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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  March 17, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content andaccuracy, visit] autria: breaking news alert from the district where crews are on the scene of a gas leak right now. jummy: right now m street is closed between 17th and 18th streets in northwest d.c. stephen tschida live on the scene this noon with breaking details. stephen? stephen: yeah we are right in the nucleus of downtown d.c. connecticut and m streets. you can see behind me closed off. this is the culprit. down m street, right down here. as you can see past me you see that backhoe. that is believed to have caused
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they say ran towards the cockpit
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around 15 minutes after takeoff. the man was tackled by fellow passengers after united airlines said he failed to comply with crew instructions. >> his head was down on the ground and he said there were jihadist in the cargo hold. reporter: passengers said he repeatedly screamed about jihad. he seemed paranoid not a terrorist. they were more concerned about his mental health than their actual safety. >> running through every scenario of what could go wrong on the plane. first, he was saying the plane wasn'tough. reporter: the pilots declared an emergency and the 737 carrying 33 passengers and six crew members quickly returned to dulles where police detained a man and transported him to a nearby hospital for evaluation. >> there's a passenger that ran forward towards the cockpit and he is being restrained by either passengers, the cockpit is secure. and we would just like to return to the airport and have the authorities take him. reporter: the flight took off a couple of hours later but without the passengers on board.
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the airport authority and airlines saying they were accommodated overnight and rebooked on flights early this morning. reporting at dulles international, mike conneen, abc 7 news. jummy: right now, a robbery suspect is being treated for nonlife threatening injuries after being shot in fairfax. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg live in herndon with more on how the suspect was caught. jeff? jeff: well jummy, still an active situation here on lenore lane and james drive in the alexandria section of fairfax county. fairfax police still putting together the pieces of exactly what did happen here. they believe it was an attempted burglary. it happened about 8:40 this morning. police say a man was attempting to break into a home when he was shot in the upper body. the suspect then fled on foot down to telegraph road where he tried to get on a bus. but as that was happening an officer on his way to the scene noticed the suspect and took him into custody. the suspect transported to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries and has not yet been charged. the home owner was not injured
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during the break-in. >> i think it's very shocking, you know, i've lived here for over a year and stuff and normally the neighborhood is pretty quiet. reporter: now, police will not definitively say that the home owner shot the suspect in this situation but they will say that the gun has been recovered and it does belong to the home owner who has been cooperative with authorities. we hope to have more information as the day goes on and we'll certainly bring it to you. live in the alexandria section of fairfax county jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. autria: a d.c. police officer and pastor is facing charges this noon accused of sexually abusing a teenage girl. john gonzalez has more now on the allegations. john: 45-year-old darrell best is not only the founder and senior pastor of god of a second chance ministry in southeast, but he's also a d.c. cop. >> we feel very secure because we have a police officer in our neighborhood. if i walk at night, when i'm
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coming, i know my neighborhood is safe. and our kids are always running around. john: today, residents and merchants in the area are getting word of his surprising arrest. he was taken into custody last night charged with first degree sex abuse of a minor. a teen reported to police that best, her spiritual leader and 25 year veteran of the police force sexually abused her three times while he was off duty beginning in december. >> yes. that's terrible. i think it's terrible. supposed to be protecting the people and molesting them. that's not right. i'm glad they caught him. john: here at the church the pastor's reserved parking spot sits vacant. this afternoon the sign on the church wall says there's a bible study class tonight. but when you call the church you get a recording that says the number is out of service. at his home in upper marlboro a house full of people but no answer at the door. the pastor reportedly lured the girl who is now 18 to perform
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sex acts. in at least one occasion, the inappropriate act allegedly occurred inside his unmarked police cruiser outside of d.c. police headquarters. >> but i think the incident is sad. it's kind of sick. john: in southeast, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. jummy: new this noon abc 7 learned of a homicide in fairfax county. police found a man's body in a wooded area behind apartments on ivy mount court in annandale. that body was in a creek. police say the victim had trauma to his upper body. police have not identified the victim. and also developing in fairfax county right now police are investigating a suspicious death in herndon. sources tell abc 7 teenagers found a man's body in a wooded area off a popular walking trail in foley lock stream park. police say the man had injuries to his upper body and police stood guard over that site overnight keeping it secure. autria: crews continue to work this noon on repairs to a water main in prince george's county.
