen drawer? one woman learned why waiting to use one can be very costly. consumer reporter john matterise has an important caution sow don't waste your money. john: thousands of people in the d.c. area received gift cards over christmas. now a few months later, many of those people are finally getting around to spending them. some are discovering the cards was already used. melissa davis thought her daughter would love the visa gift card she gave her. turned out not so much.
4:48 pm
>> i went to a local grocery store and purchased drara $100 visa. she waited a month and it came up with a zero balance. john: the $100 card was empty leaving her daughter embarrassed and her mother livid. >> i was very upset when she told me. john: she went back to the store's customer service desk but tells me -- >> they were not receptive to my dilemma. john: we contacted visa and the store that promised to investigate and make things right. so don't let this happen to you. the better business bureau said the most common way this happened is thieves open gift cards discreetly. they copy the numbers and then put them back on the rack. when the store activates it they start shopping on line. melissa checked visa's website and said the car appeared to have been used to buy a cell phone. >> they were even able to use the card without the card. which was very interesting. i didn't think they could do that. john: but they can which is why
4:49 pm
the b.b.b. says always check gift cards for signs the cardboard cover was tampered with. with any gift card make sure you save the store receipt and try to use it as soon as possible so you don't waste your money. i'm john materise, abc 7 news. alison: roughly one million people a year who are potentially eligible for tax refunds are not filing the correct paperwork. according to the i.r. s., the money is likely owed to lower income earners such as students and part-time workers. time is running out though for potential 2011 filers. they have one more month to claim their money which is estimated at a little more than $1 billion. or goes right back to uncle sam. we are following some breaking news ahead on abc 7 news at 5:00. our richard reeve is on the scene of a death investigation. this is in an affluent area of fairfax county. and coming up new at 5:00 what police are saying about the victim. kimberly: plus a word of caution for parents about the multibillion dollar vitamin
4:50 pm
industry. we separate fact from fiction when it comes to helping your children's health on abc 7 news at 5:00. right now, we want to turn to doug hill because wow stunning case of spring. doug: that was nice. enjoy fairly mild temperatures again tomorrow but then it's going to change with the cold front. get kind of chilly for a bit. start with sunrise. this is the rooftop camera time lapse during the day. if you were up early this morning, gorgeous sunrise around the area. if you were west you saw the sun return fairly quickly. metro area and points east took a long time to get the clouds to move out and the sun to shine through. when the sun appeared, the temperatures started to rise. slow climb but now doing pretty well here. mid 60's in the metro area. west of washington find the warmer numbers. something tomorrow is going to happen we haven't seen occur in washington since september. and that is tomorrow we are going to have exactly 12 hours of daylight. the sun rises at 7:17 in the morning and sets at 7:17 in the evening. in the next two weeks, we'll pick up another 36 minutes of daylight and you'll see we'll
4:51 pm
maximize the daylight and have the longest daylight hours of the year before the equinox, first day of summer almost 15 hours of daylight and then slowly goes the other way. always happens that way. always will. for the moment look at these numbers. breathtakingly beautiful number. 44 in annapolis. the naval academy 44 at maryland and the shore. everybody else somewhere in between. even with the clouds moving in we'll see the temperatures managing a little bit of a jump. we'll watch the possibility of a couple of sprinkles in the area tonight. cold front is farther to the north and west. that will move in during the day tomorrow. futurecast shows the front with a chance of a sprinkle. we'll have lots of sunshine wednesday here. it will be mighty chilly and the chilly air will hang around for a while. here are the numbers side by side. next seven days upper 60's tomorrow. only 50 in sunshine on wednesday. upper 40's thursday. on spring which begins on friday
4:52 pm
evening, the first last full daylight hours of winter may feel like it in the mid 40's with rain and clear out slowly over the weekend. 70's. i won't even ask for 80's. just 70's, i'll be happy. alison: today is perfect. kimberly: people weren't afraid to put the top down either. time for a check of the traffic situation. bob emler is in the wtop traffic center with those details. bob? bob: thank you, kimberly. on 66 right now, not a bad drive to the west up towards centreville, we have some delays on 66 west into what's left of the sun. now, eastbound 50 before 28 there's a crash on the eastbound side, though against the rush hour and as far as 270 goes we do slow down a bit moving up through montgomery village in germantown but the lanes are open there. so we can take a look at some of the numbers now and see what it looks like as far as some delays. but otherwise, not doing too badly out there today on this monday afternoon on 295 north and on 395 to 495 just pretty much usual rush hour volume. let's look at some cameras now on 270 north.
4:53 pm
do so down up through montgomery village after klopper road as you move towards middlebrook road and through clarksburg. traffic on 395 south into the sunshine, going to slow down for landmark. no incidents along the way. i'm bob emler with 103.5 wtop radio. alison: thank you. see you again shortly. coming up next at 4:00 sequins and dance shoes will fill the tv screens tonight. "dancing with the stars" is back. and we'll have a preview of what's ahead.
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4:56 pm
alison: get ready for the glitz. we're a few hours away from the season 20 premiere of "dancing with the stars." a report from los angeles. >> some amazing. some crazy. reporter: after giving his final rose, chris soules has been partnered up with last year's winner. cousin of derek and julianne hough, he sings and plays bass.
4:57 pm
he isn't as confident in his dance moves. >> i'm good at doing this. reporter: other contestants in this fiery pool include actress rumer willis patti le bel. tv star and best selling author suzanne somers gold medal gymnast nastia luiken. michael sam, the first openly gay football player to be drafted by the nfl is making his free agent debut on the dance floor. this steamy ad featured charlotte mckinney who jokes, she'll using dancing as a way to burn off the hamburgers during the shoot. one says he's finally on his late mother's favorite program. reporter: sergeant noah gall way who lost his left leg and left arm in fighting in iraqi freedom 2005 said for him, this is as
4:58 pm
challenges as anything he's ever done. >> i like challenges. try not only dancing but dancing in front of millions of people. reporter: noah's partner is quick to point out she thinks he'll be an inspiration. live streams from the ballroom and rehearsals. leon: a crime of passion sparked by a love triangle. a college student on trial for stabbing his best friend learns his fate. we're at the courthouse for the verdict. evidence neglected. a massive backlog of untested rape kits gets the attention of top leaders. where the numbers are highest in our area and pedestrians and cyclists at high risk. >> it's the most treacherous to a pedestrian. leon: what's being done to fix some of the area's most dangerous intersections. >> now, abc 7 news at 5:00 on your side. leon: right now, an investigation into a suspicious
4:59 pm
death in an affluent area of fairfax county. alison: right now, fairfax county police and the f.b.i. are searching a wooded area near herndon where a man's body was found this afternoon. rich reeve with what they've found so far. rich? rich: alison this is an active scene right now. investigators are still here. panning backwards here so you can see a little bit of this area. it's a wooded area the body found on a walking path about 12:35 this afternoon. we're told it is an adult male but that's pretty much all they've told us so far. this is an area called foley lake spring park and you can see from news chopper 7 video here how police have brought in k-9 units and investigators to try to figure out what happened with this victim. we're being told this is called a suspicious death investigation. a passer-by apparently was on that walking path and spotted that body and called police.
5:00 pm
this is a pretty affluent area. very nice middle class to upper middle class neighborhood. certainly it would be unusual for this kind of find in this area but again, police combing this area now looking for clues trying to figure out what happened here. live in herndon, richard reeve, abc 7 news. leon: an ambulance had to carry a woman away from the montgomery county courthouse this afternoon after her son was found guilty of murder. rahul gupta was convicted of killing georgetown law student mark waugh. stephen tschida is live outside the courthouse and stephen, i understand you have evidence that was just released. tell us about it. stephen: evidence just released. this was a two-week trial leon, and it took just 4 1/2 hours for the jury to convict 25-year-old rahul gupta of first-degree murder for killing his best friend from high school in a jealous rage. investigators found rahul gupta's girlfriend hysterical and gupta covered in blood lying on the floor of their silver


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