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the break flooded several homes and left a huge mess on the roads. the 10-inch main broke on cunningham drive in berwin heights. wssc finished up repairs this morning. but as jeanette reyes explains it may take longer to repair the roads. jeanette: more than 24 hours after a massive water main break, crews have taken out a segment of the broken pipe covered up that massive hole and now they're tearing up the roads. it all started with a major water main break late yesterday afternoon on a 75-year-old 10 inch pipe. it took wssc crews at least an hour to arrive on scene. during that time hundreds of gallons of water gushed on to the streets and front yards. one home owner told us he had eight inches of water in his basement. as if that weren't enough now residents will have to deal with the significant road work ahead. >> got an emergency, that's why we're here. no, we're not quite here. we got to take a lot more time at least 10 hours. jeanette: service was restored
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to 29 homes at about 6:00 this morning including this one here. but things won't go completely back to normal until about 6:00 this evening. reporting in berwyn heights, jeanette reyes, abc 7 news. jummy: two maryland counties reached a settlement with exxon and pepco holdings over their proposed merger. it could affect millions of people in the metro area. the settlement with montgomery and prince george's counties includes more than $93 million in bill credits for customers and investment in energy efficiency programs. the merger still faces regulatory hurdles. the companies hope to complete the deal by the fall. autria: nice start to this st. patrick's day but unfortunately, our luck runs out this evening when temperatures start to drop. chief meteorologist doug hill is here with a look at our first forecast on this st. paddy's day. doug? doug: temperatures are drop pretty soon here. we managed to get near 70 degrees in many spots despite very little sunshine and cold front approaches. let's get started outside of the
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belfort furniture weather center. 69 degrees. 67 in washington dulles. we saw an interesting phenomena this morning when temperatures jumped 17 degrees in one hour at reagan national jumped 21 degrees in one hour out of washington big surge of w of the cold front. at least the front is coming through dry. no rain, clearing skies. look at the winds right now. these are wind speeds not the gusts. 23-mile-per-hour sustained winds at dulles. 26-mile-per-hour winds at hagerstown. it will become kind of breezy today. we could have winds gusting to 30 or 35 miles per hour. we will see clearing skies and falling temperatures into the 50's by 7:00 the night before the sun goes down, it will be close to the 50 degree mark. that's today. tomorrow, we'll look ahead even cooler temperatures moving through behind the front. highlight that and the weekend outlook in the next seven days when i join you in a few minutes. jummy? jummy: today is a surprisingly close race as voters head to the polls in israel. america's key mideast ally. it's a referendum on prime minister benjamin netanyahu who is trailing in the polls.
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he reversed his official position with peace with the palestinians saying there will be no palestinian state if he's re-elected. turnout has been the highest they've seen in years. in a close election it could be weeks before a winner is announced. autria: a sports scandal is rocking the university of maryland baltimore county. five female lacrosse players are suspended for allegedly sending threatening messages about freshmen members of the team and the coaches. 16 pages of snapshots of the texts were anonymously sent to "the baltimore post examiner." overnight a p.r. firm issued a statement on behalf of four of the five that were suspended and it reads "words cannot express our sense of regret and disappointment in ourselves. we have been and continue to be focused on working privately with university leaderships to move forward." the school is still investigating. coming up here on abc 7 news at noon, new details in the robert durst murder mystery. the new charges against the millionaire developer. and a grand request from a pastor. why he's asking for $65 million.
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plus d.c. getting ready for a royal visit. when the prince of wales and the duchess of cornwall are expected to arrive. jummy: doug tracking the falling temperatures. how low will it go? when we see our next warmup in that's next.
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jummy: millionaire robert durst faces new charges this noon. police in louisiana charged durst with possessing a handgun and marijuana. durst also faces a first degree murder charge in los angeles for the death of susan berman. he will be battling evidence presented in an hbo documentary.
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he could face the death penalty in that case. autria: testimony continues today in the trial for boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. the owner of the bullet riddled boat where tsarnaev was found after the attack is expected to take the stand. jurors took a tour of the vessel yesterday with tsarnaev present and heard testimony from police about their shootouts with the two brothers. a popular mega church pastor wants to spread the gospel in style. he leads the world changers church international is asking his flock to come up with $65 million to buy him a luxury gulf stream jet. the minister says he his wife and members of the church would use the jet to travel around the globe to spread the gospel. in a video on his website, he is asking followers to donate $300 a piece. san francisco 49ers linebacker chris borland is retiring from the nfl amid fear of a brain injury. he made the surprise announcement on "outside the lines". at only 24 years old though
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he's one of the top rookies in the nfl. he said he made the decision after the relationship between football and neurodegenerative disease. jummy: teams have reached vanuatu outer islands where cyclone pam left widespread devastation. u.n. puts the death toll at 11. officials say buildings, plantations and trees have been flattened. teams of aid workers have delivered medical and sanitation supplies. water, food and shelter equipment to islands nearby. a huge wildfire that already burned 23,000 acres in oklahoma is forcing people out of their homes. firefighters worked overnight and contain the fire. the wind is helping to spread the flames. nearly 50 homes, that is were evacuated. the fire is only about 80% contained. autria: coming up in the day ahead, the prince of wales and the duchess of cornwall begin their four-day visit to the united states. prince charles and camilla will arrive at joint base andrews tonight at 6:00. they'll be welcomed with a reception at the british ambassador's residence.
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and then tomorrow, they will be visiting mount vernon, the shakespeare theater and meeting with president obama and vice president joe biden. jummy: good day to get out and do some sightseeing tomorrow. doug: skies will clear out when they arrive. it will be chilly but kind of like being at home. same weather. very well dressed. i could do that but i would disappear and go to the wall. pretty much. would be interesting. gusty winds looking at live image from the h.d. weather bug camera at the congressional country club in bowie. can i restart? i think it's in bethesda. maybe they moved it. i don't know. they could have. skies are clearing behind the front. gusty winds and temperatures have maxed out. look at the winds. latest wind gusts 39-mile-per-hour gusts in leesburg. 36 at great falls.
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34 in brunswick. and 32-mile-per-hour gust in manassas and coming out of the west and northwest and the wind speeds will increase. we'll have gusts this afternoon probably to 35 miles an hour bringing very dry air and cooler air, too. 67 at dulles. still in the mid 60's but you're crossing the higher elevations dropping into the 50's at cumberland and those gusty winds will continue. skies will clear. again, latest gusts at dulles at 30 miles an hour. manassas at 30 miles an hour and see the wind gusts increase a bit during the balance of the afternoon. here's what kind of lies ahead. temperatures down to 39 in pittsburgh. 40 in detroit. so it's coming this way. we're going to see our highs the next several days, four days six days stay below average vs. the well above raj numbers that we enjoyed yesterday and today. during the afternoon, we'll continue to see the push of northwesterly winds clear us out a bit. a lot of afternoon sunshine. this is the computer generated
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product of future wind chills. by 8:00 tonight, will feel like mid 40's. look what happens by morning. totally different day to prepare for. wind chills in the low to mid 20's and chills will be a feature throughout the day feeling like the 30's or lower 40's. sohill is in the air. check out what we have for you for the next several days. reached the peak today with gusty winds developing. tomorrow, high temperatures quite a bit cooler. a lot of sunshine. only 40's on thursday. right now stillking for rain to move in late thursday night and friday across the area. 46 for a high. kind of cold rain and then clear out over the weekend. temperatures still sits little bit below where they normally are for this time in march. crazy how that happens, huh? autria: thanks, doug. coming up here on abc 7 news at noon a local team gearing up for march madness. jummy: and warning about a ticket scam if you plan to watch the ncaa
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jummy: georgetown university gearing up for march madness. this morning, the men's basketball team departed for the ncaa tournament. locally, georgetown and maryland both earned four seeds. the hoyas were happily surprised by that ranking. they'll play eastern washington in portland, oregon on thursday. and a heads-up the ncaa men's college basketball tournament begins tonight in dayton ohio. fans are being warned to watch out for fake tournaments. the tournament is a popular time for people to sell tickets across the web but experts warn people want to go go to a game should visit a special ncaa website to buy authentic tickets.
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this is perfect in time for st. patrick's day. when compared to people in other states, residents right here in the nation's capital are some of the drunkest in the nation. d.c. ranks third among states in binge drinking. that comes from the centers of disease control and prevention which looks at the prevalence of binge drinking in bars per capita. speeb speaking of drinking, they are offering the sober ride campaign this st. patrick's day. the program runs until 4:00 tomorrow morning. call 1-800-200-taxi. thank them for doing that. jummy: one last look at the forecast.
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jummy: there's a house that could be yours for a dollar. the home owner in maine of this home selling the house for $1. there's a catch. you have to pay to have the house moved. the land is not included in that price. the realtor behind the deal says the property owner bought that land and would rather see the house get a second chance than be demolished. we'll take a look at this. lots of people out and about sporting green for st. patrick's day today. this is at ireland sports courts on wilson boulevard where what better place to be celebrating st. patrick day than there. hopefully those people will be calling that number we gave out a little bit earlier. everybody looks good in their green. must be irish. doug you know you get a pinch today. doug: ok. all right.
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let's talk about st. patrick's day weather. it's windy out there for sure. it will be dry. temperatures will fall through the afternoon. and really the fall tonight. if you're going to head late tonight, it will feel a lot different than dinnertime. tomorrow plenty of sunshine. temperatures about 50 degrees. gusty winds through the day at times. thursday increasing cloudiness. friday, officially spring begins at 66 -- 6:45 friday evening. we'll brighten it up considerably as we head through the weekend on saturday and sunday and by monday, still on the cool side and all indications are most of next week will probably remain below average temperatures as well. we'll be waiting for another 70 degree day and maybe have one by 4:00. jummy: where's the leprachan? thanks for joining us this
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